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  1. Anyone using a full composite with a heel / wedge pattern? I know CCM and Warrior-Mrazek come in the heel pattern. I have been using Bauer x:50's circa 2009 (bought a lot of them when i played club in college. A friend had Vapor XXXX and another X:60 and had some durability issues). I am down to my last two and I tried one of my student's 2s, s190, and 1x sticks and they are incredible. Love the weight. Makes mine feel like a cord of lumber. Anyway, my Bauers are p31 and they just dont work for me where I am at in my game and stickhandling ability. Want to go back to the heel pattern I had in my old Bauer foam cores from high school if I can. Thanks guys
  2. Excellent, pristine condition. Like new, set was used as a spare/practice set with almost no signs of wear. No rips, tears, and mostly free of puck marks. Odor free! Just enough flex in the pads and just enough rigidity in the thigh rise. Designed in Canada. Selling these after I got my new 2s set. Brian's Smart Toe attached but it will also fit regular toe ties. Leather boot strap. Rest are Brian's Smart Straps. One knee break. Looking for $495 Check it out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223105850108#viTabs_0 https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie-full-sets/497600-brian-s-subzero-6-0-full-set-senior-34-1-excellent-condition
  3. Anyone have any issues with CCM pro masks from '14? I picked one up on clearance last year and had no issues playing lower level C games last year. This year I've had a few from my JV team I coach that have vibrated a bit and given me minor headaches. I had a headache that lasted a weekend in January so I ordered an OTNY mask with maltese from Dennis at Goalie Parts. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet and I took a hard clapper off the forehead at stick time today and am on concussion protocol. Going to go with my Bauer from college until the otny comes in
  4. Cruskater

    Pad templates

    I am sure there is someone with a graphic design background or photoshop skills, but I just did an optik set on MS Paint. I took a blank pad from goalie guild, removed the break and did it up
  5. Cruskater

    C & A protection

    I think it is the angle of the pic. Padding on the pants look a lot thicker and more squared than my Bauers
  6. Going to throw Vegas out there. I love grey uniforms but they look weird with the black sleeves on the homes. And...red? Where did that come from? Blood from a sword? They look more like the grey knights than the golden knights. Here are some golden knights. UCF club hockey
  7. Cruskater

    Pad Innovation

    Hey guys, anyone have any insight into whether a custom manufacturer like Passau is working on some of the pad "innovations" we have seen in the last year such as the speed skin/core composite/primo materials? Or the use of different foams to create the internal "breaks" in the pads? I am pretty close to ordering a custom set of Brian's Optiks, but after poking around Passau's website looking for some fixes for my current pads in the interim (which look like they will work great!, thanks Passau!) I like their work and craftsmanship. Looks truly customizable. I just have really good experiences demoing the 1x and 1s as well as trying on the Optiks at the local store. (As an FYI, I'm looking at a moderately stiff pad with a subtly curve to the thigh rise and am probably getting a Brian's FLY). Just wanted to be sure before I spend the $$$ on a set
  8. Cruskater

    C & A protection

    My Brown 2200 C&A (and new pants) just shipped. I can't thank John enough for working with me. We decided the style and protection of the 2200 would be fine with a few additions like the hard plastic, beefed up arms, and shoulder lifts. I face harder shots jumping into my JV or varsity practices (when a goalie is sick or something) but the beer league guys just don't play defense. John and I worked to get something beefed up that didn't lack mobility. No more stingers (hopefully!) If you guys are looking to find that compromise of protection/mobility, JB was great!
  9. @ULTIMA if you are concerned about the smart toes, try a Passau that features a bit of a longer connection to the toe bridge to imitate some slack. I just ordered a set for my SZ 2's while I wait for my custom Optiks
  10. I found both the toe hook and flex toe were great ideas but with their own faults. My major complaint with the toe hook is the lack of elasticity and stretch. Also pulls the pad down too much. Any of you guys with the smart toes have a similar experience? I might try a little bit of lace or shock cord to keep the elasticity but eliminate the ankle pain in the RVH and backside recoveries. Great posts guys. Thanks for the info
  11. Thanks @Punisher Goalie makes a lot of sense looking at it. You get the best of toe ties and the smart strap! Pretty genius
  12. Hey guys. I've been playing around with the Optik customizer waaaay to much lately but have a knee stack question! For any guys who have the Optiks, which knee stack did you choose, regular or stiff? My Sub 2's have a fairly tall knee stack that I would describe as medium stiffness. I tried the 1x and it was similar little softer than the 1s (knee stacks seemed like landing on pavement).
  13. @Punisher GoalieI'd love to see a pic of the setup if you can get one before hitting the ice some night. Sounds like something I would try. I hate toe ties but they're the only thing I've found other than connecting two toe hook connectors back to back (with a zip tie) that gives me slack and that slight elasticky connection
  14. Thanks! I wear a 10.5 so I should be good. I was just wondering since I like a decent amount of slack (maybe 2" to 2.5") in the traditional skate lace toe ties. I like the way the pad "rebounds" back into position with the elastic style but just don't like em that tight.
  15. @beansbats Do you have the smart toes? I got my Sub 2's with toe-ties but ditched them pretty quickly for the toe hook system (which was great except it pulled my pad so far down I was coming out of the top part of the knee stack). If the smart toe's don't have enough slack I might have to go up a size.
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