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  1. Nooo....? Thought there was just a picture. Stand by lol! Edit to add: Just watched it. Nice vid work. Thought you did well but the outcome sucked. Least you got to experience some southern hockey though!
  2. @Trav4oilers That's an hour and a half south of me. I'm near Huntsville (where the Havok are). So how did it go with the Bulls?
  3. loki1416

    Brand loyalty

    When I bought my first set, the pro shop gave me a great deal on Vaughn so I went with that. When I upgraded, I knew I liked the feel of the gear, just not the level they were designed for. So still being inexperienced, I went with mid to high level vaughn and loved them. Because I'm one of those people who likes to have two of everything, when VE8 released, bought a set of those. Hated the vaughn C/A so got a CCM. Just bought my 2nd CCM C/A a few weeks ago. Went with the Bauer skates because I have their player skates and love the easy blade changes (that was my biggest selling point). Had a bauer helmet, but it always felt so big on my head and if the puck even looked at my helmet on the way by, f&*k was it loud! Bought a vaughn helmet because it matched my gear and it's the best thing I've ever had on my head (out of two helmets lol). So for me, it's more about finding what I like to use than it is about loyalty. That being said, when warrior released those special edition black/red sticks, that was my first taste of composite sticks and I'll never look back. I think warrior has a lifelong stick buyer in me.
  4. Looks really good to me. Love the idea of it!
  5. My understanding is that ref skates are to be all black with white laces (as the standard). Yes, that is getting harder to maintain because of skates being made with colors in them. But the fact is, if we are to kick out anyone who is playing in unsafe skates, then that would apply to the ref as well. Rule 302 | Skates (a) All participants must wear hockey skates of a design approved by the Rules Committee. The use of speed skates, figure skates or any skate so designed that it may cause injury is prohibited. When the Referee becomes aware that any player is wearing skates that are not designed for hockey and are deemed to be unsafe, he shall order that player off the ice immediately and such player shall not be permitted to participate further in the game until the skates are replaced. (b) No additional equipment or contrivance shall be attached to the skates of any player or goalkeeper.
  6. @SaveByRichter35 This is literally the whole thing from the first link. Not sure how I could shorten it any more and still keep it coherent. Female pro hockey players from Canada and the US announced that they would sit out the upcoming season. Until last week, there were 2 pro women’s hockey leagues in North America: the National Women’s Hockey League (based in the US) and The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (based in — you guessed it — Canada). But after the CWHL closed last week, 200 players announced they would refuse to play in the NWHL — until it improves working conditions for its players. Female hockey players are barely skating by Players in pro women’s hockey don’t have health insurance, and some made as little as $2k per season, making it impossible to play full time. But now, united under the banner of a hashtag (#ForTheGame), the best hockey-playing women in the world are insisting that women should not accept less than $25k to play professionally. Some critics are calling upon the NHL to intervene to help keep women on the ice this coming season.
  7. @Imperative That's correct. She saw her chance to move up and live out a dream, so she took it. I can't fault her for that. On the other side, I can see what the women who are sitting out are doing and I fully support them (I also fully support those who are still playing).
  8. https://thehustle.co/womens-professional-ice-hockey-strike/ https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/may/02/female-hockey-league-usa-canada-strike-boycott Two articles on it. The 2nd is longer, so consider the 1st a TLDR version.
  9. The NWHL signed a 3yr deal to broadcast all games on twitch (you can watch for free!). I have a friend/teammate who signed last weekend with the Metropolitan Riveters (#12 Nichelle Simon, from Huntsville, AL), so really looking forward to this. Liked watching the games before whenever I could, but now it has that "personal" aspect to it. Article: https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/nwhl-signs-three-year-streaming-deal-with-twitch-receives-broadcasting-rights-fee NWHL Homepage: https://www.nwhl.zone/
  10. That's some really sweet work. Props to the artist that did this. Love it!
  11. Will just hit up a big box store and get a wallet for $10. I was expecting your prices to be higher, but not 10+ times higher!
  12. I think @Colander hit a good topic. I've said that before in another thread. Basically, I do this all the time. Doing the play over in your head at a slower pace (moving your body with it of course) and then doing it at game speed really helps. I know for me, when I work on plugging one hole, another opens up some where else. So these mind drills really help me find those stupid holes.
  13. I have the Shield 1, Shield 2 came out not too long ago. But having seen both they are basically the same. Few cosmetic differences and different shape to the shoulder floaters on the 2. Once mine starts to go bad, will upgrade to the 2 (or 3 if it's out by then). I've also had mine for over a year and play 2-4 times a week in it. For about 4 months (or so) was using it 8 times a week. Protection is the best I've ever used out of 3 chesty's (Vaughn ventus LT88, Vaughn V6 (I think) that a buddy let me try, and the CCM shield pro) Mobility is very high. Like I said before, can touch the tip of my nose while wearing it. Cross body reaching isn't a problem. Head mobility was a problem until I got the shoulder floaters just right. Once I got that figured out, there hasn't been a problem since. They are highly adjustable so there shouldn't be a problem.
  14. I use the CCM shield. I feel the shots, as in, I feel the pressure of it. It's just enough to let me know where it hit me. I've never felt actual pain though. I know looking at the chesty it seems like it's bulky, but it's really not. Can touch my nose, scratch my head, etc. So it's bulky but very mobile. Can't say anything about the V8, never used it. Can say that I did have a Vaughn chest before and I left every game bruised. But that's not to say that they havn't done better with the V8.
  15. Higher the level, harder the shots. If your feeling them now then it's only going to get worse. Taco made a good suggestion with a padded shirt. That is an option but not a long term fix. When I had this problem, I just got a new chesty. Everyone will say this brand is better or that brand is better. But for me, the CCM chesty is a beast. I feel nothing in it no matter where I'm hit. So, personally, I would say go to a store where you can try different brands and sizes on. Try and look for one where you can lengthen/shorten the arms (bonus if theres other parts of it that you can adjust) as that'll give you some growing room.
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