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  1. I am a hobby blacksmith and knife maker. making metal hot, spraying sparks with the grinder!
  2. Nice, and no where does it say you need to hand the puck to the ref... just out of mutual respect (which he did nothing to earn/keep)
  3. Just wondering how the conversation went with the ref you had? is it a matter of them not seeing it or something else? if it is maybe need to start soccer exaggeration the head hits!!! LOL!
  4. your defence looks a lot like mine. they say to me"we don't need to play defence, that's your job." needless to say i get hung out to dry tons.
  5. took me a minute to process what you ment Mroy31 but i tink i understand. i will try that and see if i cant be a little more situationaly aware.
  6. Really just a little guidance. new to the position about 3 years now and am having trouble. have tried hugging the post looking back, rvh looking around the net, standing and twisting. FYI my defence is non existent.
  7. So i am wondering if there is a rule of thumb/technique for tracking the puck behind the net? how much to turn, positioning etc.
  8. still getting the hang of things and it caught me off guard. was not in my ready position and being 6'3" my stick was not on the ice.
  9. I had a game last night and one of the guys I play against has and absolute rocket for a shot. I play semi organised rec with all levels of skill. he took a shot from the point and i am not reactive enough to get into the butterfly yet so i use my skates to direct to the corners. I looked at my blade and there was a slight bend in the blade. My question is will it affect my blade, which i didnt notice during the game, or should i get it strengthened out?
  10. do you store them with any pressure on them or just upside down and let gravity do its thing?
  11. Thats what i though. i have a guy that my company works with about 10 min away that said he could fit it in. not sure if i am going to do it or not.
  12. What would be considered a "modern day" pad? How long ago did the manufactures switch?
  13. What would be considered a "modern day" pad? How long ago did the manufactures switch?
  14. Netnewbie

    Tucker Tydan injury

    YIKES! seems to happen once in a while but thankfully not too often. Clint Malarchuk, Richard Zednik to name a couple other gruesome injuries.
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