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  1. Like @Puckstopper said ABsolutly no need to buy a new copy of windows, hopfully your ssds came with a sata to usb cable or your laptops have two spaces for hdd/ssd. if you bought Samsung ssds then they have some good software for transferring all your data over. If not then ive heard good things about macrium reflect but never used it my self.
  2. Absolutely love the P2 set, i would go either thoes or Passau.
  3. Passau are showing off some new knee pads might be worth looking at, however the warrior knee pads are very good.
  4. Nope not familiar with that at all, normally im the dead weight sinking the team.
  5. Yes probably. Let me know how it goes!
  6. You could just try using the external drive and then if it doesn't work out buy a NAS
  7. I dont think the cable is the limiting factor i think that would be the hard drive (or the internals of the router). The main reason to go for a NAS in my opinion, would be drive redundancy so if one hard drive fails you dont loose all your data, expandability if you get a NAS with more hard drive bay then you can add drives as you need and functionality, you can do alot more with a NAS than the external drive (altough it sounds like the Asus AiCloud app makes up some of the difference ) if you buy a NAS from WD or synology them both have apps so you can access files from phones/anywhere.
  8. Well a NAS is a a computer with hard drives in, so you would connect the NAS to the router via a Ethernet cable and that way have access to it.
  9. @SaveByRichter35 A NAS gives you drive redundancy (if you choose), automatic backup, offsite back up (if you use a cloud service ) and hard drives that can be on 24/7 and are made for long term use, encryption (depending which NAS you get). Depends your use case, if you want a drive to back up some photos once a month, then maybe just plug the drive into your pc, if you want your stuff backed up hourly, daily , and if you want to for example use it as a plex server for media then a proper NAS is the best option.
  10. I'm sure i'm not missing much not going to my 9 am the day after .........Priorities.......
  11. Try 23:45, dont get home til 2 , what we do to play hockey in the uk.
  12. Been taking this beast to the rink pretty expensive but fits all my kit + 30 team mates.
  13. A few ive used light works is free and pretty decent, personally i prefer adobe premier pro, its very expensive but by far the best ive used.
  14. Yes i did read the the thread (cheeky!), i was asking for a direct comparison between the two( in fairness should have worded my question differently, specifying exactly what i meant, my mistake!) To rephrase my question. Can any one comment on how ECOpro foam and poron compare in , Feel :smooth/rough/sticky/slimy/etc, Softness (also which poron you are comparing as i know they have many different "softness" levels), and perceived impact protection.
  15. Can anyone comment on how ecoPro compares to poron?
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