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  1. I just switched to optik pants after 13yrs in CCM 620 pants lol they’re incredibly light and mobile you’ll think you have player pants on, they’re rather stiff too which I like I feel that adds to their ability to move with you all in all I recommend them hands down
  2. What can you guys tell me about these pants, I’m picking a pair up from a local guy for 80 bucks to replace my old ccm heaton 8s. I figured for 80 bucks it’s worth the gamble picture of both pants
  3. Not a photo will this do 7542AAD9-FE94-4353-9FE9-AB9A1FF4D64D.mp4
  4. So this is a 2 part question to try and go in the best direction and just to have some understanding on a product. 1. Is anyone using the Oneric genesis base layer, I’m looking to switch from a player compression jock with Edge socks to a compression style long jock and I’m about ready to pull the trigger on a pair and just want opinions on comfort, durability, and if you stay cool in it 2. I am looking to get a long sleeve padded shirt, now the new Vaughn shirt looks to be a good option but I’ve never considered a padded shirt due to being in a Brown chesty for the last 14 years the extra protection was not needed underneath but I traded my Brown for a V7 Pro Carbon (retail not pro stock) so I know while gaining mobility and being cooler protection won’t compare. I also do not play at the level my Brown was once needed for. I have to buy a new undershirt so I figured for a few more bucks I could get a padded one to help with occasional stingers I know I’ll get in the Vaughn. Thanks in advance
  5. Wonder why that is, has Brown lost that cult following they once had? I remember 15yrs ago if you had a brown you were the talk of the rink now it’s like the units carry leporsey lol
  6. I tried both a large and XL on the large arms fit better but the xl body provided better coverage, the problem is I’ve had my brown posted on various Facebook pages going on 3 months and I’ve had 3 hits 1 was to big 1 was to small and now I have a trade for a Vaughn unit which looks like a very good option otherwise if it would just sell I’d buy a left over warrior G2
  7. That’s a nice looking chesty, how did you beef the arms up did you send it to Dennis at Factory Mad?
  8. Mainly because i want a lighter more breathable unit, Browns are hot but are 2nd to none in protection
  9. Ok guys need input I have a guy wanting to trade me a vf7 for my brown I went and tried one on and it fits great super light but almost to light, I don’t need the protection of the brown anymore but i also don’t need bruises from a guy who can barely skate so if I go through with this what can I expect
  10. Brown 2300 chesty size large in great shape with tons of life left all elastic is in great shape Velcro is strong and all clips intact the unit has been sanitized I’m just looking to move it for a lighter unit since I don’t play at the level it’s needed for anymore asking 360 price includes shipping
  11. Bgums13

    I did a thing

    So since I don’t use the boot straps and repurposed them as my professor straps (which feel good off ice I’ll need to figure it out better on ice) I was using one of the straps to carry my pads. I don’t have a fancy sumo bag or a passau backpack bag so I improvised again, I took a duffel bag strap cut down to the needed length and then sewed the hook clips back on to attach to the provided loops brians intended you to use their strap with (which should have came with the pads after 2600 bucks come on brians) anyways here’s the final project
  12. Bgums13

    I did a thing

    I would like a more open leg channel, that’s the one thing I miss from my Reebok days. I’d like to demo the premier 2 but I’d be afraid that’d lead to divorce because I’d want the pads with optik gloves. My concern with taking the X-Strap off would be the inner calf wrap wings would then be loose and could potentially roll between your shin and leg channel and no body has time for that lol
  13. Bgums13

    I did a thing

    I noticed that as I was trying it out, once I get it on the ice a couple times if I like it lll most likely order a pair from paw or McGowan sports
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