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  1. Careful, brother - she is already kinda suspect for willingly (from what I understand... blink once if you’re there against your will, Mrs. Coopaloop!) living with you.
  2. Well I actually thought the same - so I asked the wife. She gave me the green light, so I’m fine with the “skirt rules”.
  3. Day 26 of self-imposed sobriety. This has been a winner for me in the “fake beer” category:
  4. The size and shape (and make) of blockers for a spell back in the 1960s is fascinating it looks like it went up almost to the elbow in some cases, or down way lower than today’s would.
  5. That was really interesting- thanks for posting! Was hoping to hear about goalie edges getting banged up in posts and in goalmouth scrambles, but still great stuff. Especially the Selanne part! My biggest take away is that I might need to change the hollow on my player skates that I only use for coaching my kid’s team; I need to go shallower, get more glide, and spend less energy skating around during practices (which will leave me with more energy for yelling “hey you little shits!!” LOL!)
  6. Hey - no kidding! That’s what I have (2017). They replaced it with the Palisade, which is pretty sweet (accidentally opened one of the dealer “trade in your current vehicle which is worth more than what you owe for a 2021!” Emails)... but there really isn’t anything that I don’t like about my Santa Fe. Super easy to throw in the gear!
  7. Every now and again, you post a comment that is spot-on - and this is one of those. Handsome as fuck. Too bad you can’t seem to manage any spot-on comments for anything that is actually goalie related... 😁 Also glad to see this about Hank. Best news I’ve had today!
  8. Fact! Because - science, laddie.
  9. Pierre McGuire isn’t tired of Pierre McGuire! 😃
  10. It seems to be a thing among the colour commentators who have never played the position that I’ve noticed with CBC/TSN commentators too, whereby they try to overcompensate for their lack of familiarity by throwing a few buzz words like “into the butterfly “ into a faulty critique. A non goalie reviewing a replay of a goal, and saying the goalie did X too early/late, and should have just done Y is like reviewing all of a skater’s shots that missed/were saved, and saying “he just should have scored.” I find it especially egregious and irritating with Craig Simpson, but they seem to all do it.
  11. Reviving this thread, as we just got our pup Rocky yesterday. I had lobbied for naming him Stanley, but this at least rhymes with “hockey”.
  12. Hey - I saw the reply, but haven’t had a chance to respond. I always enjoy and value your posts, @Colander - and I especially love your user name! So you were not prone to being misconstrued in my eyes, or by me. I think you hit the nail on the head with the tools in the box analogy. While personally I may have just attained the “desperation” style I had aspired to prior to lockdown, the time off has probably busted me back down to “guy who wears goalie equipment while standing/falling down in the vicinity of a net”
  13. I read this the day after you posted, and thought about it a lot - but still couldn’t think of much to say. I totally understand the kid thing - though at 7 and 9, mine are not quite as little or cute - and they sure aren’t welcome in the matrimonial bed! Lol! On the other hand, I only started playing goal about 3 years ago, and recently (read: indulgently... or even needlessly? Foolishly...?) bought custom pro pads that I haven’t played in since 13 March 2020. But one thing that occurred to me in all of this, for you, for me, the other goalies here - and even non-goalies and non-hockey player
  14. Don’t underestimate the power of the kilt; it’s such a babe magnet that my wife won’t allow me to wear mine out in public unless she’s with me. Of course, I’m not a ginger... more the traditional “tall dark and handsome” type.
  15. This was great. It reminded me of the “Confrontation” segment on RDS during the 2018-19 season. Basically, like the HNIC intermission showdowns of the 70s. What was cool though is that the last shot for each player was on an “old school goalie” dressed like our friend in the above- with the added twist of the player having to use a wooden stick (which may even have been straight blade, IIRC...?) It also addresses something that springs to mind about the “old school stand up” style; it cannot be considered in a vacuum, as it wad necessarily a response to skater abilities, tendencies and st
  16. I’m older than you (and much older than @coopaloop1234), so I sure as fuck ain’t sheeping behind some kids from college! Lol! In all seriousness, I’ve been feeling shitty lately, and figured I’d do this for health benefits primarily. Also, while there is no direct family link to alcoholism that I’m aware of, I do want to ensure that I can just NOT drink if/when ever I choose - which this far has held true , and has actually been easier than anticipated. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than a week without a beer over the last 20+ years... that was a source of pride when younger, now... well,
  17. Another great beer from local favs Dominion City. @SaveByRichter35 yeah, the dry Feb thing... I dunno, when you get to your 40s, things get weird. There’s at least a happy wife element in it, and we all know what THAT’s worth!
  18. Agreed on the “more colour “ - but still like the set as-is. That said, I’m thrilled to be all Brian’s! Not that I’ve played since March 13th or anything... 😕
  19. I’ll be interested to hear what you think! I’m considering doing “dry February”... might need some of these for when the non-alcoholic Beck’s won’t cut it. En passant, I think you like sweet/milk stouts...? If so, you’d love the Chocolate Manifesto (available in cans at LCBO now)
  20. He totally had Heaton trappers too. Hayward actually went to Brian’s trapper AND blocker for a spell while with the Habs. To be honest, I never liked Racicot’s mask; too much white for me. I had forgotten about Hayward’s mask until looking things up for this post; I really liked it (still do!)
  21. You know, come to think of it, didn’t Hayward and Racicot rock the Ferland blockers too - the latter with “34” on the face...? TO THE INTERNET! Umm... or at least another tab... yup - they both had it! And that Chimo goalie stick ... classic!
  22. Of course! He actually stuck with the Ferland blocker for quite a long time, IIRC. And the Lefebvre (with a “b”) pads, branded with the simple “L” logo on the thigh rise - an important detail when drawing Roy as a kid 😉
  23. The Chocolate Manifesto - by Flying Monkeys Brewery Had one of these last week - an annual winter ritual. It’s phenomenal as a dessert beer! I just grabbed a pic off the net, as mine is long gone:
  24. ...of course, one of the least goalie-looking NHL goalies (for a single game) has to be Lester Patrick.
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