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  1. I wana chime in sad that the unit I use is the Powertek. And one thing that wasn't mentioned is that it comes up a bit on the neck. It's not a neck guard substitute by any means but that extra inch and a half that it comes up makes me feel more secure.

    Name That Goalie Quiz

    I scored perfect as well, not that difficult at all.
  3. The latest in jackass-ery potential buyers It's NEVER a good idea to back out unless truly necessary. But when I hear bullshit like "I can't man, wifey is not happy about me buying more stuff, so I gotta be out". My fellow brethren, you think she'd ever ask you for permission to buy more make up? More shoes? Etc. I'd rather stop getting responses and be ignored than hear this kinna crap from you. Real or not real, no one wants to hear that kind of "excuse". That includes you, Jeff...
  4. Ugh, this argument again? Most of the manufacturers are getting their stuff done in the Orient, everyone knows that. Even for the companies that don't do the big pieces, all the skates, accessories, sticks etc are being made there. It's impossible to avoid it, let it go man.
  5. Lots of people have their opinions on Crawford. But if Bauer can manage to get a French Canadian goalie that's been in Lefebvre stuff since the Koho days to jump ship, that would be huge for their brand. I must also admit that as a French Canadian goalie that's been in Lefebvre stuff most of his career, Bauer's gear has really intrigued me and made me reconsider future purchases.
  6. I don't know if this will end up in the right spot, admin feel free to move this to a more appropriate area of the forums if you believe so. I may get into trouble for what i have to say but it's been a long time coming. I feel compelled to talk about the rights and the wrongs of being buying or selling gear online because for years I get the same kinna jackoffs saying and doing the the same things that can be extremely irritating. I almost feel like there should be a database of names of people who do the following that should be exposed for wasting other people's time and just being general trolls. • Whats wrong when you're a potential buyer is for you to not agree with the price and dictate what YOU think it should be. Do you walk in Wal-Mart, Home Depot ect., look at the price of a product, disagree with it and then before a manager or associate and tell them "You're never gonna sell this at that price"? This situation couldn't be made worse with the exception of when the person saying these things has absolutely no interest in purchasing. • What's wrong when you're a potential buyer is making an offer for something, having no confidence with that offer and then backing out without notice. I get that things happen and we are all human beings. But Jesus Christ, I can't tell you how many excuses along the lines of "My car broke down" or "My kid needs braces" I'v heard.It's no secret that hockey can be costly. It's been a well known fact since the earth cooled. If you can't afford to play, I'm sorry to say get another sport. And you DEFINITELY shouldn't ever say "I'll take it for sure" meenwhile the seller now has to turn down offers because he thinks he has it sold. Those of you who do things like this on here, Facebook groups, Kijiji etc. know who you are and you are damn lucky I don't publicly shame and expose you for being a prick. If this thread doesn't get deleted, please feel free to add to the list of the rights and the wrongs. It's about time there be some "rules" or guidelines that people be aware of. Happy to take any heat from those who are offended.
  7. Lefebvre certainly helped get the goalie division of CCM/Koho/Heaton/Reebok/etc. off the ground and kept it the top goalie brand around for like 3 decades. But if they decide to part ways, I don't think anyone should be worried. CCM has the money, they have the resources, they have the expertise and I think will do just fine without Lefebvre if the partnership is finished and still remain at the top.
  8. Ventus SLR Pro Carbon pads & blocker with Epic 8880 catcher. Pads are 32+2 (senior not intermediate), glove and blocker are also SR sizing. Created with custom red, white and blue graphic. I removed the standard toe laces and replaced it with bungee cords with velcro that come on stock CCM leg pads. I also did get their proprietary QuickSlide material on the inside edge which was not a stock option on the original SLR. Otherwise everything was made with stock specifications. All pieces were made in 2019 and were used once a week in men's league hockey from approximately May to September. All pieces remain in great physical condition, no rips, no holes or damage. Just puck marks. Trapper is worked in nicely and snaps well. Glove and blocker do not stink, were always hung out to dry after every use and sprayed with Captodor. I did put all my gear in a Sani Sport machine 3 or 4 times. Paid approximately $3000, asking $2000. Best offers welcome but serious inquiries only please. Not looking for trades.
  9. I saw those black/gold pads up close. It truly is a newer modern version of the Premier. They did trim a tonne off the pad to drop weight and have a thinner profile. And some of those color zones are printed so they are also going that direction. At first glance it does look atrocious but I'm positive that opinion will change.
  10. ULTIMA

    Brand loyalty

    I would like to comment on an earlier post that was made and that I'm intrigued that Warrior is possibly toying with the notion of producing a goal mask. I would hope they'd leave any ideas of releasing a poly carbonate version out of the mix. After all they don't do any of that entry-level gear and I'm happy about that. With Olie, Eddy, Hackva, WJD and that weird company that was producing masks for TPS all packing up shop in the last 15 years, there's definitely a market for a new mask company. It would definitely attract all the Warrior fanboys. It's intriguing.
  11. I'm happy you said that. Often times I find that present goalies in the pros or not put too much emphasis on paying tributes to their heroes to the point of replicating how their exact gear used to look. I was guilty of this at one time, too. But I'm not them. The best goalie I can be is my own. It's coming across as me hating but I dunno what guys get out of trying to replicate every piece of Grant Fuhr's set up or those endlessly boring snoozefest Felix Potvin paint jobs. Surely not everything has been done, guys should be more personal and stop trying to look like someone else, I say.
  12. ULTIMA

    Brand loyalty

    I was happy to get so many responses and different perspectives on this subject. I think I figured out why I personally would strongly prefer to stick to one brand and it goes back to when I was the biggest Koho junkie on the planet. Because before I was old enough to make money and buy my own gear, I totally looked like one of those yard sale goalies.Blue McMartin catcher, black Cooper pads, black and orange Sherwood stick, red, blue & white Jofa helmet/cage combo etc. When I got into Koho, that was it. I was set. Everything Koho, skates to mask and everything in between. So when I couldn't get that stuff anymore, by that time, many of those former Koho goalies were in everything RBK. And since then, that "tradition" has still carried over. But as an adult I truly see it's not really about brand anymore. I mean, it's VERY nice to have everything matching like a pro goalies but simply put, fit and feel is paramount. I truly like The fit and feel of the Vapor 2X gear....but those Bauer masks....ugh....Don't hate them but don't like them either. And maybe it's just me but I don't feel right wearing a CCM mask while wearing Bauer gear.
  13. ULTIMA

    Brand loyalty

    I have to say I'm fascinated by the amount of goalies in these True goal skates given recent influx complaints about their quality & durability issues. I know goalies don't get paid anymore like they used to and certainly don't get any money for wearing a company's skates because it's tucked underneath. The days of the Eddy mask, Bauer skates, Cooper pads, Sher-Wood stick, Brian's blocker and Vaughn glove are long over. And to be honest I'm kinna happy about that. And yeah we see lots of pro guys wearing glove, blocker and pads all the same brand even if there are a couple stragglers...talking about you Cory Schneider... I dunno any goalie - pro or not that wears everything one brand. Heck, Fleury is still wearing his Itech neck guard. How important is brand loyalty to YOU? I don't want this thread to turn into everyone posting a list of everything in their bag but I really am curious to see if there is anyone who truly has everything one brand. Skates to mask and everything in between. I mean I certainly don't because I used Vaughn and those masks are....ugh.. Which also begs the question, can one brand really do it all on it's own?
  14. ULTIMA

    GSBB - Dead?

    I'd also like it to be finally be dead. But for different reasons.
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