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  1. I have true skates as well and I use clear on my ankles to hold my socks down and laces tucked into my socks. I also like a really stiff ankle and that helps with it. I give it a try to see how you like it.
  2. I went to dicks and got two knee compression sleeves for 20$ each. They work great and hug my knee nicely. Give those a try if you want to!
  3. I do not but one of my buddies is arty and has painted shoes and cars before.
  4. Hey guys. I have been wanting to paint the carbon fiber part of my true skates for a while now. Anyone know how to do it/recommendations for people to do it? I have heard that I can take it to a body shop and have them paint them but I don't know if I want to spend 70$ on a paint job if I could get it somewhere else for much cheaper.
  5. Yes, you are supposed to bake them when you get them. I would suggest going back to the store where you bought them from as they need to be baked longer than normal skates for them to function properly. and do not skate with them for at least 36 hours after you bake them as they are at their weakest point when they are being baked and after they are baked.
  6. Potttat

    2X Pro

    There is a 2X glove at my local rink. If you guys want I can take pictures or videos and send them to this. PM me if you do.
  7. I got my true skates about a year ago and they are amazing. I was in Bauer s190 skates previously and they just killed my feet. I couldn't skate for more than 2 hours. now in my Trues, I could skate forever. The process took a little long because the scanner wasn't working well but we spent about an hour there getting my feet scanned and choosing my colors. The price point was also something that would hurt me. At the time I was 16 years old. This was the first pair of skates that I have bought (I usually buy my own sticks and my parents pay for the protective gear as they don't want me to spend less money and have a higher chance of getting hurt). In total, they were $999 with an extra pair of steel so if one of them got nicked then I could switch them out. The performance of these things is great. I use clear tape around my ankles so that they feel tighter around my ankles (I'm not a bender don't worry). I love the custom feel and fit of them. They fit like a sock and just wrap around your feet. The forward pitch doesn't seem to bother me too much, in fact, I don't notice it at all. The durability is where I run into some issues. Some of the stiching along the back of the skate where the bootstrap holder is is starting to fall apart. I do not use this as I got rid of the bootstrap a while ago but it seems to be falling apart. Im not too worried as I don't use them but still would like to see them be more durable. Another thing is the glue inside holding the foam looks like it is starting to come apart as well. This I am a bit more worried about as my foot goes and rubs against it every time I put my foot into the skate. After all of this I still love the skate and would highly recommend them to anyone who has odd shaped feet or have foot sores after using other skates. Even for the price point I think that it is a good investment and would purchase again.
  8. I will check with my parents and see if we can get our money back and do you mind sending me a picture of your EPF through PM?
  9. I ordered an ECOproFOAM neck guard from Maltese Sports' website in mid-February. The turnaround times on their website says that it will take about +/-4 weeks to arrive. We are riding on about 12 weeks now and 5 emails. They were responding at first and saying that they will get it here next week but when next week would come and go it would not be here. I am starting to think that we got scammed. Does anyone have any thoughts on what we could do about this problem? Thanks
  10. Potttat

    Knee Pad Mods

    Thanks, Ill try that out.
  11. Potttat

    Knee Pad Mods

    Does anyone have any pad mods that they could share to help keep your knee pads from falling down? I have used tape and socks over my 1X knee pads but they keep falling down every ten minutes or so. I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything that could help them stay up. I don't want to use a holder around my waist because I keep my pants tight and don't like the feel of the holder around my waist with my pants.
  12. I have wrapped tape about an inch above the start of my paddle and found that that works well. The tape goes right into the palm of my hand and my middle finger goes right into the little indent that the tape has made and I find that that works very well for my style of play.
  13. Can I just get the two-piece boot and add my own vertex edge holder to the bottom of the boot?
  14. I'm torn between the one piece and two piece true goalie skates. I have a few quick questions. I have the s190 goal skates and I was wondering if it would be worth it to send in those skates with that vertex edge blade holder and get the boot strapped onto it or should i just buy the 2 piece. Which would be cheaper and would it make a whole lot of difference. I heard that is takes a while to make the skates and I don't want to be off the ice for a few weeks and I was wondering if they could make the boot and ship it to me.
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