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  1. Ok cool. thanks again for the information.
  2. Os there a fix for this you know of? Getting pretty good with the sewing awl. Would it be better or the same as the ones I currently have cuz I've been living with them for this long.
  3. next questions would be if it would be worth it. going from Reebok Premier 1 Pads with home made strapping to these. they are dirt cheap ($100 buck) with the fixing to the knee craddle would it be an upgrade or stick with what i got?
  4. see if i can work something out with the seller.
  5. That's what i was looking for thanks!!!!
  6. My next question would be sizing. Any chart i can find I based on floor to knee plus height. So I'm 6'3" with floor to knee of 21.5. if I read the chart right 37" should fit. How much room for error is there in the fitting? Listed as 36" 1- 1/2" I asked how tall the seller was and he said he was 6'8". Color me confused. Would they be too tall for me or fit ok?
  7. So these recently came up for sale near me. Wondering if what line they might be as well as if they would be worth purchasing. I'm am not really afraid of fixing the knee area as I know my way around a sewing awl pretty well. Comments welcome
  8. thanks for the info. both my sticks are wood as they came with the gear i bought. even switching from stick to stick has made a big difference. i have learnt that i still have A LOT to learn!!
  9. I have only play shooter tutor for 3 years now and never understood how so many guys are so obsessed with picking the right twig. I have 2 sticks and always used one from the beginning for no particular reason. its getting a little beat up now so i switched AND WOW what a difference! better feel for the puck and my passing has benefited as well. I have seen the light.
  10. This is my position as well. not against the move itself just the circumstances around this particular goal.
  11. I don't have a lot of extra cash for new or custom gear but I had the opportunity to do a trade with a friend who does helmet air brushing. he refurbished a helmet and did a custom paint job for a hand made axe. the lid turned out amazing. he did a memorial plate on the back for a great friend that passed and i think about every time I strap on the skates or strap into my sledge.
  12. hey all I am getting a lid in a trade and it looks like there is lots of room between the cage and the mask at the top of the cage. is this a problem ? should i change the mask when i get it?
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