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  1. @Lucky Pucker You can also use weave and matte to add some depth to the graphic
  2. @Lucky Pucker On the calf strap flap. Number gets embroidered large. And the name goes on the outer boot of the pad:
  3. Mike McKenna's last set he did not get to wear last season
  4. cwarnar

    GDS Goalie Camps

    Don't forget to trash talk everyone on how sweet your set up is
  5. @Max27 speak to a retailer my man. We can only answer so many questions here. Craig Milner at Dukes Source for Sports is one of the Premier Vaughn guys out there.
  6. @coopaloop1234 nailed it. Use the Brian's online customizer unless you are going with a custom graphic. Brains set are a.premium price wise and you'll be looking at $3k+ for sure. I would highly recommend The Goal Crease, @TGC-Rance and his crew do a ton of custom Brian's and have advanced production slots available as well.
  7. cwarnar

    G4 Thread

    Use the Warrior Customizer
  8. cwarnar

    G4 Thread

    Yup. I did that on my GT set
  9. Did one of your dirty bastards do this....
  10. Dan Horton... He's in Vancouver. Was at $13 USD
  11. cwarnar

    Wilcox to Kenesky

    Email Dave... He's pretty good about it. Dave@kenesky.com
  12. cwarnar

    Wilcox to Kenesky

    I think he was there post Bionic. I know his crown jewel was the Xceed Line as well as the Response line with Lundy
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