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  1. I THINK the CL's eventually evolved in to the E-Flex pants, which have a narrower waist. I'd just go with regular Premier pants if you like to tuck.
  2. If you can find any Ritual X pro's (discontinued now), get them. Sideline swap has some I think. They have a much better foam material in the landing area. Lasts 10 times longer.
  3. usually around $165 cdn I Think. A friend got me one for X-Mas and it's been great. Been shot a ton in the collarbone and throat area without any injuries.
  4. Not anymore. Went back to warriors. If I can find my old pics I sent to warranty I'll post it. I've had ccm/rbk before, don't get me wrong. They were great. The new ones don't seem to be though.
  5. One of the better ones? The general feedback I got was that it wasn't TERRIBLE (The pro version). But most were disappointed with them compared to PRemier 1 or previous versions (XLT, etc).
  6. The senior level CCM's are garbage. My Premier 2.9 fell apart after 4 months, and I do not play at a high level or abuse my gear. General input from the local hockey shop guys that play a higher level tells me their P2 Pro's are not very well made either, compared to the previous generation of PRemiers.
  7. I'd be upset. When new products like these are introduced, all retailers are visited by the rep or they are given the opportunity to attend their meetings to learn about how to care for them. This shop either forgot or didn't bother to take in that information. To have them do this because "they felt like it's correct" is not a viable excuse. The proper method is to update the client and present them with the options, and proceed with their choice, even if at the clients' own peril. I work in the car industry and if I did this to a client based on "how i feel", I'd be unemployed. Fast. They owe you a pair of steel. Hands down.
  8. You wouldn't really notice it. It'd be small and streamlined, secured on the backplate. plus, goalie masks, knee pads and cowlingless skates were deemed to be foolish once upon a time.
  9. It'd be smaller. Probably about 1 liter max, on a semi rigid shell so it doesn't burst on plays. The point is so you don't feel like it's there. I'm just thinking about it. Nothing practical yet. The main reasoning too is for practices, drop ins where people don't wait for the goalie, etc. It's purely a convenience thing.
  10. I recently had an idea to implement a camel-pack style water carrier, secured on my back plate, instead of using a water bottle. The main reason is due to the fact that during drop ins, practice, and beer league games, players and refs dont seem to be too considerate when my back's turned, helmet off, and not ready to play when they roar down the ice and almost take my head off with a shot. I'm also sick of having to keep buying bottles when they break. What do you guys think? Would you use one instead of the standard bottle?
  11. i re-tried the 2S and CCM 600 - it does feel very similar, despite some minor differences. with my list, it's purely based on how it felt on my hand, so it may not be completely accurate
  12. I have it in my old Bauer Reactor 6000 and my current CCM Tacks. Fantastic steel. markedly better than stock.
  13. you can with some effort. the blocker pocket area is laced in.
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