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  1. Stiffer than those. Max is stiffer than FLY or the IV "1" with HD foam upgrade
  2. Wall in Finland? https://b2bquik.com/collections/wall-masks https://www.winnersport.nl/en/ice-hockey-goalie/goalie-masks/ Not sure if there are any smaller custom mask makers overseas?
  3. He added lexan to the IV TGN spec so I'm guessing he's comfortable with the extra weight
  4. cwarnar

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Hockey sticks... All their graphics are hockey sticks
  5. That's him. I'd love to see him in a darker base to march that very simple but effective mask paint
  6. Vasy adding some much needed color to his new 2X set
  7. Not much as of yet. Rumblings I've heard is improved arm protection and the new floater design.
  8. cwarnar

    Optik 2

    More versatility on the stock graphic, despite being boring white, it's clean AF. Only 2 weeks until the customizer drops...
  9. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    Just remember that new pads will play differently especially with the hypercomp in the face. You'll likely wanna ditch the boot strap and the pad will sit higher. Warrior also doesn't move the knee block up a full inch on the 37 vs a 38. It's 1.2" at the knee and 1/2" on the thigh. Best off to try some on at a store or deal with one of the better retailers. I highly recommend @TGC-Rance and the fellas at the Goalie Crease. They'll be able to take care of all your questions and size you up right
  10. That one. I was trying to get a set of stock Junior laces for a friend's daughter and I was getting the same error message. Two messages on Instagram to Michel and it was fixed
  11. I had the same issue at the start of the sale. Message Michel direct. He'll fix the code
  12. I'm not sure. I had an issue with the code on a junior set of laces on Friday. All I did was message them, you can do it through Facebook or Instagram and he's very quick to respond
  13. Choose the hybrid model and then in the order notes just put that you'd like TGN spec. He's awesome for customer service and will make sure you get what you need
  14. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    Warrior sizing strictly goes by a Foot to Knee measurement. Its really foolproof The other thing to remember that new pads will feel and fit far different than your V3s. Take your skates and maybe your pants to help fit proper. But the fit chart is dead on. I'm a 19.75 FTK and I wear a 33+1.5 with no boot strap. The other recommendation I would make is getting an elastic toe tie. The Warrior ARS is okay, it can be snug. Pro Laces has a 10% off sale right now with a "TRAVSUCKS" coupon code. I have GT Pros and love them (and your hips, knee and ankles will thank you):
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