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  1. Literally everyone. Teslas are the lifted diesel pickup trucks of the I.T. crowd. 😉 Not really
  2. While I agree with you, just look at some of the others and realize how much worse it could have been. I wouldn't have put it past them to make this thing grey with red stripes and stick us with Buckeyes colors. They added grey to Winnipeg and silver to ours for no reason after all.
  3. I mean, it's super bland and boring, but most of our Winter Classic jerseys have sucked so I'll take bland over shitty.
  4. The Isles are actually one I don't mind. They don't feel absurd and forced the way many of these things do. As a Red Wings fan I'm glad they kept ours simple and didn't screw it up too much, but it really just kind of looks like the model is wearing a wife-beater.
  5. It does look like the Lefeve gloves close better than CCM. Hopefully that trend continues once they're True branded and being mass produced again.
  6. First of all, most of this things look like some Chinese knock off factory grabbed the wrong patterns and fabrics. They're just god-awful and a blatant money grab. They remind me of the horrible Starter jerseys from the 90's. Now that I'm done ranting, there were a couple that were not eye-searingly offensive and two I actually liked. Minnesota is by far the best. Both colors and logo have meaning and they're blended together nicely. Winnipeg is also well done. Classy, somewhat understated and a nice use of the old logo. My final thought is that if I lived in Quebec Ci
  7. The GT2 was the oldest Warrior I've used, but I don't think they revised their blocker much up until G5. I loved how light the GT2 was, but it didn't really stand out to me in any other way. I'm not saying it was poor at rebound control, more like it's not something I've ever been great at. I've always had the odd poorly controlled rebound off any blocker I use, and that's 100% on me for poor puck tracking. The G5's flatter face seems to compensate for my tendency to not always watch the puck all the way to my hand.
  8. Having used Optik 1, EF4, GT2, Axis, G5 and Bauer 2X (for a couple games) in the last 18 months the Bauer is the hottest by far. Rebounds feel like you're swatting them with a tennis racket, especially if you give them a little punch. But in terms of placement of rebounds the G5 is the hands down winner. Rebounds off of it are so controlled and so easy to place where I want them. The just seem to end up in the right place without me thinking about it. I've always felt like the blocker was the most interchangeable piece of gear I wear, but the G5 is leaps and bounds better than anything el
  9. So I decided to have a crack at this. I had an EF4 stick sitting around that I'd already done some reshaping of the shoulders on. It was very little work to modify it to mimic what Lundqvist uses. I've also used foam to fill out the grip area of my Warrior M1P+ sticks, so I decided to incorporate that here as well. I don't pay for InGoal Premium, so I'm not sure what Lundy's logic for this is, but based on reviews here I was interested in trying a couple different grips out. By locating the foam carefully I was able to minimize contact with the sharp edges of the cutout,
  10. I just swapped to Vertexx trigger holders.
  11. For $600 I might give them a go then. That could end up being a really great deal. Will the store let you bake before buying? If they think you're serious they might be willing to.
  12. I'm with PAW, I'd look at the AS3 or Ultrasonic lines if you want more volume around the ankle.
  13. One quick question: How much cheaper are the pro returns? If they're not at least $250 cheaper than custom I'd save my money and go custom.
  14. 2. Maybe. To be honest I could barely fit my feet into my custom True's before heating them. Afterwards they fit beautifully. Given that yours fit out of the box I'm going to speculate that they may be too big once you get them baked. Hopefully I'm wrong. 3. The holder is 3mm, but the steel on mine was 4mm. Compare them to any newer CCM/Bauer goalie skate and you should be able to see a difference. Or pull the steel out of the holder. If it changes sizes like mine does the actual runner is 4mm. 4. YES! I've had no durability issues with my True skates after two years,
  15. Check out that boot also. Super flat!
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