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  1. Soon. Ordering soon...
  2. Photoshopped a picture of the stick I have over my stick in the photo, haha..
  3. I photoshopped a stick on top of my stick... haha!
  4. Went with this. @TheGoalNet @Max27 @BadAngle41 @Mroy31 P.S. yes, this is me, at my high school tryout, ignore the oversized jersey, I'm not the tallest.
  5. @TheGoalNet @Max27 @BadAngle41 I love this concept! Thank you so much. What do you guys think of Spencer Martin's pads? I am in love with this one. Would it be possible for anyone to change the maroon to navy blue, and the light blue to sport gold for reference? Thanks!
  6. I do like those. Dennis does not do logos on the front, so the graphic would go up. Something like this. Are you a fan of these?
  7. I appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much, however Dennis has informed that he does not use another company's graphics or ideas, and that they are his own. I am not looking for too much to be on my pad, and would prefer a graphic on the bottom rather than the top. Thank you though!
  8. I appreciate your feedback. I'm not a huge fan of that, thank you though!
  9. Hello, In my last post I showed what I thought was going to be my set-up for my 2019-2020 season. I have since changed ideas and would like a design more connected to my team. I was thinking I would take the silhouette of the mountains that I have on the sides of my mask, without the trees, and add them to the bottom of pads. I also think snowflakes on the design would not look bad. I am looking for a pad that is mainly white, but not too plain, and contains the colors Navy and Sport Gold. Here is my mask, I would like my pads to be related to this, and my team name, the "Avalanche." If you have any ideas or feedback, please share! I'm open to ideas. (The pads are going to be Factorymad) Thank you so much for your time.
  10. I have an Assault and play high level high school and very competitive travel hockey. I love it. No problems at all.
  11. Any opinions on the pads from anyone? Anyone who has tried CCM EFlex pads know if they're similar to Dennis'? To Dennis' pads seal well, and do they slide well?
  12. @Goalieinneed Masked Marvels is the best of the best. You need a good helmet if you want to keep playing hockey. I suggest you spend more money and get a Masked Marvel, talk to Joe.
  13. Got it. Thank you so much for your input! I appreciate it. I will get that fixed.
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