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    Love my Premier setup!
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    Any new Bauer skate (Maybe CCM) to get me out of my ancient Bauer Supreme 1000's.
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  1. Thanks for the reply! Getting new (new to me) skates soon so I'm anticipating how tough it will be to adjust to the taller holder, step steel, etc. Looks like it'll be a rough go for a while.
  2. Maybe a stupid question so forgive me, but does a taller holder/blades really put that much more stress on your hips? Has anyone swicthed to taller steel then switched back because it was too uncomfortable, or is it just something you need to get used to and then you're fine?
  3. My toes scrunch at the end like crazy haha, and I just deal with it. I'm used to it by now, but it can hurt sometimes. In fairness though, the boots have been stretches out over time, so they aren't really a size 4D anymore. Thanks! I am hoping they fit well. Wearing skates that aren't too small will probably be strange at first. I'm so used to having the entire skate filled up. I only have one pair of shoes in a size 9 (my running shoes), and they are probably a tad big for me at the toe, but they fit well, especially in the heel. I barely wear them though The majority of shoes I own and wear everyday are a size 8-8.5 so I'm hoping these skates will fit. I'm sure they will be fine. The seller of the skates said he wears a 9 shoe and these wear very snug on him. So I'm sure I can make these work.
  4. I have these incoming. seller stated they are size 7-7.5D. I've only worn a single pair of goalie skates until now. right now I rock a pair of Bauer Supreme 1000's size 4D that I got when I was 12 years old (I'm 26 now). Stretched out like crazy and my feet hurt everytime I play in them for at least 15-20 min, haha. I wear a size 9, 8.5, or 8 shoe size depending on the type. So these should be okay? Hoping for the best. Beyond stoked to get them! Will update when these skates arrive.
  5. Saw this True Deodorizer at my local SportChek today. Wondering if it’s any good? Has anyone used this stuff before?
  6. Went old school this week ! (Don't worry, I didn't take any shots with this thing. I would have died). 😂
  7. Agreed. I've checked out the original but this seems far and above. Would love to get my hands on one!
  8. I'd love to be one of those testers, great looking product right here.
  9. I was in your exact same shoes (or should I say skates?) before I bought my CCM Premier 1's. I was coming from the very same RBK Premier 2 setup as you were, and although buying another brand was tempting, I decided to stick with what I love about my RBK Premier pads and go with a custom set of CCM Premier 1's for my next set. Since then, I have fallen in love with these things. Yes, they were stiffer and taller at first (which was expected coming from older pads), but I got used to them and do not regret my decision one bit. If I was you, I would stick with the Premier line and go with the CCM P2's. I think there is something to be said about sticking with what works and not taking too big of a jump. All the best with your new set!
  10. I'm a huge fan of those CCM P2's! So simple but I love that about them. The design flows really well with the colour placement and looks awesome.
  11. Not surprising, as athletes (for the most part) aren't experts at writing. No doubt these pieces are edited and formatted to tell the perfect story for the readers. That's nobody's fault, as The Players' Tribune needs to work to obtain a certain quality of pieces to attract readers, and the athlete themselves get a nice space to discuss their experience on a certain topic and (not entirely sure if true) but maybe some financial compensation as well? Total speculation of course. I personally love the articles though, and I'm a big fan.
  12. Watching Crashed Ice events are always awesome. These guys are really brave trying this stuff. Those courses look very challenging! Especially those gap sections...
  13. Hmmm, that's interesting. Could be a nice option for guys like Price who still use a cowling, but this option may be able to provide them with the protection they need without the added bulk. I like it. Vasi coming up huge (in the highlight reels) and in the skate protection conversation.
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