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  1. Ok, but other than the palm thickness being different, do you know if the G3/G4 palms can still attach to a G5 glove. I have a custom set on the way - I ordered an INT 75 palm in my glove just to try it out. I have a G3 90 degree palm I was planning to use if I don’t like the 75. I may need to reach out to the rep who did my order (although I swear I asked this question early in the process of putting the order together).
  2. Punisher Goalie

    Warrior G5

    Are you able to weigh it by any chance? On the toe ties question, only thing I’d point out is that the G5’s have a non-traditional attachment point for using laces or a 3rd party elastic set up such as ProLaces. There’s no extra “tab” connected to the toe. There is a set of holes built into the jenpro at the spot where the stock elastic strap connects. There are a few pictures on this site that show it clearly. You 100% can attach ProLaces there, but it looks like they may work slightly differently on these pads based on that connection point. I have a custom set of G5’s on the way as well and plan to try using ProLaces with them first.
  3. I impulse bought this thing after seeing an InGoalMag post about it a couple weeks ago. Awesome quarantine purchase. Really enjoying using it to train the glove and the blocker. Its genuinely challenging when you set it up less than 20 feet away. Pitch position is variable enough that it makes you move the glove. My 7 year old goalie is using it too. The balls are small, which makes for great tracking practice and have enough velocity to make them catchable while they are soft enough to not do much damage. If you sit within 20 feet (I go at about 15 feet) its going to sting a bit if you get hit in a non-padded spot. Prob should be wearing eye protection. Motor is a little loud if you use it indoors. https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Lightning-Bolt-Pitching-Machine/dp/B0047YO5O2/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=sklz+lightning+bolt&qid=1589728182&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-1 Wondering if anyone else has picked one up and what you think. I'm trying to come up with a way to put it on a motorized rail or oscillating stand to get more variability (just a few degrees would make it a huge challenge).
  4. Hands down the best way to tackle a job like this is with the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl. Lots of YouTube videos out there explaining how it works. With the heavy waxed thread that is included, you don’t need adhesive. In fact, the adhesive will gum things up unnecessarily when you are sewing. The tricky thing may be finding the best part of the pants to attach the tabs.
  5. I have a custom CCM glove with an intermediate palm. I believe the finger stalls are indeed shorter, but I feel that there is a lot of overlap between the volume of the intermediate and the senior size. You have a decent amount of adjustability with the internal velcro straps so if you are in the middle, you can loosen up a little to get more volume.
  6. Ha yeah it was a challenge with that glove to be honest. I went with the bake-and-clamp/bake-and-stretch method over and over. Eventually it will soften up. Silver lining of the shutdown, I suppose, you’ll have plenty of time to break it in. Good luck!
  7. I miss hockey. Although performance is always the top priority, I generally lean toward the lightest gear I can get my hands on. Started thinking about what is the ultimate lightest possible set of gear, head-to-toe, that can be built with stuff that's on the market now. I'm sticking with pro-level (top of the line) gear only to maximize protection as well. I'm aware that some senior-level gear can be lighter. Here's what I think is the lightest possible set, I'm curios if others agree or disagree: Mask: Bauer NME VTX (possible that Protechsport offers something lighter?) C/A: Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon Pants: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro or Supreme 2S Pro Leg Pads: Warrior Ritual G5 Pro Glove/Blocker: Warrior Ritual G5 Pro (possibly tied with GT2 Pro?) Skates: Bauer Vapor 2X Pro or Supreme 2S Pro Stick: Bauer UltraSonic (maybe Warrior R/M1 Pro+, not sure anyone has an actual weight yet?)
  8. Nice. Any chance you are able to weigh them? I realize they won’t be the same as the retail version due to extra padding but just trying to get a ballpark.
  9. The “knee strap” accessory on 137 is interesting. Integrates knee pads with the jock. This is something I’ve done for a while with homemade straps so neat to see it as a retail option.
  10. @Puckstopper you mentioned the pre-punched holes for laces/elastic on the toe, but if I’m seeing it correctly in your pic, the holes are on the backside of the pad? That is, no separate toe tie tab? If so, not sure I’ve seen that on any other pad before.
  11. Another option - since the palm is removable, you can pull it out and sew it to take away volume. I have smaller hands too and considered doing this so I could keep using the 90-degree palm in my old G3. As far as I know, there is no intermediate palm in 90 degrees but I’m happy to be corrected on that.
  12. @Imperative I love watching your videos. I feel like your size and strength are similar to mine, but you are waaaay more effective, particularly on your scrambling plays. Watching your save selections, etc gives me a lot of ideas to try/consider in practice (not that I can do all of them...). For example, watching your vids made me incorporate VH into my post play a lot more and I’m feeling like given my strength/flexibility it works a lot better for me. I try to reserve RVH for emergency recoveries and wrap-around, although it’s a hard habit to break. Re: this most recent game, you played great. All of the goals were excellent passing plays by the opposing teams or snipes, as far as I could tell. You also clearly got hung out to dry by your D a few times. Great job hanging in there and getting the win.
  13. Been very happy with the double T on my Gnetik IV. First glove I’ve had where I’ve liked the feel of nylon lace too. My single +1 T on my CCM EF4 580 has been excellent too.
  14. This is a big personal preference piece. Some general thoughts: Double T: generally wider pocket, supposedly easier to see the puck in the pocket. Bit of a pain to relace on your own, if that matters to you. Anchor/traditional T: gives you that “snap” feeling and sound when a puck impacts the T that some prefer. Pockets are generally smaller with this set up. Easiest to predictably move the puck out to play it. Floating anchor T: depending on how deeply it is laced, you can create a huge pocket. When done with skate lace, puck impacts hit the webbing and die in the pocket, but the deeper it is, the harder to move the puck out to play it.
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