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  1. I'm not sure how this is even humanly possible. I guess maybe the procedure wasn't "open heart" as I understand it. My understanding is that open heart surgery involves cutting through the ribs/breastbone to allow the surgeon room to work. I thought I also read the he had to have a valve replaced and that the typical recovery was over 3 months! I've never been the biggest Hank fan, but damn this is nothing short of superhuman!
  2. In fairness, I've watched more Hawks games this year than just about any other team outside my Wings, and Lankinen has been the number one reason that team has had any success. He's damn good!
  3. Plus a lot of shops do it for free. Peranis had multiple sets of Axis loaner pads available this year.
  4. Correct, Speedskin is a crosshatch pattern of raised lines. To me it honestly feels like sliding on velcro as the ice gets worse. The theory of reducing surface area touching the ice is sound, it just goes right out the window when the ice gets a little rough/snowy. Thanks for the input on Fastglide, as I am considering trying out True this spring and would have been tempted to venture down that road.
  5. That's personal preference. It sounds like you've got cleaner ice than a lot of us, so you might not hate FastGlide. Weave will slide better for sure, but there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that it wears poorly compared to JenPro or SpeedSkin/FastGlide. It's too early for me to have personal experience with this, as any pair of pads I've had more than a year had a JenPro inner gusset.
  6. If Fast Glide is similar to Speedskin it's great on fresh ice but actually worse than JenPro or weave on choppy ice. I tried Speedskin on my EF4s and absolutely HATED it. I've got it on the face of my Axis pads as it was the only way to get Graphite Grey, but I went with weave for the sliding surface and I'm much happier. Of the 6 sets I've owned in the last 10 years I'd say the EF4's slid the worst (after the first period anyway) and the Axis slide the best. Some of that is the harder foam on the inside of the Axis, but certainly not all.
  7. With the exception of Speedskin they use exactly the same materials. Probably from the exact same suppliers given their longstanding previous relationship. My Axis set is holding up beautifully. Given my previous experience with CCM's customer service while dealing with a minor issue on my EF4 set I'll bet they'll get you squared away quickly.
  8. Wow, that sucks! I don't blame you for not giving them a second chance. If you're trying to keep the cost down I might look at pro stock sticks.
  9. I purchased 3-packs of each in the Pro+ model. As mentioned, the V1 is much stiffer and slightly heavier. They were my primary sticks for a 14 month period until a shoulder injury prompted a switch to the softer CCM EF4. Once the M1 came out I went right back to Warrior as it gave me all the benefits of the EF4 with slightly less weight. To date, of the 3 sticks I've mentioned the only one I've broken was an M1. Given that I'd cut a Lundquist grip into the paddle I'm going to say that was my fault as the other two M1's are going strong. I've got an EF4 that has a ton of paint scrap
  10. Probably no real reason to wait then. I came from Bauer 1S's and was skeptical about the supposed improved performance of the Trues given how much better the 1S's were than the skates that came before them. The Trues have exceeded expectations in every way possible. First off, I've never had skates this comfortable. As someone with a fairly wide foot (4E) I've always had to buy skates at least a half size big to get my feet in them, and at the end of the game I was always highly motivated to get the skates off to get bloodflow back in my feet. The Trues let me skate all day with no issu
  11. It depends. Do you like 3mm or 4mm steel? The current skates on the website show the 4mm steel that came with my set. The next gen (assuming they follow the TF9's lead) will have the Goalie Shift holder and 3mm steel. I'm not sure if you could get them to do the Shift holder if you wanted to put an order in right now or not, but it might be worth a quick email to their customer service team. The only other major difference is the appearance/finish of the skates. If you look at the website you can see that the goalie skates look a little less polished that the forward skates. If t
  12. I have the TF9 player skate. It's an absolutely phenomenal value and based on the price point I've heard rumored for the goalie skates I think they'll be a huge win for goalies.
  13. I've always found skating out for a few games here and there is a great way to purge all the negativity I sometimes build up in my head when playing net. It's nice to not have the entire weight of the game on your shoulders for a little while. Then, after a few games I get bored of NOT having final responsibility and scurry back to the crease. Regardless, I feel like I've got a better grasp of the game having played both ways and it definitely helps my stickhandling in net.
  14. I'm about 18.5 as well and prefer a 35". But I like my pads tall.
  15. ^^ Good point. You will not be able to crank a stiff pad down and expect it to work well. But I didn't find much of an issue making that transition and now very much prefer a loose, open leg channel.
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