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  1. Unbelievable @ 1:24! Goalie for the Panthers is really good low and has quick feet. Being a runt, I just hate to see a tall guy get beat up top. He's good. I thought you looked great even if the knee isnt a 100%. Excellent work tracking and being patient. I think this year's version of the Vikings is better than last year's version. But seriously....a 2 on 0 in league with pretty good players? Lol. Looked like one of the skates in which I play.
  2. Hope you feel better, Naz. Hope the ROM has gotten more and the pain less.
  3. At the last skate (Feb 8), I tore my outer upper biceps tendon on my blocker side. Plus, as some of you who know me personally, my private life is pretty much out of control since Sept of 2019. Things obviously have been a struggle this season but we do the best we can under the circumstances. Below is from March 6, 2020. My play was pure horsefeathers. Dont worry about criticism. I know I sucked.
  4. Hoping you're just experiencing a scheduling lull and not posting because of injury.
  5. Really good advice here by the writers above. Hands in front was the first thing that occurred to me as I read your question and sure enough, it was emphasized by the gang. Only thing I'd add is to make sure your glove is open. Sometimes I have a bad habit of not keeping it open and have to remind myself to do that. Question does come to mind: are you comfortable with your hand speed? There's things you can do sharpen your reflexes some and your hand eye coordination.
  6. @RichMan, I think everyone had my number. Pretty much couldn't stop a beach ball that night.
  7. Missed last week. Not a good setup for this skate; basically a goalnado type of night. Turnout was low so the skate was 4 on 4 which led to lots of breakaways and scrambles in close. DIdnt help myself much with misplaying the puck and being off angle on off wing shots. Any way, looking forward to the next one, and thanks for checking it out.
  8. Havent been able to keep up under my circumstances; you look good, Cam, even if you aren't always getting the results. More growth to your already pretty awesome game.
  9. Razor was the champ but the most underrated goalie fighter was Felix Potvin; busted open Hextall's eye. Cloutier....mass murderer that night, lol.
  10. @benner33, you know, I'm really not sure. I don't think so about the standup question. I think most forget I am left handed so that might be something but again, I really just don't know. @Colander, we're still in a day by day pattern. I appreciate the kind words but l am seeing lots of flaws attributable to being rusty and not concentrating like I can/should (or just not being very good). I have no flare to my legs when I drop into a butterfly and am not keeping my chest and thighs upright. I was also lazy on more than a few scrambles. Most importantly, I found myself beginning to lose my temper. I didn't say or do anything but on one of the goals, the fellas in white banged into me some, nothing stupid or mean spirited, just a few bumps and I was tempted to start barking or worse. Not good at all. Again, thanks for checking it out.
  11. I got the chance to skate this past Saturday and I think I was ok. Had a lot fun and hopefully the chance to skate continues to come my way. Comments welcome and thanks for checking it out.
  12. After my last skate in September, one of my parents became ill and a long stint in and out of the hospital, the parent is home. My brother covers during the week and I cover on the weekends. I got last night off of that detail but this is going to be a process so I really dont even know whether I will be able to skate much, if at all, going forward. Just have to see how things unfold. The camera battery was not fully charged apparently so a fair amount of action - meaning goals - were missed. I thought I did average but I had a blast and got away from things a few hours. Criticism welcome.
  13. Thanks for the encouragement, bud. I'm in a weird spot; I dont want to play late on a weeknight anymore and the day job prevents my doing what I think I need to do to prepare physically and mentally. I wish it were otherwise. Further, I am not sure how well I would do in a league anymore. Any of the guys here, from beginner to experienced, who play in a league are at a level I dont think, as a practical matter, I can get to anymore. Maybe I am BS-ing myself into it but I am pretty content being a practice target. I enjoy hockey more than ever, even more than I did in youth to senior level, and if I suck, I dont cost the team a game. And if it makes me a wuss, I"ll wear it but I dont want a 34 yr old 230 lbs Patrick Kane wanne be or was back in the day crashing me and blowing me up. The hit you took last year would have been a major problem for me. Below here is from Saturday night a few days. I did ok in that I thought I moved better than I had the past few skates. Some awful goals where I was off angle and I have an apparent weakness on stuff moves on my right post. As an aside, I redid all the strapping on my CA and wonder of wonders, it actually fits like it should! I forgot how I dont necessarily have to eat shots off the collar or upper chest. Protection! what a concept. Thanks for checking it out.
  14. Time to change it up....start Imperative's 2019 - 2020 thread.
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