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  1. Decided to pour a new one so that I could post. Nice beer from my father in law (but not quite worthy of the “NEIPA” designation IMO...)
  2. Didn’t we talk about this need for “bookmarking” posts a while back...? Perfect example of how useful this would be. here is the original suggestion (more than a year ago as it turns out): https://www.thegoalnet.com/forums/topic/1711-suggestion-box/page/5/?tab=comments
  3. Well, fuck. I must have blinked. And not playing hockey. Like, a LOT of not playing hockey. Trust me I’ve been drinking though - but not a lot of new stuff. I’ll see after if there are new ones worth posting. Real nice stuff there. Which was the best of the lot? I’m betting it was that last one from Sloop! Very highly rated! I used to find Southern Tier stuff a bit “meh” - was their Nu Juice good? I did have a terrible beer from Dorval, near my folks’ place: Louk’s Pale Ale. thumbs down from my daughter (but she’s a mean drunk)
  4. Clearly he’s copying me by going Brian’s for gloves and pads. 😁 Needless to say, for a Habs/Price/Brian’s fan, this is very exciting. And the colours!!! At long last! I hope this is an actual (or at least eventual) move to Brian’s. Would love to see him in this set against Philly (even though I fully expect that I have 4-5 games left to watch this playoffs despite Price’s heroics - lol!)
  5. I have some residual LSD in me from my “experimental phase” so its hard for me to say how much is the beer, and how much is the little green paper 😉
  6. Oh, mama! Top-fucking-notch:
  7. I don’t drink that much; I just panic buy too much - lol! I like having more than I need. Anyway, enjoying this superb Flanders Red sour with my wife:
  8. Has that changed (spectators being allowed in) since you last played there, given the recent spike in Texas?
  9. Sweet selection, and good looking beer fridge. Are those the munchkins in the 2nd pic? Oh, and here’s my latest beer fridge pic, just for shits and giggles:
  10. Not an issue; Ottawa is bilingual, and so am I. Any problems and I’ll translate for you. Start packing.
  11. So far, I haven’t been asked to go on the ice yet - nor have I sought it out. I was asked to be a regular in a pick up game starting September, but with so many question marks around more important things like work schedules for the wife and I, school and childcare, there’s no way I can commit. I just don’t feel ready for it with so much “new normal” in every other facet of life. I guess I’m in the minority though? For me, I waited about 35 years to be able to play, and most of that time was spent assuming I never would. Finally getting to play was a super-bonus indulgence in life, only to b
  12. Look, brother - let’s fix a few problems in one go here; you pack up a bunch of those quality IPAs, and head north. At the border, say Lucky Pucker needs his IPA (that will be the code to allow you in). Head to Ottawa, and I’ll meet you at parliament hill. The result: 1. I get sweet IPAs from NE 2. You get sweet IPAs from Ottawa/surrounding areas 3. You’ll be in Canada I can see no downsides to this. Your move, SBR.
  13. A little “beer and BBQ porn” for you folks who are into that. The beer is Longshadows, a 7.1% IPA from Blindman’s Brewing. Chops and sausage in the grill. Oh, and a beer apron to match! Oh, and hand-to-heart - I had my goalie mask on today. I put it in during a video call with my niece and nephew in BC, explaining that it’s important to wear a mask during the pandemic 😋
  14. So the beer seems to check out as a(nother) solid IPA (you’ve been kind of an asshole that way, posting all these great beers I can’t have...) BUT, saying the cartoon mermaid is hot? Fuck, man - you’re like half a step away from rubbing one out to The Little Mermaid! Granted, the beer can redhead IS at very least “cartoon hot” and seems to have a “come hither” expression... I dunno... I think I suddenly want to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit now.
  15. I had this one yesterday, and it was pretty good!
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