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  1. You wouldn't really notice it. It'd be small and streamlined, secured on the backplate. plus, goalie masks, knee pads and cowlingless skates were deemed to be foolish once upon a time.
  2. It'd be smaller. Probably about 1 liter max, on a semi rigid shell so it doesn't burst on plays. The point is so you don't feel like it's there. I'm just thinking about it. Nothing practical yet. The main reasoning too is for practices, drop ins where people don't wait for the goalie, etc. It's purely a convenience thing.
  3. I recently had an idea to implement a camel-pack style water carrier, secured on my back plate, instead of using a water bottle. The main reason is due to the fact that during drop ins, practice, and beer league games, players and refs dont seem to be too considerate when my back's turned, helmet off, and not ready to play when they roar down the ice and almost take my head off with a shot. I'm also sick of having to keep buying bottles when they break. What do you guys think? Would you use one instead of the standard bottle?
  4. i re-tried the 2S and CCM 600 - it does feel very similar, despite some minor differences. with my list, it's purely based on how it felt on my hand, so it may not be completely accurate
  5. I have it in my old Bauer Reactor 6000 and my current CCM Tacks. Fantastic steel. markedly better than stock.
  6. you can with some effort. the blocker pocket area is laced in.
  7. ruckus007

    R GT/2

    here's mine:
  8. Intermediate protection is similar to senior non pro at best. Perhaps a bit less. Senior pro usually differs significantly nfrom senior non pro. Only senior non pro unit I see with close to pro level protection. Would be the new warrior gt2
  9. Agreed. I was able to touch my head, etc with it on too when trying it out
  10. I'm not entirely sure tbh. The body feels the same but the large arms may cause some issues in the beginning. I think after breaking them in, it'd be pretty mobile. I have the gt1 pro and love it
  11. The GT2 would probably be the bulkiest and somewhat heaviest ones on this list as they do not follow NHL sizing regulations. The arms are very squared off and the padding is VERY thick. That being said though, Break-in may change that perspective. The vaughns have weak arms, even at the pro level. They are light and well protected at the torso, however very little rib protection. They're probably also the easiest units to get accustomed to, right out of the box. To buy their units though, I would only get ones with reinforced arms. The Supreme line is based off of the old One100 pro units, with stiffer shoulder floaters which do not have any breaks. In terms of coverage, it will be about the same as the vapours. I don't like the vapour 1X arms because of the exposed Curv comp with little padding to deaden impacts on the outside, which may also lead to breakage of the Curv material. I also don't like the fact that the vapours have very little rib protection as well. I'll throw CCM in this ring since we're on the subject, but I would stay away. I had the first gen Premier pro unit, and was getting stingers in the arms and belly after month 5. The nylon o n the arms were falling apart and shots to the shoulders hurt more than they should have. If that's the pro unit, I don't even want to know what the SR unit is like. It was nice when it was new though.
  12. op: how tall are you, what's your weight and arm span? What do you use now? What have you used before? I've essentially tried everything on you are asking about, and then some
  13. I took a look at the GT2 senior chesty...it's SUPER beefy. It's on par AT MINIMUM with the GT1 PRO. If it fits you well, I'd get that hands down. forget the G4 senior. It's pointless because it's just a GT1 senior.
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