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  1. If any one else can help me I would like to find out about an olie 8000 mask what it is made out of
  2. Thanks I have there 2000 model I dont want the plastic version that Is why I would like info on it they went out of business long time ago ty
  3. I would like some information on what an olie 8000 goalie mask is made out of thanks
  4. Would like to know what a olie 8000 goalie mask is made out of
  5. Coveted is the best mask for the money
  6. I am interested in the mask
  7. Forgot Clubberley mask also
  8. Thanks how much should I try for
  9. I am selling a pair of Louisville 35 in golaie pads Bonic new were 1300 selling for 400..00 really good shape thigh guards also
  10. Yes now I have ccm pro stuff pads and gloves and Vaugh pro Spec pads
  11. Is there a maple leaf on the side have never see a mask with a maple leaf on side of it unless painted on is it a good mask
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