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  1. I still don't get the hate for Grubis set. It looks fine.
  2. I'll second that - in the Prairies, and it's pretty much mostly CCM/Vaughn, with some Bauer sprinked in.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_Octopus#:~:text=The Legend of the Octopus,thrown onto the ice rink.&text=Having eight arms%2C the octopus,to win the Stanley Cup.
  4. @ArdeFIN feel free to keep using this thread :P, I can request to re-name it as "FrankenChesties"
  5. To be fair, Ullmark probably wanted to get out of there to get into a better situation for himself.
  6. I didn't mind the Warrior strapping system at all, provided I always added a Professor Strap. One thing that I thought i'd miss, but don't at all is the post wedge - makes sense why it was removed on the G5. I love the wrist mobility on the catchers.
  7. Will be following this closely as well. Still a huge Warrior fanboy despite opting for cheapo Bauer GSX's which, 4 skates in have been awesome so far, but obviously you can pry my g3 gloves off my cold,dead, hands (until I supplant them with newer, flashier gloves).
  8. Also have a first on ice impression for my set. Did one mod and that was install a professor strap.For cheapo pads they SLIDE well. Not that much worse than Hyperlite and 2X Pros, and definitely better than EF4.9's, EF3 Pros and my old Ritual G3's. Seal is great, and extremely light weight. Time to ice myself and pop about 10 Advils, since playing with a fractured rib was an extremely bright idea. A few questions for mods....a) anyone know where i can source a slightly thicker calf pillow? I love the T H I C C pillow on the hyperlites, and would love to replicate that on these pads.b) should I get the stripes graphic kit (sock graphic), likely in black, and whatever pieces for the gloves i'll try and adapt to cover up some of the red on my gloves.
  9. Hahaha. We'll see, I'm in net 2-3x a week, and a skater 2-3x a week. I live on the ice, and it's bound to happen. Goalie surplus here in AB it appears.
  10. Couple of weeks ago with some borrowed 34+1 EF3s
  11. I am not - I am in Canada Looking at them in person the value is insane, the stabiliflex knee block is very impressive, and to have that kind of offering at that price point is fantastic. Realistically the Cortech (whatever variant it is on now) on the landing gear is all that's needed to get the most performance out of the pad, while the jenpro on the face will have that traditional durability. Also the addition of whatever their professor strap iteration is called makes it a very nice pad with great strapping, weight, and sliding.
  12. Warrior G3 Set for 3 seasons. No issues aside from the fact my pads were too big. Still using the gloves, and beauty of warrior gloves is the removable palm, so honestly i'm just replacing the palms as the foams have not worn down at all. However i'm interested in the Sr. Pad market now. Torn between 3X/E5.9 with the GSX closely behind as I am currently extremely broke, and need to pay for 3 team fees (and have no pads).
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