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  1. Forgot Clubberley mask also
  2. Thanks how much should I try for
  3. I am selling a pair of Louisville 35 in golaie pads Bonic new were 1300 selling for 400..00 really good shape thigh guards also
  4. Yes now I have ccm pro stuff pads and gloves and Vaugh pro Spec pads
  5. Is there a maple leaf on the side have never see a mask with a maple leaf on side of it unless painted on is it a good mask
  6. I have the same mask it has a maple leaf on side of the mask
  7. What company made the mask in pic with a maple leaf on the side
  8. What make is the mask. With the maple leaf on the side what company made it
  9. Yes the custom mask is more made to the size of the persons head also Maclom Suban wears a covteded mask it is a nice one you wont be disspointed in it
  10. Best is to mesure your hear size give measurement to Ron and he will make it if for you
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