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  1. I do wonder if he's ever gonna get into innegra materials and give his masks a more modern construction.
  2. I had this problem for a while too. But lemme ask you this - if all pro grade equipment from the big 6 companies were only available at retail from offshore, would you stop playing? If you answered no, then you obviously love this game enough to look past that. You would do well to recognize that pro gear coming from other countries is made fantastic. You're missing out.
  3. Just when I thought the Potvin replica sets would stop...
  4. Although the middle knee role really effs up the entire thing, you can definitely find something you like. And perhaps it is just me, the more I play around with this graphic, the more something keeps coming up as familiar to me.
  5. That middle molded knee role graphic seems out of place
  6. I'v heard multiple outlets on the sliding material of CCM's Speedskin and that it sticks to the ice or has more resistance vs. the competitors. WHat say you @TheGoalNet ?
  7. Great comparison and thanks for doing so. Another instance where Lefevre's pads have a size difference vs. the competition is what deters me from ordering blindly.
  8. I'm truly happy to see him pull through, he needs a ring! Although I am curious if he will remain loyal to Bauer or jump ship to True like some of the other guys.
  9. Now that's something interesting I haven't heard. Granted that's true and accurate, I can see Bauer buying the brand and swallowing it like others, adding to the graveyard of hockey brands that have left us in the last 25 years
  10. It's been no secret that Mike Vaughn has been stubborn on a number of issues and has put his foot in his mouth. I do recall him saying that other brands' pro level gear is only as good as his 2nd tier gear.
  11. I totally forgot about True acquiring VH, I'll agree with that - yes their skates were a game changer and put True on the map of hockey and showed they could potentially be a player. Warrior started out the same way just doing sticks and some protective and 10 years later they have almost everything to offer except skates. I do think Warrior should have gone after Graf and slapped their logo on their skates.
  12. I almost feel as though Bauer purposely designed less than desirable graphics in hopes of fueling consumers to opt in for the true custom designs. Maybe not the best image to post either, green almost never captivates someone to buy.
  13. Great topic of discussion but I can still see people derailing this thread into some irrelevance with non NHL brands. Nonetheless, I somewhat agree with your list and it's ranking. if you were to decide to open a hockey store in the modern era and sell goalie products, you simply wouldn't be one without offering CCM and Bauer. Say what you want but I can almost guarantee every goalie owns and wears at least one piece of CCM or Bauer gear even if they're not wearing the 5 big pieces. When you offer skates to mask and everything in between, you're definitely in a position to be more recognizable and influential in the hockey shop industry. They also have the funds to push R&D towards the future. As much as goalies are traditionalists, they also like the newest and hottest fads in goalie stuff which is why I think True is a little high on the list. Sure, Canadian made gear is fantastic but hypothetically if all 5 companies went overseas with their pro grade gear, would goalies throw up their arms and retire from the position? Don't think so. True is just popular right now because of all the goalies they've managed to snatch from CCM and Bauer. I make no bones about the fact that their gear is good. But from a consumer's standpoint it's still CCM gear with no D30 and new lipstick. Besides, unless they decide to offer a 2nd tier of gear, junior sized gear, accessories etc, they can continue to pay NHL fees all they want if they're satisfied appealing to that certain demographic. I don't see much innovation there, frankly. I see popularity. Brian's is holding steady, sort of. Sure, they were once known to be the kings of true custom gear with their graphics and functional options but let's face facts, almost all goalie companies offer that now and if they don't, they will. And I'm probably gonna piss off a lot of people by saying this but let's lay all the cards on the table okay? They don't offer skates, they don't have any certified products, their chest/arms have been hit or miss for years, pants are decent at best and really the only guys I know buying their jocks, knee pads and sticks are those die hard Brian's-wearing guys. And their junior gear along with their 2nd tier gloves, blocker and pads....I dunno who's buying that stuff. I don't have a bad thing to say about their pro level gear, it feels great and it's built well. They're always finding new ways to make their gloves feel and close better. All I will say about Warrior is they make a great, innovative and feel good product but the salesman has to work a little bit harder to make that sale. Their gear is awesome at every age and price range. That aside, accessories, chest/arms and mask are all fantastic. When they day comes that they crack the NHL with a big name starter, they'll take off I feel. As for Vaughn...well.....I think I could spend all day on those guys with their good and bad. They're trying to be as innovative as the other guys they're just really slow at doing it. Like jeez I think it took over 10 years to offer more than silver and black transfers on the face of gear, yikes. But they're that company you can always rely on Also my pick for Number 1: Bauer
  14. I can't get the image but just saw a few days ago on Insta some absurdly large percentage of NHL goalies are now in True gear. Something like 41%. So aside from them, who's still wearing CCM, Bauer and Vaughn? I feel like this happened overnight.
  15. Quite frankly my reasoning is I'm not prepared to switch brands. I do enjoy having a matching set of the 5 major pieces and I think the CCM gloves and mask are fantastic. I do like the Extreme Flex family but desire something stiffer.I don't have much flexibility left at 37 but I'd like my rebounds kicked out further.
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