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  1. I always loved this pic of Brown; it’s just spectacular I’ve also got a pic of the Gumper in a mask (only wore one in 6 of his 861 NHL games)
  2. Love this thread - but it needs some pancakes
  3. Didn’t Lundqvist’s countryman Soderstrom also have heart issues back in the day?
  4. My wife heard about this before me. Sad news; I Always liked him - and to think he’s younger than me! To have a heart condition... I wish him lots of luck!
  5. Can’t believe some of these... that Autumn from Tree House sounds absolutely incredible - but I think the one you need to send me a few cans of is that Fruit Project DIPA. You are beering like a boss. And for that, I hate you. Super cute kids by the way; totally understand having to dump some beer porn to make room for more pics of them. BTW - Who’s that creepy exterminator dude photo bombing ...? 😁
  6. Well, if I waited for you to look up from your navel and help me out...
  7. DOWN WITH INNER ROLL PADS!!! #OuterRollCrew I’m siding with @coopaloop1234 on this one; that’s some weak-sauce modding, @SaveByRichter35. I mean, wasn’t there a whole thread about this precise issue, fer fuck’s sake...? Why, yes there was!
  8. Lucky Pucker

    gnetik flex

    So the soon-to-be Mrs. Coop... what on earth is her angle in signing on to this life sentence...? Does she think she can “fix” or “save” you ...? I mean, just read this thread and it should be clear that there is no saving or fixing the handjob-mongering elitist we (think we) know and (pretend to) love here on the Goalie Network. ps: the buy/sell/trade filthy handjob posts are in the Goalie-seeking-goalie section.
  9. Lucky Pucker

    gnetik flex

    While it’s true that I can’t brain good anymore, it’s not due to injury; it’s the cumulative effect of reading too many @coopaloop1234 shitposts.😁 @SaveByRichter35: sprained my MCL the other year. Flattered that you care and remembered, but you’re gonna make Coop jealous. Again.
  10. Haven’t been on since March 13th myself (at least not as goalie; been on a few times this fall coaching with my son’s team). But yeah - it’s tough.
  11. Lucky Pucker

    gnetik flex

    Just messing with you!
  12. Lucky Pucker

    gnetik flex

    Mine did snap - along with my femur. Freak accident in the crease last December. But a little crazy glue for both, and good as new!
  13. I’ll be here (logged in or not). Bring ‘em! TBH, I’ve had a lot of good ones I haven’t posted. I’ll have a look back and see what’s worth sharing. Beer still tastes better after you’ve played hockey though 😕
  14. I’m a fan of this brewery generally, but this is among their best: Karma Citra (hops aficionados will get the word play... as will sex adicts) by Great Lakes Brewery
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