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  1. That can be directly attributed to too much boot strap tension in an under the boot strapping, if you bring it back Lundy style that should help. Lundquist style boot strapping and/or professor strap use raises the pad. I would experiment with one of the latter two and see if that helps. Finding the right tension is key, and maybe try dropping the boot strap in favor of a professor strap type setup
  2. I did exactly that with GX2’s and a CCM cowling 1 size up (9.5 boot 10 cowl) and can say for a fact Vaughn boots don’t fit in rbz cowlings without some surgery as they are too wide. Now I did cut my cowl a la AS1 and it fit perfect. The only problem I am having is wear on the inside of the boot, I’m thinking I might be able to fix with some clear epoxy. These are definently a step up from my Graf 4500s and the perfect soft/stiff balance to be a comfortable as my old Bauer 7000’s. Pro stock hockey has the Gx2 skates dirt cheap, but I’d probably try one size up on the cowlings, in half size
  3. I wish someone would bring back the old jofa cup, I feel it fit a bit better than the traditional type cup. Currently I have a shock doctor soft edge cup as a base, a Reebok goal jock over that covered with compression shorts to keep it all together
  4. I’ll be honest, I thought I was losing it when I couldn’t find a pic of Crawford in vapors after thinking I saw him wear them for warmups and 2 periods against STL about a month ago.
  5. Couldn’t you use a small carabiner in place of the quick link? Just thinking easier and possibly lighter
  6. wishEMT

    R GT/2

    I feel wearing the boot strap actually helps with the opposite problem as my 35+1.5’s are about 0.5 too tall on the landing gear, but the boot strap maintains the boot flex I need to stay on the landing gear, loose lundy loop or no boot strap should actually help your problem.
  7. I have been struggling, my parents sold off my old 7000’s while I took a break from playing. I came back with koho 590’s and have been struggling to find my happy setup since. I’m currently on Graf 4500’s with ccm cowlings. Going to the ccm cowlings are making them feel like speed skates, but it was a bit of a case of going with what I could afford after the Graf cowling breaking down to where the blade wouldn’t stay tight
  8. Changed things up in my fibreglass 941 with a bit of the rust-oleum plasti-dip stuff and some automotive pin striping. Foam is vn with the Maltese sling I bought a few seasons ago. We’ll see how the durability goes and if it doesn’t work i’ll be back to a plain white mask.
  9. I’m getting ads covering posts in threads. If I close them they just turn into a gray box. It’s unique to the google ads embedded in threads.
  10. Holy crap, Cheli is still in the old Tacks with the old Tuuks, fits well with your pads in this photo
  11. Not to hijack, but has anyone used the kemmler shocktec air gel in a mask? What is the consensus on it? I know they used to supply Maltese so I’m a bit curious.
  12. My G1 sr chest has been surprisingly great for the price, great mobility and the only stingers were before my Maltese neck guard
  13. Warrior R/GT sr glove, blocker, and 35+1.5 pads, Warrior ritual sr c/a, modded shortened arms tackla pants with home-made shock-gel belly pad Bauer 951 mask with Maltese chin sling ccm pro knee pads graf 5500 skates with overdrive blades Northstar CP31 sticks, 25.5 paddle
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