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  1. Probably no worse for my health than drinking 2L of Jager...
  2. I've trimmed down 2 V1 Pro+s and they're holding up well. I've also trimmed two M1 Pro+s and had one snap where the shaft met the paddle the second game in. That was probably on me for cutting too deep, but I haven't used the second one very much to know (went back to EF4's to match the colors of my Axis pads). The EF4's have seen the most use since getting the Lundy grip cut in them and they're holding up like a dream. Basic common sense stuff: Practice on an old stick at least once Use a sharp, fine toothed blade for your cuts Sand your sharp edges lightly
  3. I'm glad my hairline is intact, otherwise I'd fit the description as well! Well, some of the time anyway...
  4. Thanks guys. I had successfully blocked that out of my memory. Now I've got to go buy several gallons of Jagermeister to start killing off the new set of brain cells that would otherwise be traumatized by memories of that god-awful equipment! 😀
  5. Made me thing of Coming to America:
  6. I saw the same thing for years from them. Honestly, every single brand on the wall has some variation as you'd expect with a handmade product, but CCM's was the worst by far. I'd say Warrior and Brian's are the best at being consistent in their pro lines.
  7. Lucky lucky! That's the best turn around I've seen on a custom CCM order! Fingers crossed, although that level of inconsistency seems to be a hallmark of CCM gloves. There is such a wide variety of QC in terms of function. The appearance and construction is pretty much spot on every time, but we'll get 5 gloves in (usually the .9 line, which does make this SLIGHTLY more acceptable) and one will close like butter, 3 will be acceptable, and 1 will be an absolute rock to close. We only get in one Pro glove at a time, so it's hard to draw the same comparisons, but they're defi
  8. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. TF9 will be VERY competitively priced and if they're built half as well as the forward version I've used for 6 months or so now they'll be the best value on the market by a pretty wide margin. Unfortunately I've got elephant hooves for feet (flat and wide) so the TF9 is nowhere near as comfy as my full custom goalie skate, but for the average Joe I think it'll be a huge win.
  9. LOL at you getting your jabs in and then begging to have the thread closed to get the last word. Much like your earlier post seemed to imply that Greiss was a Nazi sympathizer, LeBron's inflammatory tweet was VERY MUCH open to interpretation. People of many different beliefs took what he said as a rallying cry against law enforcement and either thought it was a bad look or loved it. When you leave your statements open to interpretation you can't get upset when people interpret them. When that happens it's on you, not them. Personally I don't believe LeBron for even a fraction of a second
  10. Well that COULD be it. Or the company I work for just doesn't really stock up their Ohio stores as quickly as their Michigan stores. Tough to say, it could go either way. Realistically, it's not like we've got lines of people panting at our door to buy the latest, greatest goalie equipment on launch day in Ohio anyway, so it's not like we're losing sales.
  11. LOL, you had me worried enough that I ran up to the store I work at on lunch from my real job. Unfortunately we haven't gotten any EF5 stuff in yet, so I'm still in the dark...
  12. Strongly implied it then. I want to be polite, but please don't be obtuse. You stated, and I quote, "There is no chance he made a mistake by including S's that looked similar to SS bolts without realizing it." Following the thread of your argument you painted someone you don't know as a terrible human being without any acknowledgement of the possibility of an error, oversight, etc.. on their part. I agree with you on the education of the German people as a whole on the subject, but refuse to rule out human error. I genuinely believe that history will look back at the way we have co
  13. Me too, though the description of the feel isn't encouraging... Definitely doesn't sound like the "natural hand position" feel that I like in the better Vaughn gloves and haven't found elsewhere...
  14. I'm predisposed to hate DaveArt and his silly pretensions, but that's actually pretty good. Nice to have detail you don't need a microscope to see. Maybe he's learning...
  15. There's a local support group for former 580 users who want to be normal, contributing members of society. They've got a great 10 step program to help you transition to a 590. Only the truly elite make it to the 600 level though! All jokes aside, I'm still looking for a glove that's as good as my Vaughn T3500 from the early 90's. The thing was a vacuum and the break angle let me play the puck both underhand and Turco-style. 600 is certainly not perfect, but I've tried 580 and HATED it, tried 590 and could live with it, and have had decent success with 600. I've also got an Ultra
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