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  1. Hey @StevenC sorry it's taken me a minute to get the other measurement for you. The G5 kneeblock is 5.5" across, so add 2.75" to get to the center.
  2. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    I'm not trying to say DL42 talks out his ass more than Ace Ventura, but... Here are pics comparing the thigh rises on my Warrior G5's and my Eflex 4's. Both sets were ordered at 35+2. Before taking someone's advice it's important to make sure they've got their facts straight.
  3. I have to say he's raising some valid points. Maybe take off the rose colored glasses and accept that Bauer isn't perfect. You have to admit that it would be nice to have a more dynamic graphic to play with during the downtime we've got at the moment!
  4. Puckstopper


    DIPA's are delicious. They're usually extra hoppy and very crisp. Looking at my Untappd account it's clear that between DIPAs and Imperial Stouts I drink WAY too many high ABV beers...
  5. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    If you want to see the puck in the Warrior double T don't use black skate lace for the pocket lacing. I made that mistake with my GT2 set and can't see a thing in the pocket! I vastly prefer the feel of the single T on my G5 glove to the floppy double T on the GT2 set.
  6. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    I've bought one pair of SR level pads (Brian's Gnetik 5.0's) and was really happy with them given what I paid. I would consider a lower level blocker, but the one place I'll never cheap out is my catch glove. SR level gloves just feel sloppy and poorly made to me compared to their pro level counterparts. There is a noticeable lack of padding in some, others are super stiff and take forever to break in and some just don't feel as nice as their pro equivalent. Of all the MFGs Warrior SR level gloves are probably the most difficult to tell SR from Pro just by putting your hand in them, but I still prefer to pay a little extra for the increased comfort and protection of the pro catch glove. Short version of the paragraph below: Based on my experience if you want upper end performance and are willing to replace your gear every 1-2 years, Senior stuff is fine. If you want truly top end performance or want to keep your gear for many years, pro is worth the investment. Based on my experience the biggest differences between pro and Sr gear are overall durability and length of life in the "sweet spot". Break-in time on pads has never been something I worry about so for me the sweet spot starts almost immediately and I noticed that the foams on my Genetik 5.0s softened up much quicker than the SubZero3's I replaced them with. I noticed a decrease in sliding due to the foams softening up about 14-18 months into ownership and was out of the pads within 2 years of buying them. I went an inch shorter on my SZ3's due to getting a phenomenal deal from across the border and wanting to try a shorter pad for mobility. Instantly I realized I'd made a mistake but couldn't afford to replace them for about 18 months. Comparatively speaking the only issue with the Subs at that 18 month point was the lack of height on the thigh rise. The pads still slid well and felt like they had plenty of life left. So given a roughly equal time frame the pro pad held up significantly better than the Senior pad. One final point: If you want top end performance the only way to get it is to go with pro gear. There have been significant advances in the last couple generations of gear. If you buy new stuff every year you may not notice it, but when I jumped from a pad built in 2015 (SZ3) to a couple 2019 builds (GT2 and EF4) the improvements in weight, strapping and overall performance were very noticeable!
  7. I modded an old Vaughn T3500 with a floating T. I already loved catching with that glove, but once I added depth to the T nothing ever came out of the pocket. There were times it was actually hard to get the puck out of the pocket (but in fairness I made it REALLY deep).
  8. Happy to help: Oops, forgot to check mid knee to pad tip when I went home for lunch. I'll get that this evening.
  9. Puckstopper

    Warrior G5

    The biggest difference I noticed was the flatter face and that rebounds seemed hotter than my GT2 (which was really similar to the G4's we have in store). Kirk also talks about the board presenting flatter to the shooter in the Outer Roll podcast, but I didn't listen to that until after our league had suspended play, so I haven't had the opportunity to check that out. IMHO, if you're buying a full G5 set pop for the blocker too, but there's nothing wrong with grabbing up G4 stuff at a great price. It was a really solid line and I doubt you'll regret it.
  10. On the customizer the part I ordered X-stiff is listed as the thigh/knee core. I feel like it's taking on a curved shape quite nicely. In fact I went to the basement to work on a couple projects last night and noticed that the pads were no longer supporting themselves between the bottom 2 shelves on my drying area any more. Previously I would put the top of the pad between wires on the bottom shelf and use the slight pressure from the upper shelf to press down on the pad and accelerate the curve. Apparently they've already taken enough of a curve that they won't hold themselves in place anymore.
  11. I'm not sure what you mean? I don't notice the thickness at all while playing. I've never worn Bauer pads or gloves. If the opportunity comes my way I'd love to try out the UltraSonic line. I went X-stiff to try something as far away from the GT2 line as possible. Not that I didn't like the GT's, but I've still got them and could roll back to them if the G5 set didn't work out for me.
  12. Thank you sir! That I do. Unfortunately I'm in telecommunications, and therefore essential so I'm not getting time off. Still, you've got to savor the little things! @seagoal has me beat hands down though. That pooch is absolutely adorable!
  13. This stick is the best bang for the buck on the market right now. It's a little heavier than my V1 Pro+ sticks, but lighter than anything else at it's pricepoint. I don't notice the difference in weight switching back and forth between my EF4 and the Warrior. If you want an absolutely bulletproof lightweight stick the Pro+ is a great choice, but the Eflex 4 has held up well also and given that you want to save a few bucks the $90 price difference might be too much.
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