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  1. I agree, but most of the companies that offer 10-12 color zones on the face end up making the same graphic for most people, typically 3-4 "bloc zones". Even with those options, I'd probably end up with a similar design. This graphic is the most detailed they have made available as stock since their digital print era started. May not have 25 color zones but the graphic is clean and effective. Plus, that zone 2 has really nice details. I went with white there because the small details will be silver and will match my mask a bit better. Plus, leg channel color and you could have a separate o
  2. Hey, though i'd show off what I'll order:
  3. You'll find out soon enough, the knee is the most exciting part of the release. This alone is making me order a set whenever pre-orders are up.
  4. well... #blockergate (missing the little red square), but I've seen it in person, honestly the most impressive CCM gear in years in terms of specs and weight. but the that graphic isn't their best. I got the chance to play around with the customizer and you can really do a lot with it, so there is a way to make that graphic work well!
  5. Can confirm there more than 2 zones
  6. Korpisalo's set up actually matches pretty well, Vaughn just doesn't skin new models, only the older gens, he just prefers the slr2 glove. The other two though..... no excuses there
  7. It’s not as bad as it seems because you take out at least a third of the marks off by wiping the water droplets that stays on the pad when you leave the rink.
  8. 2020 CCM pad is not an extreme flex pad... this is about as much as I am allowed to say, and @TheGoalNet is 100% right about the curve ball 🤐
  9. Hi The Goal Net forums! So since I own both Bauer lines as custom sets, I thought it would be nice to make a detailed analysis of both lines. As a sales advisor and goalie fit expert in a retailer, people often ask me how the vapor are different if both lines offer hard as hell rebounds. Most of the time I simply answer that I feel Vapor or Supreme is more a spec than anyother thing. Basically, most of teh ones who prefer a connected feel will be drawn towards the vapors, and those who prefer otherwise the supremes. There are more diffences but we will dive deeper within the "review". Let
  10. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    It is not unless you go true design
  11. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    I’ll make a full comparaison thread this week! But the only noticeable difference is the boot break since I have the vapor free flex boot.
  12. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Thanks! I went with the square because I had a 2s Pro setup last season (I chose the powerlite core too 😉 ) so I wanted to keep a similar feel! I work at retail and my rep showed me the colorway (red is also available) so I booked a blue one for myself back in november!
  13. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    After 20 weeks (huge delay happened with a new form version rolling out; they skipped my set up for a few weeks in the factory before beign told to do it as is) I finallt received my 2X Pro gear so here are a few shots including action ones. The delay occured because I ordered slightly before the official retail from rolled out. Tell me what you think!
  14. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    To have further differences between vapor and supreme gloves, they don’t offer the offset for the supreme, so why offer the straight for the vapor?
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