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  1. Update: Result of my search are P2s in 36+1 via one of the Facebook groups. Additionally I found some P1 gloves (590 break). The pads do not have leg straps, and no boot strap. Also I installed pro laces. Hope I can join one of the team practices next week. Really looking forward to trying them on the ice. Thanks again to all for your input.
  2. Besides the forum here and sidelineswap, are there some other locations where I could check on used gear?
  3. Will try and check some stores. Pro and Senior have same sizing? Chance is higher to find some senior pads. Ground to mid of the knee is 58cm = 22.8"
  4. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and input. I think I will the stick with the Premier line and check on some P2s. My RBK Premier 2 right now are 36+1. Should I consider the same size for the P2s? Or do the P2s ride completely different than the old Premier 2s?
  5. Hi, I would appreciate your opinion as I am looking for some new pads. My current pad is a RBK Premier 2. I have only been playing Koho & RBK ever since. Current considered lines are: - CCM Premier 2 - Bauer 2s It is difficult to check the pads here as most stores don't have pro line pads in stock and only order based on customer order. To be honest I haven't followed the development of the gear of the last years. In the last days I checked lots of reviews and information on the current models and it seems Premier 2 might match best to me. Though I am considering getting used gear and currently many Vaughn or Bauer 2s pads (e.g. pro returns) are available. Has someone made the transition from RBK/CCM Premiers to Bauer 2s? What Vaughn pad is comparable to a RBK Premier? I like a fairly stiff pad, wearing them loose and have the preference directing rebounds to the corners. My playing level is middle German Amateur league. In my team we have some ex pros or former junior national team players, so some guys that can shoot and play. Actually I quit playing officially some years ago due to injury. Since then I help out the team in practice or as backup for some games in case no 1 or 2 goalie is injured or sick. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Best regards from Germany, Florian
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