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  1. Yeah, true - some of it is poppy. But stuff from Born To Die and Ultraviolence is dark sombre and sultry. If you just don't dig it, that's cool too. But if you like Beth Gibbons/Portishead, check out the tragically unknown/underrated Trip Hop group Alpha. See esp their album "The Impossible Thrill". It's the closest legit thing to Portishead I've heard (and I've looked - believe me!)
  2. Agreed - and I used to think that was the epitome of sensual voices in music. ...then I started listening to some Lana Del Rey. Man - after listening to her, I feel like I need a cigarette (and I don't even smoke...)
  3. Wow. That almost exactly describes R.E.M for me as well! I just recently went back and made a play list of their IRS years stuff - really nostalgic to listen to. Fall On Me is still one of my fav songs of all time. That "later in life" thing about the Cure is how The Smiths are for me; not really into them back in the day, but in the last 5-10 years, they've been pretty heavy listening for me. The Boy With The Thorn in His Side - I can't get enough of that shiny, jangly guitar (see esp The Byrds). I figured you'd know and like Belle and Sebastian given the Kings of Convenience. Such fond memories of listening to their early stuff! Do you know The Delgados, another Scottish band from the same time? You might also like The Clientele, and English band form the early 00s. Jens Lekman also has some fantastic stuff. Not really pump up or calm down, but Tindersticks is one of my all time favourite bands - gorgeous music! And Radiohead, well - what can I say? I've spent hundreds of dollars on their music, and have seen them 5 times.
  4. What a great thread idea! I lean more towards "pump up." I have a few moods within that though: Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys/Last Shadow Puppets Zeppelin (sometimes there's nothing better) Broadcast (English retro-electronic group - hard to explain) Trip Hop - Portishead/Massive Attack Shoegaze - Slowdive (one of my all-time favs; I'm wearing a t-shirt right now!), Ride, Pale Saints, Catherine Wheel Nu Gaze/Neo-psychedelic - Airiel, Violens/Jorge Elbrecht, DIIV, Alcest, The Daysleepers, Blonde redhead, Melody's Echo Chamber, and more. Old psychedelic/hard rock playlist- The Who, Hendrix, The Byrds, Vanilla Fudge, The Kinks, The Stones, etc. Specific songs on a pump up playlist: Crystal Stilts "Shake the Shackles" Caribou "Melody day" TV on The Radio "Wolf Like Me" Lightfoils "Diastolic" Slowdive "Souvlaki Space Station" Airiel "Cloudburst"
  5. Are you frickin kidding me? I LOVE Kings of Convenience! Read a review of them circa 2000, and bought a CD based solely on that review (y'know - back before you could pre-listen to stuff). For songs on that album I'd personally give the edge to Parallel Lines - but I also love Homesick. Such fantastic stuff! That being said, I have to admit it doesn't get played pre-ice time for me; it reminds me more of rainy afternoons with my wife, some tea and a book. I'd love to know what else you listen to, @seagoal; KoK is not a reference that many people would drop!
  6. You have money for that? Hmmm - can I interest you in a wallet...?
  7. This is such a disaster of a picture... so much so, that's it's magnificent!
  8. Wait - this model comes with greenbacks instead of hockey cards? Now we're talking!
  9. I love how the vision you had for the colours, the team logo, and the mask painting were all realized in such obvious and impressive harmony. You must be wanting to have mirrors all around you when you're suited up; I know I would! So the one tiny little thing for me when I first saw these pics was the white stick tape. Instinctively, I wanted to call out a tape faux pas, but looking at it some more, I'm not sure now. I mean, it picks up the white in the jersey, but it's in such stark contrast to the black stick. And the dark blues in the gear and uniform are not black, which throws things off too. Maybe a blue, if it was the right shade...? I'm sure you've considered this, so what thought process ultimately brought you to white stick tape...?
  10. I can't imagine the feeling of finally getting back on the ice and into the crease - way to hang in there, @bunnyman666 There were certainly some tough weeks and months in that period wandering through the off-ice wilderness, but you made it. Respect! So I'm curious - emotionally, did you feel right at home right away, flooded by the old familiar feeling? Or was it more nerves and apprehension as you re-familiarized yourself?
  11. Ooh! And include some of your brand logo on badges and stickers, making it seem like a “free gift” instead of the “free advertising” it really is!
  12. Slap shit from the face off circle Friday found that gap between the knee pad and the pant leg (or went through the knee pad; not sure). Had an awesome game though! Anyway, it’s in full blossom now:
  13. Logging off now - NOT seeing my name at the bottom of the page is my gift to you, Coop!
  14. Hmmm - 🤔 2 questions: 1. What does it pay? 2. Do I have to switch all my gear to Warrior?
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