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  1. @Joe Messina is the king of teasers. All hail!
  2. Great review @Puckstopper! Would just like to add -- In regard to selling price & weight another option for goalies looking to replicate CR1 would be to get the R/V1 Pro model (not +). Pricing and weight are the same. I agree with your comment that once you use the V1 Pro+ and then try going back to a CR1 the difference is VERY noticeable!
  3. Yes they're custom G4s that have been modified by Topi in Finland.
  4. At $199 we make the V1 Pro as well. Which is what most goalies are familiar with being the CR1. If you loved the CR1 weight, performance, durability, price etc.. It's a great option to go for the V1 Pro.
  5. Correct. G4 & GT2 have HyperComp in the thigh rise to add stability and stopping power to the 5-hole area.
  6. The G3 had a double internal break. Since G3, we have only produced single internal breaks. You should notice a significant improvement for thigh rise stopping power on GT, G4 or GT2.
  7. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

  8. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    Hi Teezle, There's really no "single" answer to your question. It's more of a series of designs, efforts and developments linked together. One of the main things that changed for G4 was the AIRslide feature. Constructing this was no easy task. Coupled with the improved integration of the Knee Drive System on the G4 (& now GT2) series, there simply wasn't a way to include both new upgrades in a bindingless fashion. If you look closely at the GT2 knee binding, you'll see it's recessed whereas on G4 it was not. This gets the binding off the ice during slides which is a nice improvement. It's always our goal to improve the slidability of our gear. Design & development truly are extensive & continuous problem solving exercises. We're on a constant quest to advance our products. With slidability being a primary focus, you can expect to see a continuation of improved designs for years to come in this realm. Lastly, while there is a small bit of binding near the knee on G4 and GT2, you will be hard pressed to find anyone who would say these pads don't slide quicker and more consistently than our previous generations.
  9. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    G2: Double Internal - Single Outer G3: Double Internal - Single Outer GT1: Single Internal - Single Outer G4: Single Internal + HyperComp - RVH Optimized Outer (No External) GT2: Single Internal + HyperComp - Single Outer G5: *********************************
  10. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    The internal break design is a single internal (at the top) with the Torsional flex breaks below the knee and at the ankle. The primary (internal) difference between GT2 & GT is added HyperComp in the thigh rise for increased stability and stopping power in the 5-Hole. Also, GT2 has an HD foam face from top to bottom whereas GT had LD foam face top to bottom. This gives off much harder & faster rebounds. GT2-geotmetric-torsion-tech-ill-6-18-2018.pdf
  11. Yes, there will be two Pro models in R/X2 line. R/X2 Pro+ is based on the R/X Pro design with a wide profile for more coverage at the knee. R/X2 Pro is based on the R/X Pro design with a narrow profile for improved mobility in a Pro construction.
  12. Gotcha! I misunderstood your initial question. The knee pads included with purchase of GT2 leg pads are not the same colors/logo as R/X2. Like on G3, GT & G4 the knee pads included with GT2 leg pads will be GT2 grey knee pads.
  13. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    There are some UNREAL special colorways coming from retailers this year in the GT2. I am pumped for everyone to see them!
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