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  1. It went great! Couple of stinkers from a few months of rust, but that'll happen. I think the rules where I'm playing allow for 25 skaters or something. Dressing rooms have every other stall blocked off, so I've got enough room for once. Physically it's the best I've felt on the ice in a year after tearing an adductor off the bone a year back and then getting reinjured in January. Looking forward to playing again tomorrow!
  2. I frankensteined my chest protector a bit. Brian's subzero 2 chest, CCM Premier Pro arms and extra heart guard and there's part of a Simmons 996 beef up kit on the belly. So much cheaper than going out and buying a new one!
  3. Unfortunately there is no "PEW PEW PEW". I just got mine in the mail today, I think it'll be a really good training tool.
  4. It was a pretty good effort. Has anyone ever seen or heard of anybody trying this before?
  5. I get that that's going to be the difference between the Senior and the Pro, but I've never noticed 2 different senior models, always just a Senior and a Pro. This time there's a Senior, Senior+, and then the Pro.
  6. I've been shopping around online for a new chest protector and notice there is a G5 Senior and also a G5 Senior+ chest protector, would anybody be able to shed some light on what the differences are?
  7. Eh, why not. Something to do in these times of staying home. I ordered one too.
  8. Played Tuesday night, first game in about 6 weeks after a groin tear or sports hernia (not really sure), playing for the 8th seed vs the 5th seed in an elimination game. Managed to stay mostly in one piece and picked up a 4-3 win. Ties suck.
  9. insertnamehere

    Warrior G5

    I thought I'd seen some custom G4/GT2 senior setups from The Hockey Shop, which is Canadian. Possibly The Goalie Crease too.
  10. I was only joking (mostly) when I asked when these were gonna be for sale! GLWS
  11. My question is when are you gonna be selling me those?
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