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    I got to demo a set of the new 2s gear and really enjoyed them. I tried a large set and they fit very well (I currently wear ccm premier 34+2) and I felt more mobile while skating. I did notice have some issues with my knee moving off the block while sliding. That may be down to how I had them strapped since I wear the knee strap down to the calf wrap. I also removed the bottom calf strap to make it feel more like my premiers. The blocker was really light I found the palm to be too short and the fingers very loose. However, it does shot pucks off like crazy. To my surprise, I actually liked the glove. I currently wear a stock ccm premier glove (590 single T) and have always had those glove specs. The glove was a bit stiff, though it was the first time it was used. I loved the double tee and angle of the glove and found it felt very natural. I'll play around with the strapping some more but these could very well end up being my next set.
  2. I'm considering getting these since my 1x skates have given me ankle pain. I've tried getting them rebaked, punched and using homemade ankle pads and I'm still experiencing pain. I'll try them on and see how they fit, I may have to look into true skates.
  3. I've been using this reaction ball for a couple of years now. The new version with the updated cord is really good. http://reactionball.ca/index.html
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