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  1. Lucky Pucker


    No, of course not; at 16, you were probably just in your bedroom, abusing yourself! 🤣
  2. Lucky Pucker


    That looks perfect. Trade you the chin strap out of my helmet for one...?
  3. Lucky Pucker


    Nice job on the sweet win! That must have been really satisfying! I like some of the Southern Tier stuff I’ve had over the years- but it’s been a while! Cheers dude!🍻
  4. Lucky Pucker


    Woah there - let’s not lose our heads here; some tosser named Phil fucked the queen once, and the world ended up with this abomination:
  5. Aye - A agree thare is ower much English in this thread.
  6. Are you sure it's the colour that would be the target for a slash, and not the wearer...?
  7. Looks pretty sweet there, @bunnyman666 - this green colour theme is baller! Certainly the first time that I've ever seen the Union Jack on a piece of goalie gear. And the "FISH N' CHIPS", well that's just perfect! You must be thrilled. Can we get some pics alongside the blocker now? I really like the lighter/lime green hint on the inside of the T: However, I'm also a bit surprised it didn't pop up as a very small accent colour on the back somewhere - say, like on the velcro tab here:
  8. Lucky Pucker


    For this brewery, and this style, you probably don’t even taste the alcohol. Some of these are almost like juice; super dangerous for the uninitiated! this is not your dad’s PBR...
  9. Lucky Pucker


    That looks like a beaut; Other Half is doing good work. Had their “Hop Showers” a few years back when we went to Albany. So fucking good! Enjoy, brother - but at 10%, no heavy machinery or directing airplanes tonight!
  10. Lucky Pucker


    In part, yes - but the lacing in my trapper tends to soak up a lot of water, and by the second half I couldn’t even lift it. That really hurt me too - hence my ramping up the bicep curl training described in this thread.
  11. Lucky Pucker


    Pumpkin beer - for people who don’t like beer. Or pumpkin! Lol! if/when you crack the IPAs, let us know how they are!
  12. Lucky Pucker


    The Karma Citra is 6.6%, so not too bad. The can behind was a lager at 4.9% that kinda underwhelmed. one of the good local breweries here just released this year’s version of a DIPA called Monster Mash that is 8%, and they also have a collaborative DDH DIPA that’s a 9% - but between my kid’s team practice at 4:00, a training clinic for me at 8:00, and then on the ice at 8:00 tomorrow morning for the last coaching certification... doesn’t leave much room for DIPAs this weekend. 😕
  13. Pfffft! This thread is worthless without pictures!
  14. Lucky Pucker


    I’m about 3-4 in tonight, so I got you covered! Hic!
  15. Hellz, yeah! Sweet pics, brother!
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