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  1. I agree with @seagoal with the sizing. I used to wear 35+1 Velocities, but have been in 34+1 RetroFlex pads for 5 years now, as I was also told the CCM fit a bit larger than Vaughn, which is correct. My knee is slightly above the middle of the knee cradle and I'm about 6' tall. I can't remember my ATK measurement. Honestly, I could wear a 35+1 in the CCM and not have a huge issue with it -- my knee would be just below the middle of the stack.
  2. I do like the black ones better than the blue and green, but my favourite colour combo (and forgotten by most people in my opinion) is the black, orange, and sport gold, instead of red and Swedish yellow. Like this:
  3. I agree with above. I think red looks great with the brown colour, just like Manny Legace's Winter Classic gear. I say go for it if you like it!
  4. Of all your mock-ups, I like the look of the Warrior set the most. I prefer CCM Eflex gear as I'm now 44 and prefer the classic feel of the pads/gloves with the perfect combination of pad flex and solid landing/sliding surface. I'm stuck in my ways and am afraid to try new things, especially at $3,000 per set 😁 For your Eflex4 design, I'd only add the black striped "fangs" at the top of the white "V" to break up all the layers of white jenpro. They all look pretty good to me though!
  5. I had similar ones in the late 80s; although mine had a grey ICM cowling and the boot was Micron. Any goal skate with an ICM cowling back then was the Cadillac of skates! 😀 Great post, brings back memories.
  6. @ruckus007, is a CCM 60 degree considered the 600 break? I know this topic goes on and on, but it's never clear to me. I feel the numbers 60, 75, 90 should correspond to the degree of break (low to high) like 600, 590, 580, but all the threads I read jump around and it's never 100% clear. If the new Warrior glove has a thumb angle and break like a CCM 600, I'd be interested in checking it out as well.
  7. This is not true. I have a custom Retro-Flex II set and that nylon strap feed through the outside of my cuff on my 600 break glove (as pictured by Max above). I didn't request it specifically, but just asked for nylon strap instead of leather one. I have both a 590 and 600 RetroFlex glove and they both have the nylon strap going through the cuff's side.
  8. @TheGoalNet, do you have any more information on the Vapor 2X skate? Is the boot and flex collar the same? I read the steel might be a bit taller? Do you know the release date? I tried on the 1X and it fits me perfectly and will wait for them to go on sale. If I miss out on scooping up my size (one left in stock locally), I'll buy the 2X, as long as they're not drastically different in how they fit.
  9. @seagoal I'm just north of you in BC, and I have this in my garage: https://www.costco.ca/Allsport-Hot-Locker.product.100158336.html I just use 1 adjustable shelf at the top for mask/gloves, pads in the large bottom section (3/4 of the locker), skates on the skate hook, and C/A I hang from the shelf with my own hooks I installed. Everything except my pants fits in there, and I hang my pants, bag, and mask bag on the hooks on the side. Everything dries in 1 hour (or an hour and 20), and I also pre-warm the gear before the game for 20 mins, then pack the bag and put in the truck. My pants don't get all that wet, so they are just fine whenever I play. If your pants get super wet while playing, quit doing snow angels all game ?
  10. Back in 2014, I was in a 35+1 Velocity 3 pad, and went to the CCM Eflex and 34+1 seems to be the equivalent. I'm not sure if Vaughn's sizing has changed in the past few years however.
  11. MikeTheGoalie

    CCM Gear

    @creasecollector, yes I too have those issues with my RetroFlex. Mine are 4 years old now and aside from that velcro, the pads are holding up great (only about 50 beer league ice times per year). But next season forwards, it'll be 80+ games a year. For this reason (and my age, 44), I will always have leather straps on my pads, for the durability as you mentioned. I still push the velcro together, it stays connected, but it's the leather straps that are really holding the pads on. I might fix this myself in the off season, or, try the pads without the velcro as well.
  12. @Mroy31, sorry to hear about your girlfriend's brother, that's sad news, and happens way too often. I myself lost a close friend in that manner as well. I skimmed this thread quickly the first time, without reading the opening, sorry once again. Good question. Back in 1989-91 I had an Adams glove and blocker, which I bought in Penticton BC. I thought Adams was a BC company, perhaps even made the gear in the Kelowna area? It was really popular stuff, and I remember some NHLers had the Adams pads, with Bill Ranford being one of them, around 1988. I remember the glove having an embroidered eagle in the palm. If I remember correctly, Adams turned to Eagle (not the Eagle brand we know today), and the Eagle gear was also quite popular. I had Eagle pads for a few seasons as well. This gear is long gone, and I don't have any photos unfortunately
  13. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Richter and Coop. I have these Pro Laces and I laced them up like I saw in the video, by just running the cord down the side then under the mid point of the skate, and the pads had too much play after the cord stretched out a bit -- almost to the point of potentially cutting the cord on my skate. Last night I crossed the cord over at the toe bridge and now these laces are perfect. Thanks so much, I was about to go back to knotted skate laces soon ?
  14. I'm a big fan of the flying skate, 80s Canucks logo and colours. I'm a lifelong Oiler fan growing up in BC during the 80s and 90s and as much as I like the version they're releasing again (with red, swedish yellow trim), I've always preferred the orange and sport gold with the white jersey. As a kid playing goal in the 80s I always wanted this colour-way for my gloves ? Newer 90s version changed to red and swedish yellow:
  15. I had a similar issue with my Retro Flex custom set. I was a Vaughn/Brians guy my whole life and thought I'd try something new with a 590 break glove because it felt so good in the store -- what a mistake. With all the different sets of gear over the years, I've adapted to any new glove, pads, CA etc within the first ice time, but with this 590 glove I finally had to ditch it after a season and a half of beer league. I bought a custom 600 break Retro Flex glove and it was perfect after a 5 minute warmup. I didn't think the break angle between 600 and 590 would have been so different, for me it was night and day. I don't even think about hand positioning with the 600, but with the 590 my glove hand was a disability when it's normally one of my strengths. Knowing this now, I'll be sticking with the CCM 600 for any future set of gear.
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