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  1. Short by NHL standards, but realistically he's about the same height as most of us normies.
  2. He's inside a ProHockeyLife at that... so a big box store buying skates. Wonder if it's off the shelf or just custom skates he just needed to get it baked a bit more.
  3. It's a ROB(erts) of a deal.
  4. Kayen

    McKenney XPG1

    Will United Cycle continue carrying the product in Edmonton? Thanks Trevor.
  5. Kayen

    McKenney XPG1

    Inner belt. By pro spec do you mean the NHL spec version?
  6. Kayen

    McKenney XPG1

    @McKenney Hockey pants look fantastic. Also agreed in inquiring if they could be ordered without a belt. Thanks !!
  7. Kayen

    McKenney XPG1

    @McKenney Hockey anything you can share on the new C/A? Anything on pants, my McKenney pants were the best ones i ever had, just had to downsize and couldn't find any 890's locally.
  8. Pretty much my exact set up right now. I came from using Bauer cowlingless skates w/ Tydan blades, and the attack angle is up there for sure.
  9. I posted in the (now defunct 🙄) mask thread regarding my mask refurbish, and now I finally have it back in my hands and wore it last night! Huge props to @Doobiesnax for letting me be his guinea pig on his first time airbrushing.
  10. @coopaloop1234 hit it right on the nail. I have a jiggyfly, so i store my pads upside down typically to get that super curved thighrise.
  11. https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=bl_dp_s_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=Fix+My+Gear With their other stuff too!
  12. tech mesh boot, softer boot than the S190 for sure (full composite).
  13. Actually i've been cultivating a giant fro.... I'm trying to add to the trend of Movember and go full on FROvember.
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