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  1. Lucky Pucker


    An old favourite that my parents got for me last weekend when I saw them in Montreal. First time I had it, I sent an email to the brewery, congratulating them on such a great IPA. Still hold up after several years!
  2. "What's in a pad?" I was gonna say money...?
  3. Not sure what they have in stock for large Intermediate, but Lacroix's going out of business sale is still on, and yesterday they posted that there were "New Markdowns." You could always call ahead to see what they have (I don't think you're in the east end, if memory serves...)
  4. I saw a guy with those last year, so you’re not alone! Pretty sure those would have started out as 12” across. Wonder what they are now...(?)
  5. Lucky Pucker


    Damn, son! This is another you’ve posted that rates higher than 4 in Untappd! Must have been amazing... so, like, fuck you. And cheers! Lol! Had to look up what a prickly pear was, which I assume is what gave it that colour.
  6. Lucky Pucker


    Cheers, brother! Far from the worst in our league, but there is one team that really went all out on theirs. If I ever come across a pic, I’ll post it.
  7. Lucky Pucker


    Fuck, man... just re-reading it now, and you’re spot-on! Lol! You just take your time with it, Coop. It’s been a crazy week at the Pucker residence, and I guess it spilled over into this post.
  8. There just ain’t no way to make a cartoon duck look cool or bad-ass.
  9. Lucky Pucker


    Coached my son’s Novice team to a comfortable 23-5 win, 8 G 5A for Pucker Jr. But then in Canada, they decided not to keep score in Novice anymore, so the game sheet says 0-0 (yes, we still have to fill in and submit a game sheet... what the actual fuck, I know). Anyway, cracked a beer while sewing the crest back to the GC jersey I finally got with 3 games left in the season. Pleasantly surprised by this hockey-themed Enforcer IPA by Toronto area brewers Northern Maverick - 4/5 stars!
  10. It is my extremely sad duty to report that my beloved LHS is going out of business. For those of you in/around Ottawa ( @Hockey School Dropout, @RichMan that I know of for sure), there will be great deals to be had: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2961570100561358&id=174694215915641&__tn__=*s*s-R Really sad news, as they set me up to start in the position, and they are good people and good members of the community.
  11. Lol! Nah, I just set up the machine on the desk where I (used to) build my model tanks and AFVs; the books behind are mostly pictorial references.
  12. My Sparx sharpener arrived yesterday! Since it was her idea (and she had an ice time last night), my wife's skates were the first ones to get sharpened. Kids got a kick out of watching it too! It's still a bit surreal... I can get our skates sharpened any time I want - and it's so easy to use. I'm blown away.
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