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  1. CCSH

    HTV Vinyl

    I've decided to go for a simple look on my mask this year, doing just a sport gold window behind my mask. Bobby Lou style. I'm looking for a cheap option that'll look good and I've heard about people using HTV vinyl on pads before, but I'm worried it will damage my mask. Is there anyone out there that has used HTV vinyl on a mask before? I doubt it so whats the best, cheapish alternative?
  2. Don Cherry's Rock'em Sock'em 6, best pump up around.
  3. Does anyone know if the sizing difference normal for an older unit compared to a new one? Such as medium sizing being larger compared to a 2018/19 unit?
  4. Last season, I used a Passau C/A, I'm not sure of the model considering bought it used from a friend. I found the mobility to be sub-par and it was very, very bulky. I was able to make it out to a Goalie Monkey the other day and tried on a CCM EF Shield 2.9. I started off with trying on a small thinking that it would fit better considering my old C/A was a medium. The small size was way too small so I moved up to a medium and it seemed to fit a lot better and wasn't as bulky as my old one. The only problem is I don't have enough money for a new chest protector. Does anyone know any mods that can make the chesty more mobile and less bulky especially around the shoulders? Or should I buy a cheap one from somewhere else? I've got some pictures showing the C/A and me playing to show what it looks like on me. I'm a pretty small guy and feel the extra size of the pads affects how I'm able to move.
  5. I get my skates sharpened once every two weeks or so, but I also get about 13-15 hours of ice time a week. As for gear I like to replace my gear every 2 years but I also get insane discounts on gear from a close friend, getting all new everything for about 800-1000 compared to the 10,000 retail (stuff is lightly used).
  6. CCSH

    Inspirations on gear

    Anybody else have small inspirations like quotes etc on their gear? Personally, I have a smiley face on my glove (after Mitch Marner), and on my lacrosse helmet, I have "step" and "ball" on the sides of my helmet, as well as "Proverbs 13:4" across my throat guard if you didn't already think I was extra. I like seeing reminders like this before a practice or game to remind me of the essentials as well as remember that it's just a game and the goal is to have fun, because I don't have the best relationships with certain referees... I'd like to hear if I'm just super extra or if anyone else does this too
  7. I use their Cobalt shirt for lacrosse I am a lax goalie, but I run the ball up the field a lot, meaning every player on the field wants to hit me the hardest they can. My chest protector covers only the front of my chest and I have little to no protection of my ribs without the shirt on. I've taken numerous slashes to the ribs as well as a couple balls to the sternum, and the shirt has done very well, the padding works wonders It fits great and is very comfortable, but I haven't tried it out during hockey yet, as I purchased it for lacrosse at the beginning of the year.
  8. Has anyone seen anything that would go around your chest instead of bicep? I play lacrosse and it wouldn't take long to take a shot to my arm that would break my watch.
  9. CCSH

    CCM EF4

    I made up some possible ideas for using the color zones, using some NHL guys for inspiration. Color Zones: Bobrovsky: Holtby: Price: Rinne:
  10. CCSH

    CCM EF4

    Some pictures of possible E-Flex 4s from TheGoalCrease Instagram. Most people are complaining about the color zones. Thoughts?
  11. CCSH

    2S vs 1S Updates

    What led you to Bauer over any other company? I've always preferred Brians or CCM, but I'm open to new ideas.
  12. CCSH

    The Puck Stops Here

    Editing is amazing, definitely some of the best I've seen in these sort of highlight reel sort of video. Keep it up.
  13. CCSH

    osgood schlatter

    I've had it in both knees since I was 14. The best advice I have is to do any knee stretches. It seems pretty obvious but it works well for the game, I rarely notice it while playing. My doctor told me it typically goes away in your late 20s, so you're almost there. Here's an article I found helpful for pre-game. http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/knee-pain/anterior-knee-pain/osgood-schlatters-disease-exercises (sorry if I'm not supposed to post links). It seems to work well, however, I still find my knees stiffening up when I go to the showers, maybe stretching after the game would help as well. Best of luck.
  14. CCSH

    GT Design Help

    Decided on getting a pair of GT pads for the next season. I've designed 4 sets so far, both regular and classic. The first picture is our jerseys. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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