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  1. My version of the mod continues to function perfectly. I do hope the next iteration of the Konekts includes more options for the top strap. I love these skates but that's the only thing that's keeping me from buying a backup pair.
  2. Again, just my opinion and experience, but for me with a Professor strap I’m looking for it to be directly behind my knee, above my calf. No matter what I did with the Tune Fit, it always felt like it was resting on top of the largest part of my (measly) calf, not providing the support where I want it.
  3. IMO, they are not comparable. I tried to make it work with the TuneFit strap, but ultimately had to install an after-market Prof strap on my Machs. Good news is that with the Professor strap, the Machs are great. I don’t use any knee elastic (same on the Ultrasonics). Just the Prof and the little elastic strap that connects the calf landing to the outside of the leg channel. ETA: just to clarify, I completely removed the Tune Fit straps from both pads.
  4. I was going to suggest the same. I wear a Mach too and the rebounds are quite hot (my only gripe about an otherwise amazing piece of gear). It may not just be your body shape at work here.
  5. On my Ultrasonics, I just did the knee landing and they were fine. On the Machs, something about the calf landing plate changed the sliding so I went ahead and covered the calf plate too. They are awesome now. My method is to cover the area in wide blue painters tape and trace the plate. Then I remove and put it down on a piece of thin plywood and cut out the shape on my bandsaw. Then I use the plywood template to cut out the PPF. Works flawlessly for me.
  6. Do you have a photo showing how you did the mod by any chance?
  7. Anyone know if there exists a loop piece that is compatible but shorter in length? I was thinking that might be another good option for those of us who are looking to tighten the ankle strap down more than stock.
  8. There’s a thread on this, but I highly recommend the 3M ViViD PPF product. I have it on my Machs and they fly.
  9. I own and use the Kova strap (first on my G5 and now G6). This is the beauty of the design - you maintain full wrist flex but have a more secure feeling that the glove is anchored to the wrist. I found that I had to crank the backhand padding uncomfortably tight to get that 100% confident feeling that the glove could not come off accidentally during play. It’s a pretty ingenious solution IMO.
  10. No problems with this on mine. The padding of the inner belt does not come all the way around to the front and the belt itself comes out of the waist protector near the front for tightening. I wear a Bauer Supreme pro model jock and I don’t experience any interference.
  11. I'm in the US and placed my order on the website. I ordered size small (30" waist) and do not use suspenders. I use the backplate fight strap on my Mach C/A fed thru the internal belt to connect at the back and I use the front laces to tie into the front of the C/A. Has the dual benefit of keeping the pants up and the C/A down. I would say if you sized these right, the internal belt seems solid, although I don't really use it as intended.
  12. Yep, those are the exact Warrior pants I switched out of and for exactly the same reason.
  13. I did. Very happy with them so far, but only played in them <5 times. Build quality is outstanding. No issues with fit or protection so far. I like the tapered waist as I prefer to have the belly pad of my Mach C/A hang out now. I also really like that it does not have a bulky spine protector (like my Warriors did). I really dislike having my jersey get tangled up or have the spine protector pushing against the backplate of my C/A. Just one relatively minor gripe and I hesitate to even say this because its a small company and they seem great in every other regard - although they say "in stock and ready to ship" on the black pants, mine took 10 days from ordering to actually ship. Just think anyone ordering should be prepared for this slight delay.
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