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  1. Soak in bathtub full of oxyclean. Drain, rinse, repeat. Usually after the second soak the smell is gone, but I also hang up my gear in front of a box fan after every skate so its a good 8-12 months before my stuff smells in the first place.
  2. For sure man. I use that stuff on mine too. Stock grips are never enough for me. I didn’t like the amount of vibration of the CR1 but it was less noticeable on the V1 Pro+ for sure. I’d still have to get used to the pingyness of the paddle but that’s just an adjustment. With the CR1 I figured I could probably get used to the vibration and pingyness but at 3x the price it seemed silly to not just use what I liked. I’ll definitely be getting some V1 though, eventually.
  3. Yep this is going to go down as one of the biggest choke jobs in the history of sports. Was chatting during the game with a Tampa fan and I mentioned that a 10 game stretch where they weren’t very good may have actually been good for them. Too many bad habits formed when you win every game.
  4. Well, "switching to a composite" has nothing to do with the conversation in this case. But regardless, yes having it look the way I want is a part of it. I didn't order my Passau sticks either, until they had the outlined logo. I am a huge fan of Warrior foam core goal sticks and while the CR1 composite didn't do it for me, when I used the V1 Pro+ 3-4 months ago it was so light that it was worth getting used to the pingyness of composites. But, I don't need a new stick. I still have one Passau that has never been taped and the other two are still going strong. I guess what I should have said was "not having an outline on the logo is keeping me from being so enthralled with it that i make an impulse buy for something I don't need", maybe? Also, steep shoulders isn't really what I'm looking for. Northstar is the only company that makes the paddle shape I want. This is exactly what I'd be getting if I decided to buy some.
  5. Agreed. If anyone can climb out from 3-0 it's going to be this team. They clearly have the skill.
  6. No kidding. I'm going to buy a cheap CR3 or something to try to cut my own grip into it. Not even for fear of ruining a stick, but also because if I'm cutting a custom grip then I need to order a longer paddle. With a standard paddle I'm a 26" but with the custom grip it would be a 27.5. I'm just not sure if I have the skill to do it. I assume a dremel would take care of it pretty easily.
  7. 90% honestly seems low, too. One of the biggest choke jobs of all time.
  8. If I could get outlines on the logo I'd order right now. Like this:
  9. They look great! The only thing keeping me from buying a set is that you can't get the WARRIOR logo outlined anymore like you could on the old foam cores.
  10. Noooooo! The mostly black are hot sex.
  11. I find those boring. Your current pads are way nicer!
  12. The butthurt Islanders fans just crack me up, that's all.
  13. Man, what a bummer. I'd never had anything but a good experience with them. Though, I'd only ever ordered HAL straps, their Pro Bridge kit, and their jock (which is still by far the best jock I've ever seen or owned). So shady. If the guy wanted to continue doing business as a dude in his basement, then have at it (and update your stock on the website accordingly), but fucking over customers and employees is just sad. The lack of tax registration is unbelievable. I'm not going to say "fuck Monster" because again they have always been good to me, but certainly there will be plenty of that from everyone else to make up for it
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