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  1. Fantastic! They look to be Warrior fans… is that what you wear? After my son tried goalie, and decided to stay a skater, I’d say “he’s smarter than his old man”. Now that my daughter seems keen to join the union, I’ll have to change my narrative (although she too is smarter than the old man - lol)
  2. Well, this happened this morning:
  3. So my daughter is on a “competitive” team… so competitive that the cost doubled. Nice uniforms, extra ice times, fancy coaches and drills… but with that, is goalering still an after thought? Yup. Anyway, my daughter volunteered for an exhibition game tonight. I didn’t get a chance to teach her anything, and she never got to practice. Also, I had to get my daughter AND the other goalie all kitted out in the “club’s gear,” including and improvised toe tie repair - because with all the dads in the room who played such and such for so and so years, they know fuck all about goalies. Anyhoo, she enjoyed it, and said she wants to do it again. We’ll see. We’d have a lot to work on. And a trip to the LHS to get her gear game up to snuff. But I love the pictures!
  4. Ach, dinnae fash yerself o’er it! I read a lot of Scottish comic books growing up. I’m sure if I used some of this in Glasgow, I’d get a side ways look, and a “get tae fook, ye doss coont” . Then probably beat up. Maybe robbed if I splurge for the full Glaswegian welcome package
  5. We also had a piper - which I was reminded of when we watched our wedding video on Monday, for our 13th anniversary!
  6. That’s stoatin’ man! Congrats mate! Dae ye ken who looks daft I’m a kilt? naebody! They’re magic!
  7. We do indeed! Used to watch it more back in the mid 90s- early 2000s, and we had a 20th anniversary special on VHS when I was growing up that I memorized. Fun fact: In my high school grad class/year book (class of '96) I was voted "Most Likely to Host Saturday Night Live". Wouldn't be the first funny Canadian on the show, that's for sure! 😉
  8. That's a ways away from me; I'm in Gloucester. When was the last time you were in Ottawa?
  9. Yeah - no preview image or anything, just this:
  10. So this thread makes me think I should talk MORE to myself, and LESS to my team mates... but then I know for a fact that my team mates say much nicer things to me than I say to myself, so maybe status quo should be maintained in my case... lol! There was a thread - or part, thereof - about having a mantra, and I took that one to heart. I'll throw in the odd "next shot, next save" and "no big deal" which I apply equally to highlight reel saves AND garbage goals. But the one that works for me, that I now say all the time after good/bad/routine plays is "Are you busy? Are you busy?" The reason for that is a bit of an inside joke. When they were younger, I would sternly (though disingenuously) say to my kids "Are you busy?", to which they would typically say "no". I'd then follow with a big smile and say "can I have a hug?" Now, and for some years, all I have to say is "Are you busy?" and I get a hug from one of my children. So for me, saying that aloud during the game reminds me of them, of how they inspired me to chase this crazy dream of playing goal at my advanced age, and also reminds me of what really matters. Oh, and I only say it loud enough for me to hear, as players are skating away... not looking for bear hugs from players out there, y'know. Believe it or not, having been off for >500 days due to COVID, when I finally returned to the ice, I had forgotten what my mantra was. I was a wreck! It finally came back to me after a few skates, and I'm in a good place with it now. Well, emotionally at least; statistically, it's still hit-or-miss - LOL!
  11. Classic beer, classic brewery! And a beaut of a 1 litre stein ( i have the same one - but I'm missing appropriate German beers to fill it with just now 😕
  12. Not sure what the video is about, but I guess we can't see it in Canada, eh?
  13. I think I know the one you mean - in fact, I started that thread: Sound bad about your thumb, @seagoal... I was going to maybe post about my own thumb injury, though it's nowhere near as bad. I had my glove off coaching my son's team this weekend, to pick up pucks ahead of the scrimmage. My thumb got smashed between two pucks as a kid rocketed a pass over to me to "be helpful." Luckily it was just the nail - not the joint.
  14. “Son millieme point, avec l’aide d’un gars de chez nous!” Merci, @RichMan! You are my today hero! 🙂
  15. I’m currently sitting at 999 rep points. Who wants to be the lucky goalie who pushes Lucky Pucker to 1K…? 😃
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