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  1. It's interesting to jump in here. I coach prep hockey and do lessons on the side, so starting this season, I am not playing a usual men's league slate. Instead I play pickup on Saturday am's unless I have a lesson. I'm on a few lists of sub goalies, so I'll sub on some weeknights when I am able. I usually play B, C, or B/C, but I played A straight out of college and have played a few D level games when they are desperate. Can't agree more with the posts about differing skill levels. I actually like the higher level because it is more consistent and even though guys on the top two lines can usually pick their spots, it is more predictable and my defence is far better! I find I play a little more aggressive or conservative based on the guys I am facing. I usually can afford to be conservative and play deeper against a poorer team and it helps on backdoor plays, 2 on 1s my dumb defence can't play! Against better shooters with a good team D, I'll play more aggressively and give them less net to shoot at. Nice game this weekend, no bad goals and feeling good after.
  2. I tried a 1x on at my local Monkey sports but they didn't have my size. I like the size of the arm blocks coming from a big Brown 2200, but felt the arms could have been a bit more mobile. I found a great steal of a deal on a 2x pro on Ebay and love it. The arms are a bit more mobile (I am actually a little concerned with the size of the arm blocks) and the flex part of the shoulder floaters really make mobility much easier. The curv composite does throw hard rebounds but I haven't had an issue cradling many. There was one coming to my upper bicep that I deflected almost all the way into the corner. Definitely out of the danger area. I play a bit more of a blocking style these days and this works well. No protection issues thus far.
  3. I have a pair of Brown pro's. They are a smaller profile with a curved thigh and hard foam/plastic combination. There is gel foam covered in jenpro in the landing area. I like the smaller profile in my knee block. Well made and a good alternative to PAW's. I like the looks of the Bauer's, however!
  4. Double T with lace to swallow the puck. Haven't had many popouts in my 1s
  5. Thanks bunnyman! I found a couple places but limited sizes availablr and alas no 8!
  6. Bump... anyone know if Tydan makes steel for Bauer Vertexx for my One.9's? It looks like they only have vertexx edge blades. I've also searched high and low for Step Blacksteel for the Vertexx but to no avail. Do they still make them?
  7. Although the skate cowling will not be as revolutionary as switching to the edge cowlingless skates, the thinner cowling and cut outs do make a difference in pushes from the butterfly. Good skate but get new blades. Good luck!
  8. Cruskater

    Demo Days

    Pure Goalie does demo days but despite being a Massachusetts company, it only offered them in their midwest stores. Odd. Maybe not profitable?
  9. These sound a lot like my Bauer x:60's with regard to rebound control I had in college except updated with modern technology. I loved the five hole-closure, the profile of the pad but after graduating decided the rebound control didn't fit with my play anymore. Most rebounds were just far enough for me not to cover them and not far enough to shoot out to the corners and half boards. I have 1S pads right now and while I wish I had better five-hole closure with them I love the rebounds.
  10. I had a Bauer in college and other than a few ringers, never had an actual concussion from a puck, only a knee to the head. Got a concussion in Feb. '18 on my CCM from a one timed clapper in the mid-slot. Put a crack in the forehead too. Went to an OTNY with maltese and kevlar. Heavier but I don't feel a thing! Wearing a chin sling but thinking of suring it up with a chin strap.
  11. Thinking of parting ways with my custom Brown 2200 I got last year. Looking for some guidance on what to do next. I don't play regularly in the winter because I coach prep hockey in New England and do some private lessons on the side. Just no time. I play B/C level in the summer and regularly fill in throughout the year anywhere from low A to high D level men's leagues. Sometimes I jump in to our school's practices when a goalie is out and played with the JV squad this week. I got the Brown because it is a tank (I think I would be ok with a Chara slapshot in it). With the different levels of play I valued protection and size a bit over mobility. I play my angles well and with extended shoulder floaters on the Brown, nobody goes up top. Little bit more than just drop and block but I am definitely not as mobile as I used to be. The Brown unit was custom measured and is exceptionally well made. Unfortunately, the length is too long and the chest piece is a bit too large for me. (It sticks out a bit even after tying around with laces so I can't see my feet and it cost me a goal the other day). The shoulder lifts on the extended shoulders shockingly do not interfere with my mask and help take up some space up top (even hard wristers just hit them and sail over the crossbar). Unfortunately the length is a bit long for me to tuck with my Warrior jock and garter for knee pads and causes it to pop up to much. I am looking this week to try on some units and have read up on this forum, but any suggestions. I am looking for something a bit more mobile than the Brown but I still like the size and protection more than say a mobile Vaughn unit. How much I am willing to pay will depend on how much my Brown sells for (custom colors, black base with green and silver accents). Any ideas?
  12. When I was "intermediate size" I don't think it even existed. I wore a small Cooper chest protector followed shortly thereafter with a Brown. Typically intermediates will be made to face intermediate level shots, which won't be as powerful. Depending on league regulations, a senior non-pro unit might have more blocking space with the new NHL specs, but typically it is Pro then Senior then Intermediate then Youth.
  13. Anyone using a full composite with a heel / wedge pattern? I know CCM and Warrior-Mrazek come in the heel pattern. I have been using Bauer x:50's circa 2009 (bought a lot of them when i played club in college. A friend had Vapor XXXX and another X:60 and had some durability issues). I am down to my last two and I tried one of my student's 2s, s190, and 1x sticks and they are incredible. Love the weight. Makes mine feel like a cord of lumber. Anyway, my Bauers are p31 and they just dont work for me where I am at in my game and stickhandling ability. Want to go back to the heel pattern I had in my old Bauer foam cores from high school if I can. Thanks guys
  14. Excellent, pristine condition. Like new, set was used as a spare/practice set with almost no signs of wear. No rips, tears, and mostly free of puck marks. Odor free! Just enough flex in the pads and just enough rigidity in the thigh rise. Designed in Canada. Selling these after I got my new 2s set. Brian's Smart Toe attached but it will also fit regular toe ties. Leather boot strap. Rest are Brian's Smart Straps. One knee break. Looking for $495 Check it out: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223105850108#viTabs_0 https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie-full-sets/497600-brian-s-subzero-6-0-full-set-senior-34-1-excellent-condition
  15. Anyone have any issues with CCM pro masks from '14? I picked one up on clearance last year and had no issues playing lower level C games last year. This year I've had a few from my JV team I coach that have vibrated a bit and given me minor headaches. I had a headache that lasted a weekend in January so I ordered an OTNY mask with maltese from Dennis at Goalie Parts. Unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet and I took a hard clapper off the forehead at stick time today and am on concussion protocol. Going to go with my Bauer from college until the otny comes in
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