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  1. I tried Warrior and really liked them. I now wear the new Bauer Vapor 1X. They are not too bulky, offer great protection, seem to keep me sitting a little higher while down, and that seems to put less stress on the joints.
  2. I just bought their 1 pc all black size 8. They will be delivered Friday. I hope they are not too big for me, i think their sizing is a best guess on these, but i can let you know if i can't use them. I am hopeful they are guessing a little big, we will see. When i bought them they had a 14 day return policy, but it changed right after i bought them. I wear 7 in Bauer and CCM. Graf 7 is a little snug.
  3. I just baked the skate a few times. True says you can bake them several times to get a good fit. I have since gone back to Goalie Monkey and noticed the 1 pc size 9 is no longer available. :(
  4. I have done it. I have a pair of 1 pc.Pro returns in what I was told was a size 7, and a Stock Size 7 2 pc. from Goalie Monkey. I like the Pro returns better. For what its worth, Goalie monkey has 1 pc. pro stocks in various sizes right now for $549.00.
  5. I have both, and wore Bauer prior. I have had my issues with True customer service, but i like the skates. I had no issues with the skates themselves. I am selling the 1 pc because i am trying to like the taller 2 pc.
  6. Unless I look close, I think it looks more like Nashville Predators gear.
  7. Top to bottom, group shot, Noah 14, Gigi 1year, Oliver 1 year, and Lucky 15.
  8. 18 Jeep Wrangler unlimited, fits nicely with 1/2 of the back seat folded down.
  9. Goalies Plus has a great price on the T3. I am intrigued by the Vaughn/Pros Choice as well, but I have seen a few pictures others have posted and the detail work looked rough for the price.
  10. Md30

    Crouch Neck Guard

    I actually wore one for years until I purchased a Maltese. It is a very nice neck guard, but in my opinion, Maltese handles an impact much better.
  11. They wouldn't have picked you if they didn't like the way you play. Just do what you do. I think you will find it is easier with refs and whistles. Just staying awake for me would be the difficult part. Good luck.
  12. Thanks, I knew it would take someone smarter than me to figure it out.
  13. There is an entirely different thread regarding what happened a week or so after i received what i thought was a new pair of skates. I saw that someone posted a reply to this one though. I did think it was original and funny. Maybe a Mod could combine them for clarity.
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