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  1. Couple of pics from my schools grad vs teachers hockey game and a little behind the back save Pics from
  2. Haha thanks man! Im pretty happy with my height but I would ideally like to gain another 20-30lbs. Hopefully I "fill out" soon. And I'm not legal yet so you can take my drink
  3. Thanks Man! Height- 6'2.5 Weight- 143lbs (Yes I know I am way to skinny) Age-17 (18 on Dec 5th)
  4. Here are some pics from my last game also my first time out with my new VE8 pro carbon pants!
  5. Not sure if this is the right place but whatever. Basically I've noticed during games I focus a lot on the score of the game and I feel like its affecting my play. During practice most of my focus is on stopping the puck and I feel very confident in practice and play a lot better than during a game. But as soon as I am put in a game situation I overthink everything and don't feel very confident.. Lets say my team is up 5-3 I am constantly thinking about how its only 2 goals and every catastrophic thing that could possibly go wrong. Anybody have any "confidence boosters" they do before games or
  6. I wouldn't say my crouch is low I just like the feeling of a smaller stick (hehe). Feels better in bfly and not as awkward, I also ordered a shorter shaft so its a pretty small stick. I have a Ccm Premier Plus 27" that I've used about 3 times (actually 27.5") and it feels way to big.
  7. 6'3" and I use 25.5" custom passau (pretty sure they are true to size)
  8. I think I will try out maybe I will make a thread "house to Jr B" or something like that to track my progress and see my improvement hahaha
  9. Im only in Grade 11 and my school doesn't have a hockey program so my options are pretty limited.
  10. I haven't tried to make a junior B team but they are definety going to take a midget AAA goalie over a third year house goalie. And unfortunately it is the only option besides beer league no jr c teams in my area. I have thought about training and trying to improve and then just trying out for a Jr B team to see what happens but idk.
  11. It was my last year of dominating house so I don't have a choice hahaha. Not good enough for Jr. B so beer league it is
  12. Just a few pics from my last game of minor hockey. Beer league here I come!
  13. @Ziemc97 Setup looks really familiar, didn't you play for the Aldergrove Kodiaks last year?
  14. Hi

    how did you lace your Double T

    i can do the outside but not the middle

    thank you

    1. bfast



      Its kind of hard to explain but I will do my best

      So to start it I put the two tips of the laces through the top hole and then put them through the loop created by putting the laces through the hole. After that I twisted the laces (over and under each other) about 4 times then put them through the holes on each side and repeated this until it was complete. If you have any questions ill be happy to answer and what glove are you relacing?


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