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  1. loki1416

    2021 Playoffs

    I have no idea what what you @ser33 just said. Literally got a headache trying to read that.
  2. All I could really find was an ebay description: "Sturdy fiberglass resin type construction". When I looked up the maker (Olie sports), they are either perm closed or sorta open or something else. Was super confusing trying to figure out their status. Sorry I couldn't help more.
  3. Total of 5hrs of ice today (all as a skater). Was really fast paced and a TON of fun. When I left, the score was 109 dark to 87 white. Of course, I was on dark! For the next one, going to recommend better time awareness for players. Having 19 on the bench and everyone taking 5+ minute shifts was really dumb. You can play as much as you want, that's not the problem, but we/they/the person running it, needs to know who/how many are going to be there at what time. That way we don't have a log jam of players again. Maybe instead of a flat fee to play as much as you want, you pay so much for each hour (it is for charity after all). Min could be the $35 that we were charged and it's $10 per hour. If you play 4hrs, it's $40. Play for 1 or 2, it's $35. All that said, this was the first attempt at something like this. So I can't really fault anyone for how it was done.
  4. Never understood the lease thing. I've always liked knowing that the vehicle I have is mine and I don't have to turn it in unless I want to trade for something else. But even then, it's a purchase that is MINE. My cousin (way back when) used to do a 1yr lease. Just baffled me when he'd show up in something new.
  5. Come on man. The thread was cleaned up, why are you poking the bear? Just f'n drop it.
  6. Loading up on liquids (beer) and carbs for tomorrow. But I'm here, pretending like I know what I'm talking about on any given subject!
  7. @seagoal I plan on doing about 4-5hrs total as a player. Even got my parents to donate $2.00 for every assist I get (I'm not a shooter, average about 2 shots a game). If they need a goalie, will be some more time added on. All depends on the breaks that I get. I think that 24hr game was featured on NHL network. Pretty sure that's where the guy putting this on got the idea. Anyhow, I read about it and watched some things on it. Was really cool, so looking forward to playing in something like this.
  8. Got a 12hr game coming up this sunday (the 20th). Playing for Alzheimer's awareness and donation's. People sign up and they can play for as much/little of the 9am to 9pm game as they want. Should be a lot of fun for a good cause. Should also be the longest hockey game ever played in the south (Alabama). Score will be kept with accurate stats of who scored and assisted.
  9. @seagoal It was a super long shot at best, so I'm not upset in the least. Will email him with your description. To be honest, I don't know if is even playing up there. He was one of my adult students down here, so I should be the responsible coach and see how my people are.
  10. @seagoal I have a friend who moved to Seattle, and while I know it's a huge place and there are a lot of people, I wonder if you play with him/against him. His name is Sam whitney, moved up there from Alabama. He is NOT a goalie. Edited to add the not a goalie bit
  11. loki1416

    Tavares Injury

    If your going to channel your inner PM, then you have to go off on random tangents that have NO relevance to what is going on. For example: "Didn't they play youth hockey together? I remember back when Perry was in Pee-wee hockey, he had a ingrown toe nail that sidelined him for 4 weeks. And then that blocked shot that (crybaby) Crosby had on the first shot in the game is a total game saver regardless of what happened in the next 59minutes." THAT is how you do McGuire. Personally, I hate the guy. Will turn off any game that he is working.
  12. This is the only thing I could find on regulations: "The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall not exceed 15 ½ inches in width from the heel to the end. The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall be between 2 inches and 3 ½ inches wide except at the heel where the maximum width shall be 4 ½ inches. The curvature of the blade, measured in such a way that a straight line drawn from the heel to the base of the toe shall not exceed ¾ inch at the point of maximum curvature." Link: https://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1084398-rule-301-sticks
  13. We do 3on3 tourny's all the time. Half ice with a barrier going across center ice separating the ice in half. We did do the cross ice (ONCE) like your doing and it sucked. You'll feel like you get no breaks because your so confined into the action. Don't get me wrong, it's fun as all hell, but it is a massive workout. My Apple watch stopped counting cal's and just kept flashing "PLEASE STOP". Things I've learned: Shots can (and will) come from any where at any time Aggressive depth is NOT your friend (unless clear break-away). I stay in the conservative to defensive depths. Water water water water. Want a drink but can't get a break for it? Make one. Hold the puck in your glove while you drink (fuck the players, they arn't people) and drop it when your ready. Worst case, let it go in and stand in the way while you drink so they can't get it out. Seriously though, drink as much as you can before/during/and after. Your going to be using a lot of energy. You can be part of the game! Your close enough to take shots, so have some fun with it. Especially since your playing cross ice, that's not far to shoot. The other goalie may not be ready for it the 1st time you shoot! Energy conservation is important depending on the format being played. Ours are 3 games over 120mins with at least an hour break between sessions. Then we come back for the finals: 1st and 4th play/2nd and 3rd play-the two winning teams play for 1st/2nd-two losers play for 3rd/4th. These games are longer than the first session as your only playing 2 games but total time is still 120mins.
  14. @RichMan I'm curious on how your cannaddada version was over looked. And would especially like to know why you named the two names that you named as being a part of that. Is there an article you can link? Anything where I can read up on this? (Note: This is for personal edification only, as I just want to know whats/hows)
  15. Take into account that I can only speak into US policy as that's where I am at and all that I know. Coaching a team or a goalie during a team practice is COMPLETELY different than 1on1 private coaching. USA hockey started a few years ago with a goalie specific USA hockey trained certification. It is a course designed to teach coaches on how to coach goalies ONLY. There are 3 levels to it: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It still requires you to have, at minimum, a level 1 USA hockey coaching certification. Here is a link so you can get the idea: https://www.usahockey.com/goaltendingcoachdevelopment To touch on what @Colander is saying, NO, it does not make you know enough to coach goalies just by getting your general, level 1 coaching certificate. That, sadly, is how things were done in the past. "Oh, your a coach, then you know how to coach everyone in everything". That, under USA hockey, does not fly any more. They have (finally) come to realize that we need people to coach goalies who actually know what the hell they are talking about. So they (USA hockey) have made programs to teach coaches how to work with goalies. I have personally gone through the goalie specific training (still have to do Gold, but got a pass this year because of Covid) and can honestly say they DO make a difference. While at the Bronze level, it was super basic and was everything I was already doing, Silver level really added so much more to my skills as a coach.
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