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    Warrior Mask

    There are 3 grades of masks therefore 3 price points.

    Warrior Mask

    The catalog has inner shots of the foams, you'll be able to see it online soon. There are no custom molds but there is a size range.

    Warrior Mask

    There is no truth to this whatsoever. Warrior wants to cement themselves as the clear-cut innovators in the hockey industry, introducing a "combo" style mask would be like Sony reintroducing a VCR

    Warrior G5

    That's all you get from me. Pictures I cannot do as I was instructed not to share anything from the catalog until released. You'll just have to be patient.

    Warrior G5

    To both of you I say this, think if The Bauer 960 and The CCM Pro had a love child. I saw it, I tried it on and it's unmistakable to think of one if not both of those masks as you see it and feel it. It's fantastic and I'm very excited for it. While I got a G5 set coming, the mask is what I really look forward to. It's about time we had another nice mask thrown back into the mix, I see this mask catapulting Warrior to the next level and turning the corner to be as recognized as the other big boys.

    Warrior G5

    I knew I was gonna get asked that. It's not available to average folk yet.

    Warrior G5

    I recently did get back to working in hockey an did see the gear up close. Changes were made but nothing of any significance. The design of the previous generations of Ritual have made it a success as far as sales are concerned. Some argue otherwise as we've not see many sets at the pro level in North America but that's not affecting Warrior as a company, they are doing just fine. If you've enjoyed the previous Ritual gear families, you're gonna like this one. It's got 12 color zones (on the face) but as I'v been messing around with the customizer, it's a tricky graphic to dress up and I'v spent a decent amount of time trying to get something that I like. The graphics are used best to match whatever striping that is on your sweater/socks. There is weave available but it's not even 10 colors.

    G4 Thread

    I saw it up close, it's not that bad. Not that great either. What really impressed me was that pro level mask they're putting out.
  9. You'll almost never get a full, detailed explanation of what EXACTLY is going on internally of goalie equipment from a retailer. Quite frankly they just don't know. And it's not their fault, it's simply proprietary to the brand and their company. The usual answer is the different grades are made to accommodate the different levels of hockey but you'll be hard pressed to an in-depth answer as to what exactly is going on inside to justify the cost differential in grades of equipment.
  10. That's interesting. I was in Koho since the Revolution days right up until their last line with the 590 in 33". After that, I only fit into 32" in every brand. So either my body shrunk somehow or (what I think happened) the sizing on all pads changed.
  11. ULTIMA

    Vaughn V9

    Hmmmm My only gripe is that I think color zones 5 and 3 should be continuing onto the outer role. I know that's nothing new and that's the trend but....yeah. Otherwise it looks good. Better than several of their past graphics for sure.
  12. I'v not contacted my friends that currently work in hockey, I'v been reading a lot of things online with Lefebvre's departure from CCM along with True now releasing a player helmet. So, anyone out there with any intel? There an once of truth(da dum chhh) on True throwing their hat into the ring? Will we see a 6th big name on our goalie pads? The biggest question I have is if they decide to give it a go, can they sustain it? And aside from that, is there even room for another player? My inner goalie wanted to say yes but then I think about how hockey is slowly shrinking in Canada and all the goalie brand tombstones we've seen in the last 10 or so years. Then again, is this all just rumor and innuendo at this point?
  13. I wana chime in sad that the unit I use is the Powertek. And one thing that wasn't mentioned is that it comes up a bit on the neck. It's not a neck guard substitute by any means but that extra inch and a half that it comes up makes me feel more secure.
  14. ULTIMA

    Name That Goalie Quiz

    I scored perfect as well, not that difficult at all.
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