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  1. Does anyone know what the average graphic upcharge is from Brians? $500 seems extremely expensive for something that's being printed. I realize that this is new basically proprietary tech and I appreciate the R&D that has gone into the entire Supreme and Vapor lines, this just seems excessive.
  2. Wondering if someone can explain something for me. So you got your skates profiled 20"/32" and I have been considering sending my blades to Bob as well but I really don't know what I want or need. I've read he'll ask some questions and figure out what's best for me if I have no idea which is fine. My actual question is this. Your blades get profiled to that radius, when you get them sharpened by whomever you use to sharpen your skates do you lose the profiling after a while? I know that I definitely want a more forward pitch but I'm worried about a crappy sharpener ruining the profile. (if that can even happen)
  3. This seems like it may just be defective. I used my G4 Sr. glove this past winter for 50 plus skates with no wear at all. The outside materials on the G4/GT Sr line are the same as the pro models. I think you were unlucky and got a lemon.
  4. I'm not trying to be a jerk or hurt your sale but you are really going to have to rethink your pricing on these. You won't find many people willing to pay $400 for Bionics that are brand new at this point in time and current pad technology.
  5. I stand corrected on my assumption that his daughters' assault was fabricated for sympathy. I wish her all the best in healing. Horrific. Everything else I've ever said about this company though seems to be on point. What a shit show. The employees need a lawyer and need to contact the police. Also file a formal complaint with the IRS, tax fraud is no joke. That poor woman not being able to file for unemployment is really pissing me off.
  6. Really liked that first video that played of a bunch of games cut together. It was very cool. You're very quick man and super aggressive loved it! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Pauly35or00

    G4 Thread

    I have G4 Sr's but I think my answers may still apply. 1. My 33 +1.5 G4srs haven't settled at all. I played well over 60 times this winter. No wear spots or blemishes to speak of either except for puck marks and red paint from the posts. 2. G4 Sr's don't come with the nylon strap and I feel like the pad needs that strap. I've fallen off the knee blocks many times and feel like that strap would have prevented it. 3. I love the ARS toe strap. I was previously wearing Prolaces on my old pads and these felt just as good to me if not better. I love the quick clips. 4. For my first 10 skates, I had the ARS bootstrap off. I could not get a proper seal in the five-hole because the pads were falling too far down for me and my narrow butterfly. I put it back on and used the bootstrap through the skate for 1 game but felt way too locked into the pad for my liking. I settled on the Lundy Loop after that and they held the pads that little bit higher on my skate which I needed and I felt a lot looser in the boot but also in control.
  8. I honestly think this is a one pony race. You want GT2's but can't dial in the graphics. I would suggest asking for submissions on the GT2's. Go with what you know!
  9. That's odd. I've seen vinyl last full OHL seasons. I guess you should find out what they used as an adhesive and redo those areas. Your mask should be fine.
  10. Pauly35or00

    2X Pro

    I'm very interested in seeing some photos of the 2X Sr. gear I wonder when we'll get some information on the non-pro lines?
  11. It's brand new man. Just sell the chestpad for $500 and be done with it. Hell, I bet if you posted it on here for sale, with tags still on for $500cdn it would have been gone in a week.
  12. That would explain it. I had no idea Pro-laces were a CCM option. Thanks.
  13. I'm glad you got your money back and an apology but pretend that store credit doesn't exist. Just an awfully run company from top to bottom. I'm at almost 2 years for my HAL straps, I don't think they are coming.🤣 Obviously, they will have no record of that transaction anymore. I just don't understand how a company that has chosen to operate in a very niche, very tight community thought they could get away with all of thier crap. I'm very interested in the new 2X line but i'll be getting normal strappings and installing Pro-laces because screw Monster. I wonder if Bauer approached Pro-laces with this strapping idea? I find it odd that Bauer R&D which is based in Quebec didn't approach a local company making the exact same product. Maybe they did, who knows.
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