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  1. I was in high school/college when most of the pads we're bantering about were released. I've personally owned Helite II's and Pro90z and can safely say that I regretted selling the II's to buy the 90z set, despite the fact that Pro90z's were my dream pad until I actually strapped them on. Now, on to Velocity vs all other previous "box" pads: People I played with were aware of box pads like Vic and Aeroflex, but never bought them for one reason or another (availability, price, or just the fact that they "looked freaking weird"). Velocities on the other hand were light, sexy and revolutionary without being TOO revolutionary. EVERYONE I knew wanted a pair and for a while there it seemed like if you weren't wearing Velo's you were wearing a clone from Simmons, Battram or someone else. It is 100% fair to give the OG Velo line credit for pushing box style pads to the front of the discussion. One humorous note: As I thought back on it, Pete Smith has been involved in more pads that put performance ahead of appearance than any other designer I can think of. I love the way my Warrior setups play, but I totally get why people struggle to get onboard with the look of the pads and gloves. Maybe Pete deserves a spot on the list for pioneering "function over form"?
  2. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    Use a pocket stretcher for sure! Mine is a piece of 1x2 I had lying around. I angle cut the edges and covered that areas that will touch the glove with some old PadSkinz I had lying around to avoid tears. It's worked wonders on my GT2 and now my G5 glove. I alternate between stretching the glove and tying it tightly closed. Most gloves I switch every night, but Warriors have responded better to 2 nights of being held open followed by a single night of being tied shut.
  3. Tough to say. I've used the EF4 almost exclusively since I came back from a shoulder injury last October. I definitely prefer the Bishop curve from Warrior over the CCM Crawford I ordered. However, at the moment I'd say I prefer the flex of the CCM. Regardless, I'm committing to the M1 for the summer to see how I adjust.
  4. Average of my M1 Pro+ sticks is 632 grams with a 26" paddle. I've got 4-5 hours on the ice with them and have liked them so far. They're definitely softer than the V1 Pro+, but not quite as flexible as the EF4. Once I get some more time with them I'll go more in depth, but my initial impressions have been quite positive.
  5. Honestly, there is a tradeoff between mobility and protection. I'm willing to live with the occasional bruise to have the freedom of motion. After playing in one of these in high school, anything on the market feels like and improvement!
  6. Can't vouch for the 2S, but my 2X is lightweight, mobile and very protective. I've taken a couple on the lower arms that stung, but I think I'd have felt those shots wearing most of what's out there right now.
  7. Honestly, if I were starting from scratch I'd be seriously considering custom AS3's, as I feel the XS holder is the best on the market and I like CCM skates better than Bauer right now. But if he's already got True on order I can say that my Gen 2 True boots definitely show better finish that the Gen 1's I saw. There are still a couple minor things that make it pretty clear these aren't being mass produced at the same level as Bauer or CCM, but they definitely don't look like they were built in a shed anymore either. Personally I really didn't like my Tydan steel. I felt the Step I had previously held an edge better, even though the Tydan I had was supposedly DLC. LS5G is pretty close to the Tydan IMHO. Personally as far as steel goes I'd buy whichever of those you can get a deal on as they are both better than LS3G. Supposedly Bauer has a new steel coming later this year and I'l probably try that out.
  8. There will be an adjustment going from Vertexx to the 4mm Step blades. I tried it for one game and had Vertexx's put on.
  9. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    Lead times on gear seem to depend on a number of factors. The retailer you pick sometimes seems to have and effect. But I can share an example that removes that variable: A co-worker and I both ordered Axis sets within a week of each other. He ordered a set in CBJ colors a week before I ordered a set in Graphite Grey, navy and yellow. His expected arrival date was a week AFTER mine, meaning for whatever reason CCM thought his set would take 2 weeks longer to build. Both sets are 34" with single break internal and external, so I'm not sure if it's the colors, the strapping differences or if I just lucked into an earlier production slot for some reason.
  10. It's the first step to getting help! We're here for you @BadAngle41
  11. Yep. Added him to ignore so that I can enjoy talking to the people who actually know what's going on without trying to correct the stupidity he spews.
  12. Nevermind, not worth my time.
  13. Our CCM rep said they went to the flat inner gusset so they could firm up that area. In testing the firmer round edge didn't perform as well as the flat surface from a durability standpoint.
  14. Dude, seriously, you're STILL on about this? As a reminder you DIDN'T simply say that there were "huge differences" between Axis and Premier 2 (there aren't by the way) your claim was that the Axis line was the most revolutionary line of 2020. I believe the exact quote was "Its probably the MOST changed line of pads in 2020 out of every line, maybe in the past 3 straight years combined. " News flash: Axis isn't even CLOSE. Axis is a Premier pad with the exact same evolutionary tweaks that other mfg's are making. They're thinner, lighter, have a firmer inner edge and kick out rebounds harder. Guess what? Optik 2, G5 and Ultrasonic can all say the same. The Axis is nothing more than a thinned out Premier with a flat inner surface (which every other mfg has done for years) and a softer boot. Don't get me wrong, the Axis set I used worked great, but having used P2 and EF4 as well as Warrior GT2 and G5 in the last couple years it didn't do anything that would qualify it as the most revolutionary pad of our time or anything even close to that. @TheGoalNet I believe you mentioned that once Axis was released you'd be able to outline the differences between Axis and Bernier's "EF4" pads from early in the season. Other than the binding and square outer roll they look pretty much bang on for an Axis set, so I'd love to hear what I'm missing.
  15. I've been extremely happy with my True 2-piece skates. I've followed True's recommendations regarding care (pulling insoles to dry, etc...) and have not had a single issue. I don't blame people for being skeptical regarding True durability, but I really think they're improving greatly in that area. To be honest, Bauer is that last skate brand I'd look at right now. Until my True's I wore only Bauer goalie skates and really liked them. Unfortunately they're being left in the dust (at least at the upper end) by CCM and True. They're the only company still offering a 2 piece boot for their top end skates and there really is a difference. I know they're trying to claim the US skate has some "Monoframe" chassis, but it's really just a 2 boot with sides that come up over the top half of the boot. Plus, in my opinion both CCM and True offer a more robust custom order program.
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