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  1. Pre orders are available at ice warehouse
  2. True, I really had to throttle down my response as this is place for us to escape the political B.S. going on.
  3. I ordered a couple of these today. Made something similar until they arrive. I don’t even like wearing a mask at Home Depot. This should be fun. I had been looking forward to getting back on the ice until this mandate.
  4. In Saginaw all players just received an email from the rink manager stating that he just had a Zoom meeting with MAHA and all rink Mangers. Apparently our fine governor is upset rinks are open and put MAHA in charge of enforcement. MAHA is afraid she will shut them down as quickly as she shut or state down earlier this year. The local rinks are to put refs in charge by issuing game misconducts for anyone not wearing a mask. I got the email less than 24 hours before our first ice time tonight.
  5. Md30

    Lefevre 20.1

    My floor to knee 19 inches. These are 33 plus 2. My Eflex pads were marked as the same size as these.
  6. I have a small section of synthetic ice tile in my basement. I tried them on and they felt pretty big. Then I tried them with my hockey pants. That is when I realized they wouldn't work. I really like them, other than the sizing. Coming from Eflex pads, they are a little stiffer. There is less wrap around the skates which should allow better movements. I really like the strapping. The quality, fit and finish look good as well. With the season starting in two weeks, I must go back to stock CCM pads as I know they will work. I am keeping the gloves, as they should work just fine.
  7. Yes, I did see that. I never dreamed what a difference it would make as I have had pads with a flat boot before. I didn't take into account how chunky the boot is. I would think that you would be okay in a 32 inch.
  8. I thought it was just me. I am likely pickier than most about my pads. They felt huge when I tried them on. Visually they look the same as my other pads when siting side by side. It is the flat bottom that makes them sit higher.
  9. I am going back to CCM with the pads. I will keep the gloves. I liked the idea of being made in North America, but I am disappointed in the sizing for sure.
  10. You can add me to that list. I received my L20.1 set a week ago. I don’t think I will be able to use them. Same size as the Eflex 4 that I wore last year.
  11. I just bought the same mask last week. If you just sold this its likely literally the same mask.
  12. I received mine from Hockeygeeks about 2 weeks ago. They didnt show stock online so you will have to call.
  13. I don't think that they would have logos if they were for an NHLer.
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