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  1. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    Trust me, I really wish you had the right of it! This looks like an answer to the EF4 stick from CCM. If you liked the CR1 you'll like the V1 better. It's a great twig!
  2. Bauer 1x had really stiff arms. I just picked up a 2X and have been really happy with it. Warrior R/GT2 and Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon were the other two I was considering.
  3. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    Yeah, but that's actually for the foam core sticks. If you look closer there's only Mid and Twist (Quick/Bishop) for the M1 line. CCM will be following suit this year also. They'll only be offering Price and Crawford patterns. To me this is really disappointing. I heard one of the CCM guys on the Ingoal podcast talking about how playing the puck is becoming a more important part of goaltending and implying that they'd be expanding the number of curves they offered in goalie sticks. Seeing them instead follow Bauer's idea of shoehorning everyone into one or two patterns is a bummer, especially from a personal perspective as my size/pattern got axed.
  4. Nothing for over a year. It just launched last spring, so it'll see an update or be renamed/replaced in 2021.
  5. Most assuredly NOT just you!
  6. There was douchebaggery on both sides. No need for Thornton to go digging around, Mrazek had the puck well and truly secured but that baseball swing could have caused serious damage to Thornton's knee. Same thing with the punch. There was no need for it, but no need for the dive either. Pretty much a punk exchange all the way around,
  7. Elastic replacement is another DIY job if you have a sewing machine. I usually make mine double thick so they last longer. It's a tiny difference in material cost that yields a large increase in durability.
  8. I would agree with not needing to stitch the seams back up. I didn't bother with my friend's and they've worked fine for him.
  9. Cool idea. I look forward to seeing how you like them.
  10. SR + =CR2. I will say that if you can manage the cash the V1 Pro+ is a really nice upgrade over the CR1 in terms of weight and seems to be just as durable.
  11. Coincidentally I just upgraded a friend's EF2 760's earlier this year. As was mentioned above it's not an overly hard mod, but it is made a little more difficult by the fact that the 760 knee stacks aren't removable. Still, it's fairly easy overall. Instead of using a single type of foam I actually used two different densities. Both were much firmer than what was in there but the grey layer below is softer than the black layer and provides a little cushioning. I sourced some upholstery web adhesive to glue the two layers together and they're holding up great. Before the mod my bud was actively looking for new pads, now he's planning to keep these for at least another season, maybe two. In the photo below you can see how poor the foam used in the low end pads really is.
  12. ^^ Especially if you like puck handling. Newer composites are amazing in their ability to launch the puck with minimal effort.
  13. That is an absolutely absurd stance to take. I modify my game all the time and sometimes the equipment has to change to accommodate those changes. Sometimes you even make changed BEFORE they're needed like I'm about to. Thanks for posting this OP. I've got very minor wear on my knee cradle area and I will immediately switch to wearing something over my kneepads to prevent the wear from getting worse.
  14. I would think you could stitch one in with a sewing awl fairly easily.
  15. 😁🤣 The whole ADV "Sonic Boom of Confidence" advertising ties in with the UltraSonic name. Between that and Axis this is not a great year for names. Hopefully the products are better than the names!
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