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  1. I just received two sets of LS5G steel back from noicing sports. I had previously used their 24'-30' dual combo radius and loved the increase in agility I felt when moving behind the net to stop dump-in's etc so I had one set done with that combo. For the other set I selected a triple radius (15/20/28) to see if I could feel the difference. Tonight will be my first game in my new True/Vertexx combo, so I'll report back after on how the triple felt. I've also tried the Goalie SAM radius on my Tydan blades and a 17/30 from nocing on some older Step Steel. Neither of those worked nearly as well for me as the 24/30 radius did. Telfo, I'd agree. Lateral movement was good with Goalie SAM, but actual skating was not as easy as other custom radii I've tried out. Still, SAM was better than the one game I played in the stock True radius before my replacement steel/holders.
  2. That is also called out in the True fitting videos that are provided to store personnel. My intention is to follow the directions to the T and remove the footbeds after every skate. The skates will also be dried in front of a fan after each use. My theory is that you don't buy a Ferrari and plan on changing the oil every 10k miles, and I treat my equipment the same way. I'll update periodically as my journey with True continues.
  3. I'd never heard of this stuff before you brought it up. The possibilities seem endless and I'd love to see your results!
  4. Don't worry, when it comes to my expensive and super comfortable new wheels the only many I'm trusting is Tim! 😁
  5. Good points Loki. I take shit every year for the little bit of white trim on my skates. The standards for ref's equipment are different than players (much more restrictive) and some guys I ref with are absolutely BRUTAL to you if you don't look right. Not that I blame them, the job is hard enough without someone out there looking unprofessional.
  6. Nope, for the same reason you aren't supposed to skate out in them. The front and rear aren't rounded and can cause injury. It's not directly in the rulebook, but is covered in the casebook that all officials are tested on yearly.
  7. LIkewise. These are some amazing pads and I'm constantly puzzled at the number of people in our shop who walk right past them to look at CCM. Not that there is anything wrong with CCM, but it just feels like Brians' sometimes doesn't get the love they deserve.
  8. Hey @Tim_TRUEHockey quick question. If i wanted to use my new True 2 piece skates for reffing would there be anything structurally that would prevent me from putting some forward steel on them (goalie steel is prohibited) to do this? I already experimented with some forward steel that we had at the shop and it seems like it would fit the holder that's on my goalie skate. Obviously I won't have the tendon guard, but that's less of a concern for me when reffing than when I'm playing forward. I can't imagine that the goalie boot is built that differently than the forward boot but wanted to check.
  9. These are really cool, thanks for sharing. My Warrior ARS straps wont fit through the toes of my new True skates easily, so I may try to cobble together a set like this and see how it works.
  10. There are dozens of threads about this, but I'll sum up the general consensus for you: No 2 heads are exactly alike. Something custom molded will fit better than something custom foamed but will be more expensive. Off the shelf will probably be the worst fit, but who knows you may get lucky. Off the shelf can be the most cost effective way to go, but not necessarily. If you're looking at off the shelf masks you're better off to buy less expensive mask that fits well than a top of the line mask that doesn't fit you well. Playing AAA means you'll need something with HECC approval, which narrows your options somewhat. The best thing you can do is start at your local store for a fitting and research custom mask makers who make certified masks. edit: It may seem like I'm being vague, but if you spend a couple hours bouncing around here you'll be able to find your answers and learn quite a bit in the process.
  11. Hey, it fooled me until I noticed the Warrior stick.
  12. You can stop pucks with any curve. Having a rocker curve is not going to help you stop more pucks and may actually HURT you in that regard. If you're not concentrating pucks can slip under the heel or the toe because you don't have the right spot on the ice. Some feel that the rocker curve makes it easier to shoot the puck, but the Crawford pattern works better than the Price for me in that regard. Sticks are very much personal preference and the best thing to do is try one before buying a multi-pack. MY personal preference are the Crawford/P31/Bishop patterns as I feel the flatter bottom gives me feedback on whether my paddle is on the ice or not and the curve makes for better puckhandling.
  13. Definitely try one out, it's a huge change. I played one game with a buddy's 580 glove (forgot mine at home and was lucky he played before me) and would NEVER wear one again under any circumstances. In fairness to the glove it's about as far from my ideal closure as possible, and I realize it works for some, but it was just SO extreme that I spent the entire game fighting it and ended up just not trying to close it at all. Again, the glove break doesn't make that much of a difference in puck handling, certainly not enough that I'd pay $600 for a new glove just to change breaks. Edit: Just watched the vid and everything I said still stands. The dude could have managed to get than minimal amount of air under the puck with just a little practice time in his basement/garage. No reason to buy a glove for that tiny amount of improvement.
  14. I'm in the same boat as you with wide feet (4E) and I've never found a skate that is a super comfortable fit. I've had my 1S skates baked twice and punched out and still am not 100% comfy in them. So I ended up biting the bullet and ordering True 2 piece skates. Unfortunately they were sent to the wrong store (not True's fault, the store I work for had them shipped to our corporate office and shipped them on from there, but put them on the wrong pallet) so I don't have them quite yet. I ordered 8/26 and got the notification from True that my skates were being shipped out on 9/11, so the turnaround was amazingly quick! I'm hoping all the stories I've heard about fit/comfort are true and based on what I'm hearing from several customers who received their skates ahead of me I fully expect that they will be. The fit and finish on the new generation boot is WAY better than it used to be and I'm hoping the improved looks mean durability has been addressed as well. If I hadn't gone true my plan was to try a 2E FT2 and have it custom baked to my foot. I love everything CCM is doing right now. Their new quick change holder seems way more secure than Bauer's and I love that they're carrying their one piece boot down to the second price point on the FT series. I've been a lifelong Bauer guy for my goalie skates, but right now the competition is doing just enough things better than them that I didn't even consider 2X skates.
  15. Agreed. In the last 6 years I've used an older Battram glove, a Brian's SubZero and Gnetik II, Vaughn VE8, Warrior R/GT2 and CCM 590. Each of these have had different breaks and I certainly have favorites among them, but at the end of the day none of them made or broke my ability to play the puck effectively. If you want to be an effective puck handler I'd say the factors that affect it are (from most to least important) Practice/technique --> Properly fitting C/A to allow for mobility in hands -->Stick height--> Stick pattern-->Stick knob-->Glove break-->blocker.
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