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  1. The Warrior is great and works well in tandem with the Warrior pants in my opinion.
  2. Bought a new set the other day, so these are up for sale. They're in really good shape. I bought them when they were like new and used them from October 2019 to January 2020, when I got injured and decided to cheer myself up by buying new gear. Pads are 32+2, shortened boot (6.5" IIRC. Professor strap. Only the one leather strap for the boot. Marginally heavier than my Warriors were. Glove is a 60 degree break, double tee with a skate lace pocket. The blocker is, well, a blocker. All embroidered with "TIMMY". I am not Timmy, but if you want to be Timmy, you'll want to buy these. The logo on each piece is from http://manadvantage.org/. When these sell, I'll donate $50 (Canadian, or whatever the equivalent in USD is) of the sale too. I'm asking $650 USD or $850 CAD plus shipping, which would be from Manitoba. Thanks for looking!
  3. IIRC it was at the start of this year.
  4. They're working, but I'm still shopping and for something different! Their prices look unreal too.
  5. Not fun indeed. I decided to shut it down for the season and take the summer off of hockey this year too most likely. That gives me a solid 8 months to rehab it.
  6. I am, they've been really good for me. If you were shorter, you could take them for a test drive, but I don't think they'd be even close to fitting!
  7. Go custom and get what you truly want, otherwise I don't think you'll be completely satisfied.
  8. Well, my season came to an early close most likely from the other night. First shooter in a shootout and I made just about a split save, however, I cannot perform the splits and the cheers from my bench ended when they realized I could no longer stand. It appears as though I've torn an adductor for the second time in 5 months.
  9. Does anyone know where to find replacements for these? I seem to have misplaced mine and want suspenders now.
  10. 1.5 mill a year till 2029 I think.
  11. One thing I've heard of a lot of people doing is adding a key ring to the anchor point to add some length.
  12. Big price drop. $650 USD+shipping to the US, $850 CAD+shipping in Canada.
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