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  1. Update to the skates: Finally got a skate in. First time seeing wear on the toe caps which I assume are common with cowling-less skates. I did not take any shots on the skates so I cannot comment about the protectiveness. Feel: Definitely easier to break in than all the other skates I have used. The Rocketframe/Monoframe construction honestly adapts better to the foot than my Bauer Ultrasonic Player Skates. I definitely recommend the 9370 or higher for the boot construction if you have non-"average" feet for the moldability. Definitely felt the memory foam in a good way. Durability: Minor wear on the toe caps from the ice. Few cuts here and there I would assume either from the post or other players. Nothing to comment about as I assume it's quite average with cowlingless skates now. Movement: Actually had an adjusting period. The issue I was experiencing was in the butterfly, my toes would actually bite the ice without doing anything. Adjusted within 2 minutes on a subconscious level and never had the problem again while playing. What a difference. My movement definitely improved. On power butterfly pushes, I could stop immediately and get to the other way. Easiest to explain would be in two cases I face against: Playing on the crease corner, 2 on 1 situation. Defense got beat and puck was passed to attacker. Butterfly pushed to the other side and before I got to the opposite post, was passed back. Was able to stop and get to the original post side and make the save. Behind the net play, was set up as a triangle. Played on RVH with active stick as it was in-between the trapezoid. Passed to other other player behind the net which was popped out to the slot. Was able to keep up with the play and get to the top of the crease corner to make the save I typically suck with these sort of setups as I would have problems getting an immediate bite which would lead me to covering the shot too late or not getting the edge at all. Happens on fresh blades too in my old skates. Energy transfer is great. Definitely felt I got more power on the pushes. Had some screeching in the beginning when doing shuffles and basic skating. Eventually went away if it's the same thing. Never skated in the Ultrasonics though. In my opinion, the asymmetrical boot allows you to get a lower crouch stance due to the boot having a softer 'neck'. Should also get a better angle as the skate should be able to flex in to bite depending on your leg position, in a theoretical sense.
  2. Former Skate: Bauer One80 Last Skate: CCM 9080s This is all in my opinion so don't shoot me. This review is pre-game used and just impressions. Doing a quick review on the AS3 Pro Goal Skates. I'll touch on some parts that are different to me. Size: These skates are 7D. I normally (always) wear EE skates. My LHS did not have the AS3 Pro in a EE size so they gave me a 9380 7EE skate to try. I found that the AS3 actually *feels* wider than the 7EE. Tried an AS3 Pro in a 7.5D and found it was slightly tighter in the forefoot area [due to having the forefoot area shifted]. My assumption is that there are softer foams in the AS3 Pro skate as compared to the 9380, which could be attributed to the memory foam tongue used also. I had to bake twice in order to widen the forefoot area enough so it does not hurt. My foot shape I would classify as a reverse pizza. First skate aside from the Bauer Nexus line that I can fit in a D. Insole: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 CCM Ortholite. The 'The Hockey Shop' review indicates that the insole is the Ortholite (true) with 3 customizable arches (false). Those are the Ortholite Moves they are referencing. They feel like a premium traditional insole as they use a better foam than the ones you typically get in most skates. It's all the same though. Swapped immediately to my Bauer Speedplate 2.0 as they are fully heat-moldable. Build/Materials: Extremely stiff skate. The material has the same flex as a fiberglass mask chin. I found it slightly stiffer than the Ultrasonics. Unlike the Ultrasonics, the AS3 Pro is definitely more uniformed/symmetrical. The skates have a textured rubber that will touch/bite the ice. My assumption is that it benefits for pushes and down-low play. The lundy loop has rubber to create a more rigid and better feeling loop. Being a traditional modern skate, it still has the tendon guard unlike the Ultrasonics. This defnitely had me leaning more into purchasing the CCMs as it impairs movement/ankle roll to add stability. Sandard plastic cap. The tongue is definitely different than all skates as it features memory foam and a integrated lace bite system which feels like a heat-moldable piece of plastic they put. Definitely widens out the pressure that laces cause. Very comfortable tongue but non-sock users will have to get adjusted to wearing pleather. Against the Ultrasonic: I found that the Ultrasonic skates were definitely lighter even though CCM has improved their weight by quite a bit. I was able to get my foot into the 7D (no EE) Ultrasonics but had to pull out after a minute as my forefoot was being crushed to death. I preferred the inner liner in the Ultrasonics as it felt like they had a bit softer foams. The Ultrasonic's design imo looked sleeker. The AS3 Pro feels more vibrant. The Ultrasonics did not feature a tendon guard which improves mobility. The CCMs have a innovative tongue with memory foam. The plastic cap on the Ultrasonics are asymmetrical and looked way better. Each their own.
  3. Thanks for informing me about this. I'll definitely wait and have my bud wait too then. I work for a retailer (SportChek) and we carry CCM products. I am not a rep nor am I authorized to sell products as a middleman.
  4. Can't seem to find any information. Are there AS3s being released shortly?
  5. Hey all, Currently in a Tacks 9080 7EE. I would like to get the FT2 for the lack of cowling and the new XS holder. However, there is no store around me that has that size. Similarly, this is through B2E so no refunds/exchanges are allowed. Has anyone tried both skates in an EE and how did the feel fit? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone still play the Cujo method? I'm a left-handed goalie that plays Regular and shoots right. I should be playing full wrong but eventually my glove turns into a blocker. Wondering what the pros/cons of this would be.
  7. WizYuan

    Bauer Gear

    Anyone know what pants these are? Picked it up from Kijiji. Apparently they belong to Cam Talbot.
  8. WizYuan

    Bauer Gear

    I'll take all suggestions but as a college student, cost is the prohibitive option.
  9. WizYuan

    Bauer Gear

    I currently own a pair of Bauer S160 PLAYER skates and am having a bit of an issue with fit. I've wear EE's and had them baked for my feet, using them to referee. I also have flat feet so I can't use superfeet in them (using stock insole). I've tried a few ways of tying the laces but have the same issue: The outsides of my feet ranging from the arches hurts like a bitch and cannot move them once I get the foot out. It's fine on the ice but as soon as I take them off, the pain just comes like a truck. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? Thanks.
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