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  1. sorry for the weird question in this thread but it's common to hold it with the middle finger in the trigger ( seem to put the blocker more in front and square )
  2. Many

    2X Pro

    Very nice ! you look close to 5''8 or 5 ''9 what's your pads size small or x-small ? compare tight rise to 2S is similar ?
  3. I'm close to buy a 2s ( non pro ) stick and the bauer 2s intermediate 23 is really close to my 25 passau before ordering just want to know if the intermediate is enough durable or I need to pick the 25 senior (almost 2 inch taller than my current stick) i'm 5''8 .. thanks
  4. I really like them ! I wanted to buy the X900 to be safe if I like bauer but now for sure my next set is a pro bauer set for sure ( 2s or vapor )
  5. I was in passau for the past few years, just the catcher that I didn't used because the 90 degree don't fit me. I just bought Bauer X900 Small (my passau was 32+3) and I'm very surprise how good this is. the glove 60 degree is near perfect, the blocker is over 200g lighter than my passau and the pads are 1.5 pounds lighter (both total)
  6. Many

    Bauer Gear

    what I mean is high on skate or low
  7. Many

    Bauer Gear

    How the 1x pads should be worn ? like the first or the second picture ? or both is ok ?
  8. Many

    Bauer Gear

    I really like the catcher 60 degree ! amazing !
  9. Many

    Bauer Gear

    Small white/navy X900
  10. Many

    Bauer Gear

    I know it's weird but the goalie at the store say i'm perfect in medium my knee is in center is just the overall length but it should be good
  11. Many

    Bauer Gear

    https://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Flookaside.fbsbx.com%2Flookaside%2Fcrawler%2Fmedia%2F%3Fmedia_id%3D1545304788896689&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fd.facebook.com%2Factionreactiongoaltending%2F%3F__tn__%3DC-R&docid=t_ZrUYRjpkn_jM&tbnid=N_4BtLrLT9jCWM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwjA-anT5oXaAhVr3IMKHaYhCFoQMwh1KDgwOA..i&w=634&h=800&itg=1&bih=730&biw=1438&q=adam russo goalie&ved=0ahUKEwjA-anT5oXaAhVr3IMKHaYhCFoQMwh1KDgwOA&iact=mrc&uact=8 I wear my pads like this
  12. Many

    Bauer Gear

    I want to purchase Bauer X900 and tried the X900 pads today with skate on and the small seem little short on overall length I pick up the medium and is perfect size ( little weird i'm 32-33 in ccm ) bauer is perfect for me ( 5''8 with ftk 19, 19.5 and I currently wear 32+3 pads ) I've always wear the bottom strap very loose on all my pads so the toe of the pads is close to the floor and it's why my knee is in the center with medium X900. I don't know if I describe it good but with my strapping method the pads go down a little bit and knee in fit right should be good with me
  13. the X900 is more protected than the vaughn XLW for sure in finer and index area , for the catcher I don't know
  14. Hi, I just want your advice i'm hesitate between vapor X900 or the vaughn v7 xlw. I wear normally 32 inches pads ( my current one are 32+3 passau ) The Bauer in Small size fit me very well and are so light the Vaughn is 33+2, I had also try the 32+2 but seem a bit short ? ( I have 19-19.5 FTK ) I'm maybe little below center but close to center with 33+2 for the catcher i'm more toward the x900 then the two piece vaughn XLW.. what's your opinion on that ? thanks !
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