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    CCM Premier Pro
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    Love my Premier setup!
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    CCM Premier Pro - 590 Game Ready Break
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    CCM Premier Pro
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    2013 CCM AB Pro w/Reebok Premier 1 Mods
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    CCM Premier SE - Royal Blue
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    Itech/Bauer NME7
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    CCM Premier Plus - 25 paddle Enroth Pro Stock
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    Bauer Vertexx
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    4mm Step Steel
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    KOHO 589 Pro Swiss
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    Love these knee guards!
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    CCM Shirt
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    CCM 500

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    One of the newer Bauer's, preferably - All White Mask
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    Any new Bauer skate (Maybe CCM) to get me out of my ancient Bauer Supreme 1000's.
  • Neck Guard
    CCM Neck Guard Shirt - PRO Version

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  1. I have the same bag and I love it. The bag is a beast. Wheel bags are awesome. Easy to use and saves my bad back. I have taken my fair bit of comments about it over the years but it's all in good fun.
  2. I rock Step Steel and I've been happy with them. If you're comfortable in Step, mayne just stick with them?
  3. Great post, @Wonder35 ! Your Brown setup looks very nice.
  4. I'm just outside of Toronto, so the only ice I've been seeing is on my driveway...
  5. Nice, sounds like some good stuff. And hope the family is doing okay all things considered.
  6. Same, but I don't think it was his choice to leave Eyecandyair? I could be wrong thoughm just what I heard.
  7. I agree, but sadly it comes down to money, in my opinion. If they sell the pro spec unit pictured above, that might price out a lot of goalies and affect sales. So instead, they develop a unit they can easily produce in a cost-effective manner that can be sold in bulk to retailers across the globe and sell as many units as possible. This is why we see C/A's from smaller companies perform well, I think. They can develop a solid product and not have to worry about distrubution as much as the bigger guys, building youth/intermediate/ senior units, etc. They can just focus on their product a
  8. Check out this older thread. His creations were nice:
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