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  1. blade tech hockey has 15% off blades using "back2hockey" till 9/8/21 , 2am edt less then 22 hours from now
  2. DL42

    Vaughn pad sizing

    i will ask the obvious question . r u ordering new custom pads? if u are then order custom sizing not stock.
  3. Brown will last the longest like 10+ years , its also most expensive, hottest and heaviest bc it uses plastic (vs hd foam) and low density foam. Really no need for this in this time and age. and everything else is : 1 to 3-5 years depending level and usge bc the hd foam wil breakdown. C/A now are lighter and more protective now but less durability. pretty much disposable after 1 season for pros and 2 seasons for competitive hockey.
  4. chicago should trade his rights to Pits and let him retire there.
  5. maybe find someone that has the bauer team discount code
  6. fit 3, based on having the vapor 9 d being slightly too big for the last couple of year, then trying it on at the shop as well. putting the deal won't help bc idiots will prob goto their shop and ask for the same deal instead of just ordering it from said place.
  7. no, maybe 2 times in 4 years but no lot a lot. It was a promo deal, anyone could have got a good deal. they mentioned it all over GGSU for the last 5 years or so.
  8. 745 cdn or 590 usd plus 30 cdn for shipping for the pros
  9. get beachbody on demand, add some pre-workout before working out, do more strength and less cardio based, dynamic stretch before, static stretch after. take protein after workouts, for the reflex part better to read the play and anticipate with better postioning, ingoalmag premium and pasco valana videos on youtube.
  10. DL42

    Warrior sizing

    boot size? what skate size are you?
  11. tighten up the boot strap or put it behind the skate and tighen it up. for the knee strap and rotatation part , if iu have a leather strap connected to the pad itself change it to nylon webbing and connect the strap to the outside knee wing with a t-glide looping it back to itself much like a backpack strap. this keeps the pad from pulling the face pad down when going down and keeping it square. you can wear this snug. The upper calf strap take it out from the calf strap slot , this will help in keeping the pad to the knee if u keep it snug.
  12. what pads do you have?
  13. call some stores. price fixing is illegal, mfg cant set price.
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