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  1. Holy crap, that's my home rink, but I don't recognize anyone in there. So as far as the unis go, they're provided when you sign up for the Draft Tournament. I've never managed to go, but it's a tourney that moves city to city and whacky themed unis are part of the deal. So far Columbus has had National Team Uni's, (2017) Not So Hockey Nations uni's (these from 2018) and Big 10 Schools for themes so far. Other themes that I've seen have looked way better. https://www.drafttournament.com/blog/columbus-ohio-adult-beer-league-ice-hockey-tournament-fourth-jersey-revealed/
  2. Puckstopper

    G4 Thread

    I just used one of these to go over the stitching on my GT2 set that had a similar issue. Problem fixed! It only took about 10 minutes and once you have a sewing awl you'll find all sorts of uses for it. http://www.speedystitcher.com/
  3. Agreed. I've been building toe ties and doing basic repairs for local people for a while now and it's really rewarding.
  4. It will make it difficult to sharpen. You may not notice it now, but you will when your edges are out of whack. Get it straightened.
  5. I suffered a shoulder injury diving off my dock back in mid August. I held off on seeing my doctor and got back to playing about 2 months later. Progress has been somewhat slow but I've gotten stronger over the last couple months. I did end up seeing a doc right before Thanksgiving, but I still haven't gone for imaging. He gave me some rehab stretches and workouts that I've been doing. Again, there's slow progress. Now that we're into a new year I've got imaging scheduled to figure out exactly what's going on in there as the healing hasn't been as fast as my doc and I were hoping.
  6. Looks like Vaughn hasn't given up on him yet. Still advertising him on the website.
  7. Lol @Kirk3190 already voided Max's warranty. 🤣
  8. Makes a ton of sense. I'm guessing you've nailed it and the 20.1 will look a lot like what Bernier has been wearing this year.
  9. I feel like the other 3 names show intent to innovate/evolve the lines whereas the L87s will be their staple pad for those who want that design. After all, it's easy for 4.1, 12.1 and 20.1 to become 4.2, 12.2 and 20.2 as the pads evolve. They've also left themselves plenty of room for completely new lines in/around the existing models.
  10. I doubt that highly. They know they can command top dollar and would be foolish to price themselves any lower than they had to.
  11. I've been very happy with my Bauer 2X Pro. It's not as mobile as a Vaughn or the new Warrior RGT2, but it's been a very solid performer. The RGT2 would be worth a look as well.
  12. The great thing about TRUEs is that they can be molded repeatedly. They do require a longer time in the oven and on your feet but it's absolutely worth spending the time on.
  13. Sorry, I didn't take shots with the True holders on and I had my LS5G blades profiled before ever putting them on. I will say that there was a HUGE difference in feel but I hadn't skated on 4mm runners in well over a year before buying my TRUE's so that may have been it as well.
  14. Looks like the Fleury and Holtby patterns are being added back and the original Price is gone. It's good they're adding more custom options since they are cutting back on retail offerings:
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