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  1. bauer and ccm did custom skates as far back as at least 94. They they mold the foot.
  2. goto goaliemonkey.com or hockeymonkey.com and look for pantshells XL. worst comes to worst crab a knife and cut the back of the leg for the thigh.
  3. learn how to write a subject sentence not your name. Not really a review .
  4. if u r good u will get noticed, its 2021, youtube, instagram, and any other social media outlet will pick it up. competition is not just in the local area its global now and more competitive then before.
  5. DL42

    design change

    yea htv is heat transfer vinyl same one use for t-shirts and anything , you can buy it at walmart or amazon, pretty much any store that sell fabric like joanns. google "cricut" u can grab a image off the internet change it to cut piece use the cricut machince to cut the vinyl, peel off what u don't want transfer out, put the item on the pad or blocker, get a iron and heat a a certain temp like 300 or so for 20 sec or so depending on material. the cold depending on the material and quality of vinyl they prob make ones for outdoor activities.
  6. yes it happens even to pro, get use to it.
  7. Not for the warrior G series the SR. is the best deal in town. Grab that and later add some d3o in the pocket from ebay items for motorcycle like $20 more.
  8. it made by STEP, fat blades i believe thats what they call it. Have it, not good, heavier and not as tall as regular replacement blades like tydan. Also don't like how they rocker the stock blade.I usually get a 80/160 on top of the 30' or 50' stock blade Tydan and massive.
  9. dont get too caught up in the number , at the end of the day blocker hand needs to be in optimal position that is the correct position (somewhere equidistance bt ice and top of vertical angle), this is based on how style of play. the vertical angle changes if you are aggressive goalie vs one that sit in the crease or more passive, if the former, u need the hands lower to close up the hole, if in the crease higher. MAF is one that has a low hand position, The hand position dictates the correct stick which is combination paddle and lie, other factors most people don't talk about are:
  10. ALEX VON mach neck guard is is pretty good one for 100$ shipped, co-created by the vaughn guy when he was in michigan state , Everet Bommarito,. kevlar and thick d3o foam with ridge on backside for compression, is what you should get. on my 2 one the first one i lost, very impressive product. here s the article foryou lazy people: https://www.egr.msu.edu/news/2014/11/24/student-prototype-scores-breakaway
  11. "massive" is a blade company that make ice hockey blades and sled blades from korea, They have the hardest black coating that doesnt scratch unlike tydan
  12. value = Massive blades DLC, otherwise STEP
  13. no , its usually foam on a composite stick. I done it to my ccm eflex 4 stick.
  14. was it sized correctly that is the first thing. if it is sized correctly , then is the boot size the correct size? use a boot strap and see if it works. dont worry about not being cool bc u use too many straps.
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