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  1. With my leather strapped pads I would mark them with a marker or paint pen, try it and adjust then mark again. Repeat until I found what was comfortable and worked then put a mark at the buckle hole and just loop em through and pull to the mark. Saved a smidge of time and took out the guess work.
  2. Thanks fellow tendies. I checked around today for some Vaughn stuff, but stock was extremely limited and nothing in my size (like either 30" intermediate or 36" senior). I got a good deal on some Bauer X5 pro pads and gloves. I liked the feel of the gloves and the pads felt similar to the GSX but should be a little longer lasting. It will take some time to figure out where I want the straps, but from a quick tryout I have good 5 hole closure and the pads stay upright instead of folding over - major upgrade over my ancient pads!
  3. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here. Other priorities etc. Anyway, my pads and gloves are getting worn down. I'm looking for some new gear, but I need some help. I spent about 2 hours at Pro Hockey Life today just trying on pads. I put on Brian's, True, CCM, Bauer and Warrior. The Brian's were okay, they felt really tight and rode high on the skate. The True were a rats nest of straps - too frustrating, I didn't even get them all the way on. CCM, the straps were in weird locations, some difficult to reach. The Warrior were pretty nice, but the knee stack area was so big it interfered with my pants going down and getting up. The Bauers were the best of the bunch, but I still left with nothing. I liked the Hyperlites, but a bit too much $$. I tried some GSX, decent in a senior 33" (I think that is x-small?). Best 5-hole closure of them all. They still felt "tight" though even with adjusting the straps to their loosest. They felt like a compromise quite frankly, and since this is likely the last set I'm going to ever buy, I don't want "enh good enough". I want to have a matching set (for once!) and the Bauer GSX gloves in senior size felt WAY too small. I currently have Bauer Supreme One80 pads. They've been fine but I can't push to my right anymore without the pad rolling over onto it's face or it sticks and I start rolling over. My Passau gloves are still great, but the blocker palm is wearing out and the trapper is showing its age. Does anyone have a recommendation for OTS gear that will has a wide leg channel, simple straps and covers the 5-hole nicely for someone with a narrow b-fly and is very adjustable? I am aiming for a double-T catcher. Maybe I'm being too picky? Perhaps once the gloves wear in they won't be so tight? Should I just go straight to a custom set aka Passau/Brian's et al? I'm looking to stay around $2000 Cdn for the set. Thanks!
  4. Well, that went sideways fast..... It isn't "obvious" that you will catch/shoot on the same side. Marty Turco is the most recent "famous" example I can think of....a goalie who caught "regular" but shot "right". Hence how the Turco method of playing the puck came into existence. I can't say I have encountered a full right goalie who shoots left though, so yes they are called "full right" because they shoot and catch right. Also being left-handed, I catch with my right hand in baseball (and in general), but as a goalie I catch "regular" since I shoot left. As someone mentioned, left-handed people are more ambidextrous as we have had to conform to a right-handed dominated world. It really wasn't a big deal to start catching with my left hand when I started playing goal.
  5. Unfortunately I only played floor and street hockey in elementary school. Only played on ice otherwise.
  6. IIRC I used a 5/32" socket on my Bauer cowlings.
  7. After having sciatica, my slides in one direction have really suffered. This might be just what I need to improve them. Kids might even use it too. Thanks for posting!
  8. Yeah that sucks. The little places are the ones that carry lesser known (and often better) products than the giant stores (*cough* PHL *cough*) and offer much better and knowledgeable service. I've been trying to find time to get out to some stores to look at pads, may have to make a real effort to get to Lacroix.
  9. Yeah, that's about typical. Always heard good things about Graf, would love to try a pair.
  10. I saw a pic of rumoured WRX hatch. FUGLY. I have an 11 WRX hatch as well as my Legacy wagon. With 3 goalies in the family, no choice but to have AWD. Pairing that with turbos and manual transmissions just makes it better.
  11. No pics but my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon (5 speed!) gets me to games. I can put my Grit tower bag in the back without putting the seats down. Plus, when I'm running late, I can make up time.
  12. 3 on 3 on a full ice pad is going to be mental torture. Guys have pretty much twice as much room as normal, so they'll make any goalie look silly. I spared a couple times in 3 on 3 on a small ice pad, and it was physical torture. Had to be 100% ready 100% of the time. Players could shoot from anywhere as the pad was about as big as one normal sized zone (blue line to boards). Point is, lke Imperative said, don't get too concerned over GA.
  13. Not sure how I missed this one...... Always loved hockey. Played one season when I was 5 and never really learned how to skate. Parents had no interest on hockey and used my inability to skate as an excuse to keep me out of it. Loved street hockey and floor hockey, always as the goalie. Fast forward to age 25 and started skating with the intent to play hockey. Got in with a pickup group and played a couple years with them and found myself on a men's league team. Played for 10 or so years and started running my own men's team. I've played all skater positions (with varying success) and after having to find spare goalies far too often, I decided to jump in to something I always wanted to do - play goal. So 7-8 years ago I bought a whack of used gear and took some adult goalie clinics (actually switching from skater to goalie during the first one). Started playing with a group of mostly novice adult players, found my way onto a team and the rest is history. I still skate with a pickup group where I spare occasionally as a goalie, and I play in a league as a goalie with some assorted sparing here and there.
  14. I bought a used GoPro off eBay many years ago. The seller had a good rating, and I figured that would work out. I got the GoPro, it wouldn't turn on and wouldn't charge. The battery connections on the battery AND in the camera were corroded. I notified the seller via email and received no response. I took it to a local camera shop to see if it was salvageable, sadly no. Due to my own procrastination, I passed the 30 days to get refunded but filed a complaint anyway. Seller finally responded and said they would refund me if I shipped it back. I did (glad to be rid of it) but SHOCK, no money came back. Seller ghosted me. Some of it was my own fault, but even the rating system is not perfect. I've bought stuff from sellers in Asia and gotten very fast, reliable service. IMO, eBay is a complete crap-shoot.
  15. This almost perfectly describes my childhood.
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