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  1. @Imperative I love watching your videos. I feel like your size and strength are similar to mine, but you are waaaay more effective, particularly on your scrambling plays. Watching your save selections, etc gives me a lot of ideas to try/consider in practice (not that I can do all of them...). For example, watching your vids made me incorporate VH into my post play a lot more and I’m feeling like given my strength/flexibility it works a lot better for me. I try to reserve RVH for emergency recoveries and wrap-around, although it’s a hard habit to break. Re: this most recent game, you played great. All of the goals were excellent passing plays by the opposing teams or snipes, as far as I could tell. You also clearly got hung out to dry by your D a few times. Great job hanging in there and getting the win.
  2. Been very happy with the double T on my Gnetik IV. First glove I’ve had where I’ve liked the feel of nylon lace too. My single +1 T on my CCM EF4 580 has been excellent too.
  3. This is a big personal preference piece. Some general thoughts: Double T: generally wider pocket, supposedly easier to see the puck in the pocket. Bit of a pain to relace on your own, if that matters to you. Anchor/traditional T: gives you that “snap” feeling and sound when a puck impacts the T that some prefer. Pockets are generally smaller with this set up. Easiest to predictably move the puck out to play it. Floating anchor T: depending on how deeply it is laced, you can create a huge pocket. When done with skate lace, puck impacts hit the webbing and die in the pocket, but the deeper it is, the harder to move the puck out to play it.
  4. Its been waaay too long since I’ve posted - everyone’s feedback has been extremely helpful. Here’s my latest. We had an “Outdoor Classic” game with a local country club that has an outdoor rink. It was more of a pickup session with a ref, but it was a blast. Played against some significantly better players and our lines were scrambled so our regular D was playing offense for the most part. I would really appreciate any and all feedback! Equipment for this game: Mask: Bauer VTX Skate Rat Edition C/A: Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon Pants: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skates: CCM JetSpeed FT2 Custom w/Tydan Steel Leg Pads: Brian’s Optik 2 Blocker: Brian’s Optik 2 Glove: Brian’s GNetik IV Stick: CCM Extreme Flex 4
  5. Search for auto body/paint shops. I recently had a cage powder coated for under $30 US. If you are going with a basic common color like white and are patient, they may even just throw it in with another job for a reduced rate.
  6. @TheGoalNet great post. I am surprised to hear that anyone questions your reviews/opinions. Everything you’ve posted always struck me as reasonable, thoughtful, and fair. One of your strengths is your positivity about playing the position and innovations in gear. Perhaps some people perceive that as “fanboy-ism”. Nevertheless, keep doing what you’re doing. As you’ve said, this site has come a long way and will only continue to get better.
  7. Very interesting. Does anyone have any insight into the purpose of those caps? Is it really so they provide more coverage when “chicken-winging”?
  8. I will give this a try. I’m pretty comfortable with a sewing machine. Thanks for the suggestion. Good point about the “wind” being a factor.
  9. I have been struggling with fit/comfort issues with my masks. Although I have long been a proponent of the performance of 37.5 sweatbands, I would like to try experimenting with a much thinner band. Does anyone have any recommendations? Alternatively, has anyone removed the sweatband (and Velcro obviously) and gone without? I went for 30 years as a player with no sweatband so I’m wondering if I even need it. I thought maybe those stick-on Shock Doctor liners might even be worth a shot. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Same. On my GNetik IV glove, I just leave the lower BOA loose. I only tighten the BOA around the knuckle area, similar to the Warrior strapping. Much more freedom of movement with the wrist that way.
  11. I’ve seen a few posts here and on @TheGoalNet ‘s Instagram showing pro goalies with a mod to extend the backhand cuff to provide more wrist mobility. This is something I do too and wanted to share an easy way to do it. i just use Velcro OneWrap (I prefer 1.5”). Length will depend on your preference, but all you really need is a single piece to connect the loop on the cuff to the hook side on the extension and vice-versa on the anchor point. If you want a little extra functionality, I sewed down a small tab to make it easier to pull up when needed. Using the OneWrap is key for this because it has some rigidity to it. I feel that using nylon webbing, as I’ve seen in some pictures, would be too flimsy.
  12. Looks amazing. Is that the stock cage? It may just be the angle of the photo, but it looks much taller than standard. Is that a chin sling (kinda funny how you can see through the shell lol)? How do you like it?
  13. You can order from the site (I did): https://kenesky.com/proddetail.php?prod=001020
  14. New straps are very doable with nylon if you want, but my strong suggestion would be to cut off and remove all the leather straps, get a Kenesky professor strap kit, some ProLaces, and that’s all you need.
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