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  1. I love working with this stuff for my knife sheaths. easy to cut heat and mould. any word on how the impact durability is yet? got a couple applications in mind i might try.
  2. Has anyone ever tried making their own Knee pads? if so how did it turn out? comments as per good idea or not are welcome
  3. they wont admit they are releasing them... yet...
  4. Nope cell phones have destroyed any hope at gooder english hear two
  5. I agree. I keep mine on the bench till game starts. after that if i have my back turned to the play i use the glass to see whats going on. i had issues with my team starting before i was ready but had a little chat with the guys to have a quick peak and not if it looked like i was not ready to roll.
  6. Any idea what shipping would be so Saskatchewan?
  7. Cooperators rink. nice facility but seems a little dark in there.
  8. My Sledge hockey team had a fun tournament in Regina. the facility we play is nice But the lighting sucks but hey we play through right! our team ended up winning both our games on saturday so we a buy into the last game. only allowed 1 goal in the two games. final on Sunday was a great face paced game with great opportunities on both ends of the ice but we held on for the win 2-1. i always have a great time playing with this group and it just makes it that much better pulling off the win. on a side note i got to try my had at commentating. The local Access 7 channel was there and they Wanted somebody to help out so i volunteered. I had fun with it and the guy from access said it was nice to have somebody that played talk about and explain some of the differences between stand up and sledge. Cherry on the top for the weekend!!
  9. too bad but at least you got through it and know what to expect for the next time.
  10. well you have one thing in your favour, you should know most of the players tendencies. if anything it might make you play that much harder to have bragging rights...
  11. Well i was he same as most, my dad got me skating as soon as i could walk. played out until pee wee when i threw in the towel and started officiating. did that until i left for post secondary. took about 10 years off then started playing on a local rec team as an out player. as you can guess my skill level was pee wee so i look like a goof out there and i started to get frustrated. my third year the goalie we had previous years couldn't commit and the team was going to fold so i stepped up. only reason i even considered it was i had started in net for my local sledge hockey team and had a blast. the switch has brought back the love of the game and the fun factor has gone through the roof!!! it seems to fit my personality as well like most others have said. i also love coming here to see whats going on whats new and more then a few laughs.
  12. YES!!! This is more along the lines of my communication too and I will add: "Get that fu@#er out of my way!" "Shouldn't defence be close to the front of the net at least?!?" "I got the first 5 shots but after that its anybody's puck." These would be more chirps so back onto the topic: "got time" or "man on" for the d if they have pressure on when chasing down the puck. "Same side" or " middle" to let them know where there is an opening and a possible pass opportunity. one more of the most common thing i say: "what do you mean its not in the net!" I am also loving this thread, gives me some more ideas and things to think about how to communicate better.
  13. same boat here just been asking and watching to see what i can learn. i am gonna be self taught as well
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