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  1. Toppi... Can you discuss the mods you've done?
  2. Hmmmm... And I'm a long torso short leg mofo....
  3. How is it not working with the pants?
  4. Dude... wheres your style??? At least my gear matches...
  5. cwarnar

    JRZ gear

    That stock graphic is one of the busiest and less visually appealing of anything else on the market right now. The 1 piece glove, bindingless blocker and the tweaks to the pads have me interested tho.
  6. Looks like Topi from @KovaGoalie built his his core with the Warrior tech. I'm sure @Kirk3190 can tell us since Warrior was tagged in the post
  7. Also interesting that Warrior has ceased production of foam core sticks from their Finland plant (the factory that made the Montreal brand before warrior bought them). Much like player wood sticks, foam cores may become extinct
  8. cwarnar

    Bauer True Design

    False... Passau offered it before Bauer for significantly less
  9. cwarnar

    Bauer True Design

    $4k CAD for Pro Custom with graphics. I also read that Bauer is expanding their colors on the stock graphics
  10. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    I was thinking the same... If I go GT2 I want Retro. The brown seams more chocolate which doesn't quite capture the retro feel...
  11. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    It's definitely not a common color for Warrior custom gear. And I think most guys stick with retro tan. I do think if you do the right accent colors you could have a pretty good-looking set. An example of that would be Solid colored pads crew Or a bit of both
  12. @seagoal here is the best breakdown of gloves I've seen https://ingoalmag.com/ccm-extreme-flex-4-gloves/
  13. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    One of the better uses of a 3 color setup for the GT2 stock graphic https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxkg07rI-q4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. cwarnar

    R GT/2

    @Puckstopper try ditching the boot strap entirely. On my GT1s I got Pro Laces, no boot and the 2 wrap straps snug.
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