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  1. That's some really sweet work. Props to the artist that did this. Love it!
  2. Will just hit up a big box store and get a wallet for $10. I was expecting your prices to be higher, but not 10+ times higher!
  3. I think @Colander hit a good topic. I've said that before in another thread. Basically, I do this all the time. Doing the play over in your head at a slower pace (moving your body with it of course) and then doing it at game speed really helps. I know for me, when I work on plugging one hole, another opens up some where else. So these mind drills really help me find those stupid holes.
  4. I have the Shield 1, Shield 2 came out not too long ago. But having seen both they are basically the same. Few cosmetic differences and different shape to the shoulder floaters on the 2. Once mine starts to go bad, will upgrade to the 2 (or 3 if it's out by then). I've also had mine for over a year and play 2-4 times a week in it. For about 4 months (or so) was using it 8 times a week. Protection is the best I've ever used out of 3 chesty's (Vaughn ventus LT88, Vaughn V6 (I think) that a buddy let me try, and the CCM shield pro) Mobility is very high. Like I said before, can touch the tip of my nose while wearing it. Cross body reaching isn't a problem. Head mobility was a problem until I got the shoulder floaters just right. Once I got that figured out, there hasn't been a problem since. They are highly adjustable so there shouldn't be a problem.
  5. I use the CCM shield. I feel the shots, as in, I feel the pressure of it. It's just enough to let me know where it hit me. I've never felt actual pain though. I know looking at the chesty it seems like it's bulky, but it's really not. Can touch my nose, scratch my head, etc. So it's bulky but very mobile. Can't say anything about the V8, never used it. Can say that I did have a Vaughn chest before and I left every game bruised. But that's not to say that they havn't done better with the V8.
  6. Higher the level, harder the shots. If your feeling them now then it's only going to get worse. Taco made a good suggestion with a padded shirt. That is an option but not a long term fix. When I had this problem, I just got a new chesty. Everyone will say this brand is better or that brand is better. But for me, the CCM chesty is a beast. I feel nothing in it no matter where I'm hit. So, personally, I would say go to a store where you can try different brands and sizes on. Try and look for one where you can lengthen/shorten the arms (bonus if theres other parts of it that you can adjust) as that'll give you some growing room.
  7. The only time I played without one was when it broke durring a game and taking it off was the safer option. I've been hit there more times than I can count (7 is the highest I can go) so I would never consider intentionally playing without one. Getting the right fit is a must. When I had my Ventus chesty, I had it dangle a lot lower. But when I switched to the CCM chesty, had to bring it up quite a bit because of the beefier chest. It kept getting tangled and restricted head movement. Once I got it dialed in, it's never impacted my vision or movement. Far as the pros/cons go: Pros are very easy. Your throat isn't in constant danger of being crushed. Cons: If it's not fitted on right, then it'll impact movement of your head. But there are people who will swear by them and against them. My personal preference is to wear one. I like the extra safety of it.
  8. First, I wear standard ankle socks you can buy at any big box store. Only one of the two rinks here is cold enough inside that my toes get cold. I've found that if I regularly wiggle my toes that it goes away (or keeps the cold away if I remember to do it from the start). I think it's just getting the blood flow going so to speak. Playing pond hockey growing up we all always had cold toes. Didn't matter what socks were worn. But even back then would just wiggle my toes and curl them as much as I could.
  9. loki1416

    Why Goalie?

    I grew up playing hockey as a skater. Spent all of middle and high school as a defenseman. Went in the military after HS and my base had a team that I joined and they moved me up to center. Playing for the base and mens league in town was always a center. Took 10yrs off because I kept getting moved around (and because of life). When I had the chance to start playing again, wanted to do something different than what I'd done before so thought goalie would be fun (was right). The last three years I've been skating in one division and goalie in another.
  10. Pretty much everything above is what I do and consider good advice. One thing I want to point out though, is don't over do it. As I type this, I'm thinking of a specific goalie in my area. This guy feels/acts like he's the on ice coach. It's a never ending stream of comments no matter what zone the puck is (or even if the play is stopped), the guy just doesn't shut the #$%@ up! There is nothing wrong with giving your teammates a heads-up, so don't get me wrong. I just don't feel there is a need for a goalie to "narrate" the entire game.
  11. I never cut mine until about 2 months ago. Only cut one (tried with one in case I didn't like it, didn't want to be stuck with 4 cut sticks) to try it out. Took 3" off total. Havn't really put much practice into so can only chip in with a little info. Pros: Stick not getting caught in the net when I switch from post to post. Arm not cocked awkwardly when I handle the puck/shoot/pass. Feel like I'm moving my stick faster. I.E. short range pokes Cons: Poke check is shorter (think someone said it above).
  12. @Ollie Did the gear I own, not sure if I'll see the people tomorrow to get weights from their gear, so here is this stuff. NO mods have been made to the gear, they are factory standard. As you'll see, the weight difference is not all that much. To be honest, unless your sensitive enough to spot the slightest difference in weight, then IMO would doubt that the differences would actually make a difference. Let alone sway your purchase choice. (Weight is in pounds) V7 Glove: 2.2 V8 Glove: 2.15 V7 Blocker: 1.97 V8 Blocker: 1.92 V7 Pads: 5.19 (single) V8 Pads: 4.87
  13. As a huge Detroit fan, I hate Howard with a passion. There is no way (IMO) that he should be at the ASG. There are so many more out there that are better at what he does. And I would argue that he's not even that popular, so he's not "drawing in" a crowd like Price would just because of the name. Other than that, I do agree that Vasilevsky should be there.
  14. Distraction in what ever form works for you. Skate a few figure 8's and think of nothing. Start an internal mantra of "stop the next one". Tap your posts in a pattern. Stare at the blue paint and take 3 deep breaths while thinking of nothing. There are a million more examples, but the point is the same. Do SOMETHING to either empty your head so your not thinking about what just happened or that your thinking about what YOU WANT to think about. FYI: Who cares if you let one in? Everyone does. Figure out how to manage your head spaces and you'll stay in control the game.
  15. Two of me in a recent 3on3 tourny. And one of a buddy in the same tourny who got all turned over!
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