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  1. My old slow ass getting lit up by junior kids at the ODR.
  2. The 580 Break is the best catch angle I have ever used. I have used all the catch angles and the 90 is the best.
  3. I use 580 Koho Catchers still. absolutely love these catchers.
  4. Hey guys been putting up vids of my 3vs3 shinny with my group. I pretty much only wear the more pre lockout gear. Couple of newer pieces but it's rare.
  5. whoops sorry I was cut and pasting and forgot the info. all fixed.
  6. Selling a set of pads, I can't get used to them for my style. Pads are in very good condition. - replaced the boot straps - Knee lock wings and new velcro knee locks added - toe caps added and toe bolts replaced - bungie toes added Used only a handful of times since I received them. It does not come with thigh/knee guards. Buyer Pays shipping. Pads are located in Alberta, Canada.
  7. Hey guys Want to get your opinions on some Bauer Skates I picked up. They were on sale for $199Cdn and I had some work spending for health to burn and I decided to pick them up. I am coming from a very old Bauer One80 which I picked up like 2011 or 2012. Saw the One.9's on sale as clearance so I decided to pick it up. Are they similar in level ie pro to rec senior etc.? Since they are so old I am having trouble finding this online. I loved the One80 when I first purchased them and I have put in many hours into them and they are still going strong. Picked up the One.9 as back up for later when my old skates finally give out. PS> I do have the option to return them for a full refund as long as I dont sharpen them or heat bake the One.9
  8. Hey guys okay so long story short, started playing ball hockey 2001 or 2002, had a player fall on me and tore some of my mcl on right leg. Fast forward a few months later, tore my meniscus in the same knee and was never operated on after seeing many therapists and their misdiagnosis. So fast forward 17 years later and I have got away with getting up with only my Left Leg ala Brodeur. So I am trying to program my head again with getting up with my right leg like I used to. Been doing alot of stuff in the gym with weigh lifting, squats, Bulgarian splits and sumos. Any help would be appreciated. Seems that every time I need to get up, there goes my damn left leg doing the talking.
  9. Been working on painting the leather on some of my Koho Gloves. I got sick and tired of Padskinz and the lack of product quality from sheet to sheet so I decided to paint the leather and going to see the durability. I think gloves are okay as compared to pads for wear and tear of the paint. Here is some of the work I did with just leather paint (Red)
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