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  1. Ok but you can tell even from the back that doesn’t look like his new mask, lol
  2. That was me with Markstrom's mask too. I check when I can but college + hockey is kicking my butt
  3. Fleury’s new setup. Still waiting on the mask from what i can tell
  4. Andersen’s new mask. Not too bad, just not creative
  5. FINALLY! Been waiting for a post on this. Looks incredible
  6. Ah that guy, he had something cool to say about my mask, so a W in my book
  7. The sides of the mask just make no sense to me. The mouth on the bottom without the extra shark logos would’ve been just fine, however quality wise it’s pretty good
  8. Most anaheim goalies are going with shellshockco as far as I’m aware, and Markstrom is going with Price’s artist from last season. I will say I don’t mind Reimer’s mask, it’s a lot better than most of davefarts masks
  9. I actually don't mind grubauer's pads at all but man there's little to no creativity with his mask. seems thats just the norm for half of the goalies in the nhl.
  10. If I have time to, it's usually left side first for everything, but I don't stress on it too much, there's gonna be times where you don't have time to pay attention to that
  11. via Merzlikins instagram ❤️🕊 IMG_4544.MP4
  12. Hah, that’s my queue to stop giving you ideas
  13. First time I wore it on ice I almost hurt myself LOL, but I just think that was from my back being overworked from before, but since then the discomfort in my back has gone down a lot
  14. Very nice of you to think of @coopaloop1234!
  15. I've had my fair share of back problems, and I've felt this helped me a lot, I honestly forgot it was there https://www.foxracing.com/product/turbo-kidney-belt-[blackgrey]-os/07037-014-OS.html
  16. Missing these ones right about now
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