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  1. I'm not sure if other sticks have gotten better now or not but I'm definitely happy now. A trigger grip should be no problem at all. The paddle (at least on the CCMs I modified) do have some material in them so you don't even need to epoxy over the cut unless you don't use tape on your grip. With mine I'm basically cutting out the entire bottom shoulder of the paddle so a simple trigger should be no big deal.
  2. That was me. I ordered mine with the custom grip and whatever size it was (the Passau equivalent of Warrior 26" - I don't recall the actual size). I received them and they didn't have the grips and were about 2" too big. They said they stopped doing the grips (but wasn't told ahead of time that was the case) and I seem to recall they refunded half my money, or something like that (again, i don't remember). I ended up cutting my own grips into them with a dremel, which meant cutting down the paddle too. So I ended up with the grip shape I wanted on my nice new red "ASSAU" sticks. That said, I really liked them other than the paint chipping being far worse than my Warrior foam cores, but I don't really care about that too much. CCM Premier P2.5. I got one just on a whim for a tournament and it had none of the pingyness that the CR1 I had used had. I don't know if its because it's a CCM (first CCM goalie stick I've ever used), or if its because its a lower-end stick, or because I had cut my custom grip into it (which means I hold the paddle with my whole hand) but there was no pingyness at all. I've since bought another one. When a composite I actually like becomes just as cheap as the foam cores I used to like, it's time to switch.
  3. The new version is way way way improved over the first version. The only issue I've had is that the chest buckle kept popping open so I just replaced that. Looking at it closer, the "prongs" that hold a side-release buckle closed are pretty rounded. I replaced with a Sea to Summit field replacement buckle and no more issues. The craftsmanship and stitching is significantly improved from the first version, too. And they've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into reinforcing the shoulder straps (which is what tore on my v1). Great bag, and it's massive and easily holds everything including leg pads.
  4. Even I've moved to composite at this point. That's saying something.
  5. It's their backpack. https://passauhockey.com/en/boutique/accessoires/sac-a-dos-pour-equipement-de-gardien/
  6. Used on one trip to Chicago. Has all the kinds of scuffs on the bottom you'd expect from use, but no real damage. The chest strap buckle was replaced as the stock one that came with the bag was defective and would not stay closed. $169 USD new. Looking for $140USD shipped from San Diego. I'm not sure how much I can get shipping down to with this thing but I expect about $20 or so within the US.
  7. Dude, is Passau cursed?? I also had to wait to play in my new gear forever due to a broken ankle. Just hope that you don't develop a blood clot like I did
  8. This photo was the best part of the entire finals. As soon as I saw this on TV i knew it was going to be a meme.
  9. Just a matter of time before we see flames and skulls and all the other trademarks of the sublimated jersey world.
  10. Pretty much all modern skates are designed to be baked. Baking is no longer something you CAN do and is more of something you’re SUPPOSED to do. Bake them at home. Follow the instructions VH posted on YouTube a while back.
  11. I’ve seen those wallets. They’re really cool. If that’s what this is, it’s exciting.
  12. I definitely noticed how easily small bubbles disappeared. This material is top notch.
  13. Came out better than expected. Specs: Bauer NME 8 Fit 1 Bauer NME White NC cage Premium hardware kit from GoalieParts EcoPro Foam Chin Sling Outsider Straps by Wzlhead
  14. Which basically proves that the refs did the right thing by not blowing the play dead.
  15. IPv6Freely

    2 Piece Glove

    Can’t tell a difference personally.
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