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  1. They remind me a bit of Reggie Lemelin's Aeroflex pads... am I mistaken in thinking I once read that Brian Heaton was involved in those (or even flat-out invented them)?
  2. Great pickup—I don't know anything about the H5, sorry to say. Mostly just bummed to learn that GSBB is completely wiped—even when it was a dead forum, those old threads (like the Heaton ones) had some great information, much of which is probably going to be "lost to history" at this point. Of course there will be people who owned/know a lot about older gear like Heaton, but it's unlikely they're going to redeposit that knowledge on the internet for posterity.
  3. Personally, I am not in favor of banning the lacrosse goal. It is exceedingly rare. It is difficult. It is exciting and attractive to fans. I agree with the "if you are given the time and space and opportunity by your opposing professional hockey players, and you have the nerve and talent to do it against a professional goaltender with the knowledge that teammates, opposing players, fans, and analysts will all roast you if you don't get it perfect, go for it" rationale. I think the most egregious "highlight" play that should be banned is the "slow walk-in with 12 dekes" shootout attempt. A shootout is, of course, a gimmick, an individual skillset—it is not really the game of hockey, in the sense that there is no passing, defense, teamwork, etc. But it should at least attempt to mirror the realities of the game of hockey, and that is where the slow walk-in shootouts are more of an aberration. There is virtually no situation in a game where a forward would have that much time to execute so many moves. Even when a player has a clearrrr-cut breakaway from the penalty box or from a shot-block on the other side of the ice, they still hustle and get that shot off ASAP. They know there are several opposing players skating hard behind them. The easy solve would be to add a shot clock for each shootout attempt. I'm not talking about anything too brief—maybe 3 or 4 seconds (it's not as quick as it sounds). Kane's attempt, from picking up the puck to it crossing the goal line, was just under 6 seconds by my count. A shorter timeline would generally ensure that players need to get in there and take a shot pretty quickly. If they elect to sprint their ass off to afford themselves a little more time to deke or shoot, that's their prerogative. Not perfect, but anything would be an improvement over this bullshit...
  4. "Fucky"? I agree, their gear is the absolute worst (Devils fan here). But fucky is not a word an adult should use unless they're quoting Full Metal Jacket.
  5. Oh I dunno—I think Fleury needed a fresh start, and going to Vegas was an absolute shot in the arm for his career. I don't think his ability was in question, but things had officially gotten rocky in Pittsburgh, and it was affecting his mentality and his game. I don't think the Penguins playoff struggles were all on him, but there were a few postseasons were he was a genuine hazard. I don't think the whole "Fleury is done in Pittsburgh, it looks like Murray is the future here" thing necessarily equivocates to "Murray is better than Fleury". I think the only way Fleury might have worked out in Pittsburgh would be if they'd packaged Murray to send Fleury a "Don't worry buddy, it's your net, your team!" confidence message or something. And frankly, at Fleury's age and given his recent play at that time, that would have been a very risky decision. I think playing in a weird, no-expectations, fun-loving market gave Fleury's game a spark that he wouldn't have rediscovered in Pittsburgh.
  6. Missed opportunity—Bauer could have absolutely stolen the show with those pitiful jerseys. The first thought that came to my mind was some sort of play off of their old third jerseys, like maybe the diagonal grey raindrops, or the sea waves—I bet fans would have been tickled by a fun reference to a reviled, kitschy design. And with such plain boring jerseys, Bauer had a great canvas to show off some cool printed designs. Instead, Zzzz.
  7. Great thread, much appreciated @AG37
  8. Not going to argue that Hank isn't a well-dressed man (he is), but I'm always puzzled at the amount of credit that he—and other wealthy celebrities who live in major cities—gets for his 'style'. These people don't often just walk into Saks 5th Avenue or Bergdorf Goodman and simply browse racks, look for things in their size, pick out a few items, and then style themselves. Many of them employ stylists who shop for them (if only for a particular big event), or they go to a store and the merchants see to their every need and bring out items that are considered to be the newest/best (or seem to be a good choice for that customer) while the customer sits on a velvet couch and is brought coffee. My point is that if you have tons of expendable cash and access to top-tier clothing, you don't need to be exceptionally tasteful or stylish to end up with a perfect-fitting, great-looking wardrobe. Hank landed in one of the world's foremost fashion/culture centers as a popular celebrity athlete with a lot of money and the desire to look good on the public stage. Virtually anyone in that position is going to end up dressed immaculately (especially if suit designers and fashion houses seek you out to have you wear their newest, nicest threads, as is the case with Hank these days). And of course, Hank's dashing smile and all-around good looks add a lot to the "wow, he's SO stylish" notion. I mean, Phil Kessel could dress identically to Hank down to his shoelaces, and it's likely that nobody would say anything about how stylish or well-dressed he was... Hank's style in gear (which I think is pretty bad) is another matter entirely. But in his defense, he's very established with Bauer and DaveArt, and it's essentially his duty to wear whatever they want to show off... and IMO, those two brands put out some of the ugliest gear and paint-jobs in the league. I don't think his on-ice style shortcomings are "his fault" by any means.
  9. I did some freelance work with Vaughn's marketing team a few years back, and their approach to branding is actually pretty logical and refreshing. Each time they create a new line, they forge a 3-D rendering of that line's barbed, tribal graphic out of pure steel, and hone it to a brilliant sheen. Next, Mike Vaughn steps into the Vaughn Circle of Innovation, and leads his employees in the Carey Curse, a ritualistic chant that points out how actually, Carey Price's numbers have pretty much plummeted since he switched to CCM. Finally, Mike's subordinate hands him the steel tribal graphic, which he javelins towards a spreadsheet of every Vaughn employee's IP address. The new Vaughn line is named after whichever IP address it strikes.
  10. I prefer Jones's new setup to his previous ones—but I've also never really liked when Sharks goalies have orange in their gear. I think the minimal bit of orange in the uniforms is a sharp touch, but it always comes across as overwhelming on equipment. Ultimately, I'd love to see the Sharks go full-90s and return to a teal/black/white/grey palette (complete with the old, simplified logo). I don't see it happening... maybe a third jersey, someday.
  11. Everyday I see about 15 threads on this forum that I don't want to read — it's very easy to skip over them, and ignore them. Most of the threads I do want to look at end up getting buried back a page or two — and it's very easy to go find them. This is such a non-issue, and while I did agree with a lot of the original comments on the integrity of the material acquisition and some of the posting techniques, it feels like people just want to complain at this point. If you are not interested in the product and you're visiting this page, it's your fault for clicking. If you are bothered by the fact that you always have to *scroll past a single thread* on your keypad/mouse, then I don't know what to tell you... that's not a real problem. People are too accustomed to being able to curate their own perfect little news/social media feeds, where only the things they want to see are placed in front of them (you'll still get ads for things you don't care about). In real life, we are exposed to ads/content that we don't want to see hundreds of times a day. It's very easy to ignore it all. This is no different — act accordingly. Lastly, @TheGoalNet has done us all a big favor by stepping up and creating this community, which has done a remarkable job at filling the niche void left by the old GSBB. It is a good forum — but it's not a utopia, and nobody is owed anything, no matter how often they use it or how much they contribute. I think our administrator has made it clear that they are fine with how this thread fits into the overall purpose of the forum, and that they want people to move on from the issue. People should respect that.
  12. It's funny, I never liked the Helite 5's very much when I was a kid. Of course, this was entirely based on graphics — I had no knowledge of the pad's features. I didn't like how the legpads were a patchwork of color-blocking and geometric shapes (and dots), but the glove and blocker had a pointed wave graphic on them. I thought the Helite 4 and 6 line looked better, and was relieved that Brodeur never wore the Helite 5 graphic. That type of thinking seems so laughable now... those pads look sooo nice, I'd wear them (and their "matching" glove and blocker) in a heartbeat. It's a combination of the graphic growing on me a bit (probably because I'm not wild about the direction pad graphics have gone since those days) and the overall beauty of the pads (the thigh taper, the rolls, the boot, the straps, that big curvy logo) transcending any minor gripes about the graphic. In short, those Helite 5's have grown on me, and I've revisited this page to stare at @Naz's score three times now!
  13. Goddamn @Naz, those are beautiful! Congrats on the score... I want to say I've seen those pads for sale online for a while?
  14. I'm hoping he logs on just once a year, to start a new Sitings thread.
  15. Remember when there was d** s****** on the GSBB?
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