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  1. @havok no I’m not. I stopped playing ball hockey when covid started and now I’m only playing on ice.
  2. Ross

    DIY Calf Pillow

    @indykrap they are 7” long, 2 ½” wide and ¾” thick. I used 2 layers of 3/8” foam floor tile for padding.
  3. Ross

    DIY Calf Pillow

    I did the pillows the same as @Kayen. Made them for my G3s and now use them on my G5’s. Mine are about 1” thick with loop Velcro sewn on one side.
  4. @RichMan What I do is mark the middle width of the pad at knee height( 5 ½”) as I want my knee to centred on the pad and then adjust the thickness of the knee block accordingly. On my floor hockey pads I don’t wear knee pads so having my knee block at 4” allows my knee to be centred on the pad. I marked the middle of the pad with a yellow spot in the pictures. On my G5 pads I wear knee pads so I use a 3” knee block and this centers my knee on the middle of the pad. I find that if the center of my knee is past the middle width of the pad then the pad is prone to under rotating and skating/ movement is hard.
  5. @Phantom31 Do you have the Can Ice Glide Master tiles or the Pro Series? They say the pro series has minimal shavings.
  6. My left foot has always toed in more than my right.
  7. Just did a comparison of the width of my butterfly flare In 3 different setups. Wearing only my knee pads my flare is about is about 42”. Wearing my G5 pads, with a 3” knee stack ( I modified the stock knee stack) my flare is about 48”. Wearing my homemade ball hockey pads that have a 4” knee stack, my flare is about 52”. So for me increasing the height of my knee stacks does increase the width of my flare and at 58 yrs old I’ll do anything that helps.
  8. Try increasing the height/thickness of your knee stack. I do this and there is a noticeable increase in my flare. On my G5 pads I have the knee stack at 3”.
  9. Does anyone know the specs of the spry j profile?
  10. Check out the GoalieTrainingProTV ( Maria Mountain) review of the Can Ice versus the Revolution tiles. The higher the quality of tiles the less shavings and dust there is. https://www.goalietrainingpro.com/uncategorized/at-home-synthetic-ice-for-goalies-2020-can-ice-vs-revolution/
  11. I purchased some Smart Rink ProFast 8000 synthetic ice about a month ago. I looked at several different brands and these worked out to being a good quality with decent shipping costs. Stay away from any tiles that are only one sided. Spend the money and get the higher quality tiles that can be flipped over. If I continue to use them as much as I do now then I will likely upgrade to the Can Ice Pro Series tiles next year as these appear to be the highest quality. My blades are good for about half an hour and then I swap them from side to side, as I’m mostly using the inside edge, and I can get about another 20 minutes out of them and then they need sharpening. I’ve got 3 sets of blades that use. I use my older set of pads(G3) on the tiles and they slide ok. My only regret is that I didn’t buy them last year when the rinks closed.
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