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  1. I really just meant this: (Man! If you want something not-meme or GIF-related done properly, don't ask Coop! LOL!)
  2. Yeah, sure - or that guy. Whatever turns your crank, brother. (Appropriately for this thread, this is the first time I've ever seen that GIF)
  3. Imagine that "praying hands" thank you crap right here, Coop - LOL!
  4. Thanks, man! I'm thrilled. It's quite a story - so much so, in fact, that I think I'm gonna commission Dave to tell my story on my mask. Besides insisting on the gratuitous use of at least 3 distinct types of glitter, I'll just let the Cradle of Creativity take care of the design.
  5. But I thought I saw somewhere that Trav sucks...(?) 😁
  6. So it’s either retire, or pack some brass knuckles for next game. Noted. Knee in the head is not fun. Wrenched my neck last time, but no concussion stuff fortunately! My mask is still serviceable after taking some shots,, but the first ever shot to the coconut was my freakin teacher during my second-ever skate as a goalie! I can tell you, it was quite unexpected! I’m ok with never duplicating the ripped pants first - lol!
  7. Thanks so much - appreciate that! It's a thrilling feeling - I'm still on a high from it! Good idea about writing the game details on the back, and hanging on to it; I sure ain't that hard up for a Coors Light, so I might as well keep it!
  8. Oh, man... I had been looking to find a regular gig with a team for the winter season. Since I've only been playing for a year and a half or so (with a few months off for an MCL tear), it's been all pick up stuff. But my goal was to play with a team in a league. Anyhoo, in the 11th hour, I got an email from the convener of the league I was hoping to play in, and he put me in touch with a team that's in the same +35 Division as the team I had subbed for last year. Last night was my trial with this new team - which, incidentally, had won the championship last year. So, like, no pressure, right? The first shot against me was a bang-bang play, with an unmarked guy in the slot putting it beyond my outstretched glove, and into the net. Down 1-0 already. After that? Well, I had the game of my life! The boys managed to get a gritty tying goal, we killed off a penalty (3 minutes in this league), got a go-ahead beauty with 7-ish minutes left, and we held during the onslaught when they pulled their goalie - mostly because the boys pushed the other team so much they had trouble keeping it in for the entire last minute. Game finished 2-1 for us! Standing around in the hall, after, waiting for the guy with the key, guys on the team said they didn't feel they reserved that win, sheepishly laughing, and lauding the other team, and saying "it's only because of our goalie that we won; he kept us in, and stole it for us." Ha ha!... yeah, so... WAIT A MINUTE... "our goalie" is me! Wait - ME? Holy fuck - they're talking about me! It was true - and in the room, they gave me the Player of the Game too (which is a coupon for a free *beer at the arena bar). A quick poll of the team, and all were agreed that I would be their goalie this season -and this would be my team! I didn't have the heart to tell them that I'll probably never play that well again - LOL! My first regulation win, my first "real" game allowing only 1 goal against, and my first team. I'm on cloud nine. (*the liberal use of the term beer is a bit misleading, as my choices are restricted to Coors or Canadian. Oh well - still free!)
  9. There just ain't enough space in the fabled "goalie-seeking-goalie" thread to contain all the feelz here; no thread is safe from the potential erruption of lovage!
  10. Damn! Good to know; I should be getting my Gnetik IVs in 4-6 weeks. I was thinking of just using the Smart Cord, but I guess I’ll put my Armour Pro Laces on when I get them. I’ve been loving my Pro Laces, FWIW.
  11. Let’s back it up here a second... buddy told you to crawl back under a rock. A rock? Like, you got a rock? First the “Elitist” title, and now you get a rock??? No fair - Coop always gets everything!! Also, there was a suggestion that you got hurt. Who hurt ya, Coop? Was it @SaveByRichter35...? I’m sure I’ve warned you about online relationships; you knew what this was.
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