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  1. DL42

    Hands drifting

    it called a relax stance so you don't tire yourself out and easier to move around, shift upper right or left. regular stance and crouch stance. go youtube and search layered stance by pasco something. people have usually have wrong goalie stick which throws the upper body lean off and the hands. angles and positioning , being square ( with the glove towards the puck) as one example
  2. for the inner ankle/ depth issue, don't use thick insoles or insoles like yellow super feet, get bauer speed plates thin and forms to feet and skates. you can also skip that eyelet where it rubs or do inside out or outside in lacing pattern or heel loop, or even lace it up on the same side by 1 eyelet. Or a combination of all the above. had the same problem and now it fits fine.
  3. the hand is on the knob so you dont have to hold it too tightly and fingers keeps it in place giving free range of motion. in stance the blocker is at an angle similar to the pad in stance. it also takes vibration off the stick redirecting.
  4. the shape of the blade on the bottom, that what they forgot to mention and is key in controlling rebounds and movement of stick. getting a shorter paddle and adding knob 1" above the paddle accomplishes the same thing with a rocker blade. also dependent if u have big hand or not.
  5. the rocker blade is, it offsets the lie the length of the paddle and how you hold it and control the rebounds thats why 99% of pros use a rocker blade. I'm not going to argue with you, some people just dont understand like custom sizing vs stock sizing, some idiots think they need +2 even when dont even know what size thighrise they need. also do idiots who think they need to cut the shaft of the stick bc carey price did without knowing the length it was before, pros have diff length shaft like freddy brathwaite.
  6. I guess 99% of pros are dumb for using rocker blades
  7. you are 100% wrong, its the most important b/c it place the hands in the correct place using the correct motion, thats why pretty much everyone use a rocker blade. whatever think what you want j.
  8. if square toe means the bottom of the blade then round. round blade allows you to react and redirect faster with control then a square. And yes I know in article it says Price change from round to square few years back, but the bottom of the blade remains the same, that is rockers. The only reason people use flat or square toe is bc they dont know.
  9. DL42

    Lefevre going solo

    kids now are going to see what the pros are wearing and google the answer if they dont see the name on the pads. the younger G like up to 13-14 yrs old wear whatever they think the pros wearing bc of parents. the 14 and 17 yrs old watch what the teammates are wearing and go by what the team has a deal with or leagues. with the internet everyone knows what everyone else is wearing, its the under 14 senior and offshore gear where the profits are.
  10. mrazek retail warrior pattern is closest to bauer p39. bauer p31 is closest to quick curve retail. ccm price retail pattern closest to mrazek retail warrior pattern. price, mrazek, p39 are all similar in that they all have rocker blade ( which 95% of all pros do) vs flat like the quick, p31, and others. this is not the same as just rounded toe or rounded heel. what this means is the rebounds come off more control, faster reaction if using the correcting stick motion arc vs jabbing stabbing at it.,g greater placement of the hands with longer paddles vs just the lie (mos
  11. if the knee pads dont stay up modify it so it will, knee pads are not automatically supposed to stay up for everyone or any piece of equipment, u have to modify it. no that difficult to make ur own garter and modify so it stays up.
  12. DL42

    Warrior G5 calf wrap

    the problem is u have it around the knee instead of down. otherwise it doesnt catch. it is made that way so it doesnt catch the knee pad if using an off brand.
  13. why do u guys order custom pads with stock sizing that is just stupid and dumb. ask the manf what measurment they need and the size of skate and thigh rise pref and tell them to make it so it fits u not the other way around. u dont goto a custom tailor and say make me a shirt off and give them a size u wear for some other brand. boot size for people are all different some people have small feet other have big. stop ordering modified stock sizing unless u own a retail store or fits perfectly in the pads
  14. its mad factory, "dinc" pads, google that ,, "john detemple" on instagram. he has new yellow ones now
  15. its funny how everyone can use SAM profile no matter the weight height size skill level makes u wonder who is pushing this and why it is being pushed so hard. Extra revenue maybe with little expertise., hey skate shop we got a catch all template that goalie will like, we will sell it to you and u push it to the consumer for $50 or so, No experience needed , just throw the template on and they will like it. if they ask for any adjustment, just tell them this is it.
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