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  1. Picked up my custom 2X set yesterday. Mods: Powerlite (2S) stiffness, Square Knee-Block, Removable Knee Wing, HAL Strap, Skate-Lace Pocket, Colors (Navy, Royal, White, Sportgold) 10 Weeks is a nice turnaround time in Switzerland.
  2. Eventhough the board etc is different, having played both, they feel similar. Similar hand placement, similar weight distribution, similar opening for the stick.
  3. Its from the nhl.com highlight video, just two short sequences.
  4. Found it interesting, that Bishop warms up in a CCM 590 Glove but plays in a Bauer 2S
  5. To get a feel based second opinion Agree: CCM 580 = Brian's Subzero = Bauer 1X/2X.  Don't Agree: CCM 590 = Bauer 2S For me the 2S much closer resembles the CCM 600 Don't know Vaughn enough to comment there.
  6. From playing iut here at the end of the season and comparing it to my 1X blocker it seems quite similar, more a trick on the eyes because of the different board. I really like the low hand placement and had issues playing with other placements like on the ccm blockers, no issues switching to 2X.
  7. Did you ever play with bauer skates and have a feeling how the sizes compare?
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