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  1. You can order from the site (I did): https://kenesky.com/proddetail.php?prod=001020
  2. New straps are very doable with nylon if you want, but my strong suggestion would be to cut off and remove all the leather straps, get a Kenesky professor strap kit, some ProLaces, and that’s all you need.
  3. Ive had Kenesky professor straps on my custom CCM EFlex 4s for 10+ games now. No pulling on the cords for me. One thing I feel I need to point out - I have had problems with the attachments coming undone mid-game. This is despite the Kenesky design with velcro and a metal snap. I want to be clear this could entirely be unique to my setup (maybe due to my knee pads catching on them), but they only work for me because I have sewn them shut with a few stitches of waxed thread. Once I did that, no problems whatsoever.
  4. @bunnyman666 if you have a scale, I would be very interested in knowing the weight of that mask when you get yours in.
  5. Just thought I’d share the response I got from Brian’s In case anyone else is interested: ”Thank you for your inquiry.The boa can go into a skate oven.We recommend 170 degrees F for 20 Minutes.That being said, please make sure an authorization Brian's retailer doesthis for you.”
  6. Has anyone baked a Brian’s glove with a BOA system for break-in purposes? Or does anyone have any hard information as to whether it’s OK to bake one? Thanks in advance.
  7. I’ve noticed that when he is in the RVH on the stick side and the puck is behind the net, Braden Holtby often looks over his left shoulder (his glove hand shoulder) threw the back of the net to follow the play. By contrast, it seems most goalies wrap their neck around the post (best way I can describe it) to look behind the outside of the net. Holtby’s technique seems like a good way to “pre-position” your head facing the glove side post so that in the event of wrap around or quick play to the glove side, you can more quickly initiate that slide. I’ve always struggled with wrap arounds, feeling like I am whipping my head/shoulders around to get to the other post, so thinking I may try this technique. Just wondering if anyone else does this or has any thoughts about it. Haven’t found a pic or video of him doing this yet, but seems like Holtby does it all the time.
  8. A possible solution would be to pick up a pair of Vertexx 2.0 cowlings with Step Extreme steel. That will put you at an overall height on par with anything else out there, plus you get the benefit of the Vertexx cutout to improve attack angle. I had mine on a pair of Trues for a while before moving on to a cowlingless skate. If your skates happen to need a size 7 cowling, I still have my set (with Extreme steel) is excellent shape if you’re interested.
  9. This one is easy - Bauer 37.5. There are a few topics on this site where this is addressed.
  10. My league’s website calculates Goals Saved Above Average (GSAA) and my competitive nature makes me focus almost entirely on this stat. Explanation here: https://ingoalmag.com/analysis/gsaa-essential-statistic-evaluating-goaltenders/ Basically, it’s a plus/minus rating compared with the average number of goals a goalie in the division would surrender under the same volume of shots. You’re comparing your performance to all other goalies in the league over the course of the season.
  11. @breaklouis35 I’ll join the chorus and say, “Yes, go for it.” I go to a local hockey school for private lessons approximately once a month. Its the best possible ice time investment I make. First, its a great workout and in a typical lesson you’ll get tons of quality shots (compared to pickup or the breakaway-fest known as stick-n-puck...) and second, you can get live feedback and help with technique. Even if you just walk away from a lesson with one thing to work on until your next session, it will be worth it. When I go to stick-n-puck now, I barely spend any time taking shots - I’m working on footwork, sliding, etc. now that I have learned a bunch of drills from the lessons.
  12. I think a key component in how the pocket performs is the tension in the lacing, regardless of the material used. Ive found the pocket on every glove I’ve owned to be laced too tightly out of the box for my liking. I’ve relaced every glove with waxed lace (found Elite Prolace to be best), nylon, or paracord, but always done loosely with a floating T. Personal preference for sure, but this is what works for me.
  13. Just thought I’d share some comparison pics between the stock XSG steel and my newly-acquired Tydan blades. Mine are 266. From the overlap pic (Tydans below, stock steel on top) you can see a few mm height difference. Haven’t had them on the ice yet, but looking forward to trying them out.
  14. Yeah, that is a good suggestion as well. If I am just practicing the move I can usually force myself to loosen early enough to help somewhat, but where I’m really struggling is in the heat of a game situation I seem to be unable to make it happen smoothly. But your point is well-taken - further practice could eliminate the problem.
  15. Right, that’s what I am dealing with. I previously had a 1X blocker and it was also terrible. I jammed a tennis ball in that area to try to open it up over time, but it didn’t help much. I may get more aggressive using a spanner to break it in, but if it doesn’t help I’m probably going to try removing it. Luckily it is laced in so it looks like I could put it back if needed.
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