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  1. Those are SICK!!! Well done by Robin picking up the accent colors!
  2. I've worn a pro cat eye for over 20 years now with absolutely no issues. If I were forced to go back I'd pick straight bar over one of those certified cat eye abominations. There was almost 0 downward visibility in the one I tried. Like you, I'm sure I could have adapted but I just peeled the cage off my old mask and slapped it on the new one.
  3. Ah, that wasn't clear. Sorry if you thought I was being an ass, it wasn't intended that way. I agree with everyone who's telling you to try masks on. Fit is something that you can kind of dial in over the 'net but feel is very subjective and having your mask feel right on your head is almost as important as having it fit right. Especially when you're spending around a grand on it!
  4. This is what I used to do, and it's a great way to get better prices on high quality gear. I just got done re-doing the knee stacks on my buddy's entry level CCM pads (old EF2 760's I think). He's not a big guy (5'8" 170 I'd guess) and it felt like he'd worn a hole in his knee foam. Once I opened up the stack I found that the knee stack was build from junky open cell foam like you'd use for shipping. I replaced it with some higher quality material and he went from wanting to buy new pads to thinking he can get several more years out of the ones he has. I'm assuming that the rest of the foam is on par with what I found in the knee area and he'll end up replacing them sooner rather than later, but that's on him. Regardless, the knee stack is one of the best places to feel the quality of the materials used in the pad. Go back to Perani's and feel the difference in the knee stacks on the EF4, 4.9 and 4.5. You'll be shocked at how crappy the bottom end feels compared to the top or middle. There's nothing wrong with buying bottom end if you're only on the ice once week or so and want to replace your pads every year or two, but understand that you are making the decision to replace more often with lower level gear. One argument for spending more on better pads is that when you DO want to upgrade you'll get more out of the gear you're selling.
  5. I've tried both the 20/32 and the 17/32 from NoIcing over the years and really like the 20/32 combo radius with a mild forward pitch. There is a noticeable improvement in agility over stock with either of these radii and no loss in movement while down. My Tydan steel came with a Goalie SAM profile and I definately have not liked it as much. It will be heading to NoIcing on Friday to get changed over to the 20/32 combo.
  6. That's a quality tease right there!
  7. I just scored a brand new (tags still attached) Cooper GM6 blocker and GM3000 catch glove on an auction site out of Flint. The GM3000 is a glove I wanted badly back in the day, so I"m super stoked to be able to call a brand new one my own. Now to figure out where to display them. PIcs when they show up.
  8. Green, no two ways about it. Gold may seem fun, but I'd get tired of the novelty quickly and end up regretting my choice.
  9. I like this one better too as it minimizes that amount of red in the design. Just a personal preference, but I feel like red is a color that really takes over when used as more than an accent.
  10. I saw this abortion on a local website last night. What a total mess! The only good news is that no matter how poorly Elvis plays he'll still look better than his mask.
  11. Puckstopper


    I never played, but baited a lot of dumb freshmen into playing while I was in college. We lived right across the street from a convenience store/bar and would inevitably get hit up by kitds from the dorms nearby to buy beer for them. My standard response was "I'll pay for 2 40's for you, but you've got to play Edward 40-hands". The smart ones asked what I meant, but you'd be stunned at how many dumbshits agreed without ever asking (and went through with it). Ahhhh, good times....
  12. This does seem like the most likely outcome. Best case scenario is flakes of paint everywhere after a couple uses, but I'm desperately rooting for a huge shower of black paint! Get us some video mas so we can laugh at with you.
  13. This! Have your store work potential pain areas with a boot punch as well. I've gotten a couple extra years out of my 1S's by getting them punched out. Honestly I'd recommend that most younger goalies plow the $1000 that they'll blow on custom skates into either finding a good goalie coach or spending more time with the one they have. Better technique will save more goals the top end gear.
  14. So try CCM, or Bauer Supreme, etc... Hell, I was going to try to convince you that it's a huge waste of resources to buy a custom skate when you're still growing but it's your/your parents money. Spend it however you want. But no, you will not get the maximum energy transfer if the product doesn't fit properly. It'll still be great, but not as great as it could be.
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