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  1. Not sure how I botched this above but it seems to work now. Anyway...thanks.
  2. Back to my normal position of being a practice target. I think I did ok here but a common theme lately is low glove side. Something to work on. Comments welcome. https://youtu.be/5Z43Q_yAuI4
  3. Did you stop that at 4:47? I thought you played great in a clutch game. Expertly done. Looks like it got a little "hard" out there too. Congrats on an excellent season, Cam!
  4. So here's the game. It was at the All State Arena in Rosemont Illinois where the Chicago Wolves play. Pretty strange to have my bag inspected before being taken to the dressing room. The dressing room was weird as well. Not surprisingly, the teams didnt get dressed in the real locker rooms. However, things continued being weird there as well. The team, Guns and Hoses (a team of firemen and cops), were led to the room by 2 female "chaperones". After the players piled in, I began to start undressing and of course one decides to hang around in the hall way. I was lost in concentrating and apparently she got an eye full of yours truly in my birthday suit before she decided that she should close the doors. The game itself had all the bells and whistles with the Anthem and line ups being announced over the PA. I somehow missed all of that. The opposition was another team of firemen and evidently, there's bad vibes between the teams from years past. The sole reason for my being "activated" is that although I am rostered on the team, I've played only 2 games for them the past 5 years, this being my 6th, since I started playing again. Any way, when the Boss asked me to play, I said yes in a weak moment. Typically, games are the usual weeknight beer league times which I just cant and dont want to do any more. Although we lost, the one goal was enough to get the win, if not get the game into a shootout. Suspend your disbelief at how arrogant that sounds for just a second. Of the 4 goals, I made three errors. The first goal was a result of throwing the puck up the boards. I expected a winger to be in his spot but as I was later told, the winger in question refuses to get back below the blue line. So an opposing winger collected it and fired it to his teammate who had an easy tap in. The second goal was off a rebound in front which I failed to control and misread where the D-man was going to position himself. The 3rd goal was from my not having picked up the puck early. The shooter deserves credit for a nice shot - although it wasnt that hard - and shooting it in between the defenders skates. I got my skate on it as it blew past me but obviously not enough. The 4th goal was a deflection by my teammate Josh, who's a forward, but he was back deep just trying to help out. No disrespect to the opponent but they werent anything beyond what I can handle but I made some mistakes and they ended up in the net. My play, to be "charitable" about it was average at best. Anyway, I am glad I played and now I can go back to just being a practice target. Thanks for checking it out and I truly do appreciate the encouragement the members here have extended. Hearing it from real goalies who compete makes an old gas bag like me feel pretty good. It means a lot to me.
  5. Thanks @cwarnar and @Hockey School Dropout. Not a good outcome. We lost 4 to 1. Cruising along 1 to 1 into the 3rd and they beat me for 3. I'll get the video pieced together shortly. The Mrs. held the camera. Security wouldn't let her attach the camera to the outside of the glass.
  6. I really don't know how you guys do this anymore. The game is tomorrow at 11 am and I am already shitting my pants hoping for a refrigeration system failure or something. Meanwhile, thanks for the very kind words @Imperative, @Colander, and @beansbats. I'll try my hardest. I don't want to be an embarrassment.
  7. Scrambling on time so I have to watch Leafs' game later. So you were out of your mind against the Thrashers. Great game! I don't understand how your team gives up so many breakaways. Vikings are a good team but you get more breakaways than me. Very kind about the pad stack but I don't know what to call the stop you made. Wow! Don't think I've ever done that. The last time I saw one like that it was by Quick and before him, Ranford. Very great game, Cam.
  8. No, you aren't crazy...unless we both need to go to the eye dr. Hope the Game 3 went better.
  9. @Colander, I still have 5 days to weasel out of it but it is for a good cause. Most likely, I'll get my head kicked in but it's not like I am going to be drafted anytime soon. If filming is allowed, I'll put it, good, bad, or indifferent, up here. I guess I am playing against a team of firemen. Anyway, below is from this past Saturday. Not too bad but still some horesefeather goals and I think I am getting some of my confidence back which went away throughout February and earlier this month. Had a pad malfunction so have to get the needle and thread back out. Interesting goal by Chris off his face but fortunately his suffered no injury. When I looked up at him, I expected to see blood and teeth; instead, the puck was in the net. Commentary welcome.
  10. Not sure what it is but you looked different on your skates. I think you've been a good skater since I started tuning into "cwarner tv". However, you looked particularly strong and in control of your skating. It shows in how well and smooth you moved about the crease here. Your game has had demonstrable growth this season. Well done!
  11. Good work! Excellent control on rebounds directing them away or soaking them up.
  12. Thanks @Imperative and @southpawtendy48. Much appreciated. I really got myself in a mess now though. I don't know why but I agreed to play in a charity game on 3/30 @ Allstate Arena. It's charity so I suppose outcomes don't matter but I don't want to stink the joint out either. We'll see.
  13. Fullright


    Yes, be happy to. Had to blast out of town after my post....take a shot at the illustrations tonight.
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