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  1. This is the only thing I could find on regulations: "The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall not exceed 15 ½ inches in width from the heel to the end. The blade of the goalkeeper’s stick shall be between 2 inches and 3 ½ inches wide except at the heel where the maximum width shall be 4 ½ inches. The curvature of the blade, measured in such a way that a straight line drawn from the heel to the base of the toe shall not exceed ¾ inch at the point of maximum curvature." Link: https://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1084398-rule-301-sticks
  2. We do 3on3 tourny's all the time. Half ice with a barrier going across center ice separating the ice in half. We did do the cross ice (ONCE) like your doing and it sucked. You'll feel like you get no breaks because your so confined into the action. Don't get me wrong, it's fun as all hell, but it is a massive workout. My Apple watch stopped counting cal's and just kept flashing "PLEASE STOP". Things I've learned: Shots can (and will) come from any where at any time Aggressive depth is NOT your friend (unless clear break-away). I stay in the conservative to defensive depths.
  3. @RichMan I'm curious on how your cannaddada version was over looked. And would especially like to know why you named the two names that you named as being a part of that. Is there an article you can link? Anything where I can read up on this? (Note: This is for personal edification only, as I just want to know whats/hows)
  4. Take into account that I can only speak into US policy as that's where I am at and all that I know. Coaching a team or a goalie during a team practice is COMPLETELY different than 1on1 private coaching. USA hockey started a few years ago with a goalie specific USA hockey trained certification. It is a course designed to teach coaches on how to coach goalies ONLY. There are 3 levels to it: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. It still requires you to have, at minimum, a level 1 USA hockey coaching certification. Here is a link so you can get the idea: https://www.usahockey.com/goaltendingcoachde
  5. I'm right across the border from you (Alabama) and what your talking about is what I ran into. When they told me I had to go get something else, ANOTHER certificate, I just said no. I already had (at the time) usa hockey level 2, goal tending bronze (another usa hockey coaching program level courses), safesport, concussion protocol, background, and age group specific modules. I'll coach during practices and clinics. I'm not seeking private insurance for the amount they were asking (was over $1500.00 that I would have to pay).
  6. The 14th of March was the end of our fall season. We had 15 games and playoffs (double elim) Rules: Players enter 15min prior to game time Goalies enter 30min prior to game time Locker rooms, but no showers. ALL participants are out 15min after game time Mask to enter facility and to move about facility (everyone knows, no disease/virus can pass through a helmets cage, it's a scientific fact). Honestly, it sucked, but it is what it is. I'm an early person, like to get there an hour before and take my time (both as a skater and goalie), but couldn't do that. So I'd
  7. As someone who started as a player: I love it. I play in different divisions or even different leagues as goalie/skater. Every Sunday it's 2 games, one as a goalie and one as a skater. I will say up front, it's all about the team your on. I will also say, up front, that when I skate I still think like a goalie and will block shots (even so far as I've dropped into a butterfly as a skater and they STILL havn't forgotten that one 3yrs later). There's good/bad to both. But I wouldn't drop one over the other because I just want to be out there. MTH had a great comment above. But I ta
  8. Looking for a little help. I'm researching rinks and the programs at the rinks, and I've run into a problem with St. Louis. There are a bunch of rinks and only 1, that I can find, lists an actual adult league. What I'm trying to find out is if there is an association in that area that runs everything/everything is run through. Anyone from that area that can help answer that or lead me to where I need to go to see what's what, would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Can we mention goalies who retired (quietly)? They are technically MIA for this season. Jimmy Howard decided, after 14yrs, to hang up the skates. As a wings fan, I couldn't be happier, but that's probably not nice to say so I'll just type it instead.
  10. I had to go look again, didn't even see they were on wrong! I was totally focused on the fully dressed (skates and all) in his bathroom.
  11. I miss skating in the backyard. Grew up on a lake and we were out there every day. Major downside to living in the south!
  12. What can I say, I'm super lazy! If I could find a valet to carry my bags, I would!
  13. Not sure of any sales, but I bought a Vaughn wheeled bag about 5yrs ago and I'm still using it. Nothing wrong with it, no repairs needed/done. Paid about $150 for it.
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