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  1. Yep! Thanks Max! You will definitely be impressed!
  2. I share your excitement for 2020 @TheGoalNet! Our release in 2020 from Warrior is going to blow goalies away. I am sure of it. I have never been more excited for a launch than I am for this year. So much focus and hard work building up to this year's release. That said, I share your excitement for the other brands as well. You can really tell there is a concerted effort in the industry to make equipment perform better than previous iterations. I, personally, am excited to see current Warrior Goalies gain all the benefits of our new 2020 products. I am also excited to see how current non-Warrior Goalies wrap their brains around the new performance advantages in our gear that are exclusive to Warrior. 2020 is going to be a fun one. Agreed that it will be a landmark year goalies look back on in years to come.
  3. Kirk3190

    Lefevre factory

    I can confirm with 100% certainty there has been zero interest or discussion from Warrior.
  4. That's definitely an odd one.. I have not seen that before on any CR or V1 sticks.
  5. I'm not completely following what you're asking. Can you show a side by side of the Surrey stick and Monkey stick? It's possible your Monkey stick was what we would refer to as SMU (Special Make Up) aka a special colorway only offered at Monkey. The stick from Surrey is a stock stick with stock graphic/colors.
  6. No worries! I get pictures like the one you took sent to me a lot. I just like to set the record straight when I see it done that way. Every store lines their sticks up on a rack this way so I understand why it's the most natural assumption.
  7. Hmm.. I'm not too involved with what the resale market has to offer. If you're looking for a Warrior pad though I'd suggest the GT model. It has a boot taper & great ankle flex. Would really aid the playing style of ball hockey in my opinion. Check around to see what's available. You might be able to find a GT1 SR leg pad (new) for a good deal since the GT2s are out now.
  8. @Puckstopper Not looking to cause a fuss but this is the worst way to gauge/measure paddle height. As others mentioned the lie is not taken into account. But more importantly, the blade patterns are different, toe shapes are different & lastly the blade lengths could be different. All factors would give an incorrect visual impression of paddle length when sticks are leaned up against a wall stick rack style. The best way is to lay the sticks flat on the floor and line up the heel/blade as best as possible. From there you'll not only see the difference in paddle length, but also get a better perspective on the lie and shoulder slopes.
  9. It's actually very very close to the CR3 spec. So if you're a regular CR3 or V1 SR model customer the CR4 at CT might be worth a try if you're trying to save a few dollars. If you're used to the CR2/V1 SR+ (or higher level model) it's probably not something you'll want to drop down to.
  10. Hey Everyone, Much of what has been said above is true. Here is our official statement on the NHL discussion. Warrior Goalie's ultimate goal is to build an unbreakable trust with goaltenders around the world. We want goalies to know that we are doing everything we can to create goalie equipment that pushes the boundaries of performance driven innovation. Innovation that helps goalies maximize their abilities in the net. It is as simple as that. This earned trust is achieved with a focus on quality control, warranties and guarantees that surpass industry standards, on time delivery, and personalized customer care.While the NHL is an exciting and traditional means of advertising products, we are proving that it is not essential to meeting our ultimate goal of building trust with goalies. While it is likely that we will someday choose to work with NHL goalies, we are currently working extensively with European pro goalies and North American minor league goalies. These pro goalies can continue to validate the performance, innovative features and durability of our gear under the most demanding conditions.As a goalie, the bottom line is to maximize your performance on the ice while finding value from the gear you choose. Ultimately, nothing else matters. You need to be able to trust that the tools you take out on the ice were created for you to play your best game.
  11. Bunnyman is correct - The difference is the length of the pant.
  12. In regards to more motion for the knee pads I don't see going down to a small having an impact on that. It might reduce some interference with the leg pads when you're in the butterfly.
  13. The CCM ones are mushroom straps so they wouldn't work on our pads. Ours have screws that lock in the straps.
  14. We make a Leather Strap Kit (Heel Strap Only) - That you can easily put on your R/GTs.
  15. Not at this time. We introduced composite full right for the first time in the V1 series in all four models and sizes 23.5, 25, 26 and 27.5 -- We also made the full rights in the three V1 SE graphic colors (white/silver, black/neon, black/gold). For now, we're evaluating the popularity of full right composite sticks to properly plan expansion of the full right offering.
  16. No, our blockers are the only one with the removable palm feature.
  17. All of our spare blocker palms come with an additional backhand pad. This is useful for when the foams against the back of your hand compress over time and eventually makes the blocker feel loose. By inserting this Velcro foam pad between the palm and the board itself you get that "new/tight fit" back on your blocker.
  18. Thanks for the feedback! We are always in development of new constructions and performance benefits. Flex profile being one of those at the current time. I understand your comment about model names. The "+" is something we introduced in 2019 with the R/V1 sticks and also R/X2 Jock & Knee. As time goes on you'll begin to see it in other areas of our product offering. Once it becomes more common place I believe it will instinctively clear up some of the confusion. In a very general way, the V1 Pro, V1 SR+ and V1 SR are separated by $50 and are on average 50g less/more in weight than each other. The V1 Pro+ being an outlier because it's a LOT more than 50g lighter than the V1 Pro. Hope this helps!
  19. Hi Leo, 1. Our Bishop (TWT) pattern is closest to the P31 curve 2. From the standpoint of having an "open toe" the Mrazek (WDG) pattern would be most similar performance wise to the Rask. Very noticeable difference between Mrazek/Rask is that Mrazek has a rounded toe while Rask did not.
  20. I agree with @cwarnar. We specifically have never marketed GT(2) vs. G4 as a softer pad or a rebound killer. If the term "soft" was used it was directly pertaining to the unique torsional boot flex the pad provides in coordination with it's boot taper. G4 also has a flexible boot, most goalies would say both lines have a "soft" boot because the range of motion is there for both lines but in two completely different ways. In general, all goalies want harder faster rebounds now regardless of what type of goalie you classify yourself as. I think it's still somewhat ingrained in goalies minds when they see knee rolls they assume the goal of the pad is to kill a rebound. For Warrior, at least, that is not the case at all.
  21. Kirk3190

    R GT/2

    Set looks awesome! I am a big fan of when goalies incorporate black or brown with classic tan & white. Nice job and thanks for choosing Warrior!
  22. Kirk3190

    G4 Thread

    Is there a spot on their customizer/order process for additional comments/notes? If not, I would recommend contacting them and asking to speak with Chris Dudo.
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