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  1. DL42

    Warrior G5

    its middle of the knee, every company measures the thighrise from the knee cap up otherwise there would be a gap. That how they measure for custom pads and it hasnt changes in 30 years. otherwise u r going to have a floating starting point for the thighrise sometime, 3 " higher and sometime less. this is how u r pads back in the day u give them ur skate size or scoop size, ankle to knee or floor to knee , and thighrise perference and send it in not stock sizes. but eventually kids now think thats how pads are ordered so the mfg follow suits probably based on getting the big box retailer to front load custom stock inventory.
  2. DL42

    Warrior G5

    thats not how u measure thighrise measurement, its from the midde of the knee not top of knee block as they can be difference size.. yoiu can do that if u figuring out the same brand and model and thats about it. otherwise doesnt tell u crap, and yes i know brian listed that , but it doesnt mean crap.
  3. DL42

    Warrior G5

    ccm is on the website as pdf in the catalog, warrior has a sizing chart everywhere in every retailer, brians is on their website, vaughn is the only one where i don't know but i have seen an old one, at this point i really dont care about vaughn. pete smith guys since 2003
  4. DL42

    Warrior G5

    yes go look at the sizing chart. these are also the same people that say the g3 are super stiff when they touched it for 5 min or tried it once while the other caamp that used it says they are too soft. shannon szabados uses a 33 +3 warrior. its just perceived as being big. always go with ur raw measurement preference not the stock size.
  5. DL42

    Warrior G5

    they have a chart go with it. its actually smaller the 33" base is 8" vs 10" on brians and CCM , I think vaughn is on the same boat but i could care less to do the reserach. what this means a 33" + 3 warrior ritual is the same as brians 33+1"in the thighrise.
  6. DL42

    Warrior sizing

    it if u order custom and it doesnt fit and u havent wore it on the ice they will make another one in ur size thats all
  7. DL42

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    jfront of knee cap down to floor , standing up with slightly bent knee
  8. DL42

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    u dont need a loop just throw it behind the skate with no loop no difference
  9. DL42

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    should be 32" if u measure correctly ftk at 19". What size skate u wear? if 10 or larger then go 33" , u can always have the pad drop a little bit by loosing the boot strap.
  10. sever goalie equipment
  11. foundation building - strength and power as main component. now is the time to do it not a week before u need it.
  12. do hip stretches for sake of health not for goaltending it'll be more benificial.,, that is what u should google on youtube. having a proper fitness workout should should hit all the areas the 90/90 hip stretches and everything else. you also need the strength and agility to get out of that as well.
  13. he can stiffen the warrior thigh if he choose by throwing some plasic rulers down the outside and a foam block in the upper internal break where the profile lock is.
  14. here what is unclear: • 360DualFIT ACTIVEdrop leg channel • Adjustable knee cradle setting changes from g4 to g5 : hc on face of pads to HyperComp reinforced thighrise Anyone know what foam they use in the knee stacks on the g3, g4, and g5? g3 knee stacks were great, g4 were shitty as it get, some crappy bubble computer foam block with something like ld45 which wasnt bad. overall too soft, bad mistake. Just plain aweful from day 1., g3 still going strong. g5?
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