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  1. I'd like a walking foot machine also. I got a Juki DDL-8700H industrial machine but it's not walking foot.
  2. They're pre-cut into strips. Like this:
  3. Sure. Sorry I forgot they come in different thicknesses. Both are 3/8"
  4. I have two Maltese mask kits available. Brand new, never used. One is black, the other is red. I don't think either comes with a chin sling but I haven't opened up either of them so really not sure (assume they don't!). Looking for $40 ea + shipping.
  5. My wife is getting my Model 3 and I'm getting a Model Y. That one should actually be able to fit my bag!
  6. Yup thats the one. He has much newer pads on Facebook too. https://www.facebook.com/mypadskvak/posts/2891540237583772
  7. Fantastic movies. Fun fact, my wife and I watched both of them the day before he was fired. To that end, I present to you the greatest 30 minutes of hockey highlights you'll ever see:
  8. Not padded, but very grippy, very thin, and very breathable. I used to use this exact glove under my Brians. It's a raquetball glove. https://store.racquetworld.com/head-web-racquetball-glove.html
  9. I hear chinese people also know how to use sewing machines. But yes, the problem is QC more than anything else, especially when the workers are paid by the piece.
  10. I think it's 3/4", its actually on Amazon too if thats easier/better: (link removed because its the wrong one) EDIT: Actually I'd have to check... I'm not sure if you want the one with pins on both sides or just one side. EDITx2: You need one that is adjustable on one side, and pin on the other. Still Sea to Summit brand. like this: https://www.rei.com/product/850234/sea-to-summit-1-pin-side-release-field-repair-buckle Here's a photo of my repair job:
  11. July 1, 2015 is when they were delivered I used to wear them 2-3 times a week, though that's now 1-2 times a month since I quit playing league games in Oct 2019. Definitely think there were growing pains when True came on board and things ramped up. I actually dont think things were any different (as far as the fit/finish complaints about excess glue etc), but now its a major brand and not a small "mom and pop" handmade skate shop. At least as far as perception goes. I think more people were willing to accept issues when they were a small company. Mine certainly had some excess glue and stuff here and there. I couldn't care less if my feet didn't hurt anymore, which they didn't. First skates I've ever owned where my feet didn't hurt! Mine show normal wear and tear but nothing signifiant. Some nicks here and there, the tongue is wearing out a bit but that's no big deal, and some "paint"(?) around the top is wearing through, but the liner is still totally intact, eyelets are good, rivets are all fine (granted they were done by JR so the quality is better than most LHS), no cracks or anything like that. The only real issue I have is that after losing 60lbs they're a bit loose. I'm sure a bake would help that but I've had them long enough that it's about time for a new pair anyway, especially since I want to go cowlingless. They're still plenty comfortable though, and still way way better than anything else I've ever worn, so I'm not really in any sort of rush. I'm now playing so rarely it's probably not worth the money anyway.
  12. Thinking of doing some goalie (and skater) repair. I have a sewing machine that can easily handle anything that could be thrown at it. I've already done simple stuff like hemming goalie jersey cuffs, fixing numbers that are falling off a jersey and adding/changing stripes on goalie shells. But I want to get into actual gear mods and repair. I'm actually thinking of trying to make my own gear. There's a guy on YouTube and Facebook that makes his own gear and while his first set looked pretty crap, his new stuff seriously looks pretty damn good. Any suggestions on the best way or project to start? I was thinking yet another toe tie system since I'm still using the Monster pro bridges I bought years ago back before they went to shit. Maybe something similar but with my own changes since there are a few things I would have liked to change. The other thing I'm considering is knee pads since aside from Passau I still have never found anything I liked. Also, the Monster jock is amazing but again... Monster. So maybe a jock?
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