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  1. oncogene

    Bauer Gear

    Yeah read and knew about that for between brands... just didn't expect same brand and (supposedly) same model line can still be so random in sizes. Gosh how hard is it to have the same real size with same size label. All these "technologies" about new goalie gears, and they can't even do a simple measurement ?
  2. oncogene

    Bauer Gear

    Just got the 2S Pro stick. Did not use it yet. Think the labelled sizes being so different among manufacturers is annoying? How about difference for even the same brand and sort of same model line... My old Bauer Supreme NXG at 26-1/2", vs Supreme 2S Pro at 26".... will they be the same paddle length? Of course not!.... The 26" is like a whole inch longer! Duno... do I just happen to get an odd one or should I go with 25" 2S Pro instead? Will the 25" be like 3" shorter than 26", eh?
  3. oncogene

    CCM Gear

    That's a bit lame TBH...
  4. oncogene

    CCM Gear

    Whats wrong with x900? Bad Bauer fit?
  5. oncogene

    G4 Thread

    They need another small differential bullet points on the spec to charge us double for the Pro version. Not G4, only have G3 recently myself but I'm actually thinking of taking that nylon straps out. Kinda not really doing much anyway. I have it loose so it will only be in effect if the knee elastic is really over-stretched. But the G3/G4 knee elastic is a lot better & stronger than G2, so that seems really unnecessary right now.
  6. They have waxed and non waxed versions. Tried the waxed yellow one recently since getting new pairs of skates. Did not like them. The laces seem to have more wax than actual lace in them. After many skates the laces were still stiff like a candle and had like no give whatsoever. If you tie them up a bit too tight, you are going to be in pain for the game. And the laces also started to roll up like a thin rope/string. Untying them is also a pain. End up ditching them for some Graf waxed laces. Much better.
  7. oncogene

    Goalie Camps

    Is there any email sub for future camp or training session for this? Looks interesting...
  8. Yes. Before Warriors, I had some old-spec beaten-up used Brian (DX2?), TPS smth, Itech/Bauer RX9. Went to Warrior Ritual (just the glove), then R2 full set and now R3 full set. Don't need to know about break-in period with the gloves at all. Gloves just close when the puck hits.
  9. It's "Game Ready" if you play Lundqvist blocking style or something.
  10. This season i got a full custom G3 set, warrior goal jock and GT sr chest. Also 1X goal skates. Also got (2015?) Vapor X900 player skates on clearance and Warrior player QR1 (?) gloves. Big spending season hah
  11. I have G2 and G3. Would say they are the same in sizes, at least in the smaller size range.
  12. At least a nice picture with all ur teammates looking at the cam.
  13. Thats super nice!!!!... i got to get one like that plz post pic when u got the red cage. How durable is it to have color on cage?
  14. The "hook" part will not be an issue for sure. I have G2 for 4 years for 2 games/weeks all year round. The soft "loop" part of velcro is still very much intact. Whatever Warrior uses does seem very durable.
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