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  1. its not the sr g5 do not have hypecomb like the g4 pros so theory is wrong. the flex point break doesn't do anything its just for looks its still interanl doouble break. it didn't kill the g4, anyone that wears the pads knows that once u break it in at that point its forms to that area. you can stiffen up the thigh rise by throwing down a plasic ruler down the back side slot and putting a foam on the backside inside break to straighten it back up. i did it on the g2-g4s. the pads get too soft over time. not, "its too stiff".
  2. listen u just walk around homedepot grab some elastic hooks, and some tarp holder make ur own for 10-15 buck that last 5 years or more. u can also use carabiner also sold at homedepot if u have loops in the front c/a and pants.
  3. its not much diff as u have stated, just foam between the models, profile lock u don't really need, hype comp on the thighrise if u want more stiffness. there are not custom options except for single and double break. Its like the ford car model, u can have it any color you want as long as it is black. the weight is minimal difference bt model as always.
  4. its foam like every other years.
  5. u cant sell cateye in canada
  6. The roy spec brown is this. back protector only like 7 " long in the upper back spin going down, rest is nylon webbing and same 2 straps. the elbow sides have hard nylon plastic plates. What roy modified is he took the soft foam on the sides off that wraps around, probably to get rid of the heat.
  7. i didnt put 2 pants on that would be silly, i was going to repair the inside thigh protector on my left bc it kept folding ever since i got it so i took it out and saw that it was slighty cracked.in certain areas. I was going to rig something up for both of them so I took the other one off and they were 2 different size short by 1" , heck the material was slighty diff the plastic on one was shinny the other was matte. This is what i think happen , the people putting it together ran out of the pro one and grab the sr. version one to get the order filled completed ,but didnt realized it was the wrong size and box or someone put the product in the wrong bin when they were putting the pant together. someone putt the wrong product and size in on of the thigh in the pants that was whats wrong at the end of the day. AT the end of the day the length wasnt that big of a deal, the thigh protector foam on the side was, got hit there 5 times or so the last 2 years, everything else is minimal.
  8. get the high price point one , better foam and glue. i compared them and use them side by side one on each leg, accidentally. The QA people put the wrong size and foam in the other thigh pads, how do i know? i took it out b/c the foam on the inside kept moving around and getting caught on the other leg. Also the material is diff, one is shinny the other is not and foam diff.
  9. DL42

    G4 Thread

    go by the chart per company and dont measure ur old pad. u guys a r making it more complicated then it really is. dont mix sizing chart from 2 diff companies never measure 2 diff companies by the top of the knee stack that is stupid, its like saying i should wear a size 13 shoe bc i'm 6'2". btw= u measure mid knee on the pad to the top thigh rise when the pad is flat and straight not curved and from the middle of the pad not the side. On the warrior pads measure flat not curve bc the to foam on the top thigh rise is slanted when curved.
  10. DL42

    Warrior G5

    if u need to stiffen it up more just buy a stiff ruler and throw it down the backside slot on the outside. works on the g2-g 5
  11. DL42

    Warrior G5

    its middle of the knee, every company measures the thighrise from the knee cap up otherwise there would be a gap. That how they measure for custom pads and it hasnt changes in 30 years. otherwise u r going to have a floating starting point for the thighrise sometime, 3 " higher and sometime less. this is how u r pads back in the day u give them ur skate size or scoop size, ankle to knee or floor to knee , and thighrise perference and send it in not stock sizes. but eventually kids now think thats how pads are ordered so the mfg follow suits probably based on getting the big box retailer to front load custom stock inventory.
  12. DL42

    Warrior G5

    thats not how u measure thighrise measurement, its from the midde of the knee not top of knee block as they can be difference size.. yoiu can do that if u figuring out the same brand and model and thats about it. otherwise doesnt tell u crap, and yes i know brian listed that , but it doesnt mean crap.
  13. DL42

    Warrior G5

    ccm is on the website as pdf in the catalog, warrior has a sizing chart everywhere in every retailer, brians is on their website, vaughn is the only one where i don't know but i have seen an old one, at this point i really dont care about vaughn. pete smith guys since 2003
  14. DL42

    Warrior G5

    yes go look at the sizing chart. these are also the same people that say the g3 are super stiff when they touched it for 5 min or tried it once while the other caamp that used it says they are too soft. shannon szabados uses a 33 +3 warrior. its just perceived as being big. always go with ur raw measurement preference not the stock size.
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