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  1. Gawd... I can’t believe @coopaloop1234 actually got rear-ended on purpose, just to get @SaveByRichter35’s attention. 🙄 Pathetic.
  2. Props to Brian’s and Bauer for this: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/brians-custom-sports-producing-medical-supplies-1.5513828
  3. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling over the next little while; hopefully you are fine, and nothing more will come of it though.
  4. Fer fuck’s sake! Her fucking airbags deployed! Are you OK dude? That must have get like a helluva jolt- even in a truck!
  5. Hextall - of course! 😋 Regardless, very cool painting dude!
  6. Wow! Amazing - I was just telling my wife that I was getting the itch to paint a goalie (though I’ve never done hockey). That Tugnutt image seems SOOO familiar. Was it an Upper Deck card...?
  7. Did I mention that I’m also supporting local small business...? This delivery just arrived today:
  8. That’s not certified for Canada; only straight-bar cages keep the COVID out - Lol!
  9. Happy to hear you and yours are managing, all things considered. Was just reading about how hard NY state is hit with this. My wife had some pretty cool live stream (video also available afterward) from Cincinnati zoo on for the kids the other day. I watched one with them, and it’s really great stuff - and the kids (6 & 8 ) loved them all! http://cincinnatizoo.org/home-safari-resources/ Another key to survival has been the fact that my local craft brewery delivers! 😁🍻 so I can continue to support small business
  10. All cute and cuddly and adorable - until he chews up the Vaughn gear... LMAO!
  11. Seconded! I mean honestly, @seagoal - what are ya, new or something...? 😁
  12. Yes, sorry - a bit unclear; I tie my chesty to my pants. So untucked, but not flapping around either. And suspenders under! 🙂
  13. I’m close - suspenders under, chesty untucked (but I do tie it; some shit just gotta be locked down in there...)
  14. As for me, besides the street hockey in the driveway, I’m growing a COVID beard; it’s kinda like a playoff beard, but with less playoffs.
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