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  1. Hutton's Sabres 50th Anniversary mask is unbelievably good looking. Well done to all involved.
  2. Murray

    CCM EF4

    Oh howdy I have these now:
  3. I just heard a few things. From my understanding, the earliest we'll possibly see the Axis gear is the ASG.
  4. I've seen these, though not in person. They're a STIFF pad. The graphic, and application of said graphic, is going to be divisive/spark some discussion. The most interesting thing I've heard is that these are the first non-CCM & Lefevre pad - they're apparently parting ways.
  5. After one use: The BOA system in the glove vs. the Optik BOA is MUCH improved. The glove itself is crazy easy to open and close, and will only get better with use. Blocker seems to be, well, a blocker. It's comfy, feels well balanced.3 Pads slide well, and the knee blocks feel extra-cushy. They're a 1:2:4 flex, so decently stiff, which is my preference. To be honest, I didn't get a ton of quality shots in them, but this upcoming week should put them to the test.
  6. I think it's supposed to mimic the look of a gorget on traditional medieval armor, but they just forgot to carry that design motif through ANY other part of the uniform. Ugh.
  7. Pads & Gloves: hey, alright! These should be absolutely definitive proof that Bauer has sorted out the saturation issues with printing. Bucket: The same, but just...B&W. I thought it was a busy mess to begin with, and, still is. Jerseys: The Hardest ooooooooof. Sure, build off the surprisingly good Team NA from a few years back, but like...have an accent colour. Electric blue. Silver. I don't care. They looked like practice jerseys, and the numbers were impossible to read watching the game on a screen.
  8. Ol' CP rocking a .951 SV% in 2019... Decidedly not shabby.
  9. This was a good watch, but some of those Hasek saves were a big "meh".
  10. I assume this is a response to me, and yeah, sure. That's an inspirational message. But. The hype leading up to this was "Kevin Weekes is launching his own line of No5Hole equipment (the InGoal Mag headline being "KEVIN WEEKES DEBUTS NO5HOLE EQUIPMENT LINE"). But, it's not really a line of gear with any special features or innovation, nor is it positioned as equipment that could make goaltending more accessible. It's just a one-off set of (very) customized V8s. Vaughn certainly outdid their usual custom work, but I don't see how this set warranted such hype. Also, appearing on "Fox & Friends" is a hard oooooof.
  11. So...what's the big deal with the No 5 Hole stuff? Ex-pro gets Vaughn to make him custom set of V8 gear? Am I supposed to be impressed?
  12. Did this the other day.
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