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  1. Thanks, glad you like it! No, only surface prep that would be necessary is cleaning, perhaps alcohol wipe. I had no issues with adhesion. Almost all of these stickers appeared to be good quality vinyl. Cheaper paper stickers probably won’t work well - at a minimum vinyl stretches a bit and you can use heat to deal with tough spots. Yeah, durability is my main concern too, but I’m going to try it out a bit before attempting clear coat. Similar to the vinyl wrapped masks out there, I’m hoping the stickers hold up ok since they are vinyl and should flex a bit with the mask. Also, as a wise teammate put it, “sticker gets damaged, cover with another sticker. Problem solved.”
  2. EBay. I’ll look for the link for you, but over a week later the seller hasn’t shipped so I wouldn’t recommend them! If you just search “Bauer sticker” there are a few options.
  3. Thanks! Haha, I was wondering if someone would spot that one... I have the 5L sling bag which I use occasionally, but use the Capture Clip, Clutch, and Slide Lite strap all the time. PD is a great company. Yeah, I was worried about it too, which is why I took the before-and-after weights, but no, I can’t detect any difference at all when I’m wearing it.
  4. Great idea - never thought of having my own stickers made up... I hope someone copies it, and does it better so I can learn from it! That’s the point of sharing! Thanks very much for the compliment. You’re right, that’s the balance that is hard to strike with this method - “organized chaos”... Believe it not I weighed it before and after! 588 grams before, 600 grams after, so the stickers added 12 grams! ETA: That weight is the shell with padding and chin cup but no backplate, Bauer VTX Fit 1.
  5. Thought I’d share a recently-completed project. My other recreational hobby is longboarding, and I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of skate-inspired mask art for a while. I had a somewhat large collection (although it turned out to be not quite large enough...) of skate stickers, so I decided to attempt a “stickerbomb” look. This is commonly seen on skate decks, helmets, etc. and I haven’t seen a goalie mask done this way before. After some Google searching, I did see at least one stickerbombed lacrosse helmet and liked how it looked enough to give it a shot. My original idea was to use my stickers, then possibly send it off to a painter to recreate the look since it would be more durable behind clear coat, but now that its done I like the variety of finishes too. The process itself is pretty straight-forward, just start around the edges and fill in. You need a steady Xacto knife hand for sure! I ordered a vintage Bauer sticker for the logo, but it hasn’t come in yet. Here are some pics of the finished product and a timelapse video:
  6. What about compressing the pad a bit? Not sure of the internal construction of these, but I’ve had success in the past with older pads compressing them and wrapping them in bungee cords for a few days to break them in. I’m usually stuck between 33” and 34” in pads, so I buy 34” and plan to break them in this way and it works out perfectly for me.
  7. Good thread, @coopaloop1234. I have always thought “ABIAB“ is non-sense. More accurately, a problem with a blocker can be a huge problem. For me, the most important thing about a blocker is the palm and the area where it interfaces with the paddle. If there is extra or oddly-shaped padding that interferes with my grip and/or changing from stance-mode to puckhandling-mode, its a massive problem for me. For example, I had a ton of trouble with the overlapping padding and stiffness of my 1X blocker. The only way I could make it work was to use a combination of heat and a spreader to pull the area between the thumb and forefinger padding apart enough for proper clearance.
  8. This may not help you if your jock doesn’t fit will, but I deal with this by skipping the garter belt and attaching my knee pads directly to my jock. In the pic below, you can see the Velcro straps I sewed onto the tops of my knee pads. Those attach to the Velcro adjustment area on my jock. I have since switched to a Bauer S18 jock and upgraded to a pair of custom PAW PKP1000 knee pads. Sara built them with a similar top strap to attach them. I am super happy with this set up. I feel that I have way more mobility in my legs with the knee pads no longer tied to my pants and I have zero slippage.
  9. Punisher Goalie

    CCM EF4

  10. Now that I’m a “suspenders guy” again, decided to try out a set of @KovaGoalie. Build quality is outstanding and they arrived much faster than expected. I was particularly drawn to the design with the adjustment slides in back because I like to tuck the suspenders straps between the clavicle area and the should floater. Only downside I can see is that I’ll need to spend time dialing the fit in at home because locker room adjustment seems like it would be difficult.
  11. Yes, the V1s have good grip, but not similar to Bauer’s, in my experience. For me, Bauer is way too sticky. The V1s have just enough tack to hold on but it releases easily for puck handling/poke checking. All personal preference though. As you can see from earlier posts, some have added grip tape on top.
  12. https://www.prostockhockey.com/goalie-sticks/?&search_query=goalie-sticks&filter=Brand_fq:"Warrior"&filter=Recently_Added_fq:"New"&filter=Price_fq:"109.99"&rows=20&start=0 Does anyone know anything about this composite model for sale on ProStockHockey? I emailed and asked for the weight of the 25” model (their customer service is excellent in my experience, btw) and they came back with 840 grams, which seems extremely heavy for a composite. I know Warrior says a painted surface adds about 20-30 grams, but still seems like a lot.
  13. The taller steel is supposed to achieve the opposite - improved attack angle means you lift you leg less to get the inside edge to bite. Whether that results in an equally powerful push is another issue. Another thing that gets lost in this discussion is pitch. My Trues are significantly more aggressive in their pitch than other “tall” skates, which I believe makes a difference in how the added height actually effects technique.
  14. But the “advantage” cuts both ways: white may make you look bigger, but with dark the shooter thinks you are smaller but you aren’t.
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