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  1. Yes! Same here! Please and thank you, goalie crew
  2. Only if they split the deposit with me. But then they didn’t pay for the fence, so fuck ‘em
  3. Appreciate you looking out for me, brother. Already placed my order yesterday. That said, storing the empties is becoming a challenge... good thing we’ve got a double garage 😳
  4. Oh, and sorry to other Dads, but I’m the best - and even have a t-shirt to prove it:
  5. Taste Buds - a collaboration between Orleans’ Stray Dog and Ottawa’s Flora. Pretty good drinking for a “Fuck it Friday”
  6. Well, that coach on the far right is kneeling so... oh, wait; he’s not. AND he’s on skates...? Wow.
  7. Isn’t there like a whole thread where we bash companies for doing pretty much that? You must be new around here - let me show you around... Lol!
  8. Aw, sorry bro - let me make it up to you:
  9. Wow - a Richter fan AND no friends...? Can’t help but think there’s a link there - lmao! 😆
  10. No - but you ARE the only one who traded FOR Richter cards ! 😁
  11. So one thing I’d suggest right out of the gate here is to not make big, irreversible life decisions in the midst of a pandemic that makes all of us feel shitty. It might also be helpful to remember that about others - including coaches who may have lost tempers. Not excusing- partly because I don’t know the whole story; just asking you to consider that others are maybe coming from a difficult place too. That said, if you truly love hockey, you’ll find a way to feed that love. If I’m being honest, I spent a good 20-30 years hating kids like you who got a chance to play . My parents couldn’
  12. Slick with Boston though! But then all blue - outside of the Leafs’ goalies at times...? - seems to be some sort of weird taboo. I might be off though (just going by ever-more-steadily-declining memory here...) prove me wrong if I am!
  13. I used to have this poster; got lost in a move somewhere along the way unfortunately. I spent hours looking at it (for us >40 years olds, you couldn’t just go look this stuff up in the internet) It was also interesting that it included non-NHL (which lead a young me to learn about the WHA)
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