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  1. Totally what I was going for. So do you mail me my diploma, or do you send me a soft copy to print out myself…?
  2. Well, I can faithfully report today, that I am doing absolutely nothing to help myself Tuesday… but being spoiled with beer, food, and wine at my in-laws is pretty sweet!
  3. Wanted to give you a “like” reaction, but the house has decided I’m out of chips for the day 😕. I’ll get you this weekend!
  4. Thanks @creasecollector! We’ve got this. Well, I’m at least pretty sure that YOU’VE got his - lol!
  5. You may have missed it, but I’ve stated elsewhere that I’ve trained myself to play a “resale-value-focused” style of goaltending, so this is a non-starter. It’s good for me, and the players on the other teams are most obliging.
  6. Awesome! thank you so much for this - and for another post you made in the “Father Time/Dead Closet” thread (I’m paraphrasing… but only just…)
  7. I’m typically a 2-3 litres of water a day guy, but good call! I’ll make sure to be hydrated.
  8. Ah - a few new initialisms and acronyms in there… would this one from Maria cover what you’re suggesting? https://www.goalietrainingpro.com/goalies/the-4-minute-no-excuse-workout-for-goalies/ As for the my little pony with the daughter, I was on the floor with my 7 year old who is equine-obsessed just last week; she has 87 and named them all. Have to admit, it’s kind of the best!
  9. Not the same here in Ottawa as far as I’ve seen; I’m shit, haven’t played in almost 500 days, and I’ve been asked repeatedly to play - and always for free. You have a govt job, right @coopaloop1234? Why not move you and the Mrs Coop-to-be over to the national capital region? Actually, scratch the that; I don’t want leagues here to get a taste of better goaltending…
  10. Nice one brother! I hope you enjoy this - and I also hope it wears well, because you must be one of the members here with the most ice time per week! But it’s only gear - you go wear the hell out of it! 😁
  11. As someone who goes to great lengths to fake the “responsible adult” thing, I had planned it all out for my return this September: varied and regular exercise, was going to get some lessons, and maybe have a few skates with the group I started out with. Well today, that same player/manager emailed me today to say a summer group he plays with needs a goalie Tuesdays at 9:00 - starting on the 20th. I deliberately briefly, but as my wife pointed out “the only concern is injury… but then if you skip this, and have a freak accident before you get a chance to play in September, that would really suck…” I Love that girl. So almost 500 days after my last ice time (March 13th, 2020) I’ll finally be heading to the crease! I welcome any tips and/or comments, but from what I’ve gleaned form others’ comments on this return to the ice topic, it’s sorta like becoming a parent: you can never be fully prepared, other than to know it will, to a lesser or greater degree, hurt. Bad. But it’s somehow worth it. Right…?
  12. Posted this in the playoffs thread too, but what the heck; I’m emotional and overwrought with grief, and not making good decisions- lol!
  13. Lucky Pucker

    2021 Playoffs

    Not sure if there’s really anything to this, as some pointed out, but a buddy sent this to me. It’s at least an interesting angle:
  14. Aw, man - mea culpa; I was rushed, tried to fit in a comment between work/dog/hiit/go get the kids at day camp . I genuinely did not know it was his kid’s gear 😳. @coopaloop1234: your comments are spot on though. And FWIW, I’ve recycled that pic, having posted it for some such nonsense here before 😁 As you were, gents; I’ll just go back to being a mediocre dad
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