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  1. I had to go look again, didn't even see they were on wrong! I was totally focused on the fully dressed (skates and all) in his bathroom.
  2. I miss skating in the backyard. Grew up on a lake and we were out there every day. Major downside to living in the south!
  3. What can I say, I'm super lazy! If I could find a valet to carry my bags, I would!
  4. Not sure of any sales, but I bought a Vaughn wheeled bag about 5yrs ago and I'm still using it. Nothing wrong with it, no repairs needed/done. Paid about $150 for it.
  5. I'm still using my Vaughn V7's. They look bulky and just from holding them you'd think they are going to be bulky. But once they are on, they fit tightly (or loosely if that's your thing). You can get them with or without the garter belt. If you get it without, the tabs are there to add something later. I've never used them, but the SLR versions seem smaller. So that's always an option if that's what your going for.
  6. I like the idea and where they are going with it. There are a few goalie training options on Steam for VR systems and a few are even free (even if they are not free, it's a one time payment of $20 or less). I just can't justify $69 a month for this since it would be only me using it. Seeing how rinks are opening back up (here atleast) that would be 4 stick n puck sessions ( 1 1/2hrs each) every month.
  7. You CAN run a car without oil. But SHOULD you? The lube that is in/on a bearing is designed to last a long time (Ignoring environmental factors). But putting some on will keep you rolling and rolling smoothly. It protects the bearings itself. Here is a good article on why/how you should take care of your bearings. https://bonesbearings.com/support/maintenance/
  8. Have you thought about something like this? : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B082P6XM9K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I started using these to cover my apple watch while I'm skating out. Have taken slashes and blocked shots with it, no pain (ok, shots I felt a bit, but no bruises). Because of that, started to wear them in net to see if I liked it and I do! Just a bit of extra protection never hurts. Plus side, if you really don't want to do mods/ are uncomfortable doing mods, this is a quick solution.
  9. Hi-Lo Inline Skates Explained Hi-Lo set ups change the composition of the skate mainly the frame length and wheel size which directly impact the acceleration and maneuverability of the skates. There are ups and downs of a hi-lo system as there is with a standard set up as well. These differences will adhere to different skating styles and situations making hi-lo setups better in some instances and standard set ups better in others. Whether in a hi-lo set up or standard set up of skate wheels the size is going to determine the way the wheel is going to perform in differing conditions.
  10. For cleaning i use: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Sonic_Turbo_Wash_Bearing_Cleaner/descpage-STW.html For lube: https://www.inlinewarehouse.com/Sonic_Super_Oil_Bearing_Lubricant/descpage-SONOIL.html I'll put a drop of lube on each bearing about every 3rd skate (hot and dry weather here). Cleaning I'll do about every other month. Both are probably overkill, but I like to take care of my stuff. Your mileage may vary of course. With just doing it for fitness, it all depends on the surfaces your on. Good rule of thumb for cleaning is every 3-4 months for someone doing your type of activ
  11. @TheGoalNet Your 10lbs heavier than me, can't believe that would make a difference if we both used 85A. I have a bunch of skates done already and havn't had to rotate wheels yet. So maybe, MAYBE, if I'm rotating on the 20th skate (picking a number), you'd have to rotate on the 19th? But if you want to try the 96A's, I don't think your crazy. Just keep us updated if you do!
  12. Correct. If you scroll down a bit there's a chart under the big blue KSS banner there is a hardness scale. It explains it all pretty well. Didn't know they made a 96A, can't imagine I'd ever use them!
  13. Well, you CAN find 89A wheels, but they are mostly for speed skating. 86A's can be found a little easier some times and those are 200lbs rated. Personally, I think the 85A's will be fine for you. Just skate smart, avoid choppy/split/cracked surfaces. Don't give the wheels a reason to break down faster. I will say though, I'm 200lbs and I use 85A's in the same skates I use in net and as a player. I'm getting normal wear on them, nothing to cause any worry. 89A: https://www.amazon.com/Players-Choice-Outdoor-Rollerblade-Bearings/dp/B07B4MNVDG/ref=sr_1_60_sspa?keywords=outdoor+hockey+whe
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