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  1. Coop, read it again. I said you don't feel bad about suggesting that Ray Emery was responsible for his own death because he's a celebrity—which you stated plainly with your "lack of empathy for a celebrity". Regardless of what you believe on the subject of this person's death (and who cares what you believe? You weren't there, you have no facts, no expertise whatsoever, and you didn't know the guy), when it comes to what you choose to post as though it's an established fact, you should stick to what you know. Which, in this case, is nothing. You're just repeating your own gossip and besmirching someone who died, again, two years later.
  2. Automatically assuming it was involved because you read something online is a far larger jump. And I'm not discounting it—I'm saying you don't have nearly enough information to assert that it was a "major considering factor" or that there was "a high probability" that it was involved in his demise. You have a responsibility to back up qualitative statements about someone's death like that with some real facts, and you have absolutely nothing to stand on, other than vague notions you carry about Ray Emery and "the precedent of rich hockey players" or whatever you're swiping at. Let's look at what you're working with, Coop: Ray Emery is (more or less) known to have indulged in cocaine at various points in his life. Sure. Plenty of hockey players drink heavily and party with cocaine. This is a generalization, but sure. But if all these guys love drinking and cocaine and boating so much, how come they're not all drowning? Why is Emery's (rumored) cocaine use so particular to him all of a sudden? You personally find it strange that a man his age/size/condition drowned. It's not. People drown all the time. They get caught on things, cramp up, get trapped exploring, or get knocked unconscious. Most drowning articles will not reveal specifics as to the mechanics of the person's drowning—they simply state that the person's death was ruled as a drowning. You feel his cause of death is "a big secret". It's not—it was ruled a drowning. Did he have something else in his system? Maybe, maybe not. Coroners may or may not have tested him for drugs. Really, who exactly feels there's more to the story? His friends? His teammates? His family? The police? The press? No, you and other bored people on hockey forums. The only reason you even perceive it as "a big secret" is because you and other people suspect there is more to the story. You have no idea if there is, and that's a fact. I know this is the internet and all, and it's fine if you don't feel bad suggesting that Ray Emery was responsible for his own death because "he's a celebrity", but you have absolutely no basis to assert that drugs were a major considering factor or that there was a high probability they was involved in his death. If you're going to publicly post stuff like that for people to read, you're going to need to do a lot better than whatever weak generalizations you're trodding out here. And you've got nothing, other than an insatiable need to gossip and speculate about a man who's been dead for over two years. Let him rest in peace.
  3. I said I thought it was pointless and in poor taste for you to posit that someone you don't know met a tragic death just because you heard/read they did cocaine. I still think you sound like a kid who read some juicy drug gossip on a hockey forum, or heard something in a locker room, and felt that was enough for you to neatly conclude that it was the cause of someone's death. I'm not asserting that Emery didn't have a drug issues or a cocaine habit, but going from whatever fuzzy notion of this private matter you have to "I wouldn't be surprised if it was a major factor in what occurred" is a laughable logical leap. You're not a coroner. I also think if you're going to talk about something serious like that, you don't flippantly say "dude was a big skier". You weren't Ray Emery's personal friend, you just read some Ottawa tabloid articles from your computer chair. Sorry if you felt that's an unfair assessment.
  4. Hey @indykrap, sorry but the pictures aren't working for me—want to message me? Thank you
  5. @GoalieNut This thread's going to cover most of your "How/What are my fellow goalies doing during this time?" questions
  6. Whoa, these are incredible—top-notch kitsch. I'd love to see pictures of the other versions if people have 'em. If there was a Brodeur version of this hat, I would have worn it into dust in my middle-school days. Interesting that these were made/issued by GregHarrison—I know he's the common thread through all these goalies, but was he behind the paint jobs as well? If not, I'd think the designer would have received a cut of the profit, in addition to the goalie. Just curious, I know this would have been like 26 years ago.
  7. Screw that. This is an unprecedented threat to global health—when this many people are sick and dying (and losing their income and health insurance), the fact that someone is good at a sport (or has millions of dollars) does not make them more deserving proper healthcare. Is someone who lost a loved one—or who is currently fighting for their own life while navigating an overwhelmed healthcare system—supposed to give a shit that Austin Matthews has a mean shot? The fact that athletes receive superior healthcare in normal, non-COVID-19 times is incidental to the fact that their careers are based on their physical health, and they have employers who are willing to ensure that they receive the best care possible—fine. But during a global pandemic that's uprooting our way of life, that thinking should go right out the window. FWIW, I think we're actually seeing a marked increase in resentment towards the "haves". The backlash against celebrities complaining about being quarantined in their mansions and billionaires who have failed to make meaningful contributions to help fight COVID-19 (most of them) has been palpable, and steadily growing for weeks. I'd hope the NHL would be wary enough to see how badly something like this would rub millions fans—even if some people are content to say "oh well, they're athletes, so they deserve tests and we don't". And cancel the season already, there's *zero* chance playoffs are happening. Time to suck it up and accept that "Who won the 2020 Stanley Cup?" is trivia fodder for future generations.
  8. Goddamn, I wish Saros' missed gear endorsement opportunities were the notion that'd been really bugging me the last couple days... I'm stuck worrying about this existential crisis/global pandemic/looming economic meltdown. Stay gold, Ponyboy (I'm serious).
  9. I actually hadn't—very cool, though the Helite III Brodeur used in subsequent years (with a natural wood shaft, no red/black paint on the shaft) is the particular one I've been after.
  10. I just bought an old Heaton Helite 5 Garth Snow stick (thanks for the tip, @coopaloop1234). I think that's about as close as I'm going to come to finding a Brodeur Helite III, which has been my 'dream find' since I first got into goalie gear circa 1996. It's in pretty good shape—not too many dings, no notable splintering—I'm going to make a small project out of 'restoring' it: Remove the old tape and sticky residue (that's going to be fun...) Give any rough sections a light sanding, while trying to avoid removing any of the branding on the shaft Give the shaft a light coat of varnish—I've done this with some other sticks after sanding the shaft a bit, and it's worked great Tape that sucker up The only question is when/how often I'll play with it. I have an inexplicable love for how this stick looks, but I don't know that it will be "fun" to play with it, and of course, I'm scared to risk breaking it. I have a signed 2003 CCM/Heaton game-used Brodeur stick made out to me—it will surely grace my office wall when I remember to take it from my childhood bedroom. Even though this new Heaton 5 is of no Brodeur/personal significance, I might just clean it up and put it on the wall for looks. It may depend on how well the restoration goes.
  11. He died in 2010 in Ontario, Canada. Source: Wikipedia
  12. If there are sticks still available, sure—otherwise, I'll pass, thanks. I appreciate you putting it on my radar.
  13. It's not really a question at this point, though I wouldn't expect the NHL to make any final decisions/announcements until it's a logical certainty. I think the notion that the season could be saved was only really plausible under the absolute rosiest of return timelines, and not a single development since the moment the NHL paused the season has supported the notion that those timelines are remotely feasible. North America is not doing well at containing the spread (a wild understatement). I believe if anything, we'd be more likely to see the start of next season delayed than to have any continuation of the 2019-2020 season (not saying that's likely, either).
  14. Thanks for the tag, @coopaloop1234—I am very interested in the Hebert/Snow sticks, but I don't use Facebook. Does that person have any contact info listed that you might be able to provide?
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