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  1. Totally what I was going for. So do you mail me my diploma, or do you send me a soft copy to print out myself…?
  2. Well, I can faithfully report today, that I am doing absolutely nothing to help myself Tuesday… but being spoiled with beer, food, and wine at my in-laws is pretty sweet!
  3. Wanted to give you a “like” reaction, but the house has decided I’m out of chips for the day 😕. I’ll get you this weekend!
  4. Thanks @creasecollector! We’ve got this. Well, I’m at least pretty sure that YOU’VE got his - lol!
  5. You may have missed it, but I’ve stated elsewhere that I’ve trained myself to play a “resale-value-focused” style of goaltending, so this is a non-starter. It’s good for me, and the players on the other teams are most obliging.
  6. Awesome! thank you so much for this - and for another post you made in the “Father Time/Dead Closet” thread (I’m paraphrasing… but only just…)
  7. I’m typically a 2-3 litres of water a day guy, but good call! I’ll make sure to be hydrated.
  8. Ah - a few new initialisms and acronyms in there… would this one from Maria cover what you’re suggesting? https://www.goalietrainingpro.com/goalies/the-4-minute-no-excuse-workout-for-goalies/ As for the my little pony with the daughter, I was on the floor with my 7 year old who is equine-obsessed just last week; she has 87 and named them all. Have to admit, it’s kind of the best!
  9. Not the same here in Ottawa as far as I’ve seen; I’m shit, haven’t played in almost 500 days, and I’ve been asked repeatedly to play - and always for free. You have a govt job, right @coopaloop1234? Why not move you and the Mrs Coop-to-be over to the national capital region? Actually, scratch the that; I don’t want leagues here to get a taste of better goaltending…
  10. Nice one brother! I hope you enjoy this - and I also hope it wears well, because you must be one of the members here with the most ice time per week! But it’s only gear - you go wear the hell out of it! 😁
  11. As someone who goes to great lengths to fake the “responsible adult” thing, I had planned it all out for my return this September: varied and regular exercise, was going to get some lessons, and maybe have a few skates with the group I started out with. Well today, that same player/manager emailed me today to say a summer group he plays with needs a goalie Tuesdays at 9:00 - starting on the 20th. I deliberately briefly, but as my wife pointed out “the only concern is injury… but then if you skip this, and have a freak accident before you get a chance to play in September, that would really suck…” I Love that girl. So almost 500 days after my last ice time (March 13th, 2020) I’ll finally be heading to the crease! I welcome any tips and/or comments, but from what I’ve gleaned form others’ comments on this return to the ice topic, it’s sorta like becoming a parent: you can never be fully prepared, other than to know it will, to a lesser or greater degree, hurt. Bad. But it’s somehow worth it. Right…?
  12. Posted this in the playoffs thread too, but what the heck; I’m emotional and overwrought with grief, and not making good decisions- lol!
  13. Lucky Pucker

    2021 Playoffs

    Not sure if there’s really anything to this, as some pointed out, but a buddy sent this to me. It’s at least an interesting angle:
  14. Aw, man - mea culpa; I was rushed, tried to fit in a comment between work/dog/hiit/go get the kids at day camp . I genuinely did not know it was his kid’s gear 😳. @coopaloop1234: your comments are spot on though. And FWIW, I’ve recycled that pic, having posted it for some such nonsense here before 😁 As you were, gents; I’ll just go back to being a mediocre dad
  15. Man - maybe it’s the shorts and t-shirt and pavement, but this totally looks like slightly-undersized street hockey gear to me
  16. Wait a second - the Wings are in Seattle? Seriously??? Cool!!! After the Habs, they’re my second fav team!! Why are they there anyway? Is Yzerman there with them? I have a hetero man crush on him - lol!
  17. Dude, this is not the first time you’ve jumped all over someone for a very minor thing. Pedantry does not a good community contribution make. And if I’m being honest, not all of your contributions have been gold. It’s not that you’re wrong in principle, it’s just that it could have been put in a much nicer, more helpful way, like “Oh - Looks like this is missing a title” or “hey - this might fit better in another section” and even - “hey mods - could you help out on this?” But maybe it’s just me.
  18. I can’t even decide who’d be better for us: Tampa, cus they may succumb to the “ho-hum, well we won this last year, so let’s not kill ourselves over a repeat bid” or the Islanders because… well, they’re the Islanders. Fun fact- we beat the Islanders 4-1 in the Wales Conference finals in 93 on our way to our last cup! Of course we just won the Campbell trophy last night, so who knows…
  19. Lucky Pucker

    2021 Playoffs

    My wife even has her old Koivu jersey - and I have my Gainey jersey from about 85/86 (old enough to like him, but not aware enough to realize he would soon retire). My petite daughter wears it for Habs games. The story on the red lettering is they ran out of blue, and my dad mistakenly assumed I’d be ok with the red. Among very few over the years, but that was a total #DadFail
  20. Paging @SaveByRichter35 for an automatic “like”… lol!
  21. Lucky Pucker

    2021 Playoffs

    Oh, I be a BIG Pricey fanboi - but I ain’t no Johnny/Jean-come-lately either; see jersey from 2009 pictured. When everyone was buying those Halak stop sign T-shirts, I bought a Price one (they were on sale - lol!) Carey Price is the man.
  22. Lucky Pucker

    2021 Playoffs

    The funniest part of it is that besides “leyz ghoa!”, I don’t think he understood anything Phil said - but still giggled like a schoolgirl after. Just great to see these guys in such a good place For reference:
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