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  1. Hi Leo, 1. Our Bishop (TWT) pattern is closest to the P31 curve 2. From the standpoint of having an "open toe" the Mrazek (WDG) pattern would be most similar performance wise to the Rask. Very noticeable difference between Mrazek/Rask is that Mrazek has a rounded toe while Rask did not.
  2. I agree with @cwarnar. We specifically have never marketed GT(2) vs. G4 as a softer pad or a rebound killer. If the term "soft" was used it was directly pertaining to the unique torsional boot flex the pad provides in coordination with it's boot taper. G4 also has a flexible boot, most goalies would say both lines have a "soft" boot because the range of motion is there for both lines but in two completely different ways. In general, all goalies want harder faster rebounds now regardless of what type of goalie you classify yourself as. I think it's still somewhat ingrained in goalies minds when they see knee rolls they assume the goal of the pad is to kill a rebound. For Warrior, at least, that is not the case at all.
  3. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    Set looks awesome! I am a big fan of when goalies incorporate black or brown with classic tan & white. Nice job and thanks for choosing Warrior!
  4. Kirk3190

    G4 Thread

    Is there a spot on their customizer/order process for additional comments/notes? If not, I would recommend contacting them and asking to speak with Chris Dudo.
  5. Kirk3190

    G4 Thread

    I would need the customers last name or their order number to check.
  6. If your preferred retailer in Canada does not have them on their website you can give them a call and ask them to order one in from our inventory.
  7. Sorry you didn't have a positive experience using our sticks. I hope you decide to give Warrior a try again in the future!
  8. Difficult to say without a visual for reference. But, I would suggest tightening the elastic strap behind your neck and the two leather straps on the backplate. This will bring the shoulders up a bit which in turn will raise the arms up. Also, tighten each of the 4 elastics on the elbow caps. This will help a ton if you haven't already done it.
  9. Rather rude of you to say @Jonathon v! 😂
  10. As @MangoRhinehart said, yes you can replace it with a Large palm. I just wanted to add that a GT, G4 or GT2 replacement palm will work in the G4 blocker. FYI as you do your search online that these all retrofit into the G4 blocker as some inventory varies based on the retailer of your choice.
  11. Hmm.. If you could send me a few pictures (direct message - or in this thread would be fine) that would help. Turtling makes me think the adjustment would be in the neck/collar area. The broadness would make me think it's in the outer shoulder area. Pictures would help a lot to pinpoint it!
  12. I wore a dangler my entire life. Then one day I got my mask back from the painter and didn't have time to put a dangler back on before my skate that same day. A few days later I skated again but this time with a dangler back on and what bothered me the most was the noise it makes! I never noticed how much (previously) I was able to tune out the clink-clanking going on. From that point on I have never gone back to the dangler. Neck Guard: Neck guards were not my favorite thing to wear because of how they move around and sometimes ride up. What I started to do was wear the neck guard beneath my undershirt while playing. It keeps the neck guard down & in place at all times. Never rides up or twists around. Simply put, by putting it beneath my undershirt rather than on top I do not notice I'm wearing it at all. It's great.
  13. @motowngoalie I'm glad to hear you're liking the new GT2 SR C/A so far. One suggestion I have is that you snug up the 4 elastic straps (elbow cap) on each side. You don't need to crank them down. Just a little bit will help get a more comfortable fit and help keep your elbow in the right spot as you start to sweat like crazy mid-game. @Max27 Sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with your current G4 Senior model C/A. Increasing protection was a MAJOR focus for us on the GT2 C/A series. I am confident you will not have that same issue should you move into a GT2 Senior. To be honest, I am a but surprised to hear you believe the G4 Senior is crazy bulky. Our C/A models are widely known for having exceptional mobility/functionality. Is there an area in particular you're thinking is too bulky? Chances are I could recommend some tweaks to the unit to help reduce the bulkiness you are experiencing.
  14. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    We get a lot of custom order images & it would be impossible to post every single one. Sometimes the images go up before a customer receives it. Other times it could be an image posted a few weeks after they received it. If you have received your order & still want to make sure your gear gets posted on WarriorGoalie IG - Just shoot a DM to the IG account and we'll get it put into our posting schedule!
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