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  1. HockeyBum


    Good luck @Chenner29, thanks for all of your help and generosity. All the best in your future!
  2. @bunnyman666, it's great seeing you active again! I wish you well, get better soon! Thoughts and prayers.
  3. @BadAngle41, I just took these photos today after 2 games. The Shocktec is hard to clean after a while. This was my first time I padded a mask so it's not pretty, I did this almost 2 years ago. I'm getting ready to redo it next week. Here is the Shocktec, I have it in 3/8" and 1/8" thick, you glue it together to get the thickness desired. Here is the adhesive Tom at Shocktec said to use, it worked well for me.
  4. Hackva with Shocktec and dangler on it. 3.33 lbs
  5. I agree with waiting for custom pads right now. You can try and modify some of the strapping, maybe adding a K strap, things like that to see what you like and don't like on stock pads for now. I would say you could get a custom glove now since that should last you.
  6. The GoalieMonkey by me allows you to demo pads, gloves and blockers. I played against guy that had his pads slolen out of his car so he went down and got a demo set and played out the weekend in them. Didn't cost him a dime.
  7. @bunnyman666, I hope it goes well, good luck!
  8. Looking good @bunnyman666, the white cage will look great on it too!
  9. I used the McKenney 870 for a couple of years and it was good. I have a new 890 and it has been great so far, definitely beefed up.
  10. HockeyBum

    Graf DM1080

    @Murray, can you show a picture of the modified cut on the cowling?
  11. I read your original review and don't think you should have edited it. I didn't comment on it because I have been going through a situation with Passau, unfortunately I still have to make another call Monday. Communication seems to be non-existent there. Every time they screw up, the factory or @GoalieTimmy33 it's a BS excuse. I like my set but will have a hard time buying from them again do to the experience I've had with them on correcting my order. I was going to get a C/A from them as well, but I ended up buying a different company's because I didn't want to deal with the BS.
  12. @bunnyman666, I agree with @RichMan. My wife works in the healthcare industry and said he's absolutely correct. Diet has helped a friend of mine tremendously, try seeing a nutritionist, he did and swears by it.
  13. You might try looking into Grafs.
  14. My dad said the same thing to me and I have passed that on to my son as well.
  15. I have this CCm bag and have been happy with it, it's the Pro model 44 x 24 x 24, its been durable and it fits everything nicely. It does take up a lot in the locker room though.
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