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  1. Bauer has recently changed their sizing to small, medium, large and x-large. Just like shirts. However, I find that system stupid. That's my opinion. Others may find it simpler. I don't know how fast you grow, if you are due for a growth spurt, etc. Are there any goalies you know with 33" pads you could try on? At least to get a feel for the sizing? It's the same problem as with sticks, there is no standard system of measuring. The ATK is the "best" available option. However, it is ONLY a starting point/guideline. The only true way to tell if a pad fits and is comfortable is to try them on. You can order any size you wish, but if they don't fit or feel right, returning them could be a real pain in the butt. I don't know your location, but check a local buy and sell site like kijiji or craigslist and find something similar to what you are looking for and try them on. Heck, a gently used set could save you big $$$ over new too.
  2. So we enter October. Before this game we were informed the other team had 4 spares - not sure it made a huge difference given the current standings in the league....
  3. It's not scientific but here is my recent experience..... I currently wear Bauer 32+1. I've had them for 7-8 years. I'm looking for a change as my Passau knee pads are wearing out and I can get a used set of pads for the price of new knee pads, so the search begins. I went to a local play it again sports and tried on some Reebok 33+1 pads and some CCM 32+1 pads. The Reeboks were pretty much bang on in terms of the landing pad for the knees. The thigh rise was higher than my Bauers though, but I had no issue in going down in butterfly in the store (with my pants and skates on too). The CCMs felt like they were riding a little higher. That may partially have been the thigh wrap interacting poorly with my pants. But they didn't feel right. So, I can't comment on Bauer vs Vaughn, but if the 31+1 are getting too small (I always size my kids' pads by where their knees land), then a 32-33 should be fine. The extra thigh rise may interfere with your pants though. IIRC, the Reeboks were 24K senior pads and P2s. The CCMs were Eflex800 I think in 32". I'm also 5'6"-5'5" with a size 7.5 skate.
  4. Thanks. The best part is they match anything and always look new.
  5. Okay, Game #3, which brings us to the end of September. Yes, there is a lot of catching up to do.
  6. I used to do it right before hitting the ice. Left me sweaty and tired to start the game. I found doing it at home and then packing up and driving to the rink gave me an energy boost. Everyone is different, so try arriving at the rink 10 minutes earlier and do the warm-up before suiting up.
  7. I missed our second game, which the guys won 5-0. Onto my second game of the season. I got new skates prior to this game, and quite frankly, I think I got my pad strapping figured out about 2 weeks ago, so sit tight and watch some subpar subpar tending.
  8. There are goalies around here that some nights just hang out at a rink with their gear and ask people as they come in if they need a goalie. Works best at multi-pad facilities obviously. But I hear they ask for $20. Do that a few times a night, a few nights a week, you could make some decent extra money. I am however, not nearly good enough. With my luck I'd be asked to play div 2 or something and get shelled and run out of town.
  9. And here is the first one of the season. Good start.
  10. Holy crap! Finally found a video editor I can use after MovieMaker declared my files were corrupt, though I could play them no problem. So, it will take a while to catch up, but I can finally post up my vids from this season. Hooray!
  11. Find Maria's off-ice warmup and do it before games. I try and get it in before leaving for the rink, as I need the time to recover (yes I am old and out of shape).
  12. I ordered a Bauer glove a few years back from GM. I got an email the following day telling me they were cancelling the order because Bauer didn't allow them ship items to Canada. No harm no foul. But to not let you know is pretty weak. Perhaps (and it might be a stretch) they are very busy with Black Friday orders and hadn't gotten to sending out notification of out of stock or cancellation of orders. That said, it is your money and you choose where to spend it. I've got my own list of places like that (Home Depot being most notable). I also have not bought anything from GM since my first experience, but that is likely due to buying Passau gloves instead.
  13. Well, Christmas is coming soon. I'm looking at getting some new pads. I currently have Bauer Supreme One80 pads in 32+1. They've done me pretty well, but with no knee protection I bought some Passau knee pads a few years ago. They have also been good but are starting to break down and after getting new skates (Bauer X2.7 I believe) I'm finding my current pads just don't "feel" right anymore. I've tried a few different setups but none are really working for me. SO......time to start looking for something else I think. I've scoured the local Play it Again sports stores. Seen a few pads that interested me but they are so worn especially in the toe area. Would probably cost a bunch to have them repaired, might be better to just get new. I don't particularly care about brand. For now, say for research purposes, off the shelf is good for now. If I find something I like but don't love, maybe custom will be considered. I play a pretty hybrid style. Sometimes I play stand up, sometimes butterfly. My butterfly is pretty narrow so I need pads with a decent S curve. I'd like some with minimal straps. Gimme velcro! I'd like something that will slide with ease (ie without using sno-seal, or sliding polish) and be consistent on any ice surface (rough, smooth, wet, snowy). I do have some videos in the video section so you can see how I play if that helps. And of course, price will be a concern. I'm not cool with spending $1500+ on pads I will use 1-2 times a week. Definitely $1000 or less. Thanks fellow tendies!
  14. Thanks. I presume you recognize the colour scheme?
  15. yeah I thought it would be a fun touch. Especially with 3 goalies in the house.
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