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  1. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    I can confirm this is the stock colorway, booking/special colors being red-navy-blue-black (logos, bindings and spears)
  2. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Here I am, I can confirm that, at this point to me I just think it will launch with the 2x pro mid may!
  3. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    You went with the pro custom instead of standard ; for the black cover or for the 2 weeks faster shipment ?
  4. Owning a 2s set and having tried the 2x ON ICE, I'd say hand placement felt the same to me.
  5. Ever since I have Bauer pads it made me notice that it doesn’t change a lot, of anything (at least for me)
  6. Until I get my blue backing with blue aerolite, I'll stay with white 😜
  7. An example is my 2x set, this is my first dark base setup and still wanted a lot of white, so this is what i came up with, just experiment, it’s your setup after all edit: played around with the gt2 and came up with these;
  8. Honestly, retro tan allows only dark colors, favourite set would be Holtby’s winter classic. Tan with pheinix red and navy, that works. Maroon and tan looks incredible too!
  9. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    I’m os canada but pure hockey is pretty big and has a good relationship with bauer, so I guess it’s worth a call
  10. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    This is exactly what it is my friend 😉
  11. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Specs: square knee block powerlite (stiff) thigh CRS laces No bootstrap (crs in box) glove: double T pocket nylon laces intermediate fit game ready blocker: intermediate fit
  12. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    I’m ordering these!
  13. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    I’m ordering these!
  14. maxtm30

    2X Pro

    Max, you should checkout the try it program, most reatailers that hold elite goalie gear will have demos for you there. I tried them in january 2018 up to February, I gave back the gear to my rep and immediately made a custom order of 2s, never been more satisfied of anything else (hockey related). The gear works for me! Ps : I find the durability better than on my previous gear (brand’s name starts with a c).
  15. If you guys want to see the depths to which Bauer works in their R&D department I highly recommend this video: This is not about goalie gear but gives you a great little tour of their offices and how they work! It’s a great watch!
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