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  1. I have both. My standard is almost 3 years old now. I am just now starting to feel belly shots. I have had the pro pack about 30 days, but it hasn't seen the ice yet, only the synthetic ice in the basement to work it in. Both very mobile, but the pro pack is heavier duty in all areas but still feels mobile. I wear my suspenders over the floaters and it is fine.
  2. It sounds like you already know the velcro from your knee pads has caused this. Its up to you to decide on what is best.
  3. Md30

    Tucker Tydan injury

    i would hate to think of what would happen to many of us at the amateur level, playing a 10pm game without having medical support at the facility if something like this were to occur
  4. Md30

    Bauer 2X quality concern

    Thank you, I actually was looking at your post before I posted. The finish work on yours is what I was expecting when I bought mine. As long as the wrinkles do not cause premature wear I am actually okay with it.
  5. Md30

    Bauer 2X quality concern

    Okay, thanks. That makes me feel better.I appreciate the feedback.
  6. Last week I ordered and received a pair of Bauer 2X pro pads. I have a concern about the inside edge of the left pad and how the material seems bunched. I contacted Bauer and was told it was normal and there was nothing that they could do. My concern is that this is an area of wear and could break down and tear easily. Does anyone with experience in these pads tell me if I am overthinking this?
  7. I would consider eliminating the boot strap, adding to the length of your lace or bungee toe tie a little at a time until its something that you can live with, but get the results you are looking for, and maybe keeping the strap at the bottom of the pad a little looser. I am not sure what pad you are using, or if its the correct size for you.
  8. Not really, other than the differences between the older VH, and the newer style true. With evolution, it seems like they have added more durable materials to the exterior wear areas.
  9. I have had my stock gm true skates for about a year with no issues. I previously wore custom 1pc. They were VH then but the quality was about the same.
  10. I read somewhere the goalie coach wants white inner, and white outer rolls.The center of the gear can be colored.
  11. I really like the subtle use of gold and green. I don't know that this had ever been done before.
  12. Have you considered a Tim Thomas style cheater cage?
  13. Could his pads sit any higher?
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