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  1. Crow using 2X Pads in practice via GGN on Twitter... So long CCM
  2. cwarnar

    Warrior G5

    The customizer accidentally leaked for a little bit today. Have to say I'm not a fan of the trend of cutting the pad face in half.
  3. Sweet Lord Baby Jesus...I can't even...
  4. cwarnar

    Optik 2

    They're more torsionally stiff. Plus watch other videos and see how well they spring back to form/hold shape
  5. cwarnar

    2xpro sizing

    Mine was a local shop. Check out Goalie Monkey for demos
  6. Contact a retailer bud. Easiest way to get your questions answered. Any changes from Brian's will cost you, most of the time. Highly recommend Jay or @TGC-Rance From the Goal Crease in Toronto
  7. Is that @TGC-Rance's dirty hand in your glove???
  8. cwarnar

    Optik 2

    @TheGoalNet I spy with my little eye Via Brian's Instagram story
  9. This is supposed to be the first non Lefevre pads from CCM in years
  10. If they were only powder blue... I'm dead serious about the NW camp... We could get demo gear from THS. MAKE IT HAPPEN
  11. One of the LHS' in Regina got taken over by an ex CIS/WHL goalie. He's a young guy who sees the benefit of offering demo gear and growing relationships with his customers. He has EF4s but they're 34+2 so I think a touch too tall. It's nice to see that grass isn't always greener in another brand
  12. Why are you focused on the way the glove presents? The days of the massive pancake gloves are over, the sizing restrictions all gloves will look very similar, unless its a more pocket focused glove (RGT2 comes to mind) but a lot has to do with your stance and technique. I know that I've moved to the fingers up position and trying a present the full glove to the shooter. Plus a double tee will make the glove and pocket appear larger over a single tee. I can say that I love the feeling as well. I'm currently flirting with the Brian's lines for a custom order myself and am hoping to get an Optik 2 on my hand soon. But I will say, as have many, that the Gnetik IV is the best glove that Brians has made to date.
  13. I had a guy like that at a skate in the summer... I was demo'ing the 2X pros... Knee to the calf, tune fit calf and the bungee ties... His jaw hit the floor when he saw tkae 1 minute to put my pads on. He then looked at this Reebok 7Ks like:
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