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  1. If you are just slightly below 20” I would go with a 31 over a 32. I am just at or slightly below 20” and wish I had gone 31 +2 over my 32 +1.5. My 20.1 fit and I have not fallen off the knee block but I am landing near the bottom and I prefer to land centre or slightly above. great pads and really do like them.
  2. So you are kinda in between a 33 and 34 then for Brian’s.
  3. They can be a softer pad in the thigh if you get a different break in the gentik say 4 thigh and 4 knee. this is the stock feature on a pair of Optik Flx core pads 1 or 2. The Optik flx may be easier to find if you do not want to order a custom set of pads. linked the info for Brians pads info. https://www.goalies-only.com/optik-2-leg-pads/#
  4. remember that if you want the hard rebounds a Optik 2 with a Flx core will have a soft thigh rise, that is close to a double internal and outer break.
  5. Yeah so remember that L20.1 is much stiffer pad then P4's. I would say it may be comparable to Bauer Vapor/Ultra sonic for stiffness. Boot is almost as soft as a opt1k soft boot.
  6. I understand that perspective on the L20.1. I used/borrowed my brothers P4's for a while. would say that the L20.1 is refinement and a improvement on the P4/ccmP2's. Opt1k are amazing pad and were a improvement over the Sub zeroes as well. Both changed enough were they are different pad but still have elements of the lineage of what came before. If I still have both pairs when my dad sticks the ice in the backyard I am planning to strap one pad to each leg and see how they play for sliding and feel on the ice. I think the biggest difference is the Op1k gave in options was the FLX
  7. Having owned a pair of S170 8EE, then upgrading to a Vapor 900 7.5EE as they fit better to now I finally got a pair of ccm as3 7.5D. My favourite skate is the ccm as ccm skates have always fit better and been slightly wider in the tacks line. Biggest difference is going to be pitch of the blades ccm uses a neutral pitch on there xs goalie holder compared to a Bauer lightspeedG holder. Ccm holder is much easier to sharpen as well. Since you do special jig to sharpen them or pull the blades out as that is what I did for the last 4 years.
  8. So far definitely an improvement on the opt1ks. Fast slide is ridicules fast on fresh ice. Sucks that they cut out the warm up in the game. Got to love crappy refs.... but after the first period defiantly played more natural and easy to use. Better closure on the five hole then the Opt1ks Will need more ice times to know for sure but so far I like. Also the glove is easily the best part. The 580 makes catching easier and swallow pucks whole. Will post more more things once I get another ice time.
  9. Nice great minds think alike on the black and red. Also have a 580 glove single tee. I was told that fast glide glide should be more durable then weave. But time will tell. plus does not look to bad.
  10. Okay was curious. I know I land just a smidgen below centre on my 32. Been trying them with equipment on the floor. But could be a different game once I get them in to a game. Great feel for the equipment though so far.
  11. Did you compare L20.1 vs 2X on skates? As with the indent for the foot on 20.1 is going to sit lower on the ground then when compared to pad on skates. took pictures of my brian’s 33 and Lefevre 32 on my skates.
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