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  1. Kind of my thoughts as well. I'll just chip in impressions once I've worn mine enough to have some.
  2. I got better results barefoot, but there's no way I'm letting some of the customers do that. Some of these kids pull off their shoes and I almost gag.
  3. Bingo. Very few advertise their program as well as GM, which is why I refer to them so often. If you've got a local store like a Pure Hockey, Perani's, Pro Hockey Life, Source for Sports, etc... go in/call and ask what they can do for you.
  4. Yes. Many stores have demo programs. Goalie Monkey will allow you to demo quite a few sets for nothing more than a deposit. If you want the level of personal attention and care that someone like TGN gets you have to bring something more to the table than just enthusiasm. TGN has a decently large social media following AND has created a community for all of us here. Based on those contributions he is given access to the gear and facilities as a form of advertising for the MFGs. Since they have him already doing this, you'll have trouble getting the same kind of access by simply copying him. You'll have to come up with a unique angle that brings value to the community and large AND the brands you expect to send you gear. On top of that, expect to have to work hard for months/years until you've established a presence. I'm certainly not saying it can't be done, but the quicker and easier path to "gear whoring" (not using that as an insult, I'm a total gear whore) would be to flip sets on Sideline Swap, the marketplace here, etc... Getting a job at a local store would be a good step towards paying for that first set of extra gear so you have a set to play in while you're flipping other stuff online. Helping pro goalies is the job of their equipment manager and the gear manufacturer's Pro Rep. Usually to get a job as a Pro Rep you need to have played at a decently high level yourself so you can better understand what it's like to be a professional goalie, not just a goalie. Many of the pros don't care about the specs the way we do. They're more focused on how THEY are stopping the puck than how the GEAR is stopping the puck. Often they want the same old pad as last year so that they can eliminate one variable from their equation. It's certainly not impossible to break into the field of being an equipment manager though. I'd speak with a local Junior/College/ECHL or AHL team and see if you can spend some time with their Equipment Manager and see if it's a field you're interested in. I reccomend listening to the InGoalMag podcast. There is a lot of good info about pros and their gear on there, especially in the early episodes. Good luck!
  5. Puckstopper

    R GT/2

    Like Coop said, they seem to post 1 set a day. I wasn't sure, so I was constantly refreshing their Instagram right up until the day my pads showed up. The wait for custom orders is BRUTAL, but the end result is worth it! Edit: My comment about wait times was not a shot at Warrior for their turnaround time (which is actually pretty good), just an acknowledgement that the anticipation of new toys is both enjoyable and agonizing. Lets be honest, the wait could be 2 weeks and many of us would still be impatient.
  6. That's a clutch tip! I'm going to give that a whirl on the heel strap.
  7. There is a separate setting for goalies. I start with a Brannock and scan every customer at least twice to make sure we're getting the right size. I do this because the machine is only as good as the data that is put into it. and I've seen a surprising number of variances with some customers (sometimes as much as a full size). If I do get 2 different results I'll do a third scan and go with the recommendation that came up twice. Usually an "off" result is a product of someone shifting just a tiny bit while it's measuring or not bending their knees for the measurement and is easily corrected.
  8. Yes it does. The Vapor and Supreme lines are reversed in goalie skates, with the Vapor being the higher volume skate and the Supreme being the tighter fit.
  9. Solid review. Between a trip, taking delivery of my own set of EF4's and a sprained knee I've still only got 4 games in my set of Warriors. Like you I'm super happy overall and the couple minor issues I have are more adjustments than problems and are certainly not with the fit, finish or design of the pad. Once I hit the 10 to 15 game mark I'll follow up with a review of my own, but the short version is that it's the best glove they've ever made and the rest of the set plays exactly like you'd expect a set of Warrior pads to play.
  10. Anyone can get a nice deep stance, that's just tall steel. It's being able to do anything with that stance that requires a little flexibility.
  11. I play out of a super deep stance on in tight plays and I was a little worried about the softer, deeper boot on my new GT2's inhibiting that a little bit compared to may last pads that sat right on top of my skates. With the elastic strapping it's not an issue. Cowlingless skates and +2mm steel make deep stances a breeze!
  12. I can't answer that question in polite company...
  13. OR.... Joe could learn from the criticism he's facing here and make and effort to be more of a positive contributor. One truism in business at all levels is that if you're a successful businessman you'd rather get negative feedback than lose a customer (or potential customer) and not know why they walked.
  14. G4 is Warrior's stiffer "butterfly style pad. It will fit looser and feel less connected. GT2 is their hybrid pad and it definitely fits closer to the leg. I own a set of these and have about 4 hours of ice time in them at this point. The pads are breaking in nicely in that time and I'm moving comfortably in them. Rotation is great (better/more consistent than my old Brian's SZ3's) and the strapping system is easy to adjust on the fly if needed. The GT2 glove is the most natural feeling glove (for me anyway) that Warrior has ever released. By bypassing the thumb loop I was able to get it to feel enough like my previous catch glove that I took it directly into a game situation with no practice time and didn't miss a beat. I'm not sure what if any differences exist between the G4 blocker and the GT2, but it's super light and the palm leather is buttery soft. The only downside to these sets is that the included knee pads tend to slip down off my thigh and around my knee. One of my friends uses clear tape to hold his up. I have tried using bungie cord and velcro to attach them to my pants and it helped a bit, but I didn't really like the connected feeling between knee pads and pants. If you're used to taping your knee pads or have another set you can use while you dial these in, this should be a non issue. Overall I feel like Warrior pads offer a no compromise emphasis on light weight and performance and I've been more than happy with my set in the brief time I've had with them. Based on your history you sound more like a GT2 guy, but the G4 replacements should be out by then so I'd see what G5 brings to the table before deciding.
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