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  1. I should have mentioned that if I had a van or pickup, the choice would be definite on those Sumo bags by Grit. They're so convenient, strong, organized.
  2. I'm tired after a skates, it's nice not having to lug your gear on your shoulders after a game. Having said that, I like to try other bags occasionally but I keep coming back to the Velocity Pro series wheel bag.
  3. I really don't remember. It came in a box. lol
  4. I tried this method. So the first time I recall using 2 packages of the powdered red Rit Dye with hot water. I did it on a friend's cowlings and the plastic did not fully take the color and the red turned out to be more of a magenta. He didn't complain but I could tell he wasn't happy about basically having dark pink cowlings. I tried the process again a pair of Vaughn cowlings that I wasn't using from my Vaughn skates using black and they came out very purple. Long story short, I did feel the plastic was a bit more flexible on both pairs. The color wasn't what I was hopin
  5. We're not friends anymore
  6. I'm late to the party. This year has been an absolute wash in every regard including hockey. Not even gonna touch a customizer until vaccines become publicly available. Anyway I totally see printed graphics becoming an industry standard with every company. It probably would save on labor having to cut and sew a 16 color zone pad. I can also see Vaughn offering it 10 years after everyone else does haha.. But I'm definitely not looking forward to seeing the inevitable request for guys doing Koho Revolution graphics.
  7. Finally, thanks for not carrying over nonsense "traditions" from a dead website. Although are teams even practicing to be able to get any pictures of gear?

    Lefevre going solo

    I don't think that that's a fair comparison, respectfully. I feel you're comparing apples to bowling balls. Shoes are every day wear, basketball, running, casual whatever. Hockey and hockey equipment is already unique in it's own way. I don't think mentioning Patrick Roy and him wearing Lefevre gear most of his career adds much selling value to a goaltender born in 2007. It's good to mention the past and showcase some of the goalies they've had over the years but I'd put less emphasis on that and more today's modern equipment and the advantage to buying theirs over another.

    Lefevre going solo

    Everything above was well said, there's not a lot I can add but seeing as this is a Lefebvre thread, I'm not gonna discuss other brands here in depth. I will say this.. a lot of little things dibilitate the Vaughn brand name which, unfortunately, is by their own fault. Other companies have better marketing. Vaughn pretty well only sells as good as the salesman pushes it.
  10. So are you guys gonna sell and drop more dough on correct Lefevre sizing stuff or go back elsewhere?
  11. ULTIMA

    Lefevre going solo

    Just my opinion but I think the title of this thread should be changed to something along the lines of "Lefevre official thread" or something to that degree. Anyway, in 3 days I'v seen 2 sets of their gear for sale on Facebook marketplace. Both times stating the gear is too big in size, referring to leg pads. I did receive information directly that their gear fits larger than the competition. And I was informed that they don't make 31 or smaller so I couldn't order if I wanted to. Thought I'd pass that on before anyone drops a few grand.
  12. I found that place to be stupid a lot of the time. So...anyway I don't get .
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