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  1. Dude, is Passau cursed?? I also had to wait to play in my new gear forever due to a broken ankle. Just hope that you don't develop a blood clot like I did
  2. This photo was the best part of the entire finals. As soon as I saw this on TV i knew it was going to be a meme.
  3. Just a matter of time before we see flames and skulls and all the other trademarks of the sublimated jersey world.
  4. Pretty much all modern skates are designed to be baked. Baking is no longer something you CAN do and is more of something you’re SUPPOSED to do. Bake them at home. Follow the instructions VH posted on YouTube a while back.
  5. I’ve seen those wallets. They’re really cool. If that’s what this is, it’s exciting.
  6. I definitely noticed how easily small bubbles disappeared. This material is top notch.
  7. Came out better than expected. Specs: Bauer NME 8 Fit 1 Bauer NME White NC cage Premium hardware kit from GoalieParts EcoPro Foam Chin Sling Outsider Straps by Wzlhead
  8. Which basically proves that the refs did the right thing by not blowing the play dead.
  9. IPv6Freely

    2 Piece Glove

    Can’t tell a difference personally.
  10. “We don’t need you” lol
  11. “We’re not that annoying. By the way... Did you realize how fucking awesome we are?”
  12. First time ever playing in a tournament, playing for my former rookie league team. First game of the weekend was 4-2. Not many shots against so the video is pretty short.
  13. Second round is going well so far. Boston down in their series, the Islanders getting their asses kicked. Though for the first time in many years I couldn't care less about the west at all what so ever.
  14. Is the tan clarino new? I think grey was the only option when I ordered.
  15. Soak in bathtub full of oxyclean. Drain, rinse, repeat. Usually after the second soak the smell is gone, but I also hang up my gear in front of a box fan after every skate so its a good 8-12 months before my stuff smells in the first place.
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