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  1. Listerine has worked for me, but rank glove stank has been covered. extensively in this thread:
  2. Lucky Pucker


    FINALLY cracked this TIPA! That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.
  3. Ok, I’ll try it. Stay tuned.
  4. So I went to post a long overdue update to the Beer thread, but couldn’t post a pic (finally cracked that 10% TIPA... and in trying to tag SBR, realized I can’t tag people either). iPhone for what it’s worth.
  5. Old man SBR with the tired old “technique” and “work towards results” stuff again. ...which, as an even older old man, I TOTALLY agree with.
  6. Oh! So they also call you “Turkey”... well that’s a lot nicer then the other names.
  7. Talent. I'm asking everyone I know for that - LOL!
  8. Lucky Pucker


    I see you took out the straws, and took off the beer cozies off before posting. Classy as always, Coop!
  9. Last week's game (D-Division 35+) was terrible for the team. We were blown out 7-1, but I felt like I was standing on my frickin head! They don't count shots - and neither do I - but asking in the room, we figured the other team had to have had at least 40-45 shots. If you take away the odd-man rush, breakaway and back-door bang-bang goals, I think I had a shutout. Overall, it's been a struggle, as my team is the lowest-scoring team in our league. So if I let in more than 2 - which is bound to happen - we usually lose. Also, if we aren't getting goals, it probably means we aren't in possession, and aren't in their end as much - which means more at our end. The week before we won 6-3, and at least 2 goals were pretty soft - one being a super weird shot along the ice from outside the blue line, through a screen, that I didn't react to as it looked like it was going wide. My D-man after the game said the same thing, that he didn't really tie up the guy, cus the shot was weak and didn't seem to be on target. Still came out with the W though. One of the top teams just lost 10-1 the other night in our league, and they have an excellent goalie. It's nutty.
  10. Lucky Pucker


    Fuck me - is it really? I had a buddy bring me one from his trip to the US last year. It was better than average, but there's no way I would rank it within the top 5 IPAs in the US. I think Tree House alone has 5 better IPAs than this one. And maybe some of the VT brewers, too (Foam, Hill Farmstead, Frost, Upper Pass). But maybe I'm somehow biased. Yeah, things have been cray cray at home, so I haven't been able to settle in with the TIPA yet. My kid's birthday this weekend, in-laws coming from out of town, then beating it back to Montreal on Sunday to see my folks... not sure when I will squeeze it in, but I hope to have it soon!
  11. Yeah, the “Medium” specification is interesting. I dithered about including, wondering if it was accurate, and thinking people might want to be safe rather than sorry. I’ll update the title though just the same.
  12. So I’m coaching my kid’s Novice Team this year, and at this level kids can still try goalie - whether the parents or coaches know the first thing about it. I shit you not, in 2 weeks I have seen this FOUR times! Ugh...
  13. My father in law flagged this for me (not sure if it was to make sure I was safe, or because he wanted me to buy one - lol!) https://www.google.ca/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/montreal/2019/11/22/1_4697499.html figured I’d throw it up here in case anyone is affected by this.
  14. Lucky Pucker

    Jofa 388

    Very interesting - I've never seen this one: not in the wild, nor in captivity! Is the one pictured yours? If so, could you share some more pics?
  15. Lucky Pucker


    You filthy bastard... I have a TIPA in my fridge that I'm waiting to have (another Novice practice tonight, so might have to wait until tomorrow...) It's a collaboration between two of my favourite breweries in the region - Dominion City and Brasserie du Bas Canada, over in Quebec. Had a sample at the former, and straight up told the guy "Fuck, Yeah!" I'll post it here when I do have it.
  16. Consider Exhibit A: Bernie Federko (super appropriate as we near the end of MOvember; he rocked a sweet stache!) Does this look like a happy, proud athlete...?
  17. Ha! I remember - you mean these ones? The cards and stickers I remember, the players even looked "blue" (read: sad) wearing them! LOL!
  18. Lucky Pucker


    No, of course not; at 16, you were probably just in your bedroom, abusing yourself! 🤣
  19. Lucky Pucker


    That looks perfect. Trade you the chin strap out of my helmet for one...?
  20. Lucky Pucker


    Nice job on the sweet win! That must have been really satisfying! I like some of the Southern Tier stuff I’ve had over the years- but it’s been a while! Cheers dude!🍻
  21. Lucky Pucker


    Woah there - let’s not lose our heads here; some tosser named Phil fucked the queen once, and the world ended up with this abomination:
  22. Aye - A agree thare is ower much English in this thread.
  23. Are you sure it's the colour that would be the target for a slash, and not the wearer...?
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