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  1. Here's a page from the 2019 CCM catalog showing holder sizes for skates. No mention of half sizes here though. Hopefully this is helpful.
  2. Screenshot of Khudobin's Kenesky from the Dallas Stars video chronicling their playoff experience.
  3. Heck of a deal! https://www.facebook.com/passau.hockey/posts/3741235625910755
  4. Swapped from the stock True/Step holder to XSG and I'm very happy with the way it feels. Was not comfortable at all with the stock holder.
  5. Unfortunately, goalie skates aren't available in Bauer's new fit system yet.
  6. Paid for the skates on 9/28 - so that's probably when the order went through. Skates shipped 11/2 and arrived on 11/3. 36 days, or 5 weeks and 1 day.
  7. ZeroGravitas

    gnetik flex

    1 is stiffest, 5 is softest.
  8. Welcome to my review of my ARS Sport goalie bag. This review is 9 years in the making! I bought this bag from ARS Sport in March of 2011. I first heard of this company on the GSBB and was in need of a heavy duty bag, so I pulled the trigger. I'm not familiar with today's ordering process, but I dealt with ARS entirely through e-mail back in 2011. The Warrior and True goalie bags that are sold nowadays in retail stores look almost exactly the same as these. I wouldn't be surprised at all if ARS Sport is the company that is actually making them. The basic goalie bag is pretty plain, just a bag, with no internal pockets or features - not even a separate pocket for skates or clothing. If you want any features, they cost extra. They offer options like adding an internal pocket(s), name embroidery, ID window, two color straps, mesh on top of the bag for ventilation and a custom logo. These days, they appear to have more custom options available on their website's customizer, including outside pockets and velcro closure for the straps. Below is an example of the custom work they can do. I requested a plain black goalie bag with one pocket on the side (for skates), no mesh, no embroidery, no logo. The bag is 40x20x20 - standard goalie bag size. It took approximately two weeks for it to be built and shipped to me from Montreal to California via UPS. It cost less than $100 USD shipped. Below is a picture of the bag today, fully loaded with all my gear - except my leg pads - which I have never tried fitting in here. For reference, all my gear is adult large or medium. Contents of the bag include skates, a bunch of jerseys, goalie pants and jock, catcher, blocker, chest protector, mask in mask bag, skate mat, knee pads, and a gym sack with body wash and shower slippers. The bag is built out of polyvinyl so it has been really durable. There's only been a couple locations of wear. You can see above that some of the stitching as come off of one of the straps. You can also see that some of the piping is coming off the bag. It's relatively minor. There is a lot of wear on the side of the bag. The internal picture shows a lot of white dots - those dots are actually small holes that aren't much bigger than a small pebble. It was really sunny here in southern California so the image is washed out. But considering I've been using this bag for 9 years, including my time at university where I was skating 3-4 times a week, this bag has held up splendidly. These vinyl bags are ultradurable and waterproof. I would not be surprised if a regular nylon bag would have been destroyed after 1-2 years of my abusive usage. TL;DR - Nice, barebones bag that has lasted forever. But might not be worth taking a look at if you can get a Warrior bag on sale at your local shop.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Brian's 2020 catalog.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Vaughn Hockey's 2020 catalog.
  11. I like my PAW knee pads. Slim and comfy; they never interfere with my pads. Had Sara build them with a garter belt so they never slip. No issues with protection. You can search YouTube and find a couple videos of people reviewing them.
  12. This sums up my experience. People who aren't interested in Vaughn from the get-go generally don't give it a second glance when they come into the store. If a beer leaguer picks up the pad, they don't say, "Wow" like they do on with a current-gen EFlex, Warrior or Bauer pad, especially if they're coming from an older pad. There's just not much there to entice a beer leaguer to wear Vaughn beyond the chasing the feel that they may be used to with a older, softer pad.
  13. Ordered 2-piece True customs on 9/18. Estimated date is 10/23. ---- Submitted order for Bauer custom set on 9/21. Wasn't charged until 10/2. I believe Bauer is at 8-10 weeks right now.
  14. Spot on re: colorways and welting. Only 2X feature I'm contemplating going with is the flatter boot. Otherwise, stock Ultrasonic flex. Everything else is stock Ultrasonic. Debating going additional Poron in the palm, reinforcing the T and adding the thumb pillow for the blocker.
  15. Possibly pulling the trigger on a full set of Ultrasonics skinned as 2X...
  16. Exactly what I was thinking when I passed through this thread earlier today, haha!
  17. Yes, custom EF4 ordered now is the same as custom EF4 prior to the split - assuming when you say "non-pro" you mean "retail". Lefevre has not been making custom pads for retail customers for maybe a decade. Retail pro and custom retail pro have been made overseas by CCM/Reebok since maybe 2010/2011.
  18. Retail Ultrasonics finally arrived at my LHS this weekend. Pads, gloves and blocker look and feel great. Really dig the catch glove. If I'm getting anything this year, I'll be getting these.
  19. ZeroGravitas

    Warrior G5

    Ooooh. That makes sense. 🙃
  20. Steel doesn't come in half sizes. So you would need size 5 or size 6, depending on the size of your holder. Your holder size depends on your skate size and skate width. You can also try pulling your steel out of your skates and looking for the size marking. It should be printed on the back notch.
  21. ZeroGravitas

    Warrior G5

    What the hell? Did they run this through Google translate or something?
  22. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Lefevre. One thing that was cool if you ordered the Pro Zone equipment was that you got a certificate of authenticity (read: a postcard) with your specs on the back. I've kept mine after all these years and scanned them just now. Makes you feel like a pro. I think they mistakenly included this invoice in my order, too. I whited out my name, address and the price - I paid retail so it was way more than the CDN prices that were listed here.
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