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  1. The nice thing about stiffer pads is the pucks rebound further. Thus gives you more time to react, and as we get older, that becomes an important factor.
  2. Well, that went sideways fast..... It isn't "obvious" that you will catch/shoot on the same side. Marty Turco is the most recent "famous" example I can think of....a goalie who caught "regular" but shot "right". Hence how the Turco method of playing the puck came into existence. I can't say I have encountered a full right goalie who shoots left though, so yes they are called "full right" because they shoot and catch right. Also being left-handed, I catch with my right hand in baseball (and in general), but as a goalie I catch "regular" since I shoot left. As someone mentioned
  3. Unfortunately I only played floor and street hockey in elementary school. Only played on ice otherwise.
  4. Going to work. Coming home. Repeat until weekend. Do some neglected **** around the house. Start at the beginning.
  5. I have no problems with the inner belt interfering with the jock.
  6. My experience is Warrior sizes their pants on leg length not waist size. My cup (Vaughn) has no bearing on the pants (Warrior). As with benner33's comment, the internal belt is more than enough for me.
  7. I've been very blessed this season with a group that is pretty honest about their assessments of our play. If a d-man screened me on a goal, they acknowledge it. I don't have to point it out. If a F let their opposing d-man go and they made a great shot or pass for a goal, they own it. I own my mistakes too. I think it has made us a very strong team because we know we have to play for each other. Last night we had a 5-0 lead with 15 minutes to go. Ended up tying 5-5. 2 goals against were all me. 2 were d-zone breakdowns and 1 was a screen (by my own d-man). After the game we were
  8. Beautiful set but way outta my price range. If you're willing to part with it for about a 1/4 of asking price, let me know.
  9. You'll have to watch again then. It's near the end. Okay, apparently I didn't put it in the video.....and I noticed I had two clips of the same play but one was sped up. What the heck happened?
  10. This game catapulted us into 1st in the league standings ahead of the team we played. Was a great game. Not sure it would be as one guy forgot his pants (borrowed some from a buddy who played the previous time slot game) and I forgot both my jerseys (hence the different number and colour from the rest of my team).
  11. Another game getting down early but the lads bailed me out.
  12. Yeah, part was boot strap came loose. The other part was the pad completely over-rotated and when I went to recover I just couldn't. Easy goal for them. That is the danger of playing without toe ties. I have however gone with a set of smart strap cords which are working out quite nicely. No hip or knee strain. As to the bounce, that has not happened before in my recollection. The zamboni doors are directly behind the net so there isn't anything in corner to aim for to create a bounce like that. I was just lucky enough to get out of the way and not knock it in!
  13. Cool experience for the kids. The 67s are really good about getting youth involved. My son did the 67s experience a few years ago and they got to play during the intermission. Also got to see both teams come off and fist bumps all around.
  14. This game was not my best. Had a couple "wardrobe malfunctions" too. Fortunately the guys in front of me had a good night.
  15. Back with another installment...... If you watched the previous video of us against the Habs, you'll recall an altercation I had with #10. Watch him this time. The awesome part was we battled back from down 3-0 for a decent result.
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