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  1. WTF - are you new, @bunnyman666? Please, please PLEASE tell me this was the seller's pic, and not yours...
  2. Wow - thanks for all the answers, guys. Helpful stuff. Sorry to post about custom orders again on your BC leagues discussion, @coopaloop1234
  3. My investigation into possibly buying Pro Brian's pads continues. Some pretty obscene numbers have been thrown around (and that's without discussing my stats) but thus far there has been minimal collateral damage to the state of my marriage. I was wondering if anyone can speak to a few questions: How do you save your design and then get your design from the customizer to your LHS for order placement? How does payment work? Is it usually a deposit when order is placed, and balance on delivery? Does the LHS dealer have any wiggle room on price, or will it be the MSR? Cheers folks!
  4. You were gonna selfie that shit? Doesn’t Mr. Cannon, your league photographer, follow you around at home too...?
  5. Aw, come on! Sounds like a weak sauce excuse to me. You could have thrown it on before taking the kids to the park, or wear it while mowing the lawn, or even model it while having dinner with your wife’s friend that you hate! Lol!
  6. Wow - that's interesting, and certainly makes sense based on what I've experienced and observed. For testers concerned about the mesh, I did a close visual inspection of the mesh panels on mine, and could not find any breakdown, or snag or tear. Plus, the new Pro model appears to have smaller mesh panels than mine does. The pics don't tell the whole story, because again I'm trying to show something that isn't there - but for what it's worth:
  7. Lucky Pucker


    Wooo! Nice one, man! Dare is ask - has the streak continued...?
  8. I have the older/original/non-pro Interceptor, and have used it my entire career (about a year, according to my O-Pee-Chee card - lol!) I love it - though I acknowledge that it hasn’t been put to the test, per se, and might be lacking for impact protection at the throat. I’ll likely buy this new one when it becomes available. I’m already used to removing and replacing the innards every skate, so the only change for me will be better protection. I can, however, support your theory about wear. I wash mine after EVERY skate, no exceptions. Trying to do some quick math, I must have washed this thing at least 75 times - and there is no wear to be seen! Also, the panels where the D30 goes in have remained taught, and still hold everything in place (i.e the material has not stretched to the detriment of the item’s performance). tried to take a few pics of the areas you’d expect to show wearing, but it’s hard to show something that isn’t there. Happy to take more if anyone wants.
  9. Wow, man - 2 years old! A very happy birthday to your little guy, SBR!
  10. Lucky Pucker


    Likka? I hardly know her!
  11. Lucky Pucker


    Congrats on the shutout, dude! My shutouts always get ruined by the first or second shot on goal - LOL! While I've never had a Lionshead Deluxe Pilsner, my research leads me to believe that you may be beering wrong. I mean, putting the word "Deluxe" in there is like when an autocracy includes "Democratic" in their country's name...
  12. Maybe not the Hollies, but ELP had that song about you: "He had white goal pads And skaters tryin to score All fixed with jenpro And waitin to shut the door ooooooh, what a Bunnyman he was ooooooh, what a Bunnyman he was" That's how that one went, right...?
  13. Like? Nah, man - I LOVE it. Super convenient, too, because instead of having another tab open for smilingsweatysamoans.com, I can get everything I need from this one site. #efficiency
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