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  1. Ross

    Warrior G5

    The small hole in the glove T is likely an alignment mark put in by the material cutter ( usually a laser) at the factory. It helps the worker that’s assembling the glove align the parts as they are assembled. The hole should be in line with the edge of the glove however if you can see the hole then your T will be slightly larger than it should be, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Smaller volume factories that cut the parts by hand or with a cutting table that uses a knife blade instead of a laser would mark this point with a pen. I design kiteboarding equipment and the factories that produce our kites do the same thing, with either laser cut holes or notches, to ensure correct alignment as they assemble the panels together.
  2. Ross

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    I had some grey Jenpro from the knee pad attachments inside my Warrior pants.
  3. Ross

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    Just got my custom G5 pads and decided to make some tabs to attach my elastic toe laces to. I prefer to have the elastic laces attach at at point that is directly in line with the front of my skate as I find I can use less tension in the elastic, which is easier on the body and yet the pad rotates back in place consistently. I made the same sort of thing for my G3 pads and it worked great for me for 3 years. I made the tabs from some hard plastic, out of an old knee pad, some Jenpro and some lacing. I laced the tabs through the 2 front holes and through the larger circular hole and one of the slits. I put a piece of plastic on the inside where the the lacing went through the larger circular hole and the slit to make the attachments more secure. Here are the pictures of the parts,tab attached to the pad and skate attached to the elastic laces.
  4. Different designers. Not a big deal, I just found it interesting that the logos were so similar.
  5. Back in 2006 a company that I was working with produced a diving Drysuit called Fusion. Interesting to see that JRZ is using the same logo on their Fusion pads. Coincidence? I wonder if someone who works there is/ was a diver.
  6. Ron, I sent you an email.
  7. beansbats, where did you order the synthetic ice from? What make? Thanks
  8. OceanMon, there’s a short video clip in my first post.
  9. Ross

    Warrior G5

    I have the G3 sr setup, been using it for 3 years, 3 times a week for beer league at a level probably similar to yours. Everything has held up well with very minimal wear. Was going to get G5 sr stuff but when The Goal Crease had the special on recently for the custom gear I went for pro...
  10. It will be interesting to see what happens with the built in knee block over time as the internal foams break down. With the knee blocks that rely on Velcro or binding to hold them secure they can be adjusted/ tightened over time to make up for the foams breaking down and usually if needed the foams can be replaced.
  11. I used ballistic nylon for the T and reinforced it with uhmw plastic. Even though it’s much larger than the T it had it’s now lighter.
  12. Was looking at the official ball hockey rules ://isbhf.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ISBHF-Rulebook.pdf and noticed that they allow much larger gloves and blockers. So with all this extra time I decided to make the pocket/T on my glove as big as is allowed. Picture below shows it next to my G3 glove that I use for ice.
  13. For floor hockey yes I’m still using my own goalie pads. I just installed a set of Kenesky Speed Sliders on them. I’ve only used them once with the speed sliders but they seem to slide better than the hook Velcro I was using before.
  14. I sometimes play against a young goalie who has a really good glove hand and on breakaways he really moves it out in front and moves it around, doesn’ keep it stationary. I started doing the same and for me it helps. As Martin Brodeur says - "I try to get his attention, say I wave my glove at him when he's coming in so he knows I'm ready for the top shelf," Brodeur said. "I'll move my blocker or fake a poke check if he's looking at me."
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