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  1. I prefer to be UNDERwhelmed.
  2. You petulant iconoclast! Do actual work on ourselves in order to improve? Blasphemy! In a blameless society such as ours, I have been conditioned to believe that my being a shit goaltender is not my fault; it's the inferior gear that is the problem! LOL!
  3. I'm diggin those, man. I almost started off goal-tending in a very similar pair of Itechs (can't remember the precise model) that I found at my PIAS, but backed out as they seemed a bit small for me when I tried them on at home, in full gear. As @creasecollector said, great find! Look forward to hearing about your first on-ice with them!
  4. Mawtah a' gawd - that set looks so good, it really doesn't matter how you play; you'll look wicked awesome! Yuh own playahs will bang a U-ey just tae see yuh geah again!
  5. Actually, you'd be surprised at how much the resale-value focused style is also low-effort/energy conserving. ...this does NOT de-legitimize the style or its practitioners though.
  6. It's called "resale -value focused" style of goaltending, of which I am a leading practitioner.
  7. Very nice! I’m waiting on a pair of the gnetik 4 pads myself (probably October). 2 questions for you, if you don’t mind: 1. Was there an up charge for the Thin Blue Line flag in place of the number on the calf strap, and if so, about how much? 2. You refer to Your “other gnetik 4s...” So you’ve already gone through a pair? Can you elaborate on the “got really soft up top” part? hmmm - I guess that’s 3 questions. Sorry!
  8. Wow! I’m sure I remember seeing one of these as a kid at my grandparents in the early 80s, when my 3 sports-crazed uncles still lived there. Must be long gone now though. Nice reminder of the fact that there were 21 teams back then. Sigh...
  9. No - I was a huge Brian Hayward fan! So much so that I even clipped pictures of his back up, some dude named Patrick Roy. to be fair, Mike Liut and Pokey Reddick are in there too!
  10. You’re doing it wrong; teasing is supposed to be weeks of spam with no actual information. Also throw in hyper-zoom pics of any random gear, grade 5 level word play and ignore any direct inquiries put to you. Now THAT’S how you do a teaser! (joking aside, looking forward to seeing what you have in the works!!)
  11. A lot of us here clipped pictures of our favourite goalies out of newspapers, magazines and programs. Maybe they went into simple scrapbooks (before it became a crafty/artsy industry for some), on a cork board, on the wall or inside a locker door. I came across a bunch I had forgotten about when I was cleaning in the basement. There was some good stuff that I found (see below) So what about you pre-millennial folks? Post if you have some too!
  12. He was too embarrassed to ask himself, but @coopaloop1234 wants his account deleted too. 😋
  13. Lucky Pucker

    gnetik IV pads

    I went through this not long ago - also with red, white and black! One small thing you might consider to pick up the gold in the Canada jersey you will be buying is to change the B-star to gold. It’s a small thing, but would be a nice compliment without over-committing to gold as a stand-alone accent colour in one of the colour zones. I think you’re on the right track with your designs, but if you want some more ideas, you can check out my thread from a few weeks ago; the folks were very helpful! Cheers!
  14. Just to further emphasize how funny these are, “LeMur” is French, and means “The Wall.” also, the way he drops in that his credentials include “coaching in the something-something Penitentiary league...” And the “hop on loosies/Lucies ” double-entendre, just left there to simmer... (hop on her? I hardly know her!) LMAO! Brilliant stuff.
  15. Well, you might as well throw in some red too - after all: Glovin' would be easy if your colours were like my dreams...
  16. Yes, so my "serious/helpful" answer is also green. @Puckstopper better articulates solid reasoning for this than I could though; I just really like green, is all!
  17. Went with my local guy, who was able to slightly better the TGC price. He's a good guy, and I like to throw as much as I can his way, if/when it makes sense for me. Plus, it's where I get my goalie skates, players skates, and the skates of my 2 kids and wife sharpened, so lots of opportunities to drop in and say "Are they here yet? Are they here yet? Are they here yet?"
  18. Ah, yeah - I'm pretty sure I went weave on the thinner black stripe as well. It's all kind of a blur now, so there is potential for October me to open them up, and wonder WTF July me was smoking - LOL!
  19. So you're considering being The Big Green goalie? It's been done:
  20. So red calf wrap and black velcro... not bad. At this point, I'm more interested in your cash - how much you sending me?
  21. LOL - part of me hates that I didn't come up with my "winning design" on my own, and I was really effing close to going without that red spike... but in the 11th hour, I decided I wanted less white on there. ...but if they look like shit in person when they arrive, I'm buying white Jenpro, and sending you the bill, @SaveByRichter35
  22. I bet you weren't able to score then either
  23. LOL! - cheers, man. High praise indeed, from the resident Shit-poster in Chief! Signed, Grad Class of 1996's "Biggest smart Ass" as voted on by the grads themselves (so, kinda like the Ted Lindsay award, if you think about it)
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