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  1. Hello, all. I thought I would give an update as to how my Optik chest protector is holding up. I'm about 50 games into this season with this chest protector, and I am so happy with how it performs. The ability for me to look over my shoulder is important, and I feel I can easily move my head in this unit, looking side to side with no restrictions. the concern I had with this unit was where the arm connects to the shoulder, but over the course of the season, it's been a non issue. As with any other C&A, I've felt a couple of shots right above the elbow floater, but no stingers. There's been a little bit of fraying of the airknit material in the lower rib area, and I imagine that it's from me tucking my C&A into my pants. It's not a worry, though, as it seems to be fairly minor. All the stitching is holding up, nothing coming apart. Again, I am really happy with how this unit is performing, and I see myself playing in it a long time, which is a relief, because I have been trying out new C&A's every year or so, trying to find the perfect balance of maneuverability, and protection. I believe I have found that in this unit. @Jblack151 how are you finding yours to be, if you are still using it?
  2. I used to wear my pads fairly loose, but that was when I had leather straps. With elastic, I feel you can get a snug/reactive fit, without it feeling restricting. It's something I've positively adjusted to.
  3. That as well. I also meant that it reduces slip outs, in my experience.
  4. The difference between the 90 and the 80 degree boots: 90 seals the ice more, and 80 is tapered to come off the ice slightly. If you have a wider stance, the 80 degree will reduce rubbing on the inside of the toe of the pad. I got an 84 degree boot, it's a little less tapered than the 80, but not too square, like the 90. As you can see in the photo, it doesn't quite seal. It works for me, because I have a flexible boot, and my stance is a little wider in most situations.
  5. @Jblack151 enjoy. Let us know your feelings on it after a few games. For me, the arms definitely loosened up four games in, and they are on the most loose setting
  6. That's true about the colour, I had to settle for Calgary Flames pro returns ?
  7. Good luck, hopefully you enjoy it like I do
  8. Have you tried on CCM HPG 13a pants? Amazing pants, and you can usually get them at a good price if you can find them.
  9. No updates, it's still performing great. I'm still waiting to feel something in that connection point on the arm, but I haven't felt anything yet. I think the mobility will be similar to your Vaughn C&A, if that's a concern.
  10. @Jblack151 We're almost identical. 6 foot, 195. I got the large body.
  11. I wear my Brian's knee pads under my socks. Icut a slit in my socks so I can attach the velcro tab to the thigh of my Optiks, and I tape it top and bottom. Works fine for me, no riding up.
  12. How have the arms been for you, as far as protection? Mine have been good, but like I said, it's only been 6 games. Do you have anything to add, since you've been playing in it for a couple of months?
  13. braedub90


    Yes it is I've always attributed a "clean" set as a simple, yet satisfying set. One person's opinion of it being too simple/not simple enough, or what is satisfying to them is varying, though.
  14. Without the straps, I think it would only work along the neck. If it just sat on-top of the floaters, they would slide off too easily. These shoulder floaters move around very easily, as you may have noticed when trying it on, so I'm not sure if the suspenders would stay secure without the straps. I wasn't charged for having them added, so to me it makes sense to me that if you're ordering a model from Brian's, have them apply the straps.
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