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  1. https://www.thehockeyshop.com/blogs/goalie-gear-reviews/warrior-swagger-stick-collection
  2. Do whatever is comfortable for paddle shoulder shape, but it will position the blocker angle a certain way, a simple way to get better grip is to put a small knob above the paddle on the shaft. keeps vibration down and u can hold it loose and secure. also micro adjustment for handpositioning . On blade shape, not so much the toe or heel shape but bottom of the blade shape- rocker round vs flat square. majority of pros use rocker - it allows better control and mobility vs flat, allows the blocker hand closer to the side and covering low. curve and blade shape 2 diff things when together is a pattern (less the actul custom paddle size). both markzak n price retail pattern have rocker blades the mzark has higher lie vs price a lower lie.
  3. complete NO, NO and NO. totally diff. just because it has a flat spot doesnt mean they are same. SAM is a templete that prosharp sell to the store and the store push to the customers to get extra revenue to profile. a real shop would be able to change the front /back or middle profile of the blade. it funny how they would recommend SAM to any goalie regardless of skill, weight or height. CAG is just a flat spot across the blade, more of a name but most people use the term like Kleenex for tissue or xerox for copies. if u want to be like QUICK then u want CAG on skate not SAM. Quick is running a 60/120 CAG
  4. diff lie is going to throwoff the comparison and the shape of the blade. 2 sticks of same length, one is bent 90 degree and other is straight . Are they the same?!?!
  5. grab a pair of old player pants or goalie thigh guards and some plastic ties and put themup top or lace it in.
  6. DL42

    Warrior G3 pad mod

    that doesnt happen if u wear the knee to the calf and not across
  7. DL42

    Optik 2

    its a strap above the calf that was there but all the stupid cool kids thought that less straps means u r cooler so the mfg got rid of everything underneath the knee and now the are back tracking and adding a straps that serve the same purpose and calling it new mind blowing features that will help you more.
  8. I use a 80/160 which is CAG, tired some other ones like SAM and and 30' and hated it. Those designer profiles is for the companies to sell more to equipment shops, true craftsmen can profile it anyway u want which most can't do. Go ask the shop if they can do CAG XX/XX , 99% of them can't, they can only do radius or whatever template they have. cag puts a flat spot in the middle of the blade, where the first number is how much is on the front half of center and the second is total flatness. 60/120 has zero pitich and has 60mm in front of center and 60 on back of center. And yes That is what Johanthan Quick uses, CAG profile is also use by Cam ward 70/140 or was, kevin weeks with a slight pinich forward 85/165. This give us the strongest push and sharpest edge as it is not just one point vs radius.
  9. any curve yes , but i'm talking about blade shape. totally difference, Yes the rocker will help u if u know the motion of the stick is an arch and u lead with the stick. It closes the low blocker side when u move laterally. u may not understand this but if u take a look at majority of all pro stick kthey are all rocker. the flat blade does not allow u to keep contact with ice and lifts off at the toe and or heel. u can control rebounds better instead of lettting it hit the stick and rebounds go in front.
  10. crawford is flat bottom blade shape and the price is rocker. Price is better pattern for stopping the puck..
  11. no , diff factory. heritage is in ontario. The one passau is in quebec
  12. DL42

    G4 Thread

    knee pads?
  13. I actually like the g3 pads more then the g4 ones. the inside edge and the knee block is softer then the g3. I play with both of them for 5 months and the g4 are softer on the inside edge . good for rebound control , but i can't feel it like the g3s and the air slide on the knee block has gaps on top so it feels less stable if u dont land dead center. Maybe I'll buy the g/rt3 when they come out.
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