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  1. Kirk3190

    Warrior sizing

    That's the goal! If you want the pads to work well, they need to fit well. Unlike any other piece of gear really leg pads are a big investment. We wan't you to feel happy with your purchase and play well in the crease!
  2. Kirk3190

    Warrior sizing

    Fit Guarantee is for any Custom leg pad order. Simply put, if you order a set of pads and they show up and you wish you'd ordered a different size we'll take the pads back from you and build a new set in the desired size. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with your gear and feel your best in it. Full details can be found at the link here.. https://www.warrior.com/Custom-Hockey-Goalie-Fit-Guarantee.html
  3. Kirk3190

    Warrior sizing

    Sorry, the images didn't post. Here they are.
  4. Kirk3190

    Warrior sizing

    We have not seen any changes to our leg pad sizing. What some goalies might be experiencing is how versatile our sizing is because we use 0.5" whereas not all brands do on certain sizes (They go full 1" increments sometimes). So, changing your size slightly on a Warrior pad won't be a huge leap.. more of a dial it in kind of difference. We used to have a blog site with an article on sizing. The blog site is no longer up so I'll copy and paste the article here. (Sorry it's kinda lengthy!) You can right click on the diagrams to see the visual representations. Leg pad sizing can be confusing. Adding to this confusion is the fact that each company has their own way of achieving a range of sizes. In this blog, we will explain how our sizing works and the differences between each size so you have a complete understanding when purchasing your next set of Ritual G3 or R/GT leg pads. Many goalies prefer the advantages and convenience of going with stock gear as opposed to custom. With this in mind, we have created a leg pad sizing system that allows for a great fit in stock sizes. In truth, our stock sizing offers more variables than some competitor’s custom offering. Here is an explanation of how our sizing system works. The size of a senior leg pad changes in two main areas by half-inch increments: 1. Shin Section 2. Thigh Section By adjusting our sizing in half-inch increments, instead of full inch increments (some competitors only offer full inch increments; even on custom), goaltenders have more variety in choosing their size and ensuring a proper fit at the knee landing. As an example, a 35+1.5” sized leg pad is taller than a 34+1.5” leg pad by a half-inch in the shin section and a half-inch in the thigh rise section. The end result is the 35+1.5” sized leg pad is one inch taller in the overall pad height. By offering shin sections that vary in only half-inch increments, a goalie can really dial in a perfect fit in the knee landing. This is crucial for performance. It is important to note that there is custom sizing available to goalies as well. In most cases, this is simply for fine-tuning the thigh section measurement since all of our shin lengths are present in our stock offering (exceptions being 37” & 38” shin lengths). As an example, if a 34+1.5” fits a goalie perfectly in the knee but they require an extra half inch in the thigh section, they would order a 34+2”. A more complicated example would be if the total length of a 34+1.5” is perfect but the knee landing area is too low and needs to be raised by a half inch, the goalie would want to custom order a 35+.5”. This ultimately means the shin section gets longer by a half inch and the thigh section shortens by a half inch, leaving the total length of the pad the same but raising the knee landing. We approach sizing carefully at Warrior because we know it directly relates to how well a goalie performs in their pads. We are the only brand in the goalie industry to offer a Fit Guarantee Promise on every set of custom leg pads built. We offer a wide variety of stock sizes, utilizing small size increments, providing you the best chance to dial in an exact fit, thus maximizing the performance of your Ritual pads. Elevate YOUR Game.
  5. Welcome! I echo what @dreadlocked1 said. The biggest difference between the two is the thumb angle. GT1 closes more with the finger area of the glove (70 degree). GT2 is more of a baseball style closure (75 degree) with a forward thumb position.
  6. Thanks for this! Hockey is a game of inches and the position of goaltending (from a coverage perspective) is 3 dimensional! A tape measurer does not tell you the full story of how much net you're covering.
  7. For any podcast listeners (or YouTube) give this interview I did a listen about our new G5, M1 and F1 products. I hope you enjoy listening!
  8. The 23.5" and 25" both sort of straddle the 24" on the market. Both are very close to the 24" obviously it'd just depend if you'd find slightly shorter or slightly taller a better benefit to your game. The index finger grip is similar to the V1 line.
  9. The 360 Degree Active Drop Leg Channel has been on both G4 and GT2. It aids in filling in the 5-Hole while you're in your stance and transitioning side-to-side in the butterfly. The new DualFit feature can be seen on our Instagram page. The calf wrap now has two (hence DualFit) options 1: Going around leg channel 2: Going through new opening on leg channel for custom fit/feel. The adjustable knee cradle setting is on the GT2. There are two sets of attachments for the outer knee wing for goalies to choose a tighter/narrow or wide knee cradle. This comes in handy for custom fit/feel but also variance for size of knee pads you wear. HyperComp thigh rise is on G4, GT2 and now G5 for added stopping power in the thigh rise and better seal to the ice. The AIRslide internal foams are much harder foams now compared to G4.
  10. Yes we did. You could use a G5 liner in G3, G4 or GT2 (blocker) if you'd like.
  11. Kirk3190

    Warrior G5

    Hockey Monkey is the only retailer who booked Classic Tan in the G5 Classic graphic for stock SR model this year. If you're looking for PRO it would be a custom order.
  12. First interior shot will be this weekend. We are offering S/M, M/L and L/XL sizes (in Senior). There will also be a Junior size and a Youth size.
  13. Square bar and Non-Certified Cat Eye for now. Possibly adding Certified Cat Eye down the road.
  14. You're just seeing the black sweatband. Kevin loved the mask and was begging to keep it. 🤣
  15. Kirk3190

    Warrior G5

    We do not make an NHL spec c/a unit at the moment. Our new 2020 units are streamlined but still not downsized enough to be classified as NHL spec.
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