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  1. If anyone is interested I have a medium GT2 Pro C/A for sale
  2. CalValce

    R GT/2

    Below is my set, this was the original of the 'iceberg' graphic which has been replicated many times @Peter36
  3. CalValce

    R GT/2

    Bottom one was my old G3 set! I currently use the G4s and have the Tan/White 'iceberg' graphic. I agree with the more Chocolate VS Brown. Thats what I was hoping for with the G3 set. However the Brown as a nylon is a nice option if you don't want to do the black or white nylon
  4. I've had issues with Monster Hockey, twice I believe I posted my experience in another thread, this is the short version. Innovative/interesting products. After the first time I had to follow up twice about my order over the course of 4-6 weeks back in 2016. I saw the post about re shuffling/reworking company structure, dove in again in 2017. Had to follow up a few times the second time. I had explained my issues with them in the past and was told that I wouldn't have to worry, they had everything figured out Was told something would be in the mail, it was packed and ready to be shipped and I would have tracking on day by end of day on a Friday. Friday came and passed, when I had followed up on Monday mid day/afternoon I was told that there was an issue with my address (same address I would have used on the first one) and that's why it didn't go out. If it was packed and shipped up, wouldn't I have been reached out to on either Friday when the package was packed OR Monday morning prior to me having to reach back out for I believe the 7th or 8th time for my second order. Lack of communication/run around/not being clear with expectations put a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. CalValce

    G4 Thread

    I specifically play only roller, they are AWESOME
  6. CalValce

    G4 Thread

    HAHA kind words buddy. Some of the staff I work with have submitted versions off of mine. I'm flattered that people like the set up. They look really good in that colorway you picked!
  7. In my experience, having used both goalie cowling/cowlingless and true/VH. The height is predicated on the chassis/wheel setup you are running, you could do a player straight frame and run all 80mm you could also run 59mm. The traditional goalie chassis are either 4 or 5 wheel with a max wheel height of 59mm. You can get the 'height' of a player skate by running a hi-lo setup with 68mm/72mm. You wont be as tall as you would on the player skates with a 76mm/80mm set up but you would get the extra clearance/attack angle with the 68/72. My 2 cents, the goalie boot and the way its cut is more comfortable than a player skate used for goalie. I also skate out, for me its a mental switch of goalie skate for goalie and player skate for player.
  8. I would be hesitant to do anything over a 72mm as the max height either in back of a hi-lo or a straight frame. Siding with Maria Mountian (and my own experience) the taller height of steel/wheels isn't always a benefit, it can add stress to the joints. on my set up I use Konixx pure +0 68 and 72mm hi lo. I did 72 76 and found while the added height and able to 'keep my edges' longer ended up putting added stress on my hips and knees. If you are worried about the durometer of the wheel and going indoor/outdoor the Labeda Shooter is a good all around wheel, either those of the medium (yellow) Labeda Grippers on my next pair of skates I might go back to the straight 59mm patriot frame
  9. I would be hesitant to use the Vaughn boot, its designed for a cowling, I used these boots as well, however I did cowling and frame with it. My hesitance would be the bottom sole of the boot being too flat to be used with either a hi-lo or straight frame. There is a hole in the industry in regards to inline goalie skates. Tour is the only company I know of that makes goalie skates currently. My 2 cents....there hasn't been a Bauer skate produced with a cowling since the one95 which is several years (8+) old, I wouldn't think Bauer would keep the tooling/parts around to just produce cowlings without the steel. I do wonder if for Missions next gen line of player skates if they will offer a Bauer inspired boot with a goalie frame on it. If you want to go with a boot/cowling/frame set up, I would search eBay for the older gen cowlings in your skate size and with a dremel, dremel off the steel and smooth out the attachment points where the cowling and steel meet.
  10. If its any goalie skate that already comes cowling less you can use either a Hi-Lo or a straight frame. In my own experience of using the 1s 1x and True/VH you need to make sure you have the correct size chassis so it doesn't add on any strain to the toe box/quarter package/under sole meeting area. The Labeda Patriot frame depending on the size is an issue at times with adding stress to that area of the boot that I mentioned before. The mounting plates and the curvature/lack there of the bottom sole creates issues at times. Any of the skates that come with a cowling, the bottom of the boot isn't made to support either A the weight of the chassis or doesn't come with solid plastic/carbon etc bottom sole, 10/10 times its too soft to support the wear and tear and the weight of the roller chassis.
  11. CalValce

    G4 Thread

    Couldn't be more excited with how these turned out! Thanks again @Kirk3190 and the guys at Warrior!
  12. Tried it, just not for me. Used for about 8 roller games. The leather on the right arm attachment was fraying so I stitched it back on, that’s the only wear. I traded my Passau for this, ended up getting the Passau back and now have no need for this unit. $350 Usd, PayPal, buyer pays shipping.
  13. Sales Specifically, retail as ASM at one of the big box hockey retailers
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