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  1. Just wanted to share my DIY take on a “vision restrictor” for use in training. Mine is made from 1/4” neoprene. As you can see, it attaches with simple Velcro to each side of the cage. I did it this way because I want to be able to use it for pregame warmups and have it be very easy to remove with one hand (I lock my hand into my catcher in the locker room). I can also wrap it around my water bottle for storage during the game. I’m considering punching some small holes into it for airflow, but I haven’t used it enough to know if that will be necessary yet. Eventually planning to wear it for hour 1 of my two-hour pickup sessions
  2. I have a set and I set them up by just holding them in my closed hand and tapping them into the ice 2-3 times. Obviously you have to go down on your knees to reach the ice but it works perfectly. I don’t think these are meant to be jammed all the way down into 3 holes. I just think they need a little ice broken up and the spikes will grip. I’ve shot a little water from my bottle in there for good measure too.
  3. Lol. Just around the house. Still working on dialing in the foam. Was trying to get a new cage and chin set up first too.
  4. Always looking for something new lol. This is the first ever custom set and I am quite stoked. First time a set will have every spec I want all in one. Hoping for a long happy time with this set (when it finally arrives). The color I went with should look nice with that Olympia “Cooper” bucket from you too
  5. I placed an order for EF4s at the end of last week and was quoted 8-10 weeks.
  6. Yeah, I think that’s what makes this the best version of ProLaces out there. It lets you chose tighter, looser, or experiment until you find the length you prefer. Kudos to @TheGoalNet for the design.
  7. Not in my opinion/experience. The elastic still engages and helps the pad snap back but has the looser feel that I prefer. I couldn’t explain the science to you, it’s just the way I like it.
  8. Picked up this neck guard on a whim. I’m always looking for another neck protector to experiment with. This one (CCM Pro 508) appears to be a Europe-only model. Its an interesting design - similar to the Vaughn neck/clavicle bib, but all parts are more rigid. I think it is meant to be worn more loosely. Haven’t tried it on the ice yet, but will soon.
  9. Sorry for the delay. Here are pics showing how I do it. I love this TGN Spec design because it allows me to add the knots between the loop and my toe bridge. The slack (I use 1.5”) gives me exactly the feel I’m going for. Just a note - I know that I can just create slack by tying one knot and leaving 1.5” of lace, but what I like about the multiple knots is the durability. Less likely to get sliced by a skate blade.
  10. Exactly. Thought that was an actual picture of me for a second... Here’s my hack job. Not pretty, but it works really well. The segmented foam really lets it move/flex so that it does not feel restrictive. The main reasons I cut off the body were that I did not need the side protection and I did not find the shirt comfortable to wear directly against my skin and did not want to wear a whole second shirt over my UA layer (too hot).
  11. I would say “moderate”. It me, it fits somewhere in between an Under Armour heat gear compression shirt and the loose fit in the same size. I wear small in UA and got a size small Verbero.
  12. I was not a big fan of this as a shirt, but I cut the lower part off and made a shirt-style neck guard a la the Vaughn VPC 8000 unit and I like using it that way.
  13. Got my “whiteout” pair. I really like how this design allows for slack in the attachment lace, which I plan to set up with extra knots. Looking forward to trying them out.
  14. @TheGoalNet is the chrome actually reflective? I’ve been wondering if wraps could achieve the mirror and/or metallic look. I assume it’s possible but wasn’t sure which wrap producer(s) can do it.
  15. Interesting. Thanks for the responses. Definitely more of a “chocolate” color than I thought. Was hoping it looked closer to the dark, more worn leather look. Will have to play with the customizer more.
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