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    CCM Premier Pro
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    Love my Premier setup!
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    CCM Premier Pro - 590 Game Ready Break
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    CCM Premier Pro
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    2013 CCM AB Pro w/Reebok Premier 1 Mods
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    CCM Premier SE - Royal Blue
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    Itech/Bauer NME7
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    Bauer Vertexx
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    4mm Step Steel
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    KOHO 589 Pro Swiss
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    Love these knee guards!
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    CCM Shirt
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    CCM 500

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    One of the newer Bauer's, preferably - All White Mask
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    Any new Bauer skate (Maybe CCM) to get me out of my ancient Bauer Supreme 1000's.
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    CCM Neck Guard Shirt - PRO Version

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  1. The RBK Premier 1 will always be my favourite. Love everything about it and it's a true classic C/A unit. Currently I rock a CCM P1, so essentially a clone. I still love everything about it. It will be a sad day when/if I have to ever get rid of the thing. Here's a picture of the unit when it was new. I have since (for fun) added the old RBK heart guard and shoulder floaters under the existing spots for added, and maybe unnecessary, "beef".
  2. I still have an old Hasek Black/Gold TPS Louisville stick I rock at shinny sometimes. Miss this brand.
  3. Awesome, glad to hear you're on your second set. I was a skate lace toe tie guy forever as well, so no worries there. There are also a TON of NHL guys who still use skate lace, which kinda surprises me since their gear has (at least, on the surface) change a lot since the start of their careers.
  4. Enjoy that type of setup. I installed them on my CCM's last year and I love them! These were my first elastic toe ties ever.
  5. Yeah, they are sweet, the Koho 589 models. i love them. I have heard of the original swiss-made custom knee pads and they are extra sweet. A goalie got a pair of them somehow from Switzerland.
  6. So nice. I'm a big hockey card collector too. I've linked my site below to view my collection. I collect a few goalies, set, plus some vintage cards too. Enjoy! https://creasecollector.weebly.com/
  7. Yep, bake them before using. Depending on who bakes the skates, you may need 1 more after to get them juuust right.
  8. Love your use of purple. Big fan. I'd personally go with either design 1 or 3.
  9. that is such an awesome picture.
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