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  1. Fleuryfan29

    CCM Gear

    yeah time will tell
  2. Fleuryfan29

    CCM Gear

    yeah same the premiers are technolgy from the past but alot of guys like the feel of them. just like me i have the reebok premier x24 30+1 i have the x24s because i just turned bantam. and they are very nice but yes i do think one of these days ccm is gonna have to change that line.
  3. Fleuryfan29

    CCM Gear

    idk i think ccm should try to go for maybe a no stitch design like the bauer 2s and maybe change the leather straps a bit but im not sure the p2s are great pads nonetheless i just think it would be cool to see ccm switch it up a bit
  4. Fleuryfan29

    CCM Gear

    I think ccm needs to reduce the weight on their next premier 3 model anyone else think so? But it is a little to early to be talking about the premier 3s just yet.
  5. Although i just turned Bantam i think my gear is doing very good mask - 2017 ccm 7000 chesty - bauer not sure the model glove - ccm premier 1 pads - reebok x24 jr 30+1 jock - bauer vapor skates - ccm ribcor blocker bauer reactor 5000 senior stick - twigz pants - reebok and all of the gear is in a black and white colorway
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