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  1. cwarnar

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    I came from a Warrior GT1 Pro. I'm now in Optik 2 Max Core Pads. The boot is soft but due to the torsional stiffness the Optiks will player boxy and taller compared to Warrior. After a few skates you won't notice the difference. Butterfly in the Optik 2 is the most solid I've used and the Primo is next level sliding (you'll overslide a ton until you adjust). And the hot rebounds are an added bonus. I used 2X Pro demos for a skate in the summer and they were much stiffer overall when compared to both the Optik 2 and GT Pro.
  2. Hey all... I've been reading online reviews but I'm in need of a new set of tires for my 17 Explorer XLT. The great folks at Ford were nice enough to put ultra performance sports car tires (Hankook Ventus S1 noble2) on my 4600 lbs SUV. Looking for opinions on what people have liked or disliked on their SUV/CUV. Right now I've got it down to 2 possibles, the BFG Advantage T/A Sport LT and the Bridgestone DUELER H/L ALENZA PLUS. looking for a touring or all season tire vs a performance or all terrain tire.
  3. From what I've seen the whole cutting the pad face in half on the GT2 will be alive and well on the G5
  4. Touche... But I haven't payed to play hockey in 12+ years
  5. @Netnewbie Youtube can be valuable resource for that stuff. As @coopaloop1234 @dualshowman and @Mroy31 have suggested its all about your read and react to what the player is/will be doing. I use pick up skates to work on these smaller parts of the game because like many of us, I don't get any practice time. Pick RVH, or post hug and try to exclusively use it and see how it work in the given situations. Even if you give up a few goals its learning points and a feel for technique.
  6. cwarnar

    G4 Thread

    That will be big. The customizer also was launched in error for a few hours, weeks ago
  7. cwarnar

    G4 Thread

    Nothing so far. Retailers have been shown the line as well as the catalog. I got a few tidbits but as per the norm these days I'm sworn to secrecy until launch of the promo materials. I would say its a refresh of the G series vs any major changes or overhauls. As many have dropped it'll be a big year for Warrior Goalie as a whole
  8. Another Vaughn mismatched AF set...
  9. cwarnar

    Help with Sizing

    My GTs... only because I've had them the longest so it was a familiar comfort thing. They have roughly the same size for the knee landing. The 2X were taller but because of the boot angle they fit smaller compared to 1X or 1S/2S
  10. cwarnar

    Help with Sizing

    I have your ATK, 16.5". I demoed a medium 2X Pro Set and they fit well. I'm now in 32+2 Optik 2 Max Core pads. Before that, 33+1.5 GT Pros
  11. cwarnar

    G4 Thread

    Can't be. No Air Slide on the GT2 but they have a binding
  12. cwarnar

    Buy custom or buy used

    They'll be stiff. The guys I know that have them say they're Optik 1 inspired
  13. cwarnar

    Buy custom or buy used

    Custom... Give Passau a look as well. They'll be able to set you up for full bespoke gear for style. And @GoalieTimmy33 is the best rep in Biz
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