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  1. DL42

    G4 Thread

    knee pads?
  2. I actually like the g3 pads more then the g4 ones. the inside edge and the knee block is softer then the g3. I play with both of them for 5 months and the g4 are softer on the inside edge . good for rebound control , but i can't feel it like the g3s and the air slide on the knee block has gaps on top so it feels less stable if u dont land dead center. Maybe I'll buy the g/rt3 when they come out.
  3. its free unless they want to be jerks about it
  4. it doesnt allow u to flex forward, just try it
  5. yes 9 - 10 bc of the wrap, but u don't use the top one any ways
  6. if u want a edge , profile the skate away from a radius and to a flat in the middle. Which holds more on the same surface a ball or a box? profile the skates.. profile , profile, profile
  7. @Trav4oilers what u think of ccm eflex 4 stick vs the same pricepoint warrior stick and also vs the upper price point in term of value and performance? saw the stick one on the warrior true one but not comparision vs ccm eflex 4.
  8. pretty much all pros khave custom sized pads , whatever # they have on there is just that a # that doesnt mean much. what legal size they have is completely diff they stock pad size # bc its a combination of #s. Dont worry about the #s figure out the FTK or ATK then the boot size and thigh pref to see if it is what u are looking for in pro returns. here is what u guys a looking for from back in the day.
  9. its about pref not style, all goalies are athletic and they all butterfly.
  10. Jerzeys FX they are on facebook. out in california ,
  11. jerzyfx can do singles,, totally butchered the name
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