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  1. The taller steel is supposed to achieve the opposite - improved attack angle means you lift you leg less to get the inside edge to bite. Whether that results in an equally powerful push is another issue. Another thing that gets lost in this discussion is pitch. My Trues are significantly more aggressive in their pitch than other “tall” skates, which I believe makes a difference in how the added height actually effects technique.
  2. But the “advantage” cuts both ways: white may make you look bigger, but with dark the shooter thinks you are smaller but you aren’t.
  3. Are Step making the Xtremes for the new holders?
  4. Punisher Goalie

    CCM EF4

    My custom set of EF4 came in last week and I could not be happier. Went through Wack at PureGoalie, who is amazing to work with and has my highest possible recommendation for anyone looking to order custom gear. The pic was taken by him BTW, which is way better than any photo I could take... Specs: Leg pads - 34+1.5, double break, standard strapping, no boot strap; Glove: 580 break, intermediate palm, leather strap, single +1 T; Blocker: straight finger protection, intermediate palm. Colors are a blackout combo of weave and Speedskin (all black nylon on the back). Everything is awesome, but the highlight for me has to be the glove. The 580 closure, while personal preference, is a dream come true for me and the large single T produces a great “snap” sound on impact. Also, with the intermediate palms, I finally actually fit properly into my gloves.
  5. Punisher Goalie

    HTV Vinyl

    Thought I’d share my result making a vinyl cage window for my Coveted 905. I went with the negative/blackout window with matte black to go with the matte black powder coated cage and matte white paint. I’m considering this one a “proof of concept” and will probably need to go back and do a cleaner job in the future. Visible in the pic is a small seam that was created by pinching that bothers me and the edges aren’t perfect, but I’m happy for now and will see how I like it and whether to invest the time in perfecting it.
  6. Holtby got knocked out of a game against CBJ due to a stick blade to the eye last season: https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/capitals/scary-eye-injury-knocks-holtby-out-capitals-game-vs-columbus Agree however that these injuries are exceedingly rare in the NHL, especially when you consider the volume of games, shots, practices, etc. The one counterpoint I would make is that beer leaguers tend to have poor stick control and are more likely to get a stick blade up in your face due to carelessness. This is why I would never wear a half visor as a player - too many accidental sticks to the chin.
  7. I’m going to need a LeMur Goaltending practice jersey ASAP.
  8. Right I meant the optical illusion of the rounded edge (still 11” overall).
  9. Nice @TheGoalNet. Very thorough comparison. I realize its optics/colors/lighting/etc., but its crazy to me how much narrower the P2 appears in the initial shot vs. the EF4.
  10. My Coveted 905 bucket came in. Big shout out to @ron@covetedmask.com for an outstanding customer service experience. His method using measurements and photos has got to be the closest you can get to full “custom” without the head mold. Paint is matte white with a matte black powder coated cage. Pictures really don’t do it justice, I am so happy with the look. Original plan was to make a matte black vinyl cage window (probably will still try that) but I’d be happy without too.
  11. While I don’t want to discourage innovation, I’m thinking the back-mounted Camelbak and tube will cause more problems than it would solve. I have thought in the past about mounting a Camelbak-type reservoir to the net with the bite-valve tube coming out. For me, this would address how difficult I find it to palm my bottle with my blocker glove on and/or remove my blocker glove to take a drink. Would also address the broken bottle issue. As for players shooting at you when you are turned around, not sure that would help much. Maybe a flashing sign of some kind on the back of your jersey?
  12. @swguerin1 the padding on the XPM is mechanically attached (ie it is screwed into place, not glued). Have you checked that all your screws are tightened down? If the foams themselves have broken down and deformed, perhaps you can locate a replacement set.
  13. Punisher Goalie

    CCM EF4

    Beautiful. Got vibes of Holtby’s WC set:
  14. Thanks, very helpful. Yeah I’m getting the sense just from browsing that sizing has sort of been all over the place, particularly since the older materials settle so much. If I can find something on the cheap I think it would be a fun experiment then go the custom/Kenesky route down the road.
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