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  1. Nice, love those crazy Hasek-style saves. Were those old Mighty Ducks jerseys the other team had? Do they still make those?
  2. Two words: free sticks
  3. When it rains, it pours. As goalies, we tend to blame ourselves, but many times these quick series of goals are not our fault, but a burst of offense from the other team. So it's not that we lost our groove, but that they suddenly hit theirs. ...or maybe our "lucky charm" ran out of luck. Who knows. In any case, not much else to do but suck it up and move on.
  4. Copyright date on the photo says 1975... so the suite pimping his website is either definitely photoshopped, or I need to contact this guy and ask him about next weeks lotto numbers ...and wait, what's this banner that says "Don't give up"? ...Philly got the best fans LOL
  5. I generally don't like big arenas. I prefer to see bands in smaller venues/clubs, and most (non-NHL) hockey games I see are around 4-5,000 seats or less. I saw a NJ Devils home game a few years ago, nose-bleed seats, I couldn't see much and my wife was scared of the height and didn't really enjoy it, LOL. The cheap-seats in the Garden or Collesium somehow didn't seem as bad, from what I remember (haven't been there in 15-20 years)
  6. A friend of mine is working at the new UBS Arena in Belmont Park where the Isles will (I guess) play next season. He's a Rangers fan, so he's been scrawling stuff like "Let's go Rangers" behind some of the walls, LOL The ice is just starting to freeze...
  7. Cool set. But yea those pads are definitely too tall.
  8. It's my Monday night "Vegan League"... and they prefer the term "vertically challenged" ..but seriously, I'm 5'11 or so and think the other guys were average height. ..maybe if I zoom in on the picture the people look larger?
  9. Ok, back to the action photos, here's one from the 19/20 season, one of my last Div.4 games
  10. I thought Clinton usually wears 69?
  11. A Rangers fan in Richter pads standing in front of all those NYI banners? Very brave my man, very brave
  12. Ok. There's nothing like that in Switzerland. Yea, you better just get white pads then. Or 10 different sets of colored pads could work too.
  13. What is a "draft league"?
  14. Jesus, I AM getting old, here I am rambling on about calcium, LOL. Definitely time for me to retire and sit by the window and yell at the kids to get off my lawn, LOL
  15. Wow, I actually didn't know there was plant-based calcium until right now. When I was in school, I was always taught the food pyramid. And they always said milk stuff was for calcium to keep bones+teeth strong. I think the 11 servings of bread+pasta daily might be a little too much carbs, but this is FDA approved, so obey and "follow the science". The government would never lie to you Healthline says: I don't think dairy will be replaced by seeds+greens for everything, but good to know there is variety. I've been eating a spoon of chia seeds every day for the omega3, I didn't know it had calcium too From this table, it looks like N.America is not drinking much milk, but it's going strong in Europe. I was never a big fan myself, but got used to having a cup or two a day now. ...and from all the "natural sources of calcium" I was reading, I don't think anyone mentioned water (!). Not all water has alot of calcium, but if you look around, you can find some. Here in Switzerland, Adelbodner and Eptinger both have 580mg Calcium per liter.
  16. I was just talking to my son, we both shoot left and both say it feels "natural" to strap the left pad on first when dressing. Made me curious to see what everyone else does, and if shooting left/right has any effect on it (?)
  17. I'm in Switzerland, milk products are kind of a big thing here But actually, I don't really like milk products, which I guess is why I had a calcium deficiency. Now I drink 1 glass of milk a day, and also some mineral water with calcium in it. ...people have been drinking milk for thousands of years, what's the new "science" coming out?
  18. Yea, best equivalent of Div.4 would be: "glorified beer league" (a 2017 and 2018 game I played) I'm sure alot of you guys play better, but it's decent and competitive. Swiss Ice Hockey runs the league, it's structured well, and teams and players can move up/down (better Div.1 players go up to pro), there's a feeling like you're a part of something and have something to work towards. The Div.4 team I played with from 2002-2010 was good and moved up to the Div.3. The team I played with (on/off) from 2011-2021 was a Div.4 bottom-dweller. Actually, they were so bad, Swiss national TV made a documentary about them LOL (I'm not in it, joined the year after) But cool guys, and plenty of work for a goalie, so I was fine there Anyway, we play only about 20 games per year (including pre-season), and teams want to move up, so each game is taken seriously. I'd work hard in training, and prepare myself mentally on game-day, get into "warrior mode" and give 110% on each shot. But now just playing in "fun" games, it's nothing like that. Actually I have a fun-game today, and I almost forget about it, LOL. Not that I don't try, it just kind of like it's not a big deal. People are smiling in the locker-room after the game win or lose. Which is cool in a way, but at the same time it's strange that the competitive nature is missing. I need to adjust.
  19. Yea, I have the same problem with my jock.
  20. I've been saying "I'm getting old" for a while now. In my late 30's I had knee+back pain, but I took some painkillers when necessary and battled thru it. At 40 I had a stress fracture in my hip, so I changed my diet a little to get some more milk+calcium and hung in there. In my early/mid-40's I was still playing some pretty good hockey, but when my late 40's rolled around it was getting harder and harder to keep the same level of play. I've been playing in the Swiss Div.4 since 2001. It's obviously not the highest, but still a "competitive" level, mostly stocked with guys in their 20's and 30's who have been playing their whole lives. Now I've hit 50, and with the lack of ice-time in the last year due to COVID restrictions, I'm struggling even more, and now had the realization that I just can't do it anymore, and told my team I'm quitting Well, I'm not quitting hockey, just Div4. I've been also playing part-time with some other teams that play for "fun" rather than "competitive", and this is what I'll be doing from now on. Which is fine. It's not as fast and good quality as Div.4, but then I'm not so fast and good quality anymore either, so I guess it makes sense It's just been hard to figure out and deal with mentally. After playing a certain level of hockey for so long, to have to look in the mirror and admit you reached the end of the line there is kind of tough. I always used to look at these NHL guys at the end of their careers jumping teams, trying desperately to play just one more year, and would think "Dude, just retire", but now I see it's just that they just don't want the ride to end, because then they have to look in the mirror and admit it's over. And that's hard to do. At any level. Anyway, I've been keeping busy with some other hobbies like playing guitar. And riding my bike in the woods to keep fit (ever-changing-and-confusing COVID restrictions make ice-time very sporadic lately). Trying to make the best of it all. Well, ok, it's not that bad, just something of a hump that I need to get over and accept. At least I'm still playing. But now I've got my eye on the guys older than me, as the "canary in the coal mine", to see how much longer I can still play at all . I don't see too many guys over 60 playing, but I'm sure there's some around....
  21. Hey Rich, yea I bought a little too, but more of a long term investment. In the late 90's everyone was saying to buy Amazon and ebay stocks, and I ignored it, so don't want to miss the ship a second time. But it depends if you are looking for a long or short term investment. I'm looking more at long term, so I just bought some that was recommended and will just let it sit. If you are in it for more short-term, then you really need to keep up on the news and trends to see which are the hot ones and which are sinking ships. But don't ask me, I also don't know
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