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  1. Lucky Pucker


    I don’t drink that much; I just panic buy too much - lol! I like having more than I need. Anyway, enjoying this superb Flanders Red sour with my wife:
  2. Has that changed (spectators being allowed in) since you last played there, given the recent spike in Texas?
  3. Lucky Pucker


    Sweet selection, and good looking beer fridge. Are those the munchkins in the 2nd pic? Oh, and here’s my latest beer fridge pic, just for shits and giggles:
  4. Lucky Pucker


    Not an issue; Ottawa is bilingual, and so am I. Any problems and I’ll translate for you. Start packing.
  5. So far, I haven’t been asked to go on the ice yet - nor have I sought it out. I was asked to be a regular in a pick up game starting September, but with so many question marks around more important things like work schedules for the wife and I, school and childcare, there’s no way I can commit. I just don’t feel ready for it with so much “new normal” in every other facet of life. I guess I’m in the minority though? For me, I waited about 35 years to be able to play, and most of that time was spent assuming I never would. Finally getting to play was a super-bonus indulgence in life, only to be undertaken when all the other responsibilities of my grown up life were well in hand. I’m struggling to identify what circumstances I’d be comfortable enough in to return to the ice. But since I started this whole thing when my personal circumstances were damned-near perfect, the current rules and circumstances are a far cry from being comfortable for me personally. In addition, I’m terrified to think how many beer leaguers are going to return to the ice, having done little or no physical fitness maintenance or exercise, and have some sort of devastating injury - or cardiac event. Please be safe, fellow goalies.
  6. Lucky Pucker


    Look, brother - let’s fix a few problems in one go here; you pack up a bunch of those quality IPAs, and head north. At the border, say Lucky Pucker needs his IPA (that will be the code to allow you in). Head to Ottawa, and I’ll meet you at parliament hill. The result: 1. I get sweet IPAs from NE 2. You get sweet IPAs from Ottawa/surrounding areas 3. You’ll be in Canada I can see no downsides to this. Your move, SBR.
  7. Lucky Pucker


    A little “beer and BBQ porn” for you folks who are into that. The beer is Longshadows, a 7.1% IPA from Blindman’s Brewing. Chops and sausage in the grill. Oh, and a beer apron to match! Oh, and hand-to-heart - I had my goalie mask on today. I put it in during a video call with my niece and nephew in BC, explaining that it’s important to wear a mask during the pandemic 😋
  8. Lucky Pucker


    So the beer seems to check out as a(nother) solid IPA (you’ve been kind of an asshole that way, posting all these great beers I can’t have...) BUT, saying the cartoon mermaid is hot? Fuck, man - you’re like half a step away from rubbing one out to The Little Mermaid! Granted, the beer can redhead IS at very least “cartoon hot” and seems to have a “come hither” expression... I dunno... I think I suddenly want to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit now.
  9. Lucky Pucker


    I had this one yesterday, and it was pretty good!
  10. Lucky Pucker


    Right-fucking-on, man. Beer and BBQ porn? I’m into that! Lol! Another stellar NEIPA from what I gather (though I’ve never had that one, my buddy with excellent taste loved it when he had it). So according to what I know about ‘Merica, those five patties are going in between two waffles, with American cheddar, and half a pound of bacon, and served to one person, right? 😁
  11. Lucky Pucker


    Aromatherapy - an excellent NEIPA from Ottawa craft brewers Beyond The Pale. This might be the beer talking, but I think I used to play hockey ...
  12. If you were considering a Sparx sharpener, they’re $75 off with the below code:
  13. Real solid of you to give that girl another 12 months to change her mind, Coop. 😋 Sounds like a tough - but correct - decision, Bud. Hang in there!
  14. As I suspected... though I never would have thought of the glare factor. Very interesting. And NOT very cool. One of the reasons I couldn’t stand Kelly Hrudey for the longest time. Well, that, and the blue bandana thing. Oh, and that ridiculous stance. Now as a commentator on TSN, I quite like him actually! Lol!
  15. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to help you, because I like them all!! 😍
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