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  1. The In Depth 2020 Season ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Full Results The table below shows the full results from the 2019-2020 season by brand. 1. Win Percentage Lefevre (52.1%) Brian's (50.2%) Vaughn (49.9%) CCM (47.5%) Bauer (44.7%) 2. Brand Representation The number and % of athletes wearing each brand. CCM (30)
  2. I just used the 'dominant' brand on the goalie, so if they use Vaughn pads, helmet, stick but CCM gloves, they are a Vaughn goaltender. For a total gear mutt, like Koskinen who uses Vaughn pads, CCM gloves, a Warrior stick and a Bauer helmet, pads>everything else in terms of visibility, so he too counts as a Vaughn athlete. Not perfect but I felt it was a decent compromise.
  3. The past 5 years of gear trends amongst each year's top 50 goaltenders ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Number of Goaltenders Wearing Brand This is exactly what it sounds like- the number of goaltenders each year wearing each brand. Results: CCM (114 Cumulative) Vaughn (67 Cumulative) Bauer (36 Cumulative) Brian's (27 Cumulative) Lefevr
  4. Hi everyone, During this extended period off the ice waiting to both watch and play hockey again, I put together a little end-of-year report to look at the performance of each of the goalie equipment brands present in the NHL and their respective athletes. I took performance statistics from NHL.com and manually assigned a primary gear manufacturer (must wear at least said brands pads) to every goaltender in order to compare each brand's weighted and aggregate statistics in a head to head manner. I did two sections: 1. The past 5 years of gear trends amongst each years top 50 go
  5. Ziemc97

    Vaughn V9

    This issue is solved if you're able to go custom by asking for the carbon reinforced perimeter option for legacy builds like the 5500 and 8800- I also haven't seen the issue in anything with 'carbon' in it, ie, V6 onwards. So anything at retail these days won't have that issue. Boot also really only 'settled' with pads stuffed with the black snake foam, which isn't at retail as of the 2300 onwards I believe. All Vaughn's do shrink or compress slightly, but the newer the lineup, the less it's a factor. Asking a retailer/goalie guru like Dudo at GM to help you out is great idea too!
  6. Haha, or I need your gear! Looks awesome.
  7. One from the top, B1B; team is the Energy Eagles! We're doing pretty well right now, 7-3.
  8. Two pics I liked from the last few games; have a new set of Vaughn's coming down the pipeline that I'm really excited about, but can't deny the performance of the Optik pads and CCM mitts for the time being! Mask was painted by myself but the leaves were red; had to cover with blue vinyl. Also impressed with the 1X sticks; definitely not as much pop as the 1S for shooting, but I much prefer the feel for rebound control, feels like I can pick where I want to put the puck.
  9. Actually wore the 1X gear during the summer- the reaction behind my movement felt incredible but I eventually went back to the gear I felt was more stable and consistent; the 1X stuff demands perfect movements to get perfect results and I felt like if I played 'off' the way faster sliding and less curved profile was a detriment. Whereas my softer Vaughn's (with an extra inch of thighrise) were more forgiving; less slide meant more control, more curve and flex meant more comfort and coverage etc. I felt less 'caught' because my mistakes weren't amplified by my gear. All personal thoughts
  10. Ha, small world. Yes I did, tore my hamstring really badly in our first game and saw limited action that year because of it. Awesome season though! Our team was amazing.
  11. Long time listener, 1st time caller. Missed GSBB so loving this place. I’ve used what feels like hundreds of different pieces of gear and this is what I’ve settled on... for now. Here’s the setup- Bucket- 961 with gold cateye. Painted myself. Usually use a Sportmask 515 but it has a badly dented cage right now. Both have Maltese and Sportmask chin cups. Pads- Vaughn V7 XF. Size has settled to a 35”+2. Custom pulse graphic a la Ward’s demo set from 2009. Custom ordered through TGC, they were my dream pads and still are. Custom strapping Gloves- Vaughn Epic 8800. Glo
  12. Won our men’s A-league championship last week and thought I’d post a few shots. More info on the setup in the ‘Show off your Gear’ thread
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