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  1. I'm short, so this is not in the cards for me. However, if not overused, it is a good technique. I haven't heard of the term "double seal", either. I've just used "he has his skates on both posts" to describe it. For those who don't understand, here's a pic below. BOB uses it a lot. It makes for a seamless transition to/from/out of the RVH because, well, you're already attached to the post you want to transfer to.
  2. I like how you become hyper aware of your physical needs and started to work on them. Most people don't do this, so good on you.
  3. If you wipe it with a towel or something after the game to dry up the access water, it's fine. Even if you use a magic eraser after each game for puck marks (if that is your intentions), I don't see it being a problem.
  4. Goalie from Ontario, Canada here (just outside of Toronto): No idea if/when my league will start up this year and my shinny group got cancelled for the year. Sucks. I miss hockey.
  5. That would be so dope. I'd love something like this:
  6. Juuse Saros has worn both types of True's, but I beleive he's in a one-piece right now.
  7. +1 for the Lundy Loop and Elastic toe tie setup. Works well for me. I've always been a skate lace guy for my toe ties, but I switched the Elastic toe ties early this year and I love them. Sturdy and tight when you need it, but stretches when you need it and retracts back after.
  8. You could order custom, but yeah, a lot of the 'soft' options still make for a stiffer pad than before. The durability is a lot better. As for the change in gear, you do get used to it though and they will soften up a tiny bit with time.
  9. I agree - There was so many solid threads on GSBB that I'd still go back to from-time-to-time.
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