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  1. True Custom boot with the CCM XS holder/Step Steel. My True/Vertexx is pretty close to perfect, but I like the XS just a little better overall in terms of mechanical components.
  2. Struggling with the same thing lately. I've had repeated MCL strains/pain for the last year or so in both knees and now a meniscus I tore in early 2019 is acting up again. Unfortunately I don't have much encouragement to offer, as I'm pretty annoyed with all of it at the moment. The fact that I've got nearly new gear gathering dust instead of being used makes it even more irritating. In the grand scheme of things I know I'm pretty lucky health-wise, but at this point my goal of playing for another 15-20 years (into my 60's) is looking very questionable.
  3. I regard it as a win-win. They get someone who's passionate about gear and knowledgeable about playing net and I get to try out multiple new sets of gear for what a single set used to cost me. All for giving up 1-2 Saturdays? Yeah, I'll take that deal.
  4. Pretty much my situation as well, except I only put in a day or two a month. Still, the discount means I can buy more gear and still spend less than I used to, so my wife also views it as a win. Although her first comment when I told her I got a second job at a hockey shop was "Ah crap, now I have to get a second job so we can afford YOUR second job".
  5. I do this with most of my pads that I order a +2 on. It works out really well.
  6. This was exactly what I was thinking reading the original post. I've played with soft to stiff and everything in between. I'm currently rotating between Axis, EF5 and as of tonight Hyperlight. Basically, my rule of thumb has been the stiffer the pad, the looser I have to wear it for it to work properly. Loosening up the professor strap and any other straps below it will allow your pad to move easier on the skate when you're heading into the corner or moving around the crease. If you let the pad come up off the skate just a little bit you'll find movement much more natural. You may need to loosen up on your toe ties also. I had to replace the elastic cord in my Axis set with a slightly weaker one for those to feel natural.
  7. Plus, it's not like anyone but you is going to see most of the green once you've got your gear on anyway. If it really bugs you that much 2 minutes per skate with a Sharpie will solve the problem.
  8. They got here about a year ago. I'm going to do an Axis vs EF5 comparison once I get a few more games in the EF5's and I'll put pics there.
  9. That one piece kneeblock is absolutely a huge upgrade (assuming they do it as well as Bauer has). After just a couple games in a demo set of Hyperlites I never want to use anything else. My concern though, looking at that more closely, is that it's not a full, integrated single piece like Bauer's. That looks like a traditional block made up of multiple pieces, just layered on top of a section of the gusset that was extended. Time (and maybe @TheGoalNet) will tell I guess.
  10. The store I work at got in a demo unit. I'll have it on the ice Thursday, but spend last night getting it fit. It's not as easy to move in out of the box as my 2X Pro was, but feels much beefier and presents bigger at the shoulders and has quite a bit more rib padding. I had a squeaker between the arm and body last Sunday that wouldn't have been an issue if I was wearing this thing. My Digiprint ProCustom order was 7 weeks exactly. Just picked them up last night and will share once I get good pics taken.
  11. You'd be stunned how often this happens. Given the increase in volume it's not surprising but we deal with 2-3 per week minimum at my job.
  12. Agreed. But they were foam core, and there was a bunch of variation in those. I have an old Canadian flag pattern Sher-Wood Lalime in the basement and it's definitely got more of a curve to it than a Quick, but not quite as much twist as a P31/Bishop/Crawford.
  13. Does anyone know where to buy the heavy duty elastic they use to make mask harnesses? I actually need it in 1/2" instead of 1" for a mod I'm working on with a SK2000, but any info would be great.
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