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  1. Man, I was trying to remember who had that adjustable thigh rise. It was so many years ago but I thought it was such a great innovation in gear. If it wasn’t for companies planned obsolescence on gear it would be amazing of one of the big boys to put adjustable thighs and knee stacks in their youth and intermediate gear. It would be nice if they considered a Velcro in boot riser as well.
  2. Pauly35or00

    Miklin goalie pads

    They’ve been around for at least 10 years or more. Pretty respected Russian brand. I think getting them made and shipped to North America is a little on the expensive side.
  3. Well that does suck. Next time you see that coach speak to him directly, I’m sure he would more than willing to add you in.
  4. How old are you though? Was this adults getting coached or was this an elite session paid for by an organization?
  5. Pauly35or00

    G4 Thread

    Unfortunately I just joined the ranks of broken palms on my G4 Sr. Glove. This really sucks because I genuinely love it. I only have 5 ice times left this year so I’m going to suck it up and finish the season with it. I kind of suspected I should have bucked up the extra cash for the pro glove but live and learn. This isn’t a knock on Warrior Sr. durability, I do believe they are the best in the game when it comes to cost/protection at the mid range price point. Also have the crappy kneeling binding issues that I’m going to have to fix when the seasons over but that seems to be rampant regardless the model of pad you buy.
  6. Honestly, huge props to Talbot. That was a losing game the second he skated to centre. Took huge balls to fight a much larger Smith. im glad neither were hurt.
  7. Thanks for posting this. My my 960xpm foam is all falling out and I was thinking of going with an alternative foam soon. I don’t know what that different colour foam is Bauer uses on the backplate but that crap never dries out for me. I’ll keep a fan blowing on the inside of my mask for 2 days and it’s still damp.
  8. Pauly35or00

    Warrior G5

    I obviously don’t know your measurements but I went from 34–2 996’s and fit on the 33-1.5 G4’s dead on. I do wish however I was in a 33-2 rather than the 1.5, I feel like I’m losing a little bit of coverage but gained a tonne of mobility.
  9. Wow. That’s a massive upgrade!
  10. This was all I found. It's four years old, honestly he did a great job. I'm going to keep looking though. I find this stuff fascinating.
  11. This problem doesn't need to be over thought. All it would take is one quick connect buckle on the main calf portion where the hook and loop connect on the outside gusset, preferably slightly recessed so it can't get blown off. It doesn't need to be tight or affect how you currently wear your pad, just enough to keep it during a hard impact. FWIW, I don't think this is a real problem at all.
  12. I’m very curious about when Bauer is planning on blowing out their Ultra Sonic info. The gear is certainly very out there and visible in the Show. I'm dying to know what these big changes are from the Supreme line. Great write up @TheGoalNet. I'm looking forward to your demo impressions and possible reviews.
  13. I don't know where you live but I work at Canadian Tire in distribution and I can assure you we have hundreds of warrior wood sticks. That doesn't mean they aren't getting rid of them but you'll probably be able to buy whatever supply you want for the foreseeable future.
  14. I use electrical tape around my ankles on my s190’s. I like the added stability without it being too rigid and it stops my laces from coming undone. Electrical tape is also great because it doesn’t break but it stretches nicely.
  15. Thanks @Aquilzz. They do look interesting. I have a burning desire to know what the notch is all about besides a design decision, maybe just a way to reinforce the binding.
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